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  1. Tartarus was actually full of animals too, so we got a fair chance, not for breaking into a library though xD
  2. Awesome banner, My Friend! :D

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      Lord Valtasar

      thanks, it's actually a cover from a comic, it had a nice banner-y vibe to it so i decided to edit it into one

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      Good job getting the forum banner! I need to do that sometimes as well. Looking great, my friend!

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      @Lord Valtasar Are those Japanese characters, in the bottom-right?

  3. New banner is looking awesome! Great work. :love:

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      Lord Valtasar

      thanks, it's actually a cut out of one of IDW's comic covers, i just made some parts clear and extended the smoke thingy so it matches the banner size

  4. hello and welcome eeyup, it makes sense, as you can see, there are quite alot of people who felt the same way, i like to believe that this show is made for all ages even if it innitially was made for little kids, that's how Faust likes to make her shows, having timeless messages that resonate with people of all ages, my niece is watching some other kids cartoons and i have to say the difference is enormous, most of those are unwatchable if you're not 4, once again, welcome to our little corner of the internet
  5. "i don't know how to pick locks.."she was quite offended by that, what did they think she was? some petty thief? she only suggested a heist because they were in big trouble "just unlock the doors and i can handle the opening from the outside" she sighed, they were all tense, no gain in getting upset at eachother, she finally unrolled the blueprints and started checking for potential openings so Emerald could enter
  6. "in that case, can you get that other scroll i was talking about? those are the blueprints of the royal library" she hated to be putting her through that again, right after she had fallen, but she seemed as determined as the rest of them to get back their pony bodies, so she had to do her part "looks like we're all in agreement then, Granite, no offense, but you're the one that ponies will notice less, your duty will be to try and track any patterns the guards might have," "Splashee, i believe you're the best one to distract any guards for a moment if we don't find any weak point in their patrol patterns, try not to act if it's not absolutely necessary, it's no good if we get the book and you end up getting caught" "Emerald, you'll be the one sneaking in and opening the door for me if we can find an openning" "and i am the only one who can realistically carry a book without making too much noise or taking too long, so i'll be going in, Emerald can come as an extra pair of eyes to help locate it" "and then we all meet back here, well.. on the park outside not on my house, in case we're going to be followed" "any questions or different suggestions, i must say i don't know your particular skillsets so i'm all ears if you have something to suggest?" if they failed, a second attempt would be so much harder since they'd be on the lookout after, it had to go right the first time
  7. "making a convincing disguise sounds like an impossible task, not to mention whoever we present as will have to have a card already since we wont be able to talk in order to make one" she did have a card for several of the libraries but she'd rather not encourage that particular plan "finding a way to comunicate sounds like more trouble than it's worth considering we'll be back to ponies come nightfall, i think it's safe to rule that one out" at least i hope we'll be she thought "another plan would be for one of us to pretend to be somepony's pet, walking beside them as they enter, but i believe the no animals plan might interfere there" "now breaking in might sound like the more dangerous idea, but i'm leaning towards that one, and here's why" she said as she pointed on the royal library on the map "i designed the stained glass windows for this one, and i have the blueprints of the building, and while there are guards, they won't suspect us animals unless we get caught cold hooved once on the inside" "what do the rest of you think?"
  8. "nevermind that, we can do without it if you don't feel like going up there again" was it wise to reveal her job to total strangers anyway? she might have had quite an adventure with them, but she didn't really know them, they could be anypony.. then again, she had already led them all to her house.. she eyed all three trying to judge if that was a big mistake or not, "it is what it is" she said aloud as she unfolded the map of canterlot "let's get ready"
  9. "yeah, animals are prohibited as libraries are a place of peace and quiet, or so the sign said.." she answered, "we'll have to break in" Emerald seemed to be able to access the map rather easily, the ironies continued it seems, the others had more access to her home than herself, no matter the map was what they needed right now so everything can go back to normal "could you also throw the third scroll on the lef..." Emerald fell down, it was quite a fall too, but she seemed to just land as if it was natural ..her face though was a completely different story, "are you alright?!" she rushed over to check
  10. day 6, they still don't suspect anything

  11. they had arived at her home, the neighbours didn't seem to be around to see them enter thankfully, seeing a goat storming out this morning was bad enough already, once they were in, she put let Granite down and then motioned the rest to go sit around the rug, while she removed her cloak, hiding her lack of wings wasn't enough it seemed since she had a pair of horns, so she might as well.. it was a 3 floor house, but it was all one big room, with balconies all around on the inside serving as rooms and a big skylight dome on the very top that was lighting the whole thing, cages with potted plants were hanging from it in various heights, every single window (including the skylight) was stained glass with vibrant colors, but there were no stairs, she didn't need them before so she had designed it this way, now it was so ironic she wanted to scream, two thirds of the house were innaccessible, and unfortunately, the library wasn't on ground level "as you can see, i can't really use the house as it is" she announced, " so Emerald, can you by any chance reach that bookcase up there? there should be a map of Canterlot on the top right shelf, time to make some plans as they don't allow animals in the public library" she looked up on the skylight, the sun was up, they still had plenty of time
  12. they were getting closer, the thought of going home comforted her after this bizare day, sure it wasn't over yet, but still.. she must have unconciously started trotting faster because she heard splashee calling for them to go slower, she halted to wait for him, a bit impatient but it was not his fault he was a duck, whose fault was it anyway? what foul magical power decided what each of them will be? whatever it was, it sure had a twisted sense of humor, not only taking her wings away, but making splashee get a pair as if to tease her, once he was closer she started trotting again a bit slower this time, "we're almost there" she announced "see those trees? that's Sungarden Park, my house is on that tower on the left, just behind them"