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  1. Lord Valtasar

    Ask Zecora

    My young apprentice. Apple Bloom She did not judge me by the decor in my room
  2. Lord Valtasar

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    It was sausage suicide
  3. Lord Valtasar

    Guess That Reference!

    Don't know. But it sounds fun "Don't be too sure i'm as crooked as i'm supposed to be"
  4. Lord Valtasar

    Who is using Windows 10/8/7/or Xp?

    I use windows 7(i just reslly dislike how often win10 updates)
  5. Lord Valtasar

    Missing Character Days

    I was thinking of having a CMC event. But we'll see. Too many things i want to do and not enough time for all
  6. Lord Valtasar

    Season 9 Bingo - Better than Sudoku

    Its just a reference from the kirin episode. I dont believe we had a sudoku event in the past
  7. Lord Valtasar

    Missing Character Days

    All of the mane6 will get their special day. Do not worry if your favorite hasnt yet. We just gave some breathing space between them. If they're done too often. The quality of the event will suffer as a result. I can tell you that there is a big one right around the corner though
  8. Lord Valtasar

    Season 9 Bingo - Better than Sudoku

    I am opting in. Sudoku is nice too but there's only so long it can keep you entertained
  9. Lord Valtasar

    Why Fluttershy is a Jedi

    Not unlike Vader. Her thoughts where twisted by the dark side of the force. She wanted to protect. But ended up destroying
  10. Lord Valtasar

    Why Fluttershy is a Jedi

    Then flutterbat is her Darth shy form i guess
  11. Lord Valtasar

    Keep a word , drop a word

    Rarity Investigates
  12. Lord Valtasar

    Why Fluttershy is a Jedi

    What about attatchment?( All those animals and her friends). It leads to the fear of loss and its a path to the dark side
  13. Lord Valtasar

    Do you fear dying?

    I think fear of death is built inside us all. A defence mechanism of sorts. I'm not saying i fear death any given moment. But if something happens to make it seem imminent. That fear will kick in
  14. Lord Valtasar

    What are your Lucky Charms or Rituals

    I dont have any charms or rituals. But for some reason. I always choose heads when flipping a coin
  15. Lord Valtasar

    Green Cider Day

    Go to Awards then event badges and scroll down a bit(probably page 2) The system foesnt allow it from phone so it may be that