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  1. Lord Valtasar

    Ask the Mane 6 & TGAP Trixie

    she is correct! after all these years saving equestria and solving frienship problems, what was the hardest thing you've faced?
  2. Lord Valtasar

    Ask the Mane 6 & TGAP Trixie

    Twilight, what's the square root of 546?
  3. Lord Valtasar

    Starlight Glimmer Fan Club

    she's not in canterlot often, so i'd like to think it's right after she solved a certain friendship problem there, she did a great job, and was really the only one who would have the guts to stand up to the princesses, Twilight should take notes(which i'm quite sure she did) she has earned that smile she wears
  4. Lord Valtasar

    Celestia Fan Club

    it's been almost a month since anyone post here, so i'll fix that grave mistake before Celestia pull a nightmare moon phase on us i really like how comic-like it is, while still having great detail
  5. Lord Valtasar

    Been There or Not been there?

    haven't been there yet Japan?
  6. Lord Valtasar

    The World Cup Begins - The Story So Far

    oh don't blame this on Discord, he just wanted to play a more-or-less peaceful game of OnO
  7. Lord Valtasar

    The 2018 MLPF Pony World Cup

    just saw this now, some EC i am.. knew the details from elsewhere though so no big deal
  8. Lord Valtasar

    T.P.A.M. (The Pony After Me...)

    eyup TPAM has Arachnophobia
  9. Lord Valtasar

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    i just love her pose and expression, subtle but so powerful, like her character, many on the fandom focus on her outburst momments, and i won't lie, i'm a big fan of flutterbat myself, or of her alter egos on fake it till you make it, but this is the true fluttershy behind all those other facades, she just wants to relax and observe animals, and when she does, she's trully happy
  10. Time to sleep. Guess i'll leave you all with a question. Are you up to answering? that was technically a question so.. goodnight

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    2. Tacodidra


      I guess the answer is yes! :muffins:

      Good night, my friend! :fluttershy:

    3. Dabmanz


      Goodnight rest well.

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      Yes I am :P.

      Anyways, Good Night!

  11. Lord Valtasar

    anyone recognise them?

    oh, too bad. maybe i'll paint them then. try to make a fun project or smt
  12. Lord Valtasar

    Ask Zecora

    @Lucid_Nightlight Then let me try and write some Rap. like ponyvile who tries winter to wrap i do all that myself for everfree always in time it is of winter free how can so many ponies take so long i know i'm awesome but that just seems wrong to leave the competition quite so far behind they screw eachother's work as if they're blind i hope that this your question answers to form my crew i'll need some hip hop dancers
  13. Lord Valtasar

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    muahahaha i successfully bypassed the rules! ahem.. er.. i mean, have you ever wanted to meet the other Twilight, (sci)Twilight?
  14. Lord Valtasar

    Ask the mane 7

    hello Starlight, have you ever considered changing your mane back to it's previous style?
  15. Lord Valtasar

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    Sunset Shimmer, if they send something from equestria to canderlot high, how long will the shipping usually take?