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  1. So, I've been away for an extremely long time, but I figured I would come back for a short while. I redesigned one of my oldest oc's, and I guess this picture kinda represents her changing from her old self to her new one. It's been around a year, I think, since I've last drawn a pony, so hopefully it doesn't look too bad. If you would like the link to the DA page, it is here: http://rascal61.deviantart.com/art/A-Reborn-Star-567861822 (And it may be best to click on the pic to enlarge it, it's easier to see)
  2. @@Chickey, Sofia had to let out a chuckle when Charles had mentioned breakfast. His humour was pretty funny, and though now he had her thinking about bacon and eggs with tomatoes and an assortment of other foods usually eaten for breakfast, she could help but take a jab at him for his joke. "You know Charles, you still get to eat breakfast, it just ends up being dinner."
  3. Sofia had pretty much spent most of her time using the punching bags, though she did have a quick look around at all the equipment and things, she had mainly just been practicing. She may be a wolf, but the others were probably skilled in their powers, while she only really worked with her human skills. She could shoot, and she could fight well, she figured she had a chance against the others if they got in the ring. When everyone started to pile into the sparring area, Sofia stopped her practice to have a break and cool down. Though she gave a nod to everyone who entered and greeted her.
  4. Sofia made her way to the female section of the living quarters, passing the other doors till she found the one with her name on it. The room had stuff in it, and it kind of looked like a hotel room, but it didn't feel like one. There was a desk, and a TV that was currently off, along with the usual bed and bedside table, and a dresser which was a nice touch. Kind of like a hotel room, as instead of it being inside a building in the middle of a city, it was in a remote part of the world. She dumped her duffel bag at the foot of her bed, and checked out the bathroom before she inspected the
  5. Sofia didn't get the chance to respond to everyone before they all went off in their merry way, though she did have the leader of the Group still with her along with the first person who had greeted her, Lenaria. Though Charles did have a point, it seemed as though everyone was going to bed, and she hadn't even had the chance to pick out a room for herself. It was still day out anyway, and after everything she was tired, but not tired enough to sleep. @@Samurshy, "Thanks for the welcome and catch up sir, though you certainly don't look as old as a man living through World war II. Mind if I
  6. @@Octavia's Bow,@@Chickey, @@Glaceon, Sofia felt better after her snap, blowing off some steam was sometimes a good idea, though she did take in Lenaria's words. At least she had to get along with everyone, to a degree, so a fight about magic and science would probably start everyone on a bad foot. And Sofia also knew that at least Charles was on her side, or at least his humour was on her side. Maybe coming from the same Area got an instant check in his books, but Sofia would never really know, she just found his accent comforting. "Sorry sorry, just a little worse for ware. I haven't h
  7. @@Azura, "Hi Auria, I'm Sofia, nice to meet you too." Sofia was getting through most of these introductions quite quickly, though currently she was only on name bases with the people she had introduced herself too, Sofia felt as though she would soon learn what these guys were in the future. Though of course, someone had come into the room they were all in. Carrying a can of soft drink and laughing at her chosen study, and with the light dancing at the women's finger tips it wasn't hard to figure out she had to be some kind of magic user. @@Octavia's Bow, "Magic is just science not explain
  8. Sofia smiled at the two who talked to her, feeling better about everything, and the little humour that Charles had left her feeling more welcomed. Though she knew a jab when she heard one. @@Chickey, Sofia talked to Charles first, since he talked to her last, and since he came from the same area as her. "Ah, I knew a recognised a smell, you must be more of a field agent Charles. I have a lab position back in Area 10, doesn't really let me out to meet others." @@Glaceon, Then she responded to Lenaria. "And nice to meet you Lenaria, I'm one of the local physicists from Area 10. Nice to know
  9. Sofia was a tad grumpy, mainly from the lack of sleep and larger amount of stress than what she was used too. She had taken her flight from Perth at red-eye hour, her connecting flight had been delayed, and then ended up in the Airport closest to Las Vegas a little bit late than what she should have been. Analysing the times would have made Sofia a little less stressed about how late she was, since she wasn't actually all that late after the delayed flight and then having to take a cab to Area 51 (Or as close to it before having to walk), but she wasn't one to be late anyway and that was str
  10. Back from hospital. Sorry for being away for so long, I'll get to posting
  11. @@The Shadow Stallion, Rascal Jones likes the thing called sleep, since Rascal Jones has to wait before they can get the medication that stops them from sleeping so much. Rascal Jones will get to things when they're god damn ready.
  12. @@Archi the Atmomancer, @, @@FractalMoon, Sai had a little surprise when three members of the team ended up talking to her, though Frozen had stopped talk and another pony took the lead. Sai nodded, as she didn't know the new pony's name nor position in order to respond in the greeting he gave her and the other. Though from what he said, Sai was able to gather that the other pony to join herself and Frozen must have been the other weapons specialist that was meant to be on the team. "I believe we're doing alright."
  13. Sai had to look up at Frost, she wore a stunted smile as she was trying hard not to grin at his joke. She had a thing for bad jokes, and that was such a cheesy line. Though his offered of food did sound nice, the disease inside her was telling her she wasn't all that hungry, but her stomach rumbling and the slight hunger she felt differed from the over all feeling her chest was giving her. "Food that can talk, that was a good decision." Though, she was pensive about feeding. She was close to his neck, the best place to feed from, but she didn't know it would be okay to feed in bed. She of c
  14. "It's okay, I was terrified last night, didn't want you go to. I always have it in my head that what I see is real, and I want no one to face what I see." Sai had to admit it, she didn't want Frost to get attacked by the monster outside her room, she wouldn't have wanted anyone to go through that. But she knew that it wasn't real, and that nothing was going to hurt her or anyone around her, but when Chair had come out of her head before, that knowledge she had in herself faltered. And then her belly rumbled again, her body betraying her want for calmness in the current moment. She didn't wa
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