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  1. Haha... does my profile say that? I'm in the ACT. Here's the sword picture. Ask me for any changes to be made. Name could be Shining Sword yo show noth sides of her personality. Sorry about the photo quality. A better photo will be taken for the final product. OH COME ON!!!!!
  2. No, I give up because I have no talent whatsoever so why should i try if i'm never going to get it right?
  3. You know what? I give up. I can't do it. Clearly I'm not good enough for anyone. I just can't do it for anyone.
  4. Hi and welcome to mlp forums! You liking it here? I sound like a mod.... Anyway... I'm getting onto your OC soon! It's 3rd in line! I think...
  5. Welcome to the forums! You getting into it? Any skills you can show off here? People love new artists!
  6. Oh my god I'm so sorry I forgot to post this earlier. I tried to fix the bodies so.... Anything else? Do you want colour or just grey shading? Is it ok if I have my signature in the corner? ALL OF MY PHOTOS TURN SIDEWAYS!!
  7. It depends.... Would I get requests.... Would I be able to fo homework? The request isn't bothering me at all. It's nice to draw for someone again. It's been 2 years.
  8. Oh, and how's summer skies or something? Spring daisy? I'm just going: season noun. All the nouns are related to the season, at least. as I said, my style is a bit odd in the proportion department, but I'll fix it to suit your needs. I'm gonna call it a night and finish it tomorrow.And because people are more accepted bragging about their family, rather than themselves, he also works for a network company and plays guitar and sings. His YouTube is the vodka circle or something. You should check it out.
  9. Do you want my professional photographer father to take a photo of it, or for me to scan it into my computer? Color or how it is now?
  10. I tried my best to get the proportions right but my style has long legs so it might look a bit odd. I haven't cleaned it up yet but I will soon. Sorry about the shadow, still on my phone. This is the semi-cleaned up version. Anything else needed? I want this to be good....for me, at least. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IT'S SIDEWAYS
  11. HAHA I FINISHED FIRST!! No I didn't. Here's the base, though. If you don't go with Digiral, is there anything you'd like different? I didn't know it would be sideways but it's in my phone so I should've expected that.
  12. I'm gonna go with cheesy Hetalia Germany=Gerpony Actually, I have a drawing of that.
  13. Sorry if this sounds weird but.... Pretty pretty pleeeeaaase can i proofread your fic? I have asked so many people if I could proofread, they all had enough
  14. I could do fluttershy but I don't have a mic god enough to record this kinda stuff. And for the accent, stereotypical or not? I'm Australian which is vaguely similar to British so I'm all god there. No, I'm definitely not god, I'm good. I can't edit posts on my phone. I wish there was an app. That would be heaven. Now I don't know what to say with the character amount. Letters!!! Therevwe go.