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  1. Saying that people that correct others on their grammar are "stuck up" is a bit of an insult. Now, I'm mainly an editor/proofreader over there and I value grammar highly and whenever a story has too many grammar errors or misspellings, I tend to not read it. Whenever others correct others on their grammar, they're not trying to be a jerk; they're trying to be nice and make that person's story easier to read. Believe me, I've had some horrible things to edit. Now then, whenever I see a grammar error or something of the like, I usually tell that person that they need an editor or proofread, but I never really apply for the position, since I usually have so much on my plate to begin with. However, I will admit that some people do come off as jerks while correcting others' grammar. I believe you may be talking about those lot, but they're not that bad. It's not like they're saying things like, "That should be "their" not "there". Go kill yourself, since you don't know good grammar." Heck, I've never seen anyone say something like that and if someone did, I'd probably go off at that person a bit. Anyway! Grammar is important if you want be accepted as a good writer. Some people on FimFiction are just using fan fiction to hone their writing skills so they can publish a book, so, yes, they'd take grammar seriously. While you may not think grammar is important, it really is. To prove my statement, go watch an episode of Jacksfilms' "Your Grammar Sucks". That is how someone sounds like, and how it'd be read in a reader's head, whenever a story has bad grammar. Do you want that? Does anyone want that? No. No they do not. If literature stoops so low that low quality grammar in actual books are a thing, it will make me cry.
  2. Calling all writers! No matter what you write. Be it poetry, fan fiction, fiction, scripts, music, anything! I, StableStahl (or bathroomstahl on here), have created a Steam group made for writers helping writers... or just normal people helping writers. <-- is the group. Please read the rules before joining and I hope everyone likes it. I made it so I can help other writers and that's my main plan for it. I hope everyone likes it
  3. Hello everypony. It is I "bathroomstahl"! And with me today I have a story to share with you guys. Now, note that this is based on a true story and a really good friend of mine is going through the basics of the situation inside of the story. I hope you guys like it; I'm putting quite a bit of work into this story, since it means so much to me. Please comment and leave reviews on if you like it or not. You can find it here: -bathroomstahl
  4. dang... he's a busy pony if he has a dairy farm on the side... and how would they get said milk, do they use some type of machine or do it by hoof?
  5. Just because they are on a cheese float does not mean that cows are used for milk valid point, that's something more logical then what I was getting....
  6. Well there is soy milk as well and soy does contain protein, I was just using almond milk as an example, since everypony else was going towards the animal milk route.
  7. Dude, you implied that the donkeys were sub-citizens to the ponies of Equestria, and said that they are using another race of hooven creatures for their dairy needs. So you brought up racism. There are other ways to make dairy; ever heard of almond milk?
  8. do you realize we're going off topic... and going into racism... and you do realize cows aren't the only things that make milk right... and no I'm not talking about goats
  9. forgot to mention this, but what about the bufflo, which are cow related, are they also considered the butt of society?
  10. what about the donkeys and zebras, they are both related to horses, or ponies, but are not horses, and donkeys are farm animals
  11. All of you guys are basically saying 'They're using cows'... I hope you know that's basically like going up to someone else and asking them to use their breast milk... cows can talk and have their own personlity...
  12. So after the episode of 'Pinkie Pride' I saw a post on Twitter saying that pizza is now cannon and I got to wondering... where do they get/make the cheese, or any other milk based product, from...?
  13. Thanks for saying that on my fanfic, that really made my day, or night in my case. But if you're looking for more chapters on it, it's on FIMfiction, but I did rewrite the prologue and change the name of it to "The Fall of the Night" just search "bathroomstahl" into Google and you'll find my FIMfiction acciubt.