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  1. Lord Valtasar

    Would you give a hug to the avatar above you?

    After we merged our names a few times.a hug sounds almost a formality. That said,Octavia likes formalities so yes
  2. Lord Valtasar

    Cider Contest 3.0: Special Zecora Edition

    Lets try xbyb for once then When the princess told her to find friends Books came to mind to Twilight Sparkle Since they are quiet and your peace respect Unlike those foalish who like to chuckle Twilight Sparkle 4
  3. Lord Valtasar

    Are you religious?

    not anymore,while i´m not against the idea that a god may exist,i´m convinced that religions don´t represent him?/her/?it?
  4. Lord Valtasar

    Something you wish you could have.

    i wish my home could have a yard.its not on ground level though
  5. Lord Valtasar

    Ask Luna

    have you ever just skipped raising the moon?
  6. Lord Valtasar

    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  7. Lord Valtasar

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    isn´t that a question only you can answer? i´ll just go with no a popular pony that you dislike?
  8. Lord Valtasar

    Write a death metal rant about the poster above you

    i´m not sure what a death metal rant entails but seeing the example i think i get the gest of it, so i´ll give it a try You have befouled Baymax´s Innocence,and his soul dipp in ugly marshes of political backstabbing deep i course you,for your actions make me scream internaly you are damned to roam the planes of hell whithout relief,eternaly
  9. Lord Valtasar

    Reaction meanings

    the ¨hidden contents¨ thing is empty,or at least I can´t see it anyway if you mean the brohoofs,they are the pony equivalent of likes,or a high five of sorts (you´re basicaly doing this) the rest are more or less self explenatory
  10. Lord Valtasar

    Visual Art non-pony gallery

    thank you, backgrounds always intimidated me and i never gave them a chance,until i just decided to do it one day,and i love drawing them ever since
  11. Lord Valtasar

    Hi ! I'm a french ponyyy !

    hey there Akemi,welcome to the forums its always nice to see more artist join.many if not most here aren´t native english speakers so don´t get intimidated,you´re doing great discord and zekora are also high in my list so cheers for that aswel p.s. you can add your DeviantArt in your profile info,there´s a subsection in contact info devoted to it
  12. Lord Valtasar

    Your reaction if Poniverse shut down.

    i´m not here very long,but i´d be sad to see it go,then i´d move on,and maybe try to find a different pony-related site to hang out after a bit
  13. Lord Valtasar

    Introducing myself

    hi mint twirl and welcome to the forums also.nice avatar
  14. Lord Valtasar

    Regarding Emoticons - Community Poll

    disorganized is more fun and the randomness will keep the discovering new emotes proccess a bit longer.besides life is boring without a little chaos every now and then
  15. Lord Valtasar

    Slice of Life Lighting the Dark Path

    I really like the tone of the story.its a great introduction to your character.in what seems to be a story that will continue eventually.but can also stand on its own. P.s. As a fan of medieval literature.i love that you kept luna's royal voice instead of modernizing it