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  1. Technically that was 5 AM for me lol You got a problem with Speakers my guy? I’m a weird person
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

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  3. Happy Birthday! :fluttershy:

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  6. They’re not strawberries i just woke up
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  8. Cell phones but not cell phones. Like you know the hologram Skype call using that potion in the movie? Something like that Apart from that I think light steampunk elements would fit well An important part of world building is making sure everything applies to a central theme. The reason Pony Life tech seems out of place is because it deviates from the pre-established worldbuilding And lore. If you took the same things but gave the basic concept a twist like the video call with the Storm King in the movie, you’d have something much more thematically accurate
  9. Oh so butter is the only thing that can make things taste good? *clicks tongue* so unhealthy. Fluttershy is best pone.
  10. Okay this game actually needs explaining. So basically you look at what the last person said and try to intentionally misinterpret what they said to make what they said sound like a bad thing, then you make your own simple statement. ex: _________ user1: Apple pie is delicious user2: OH??? So you’re saying PUMKIN pie ISN’T?! ________ Pretty simple right? the first statement: I think this game will be fun.
  11. This place isn’t dead yet so that’s cool. I might try to get involved in this place again. Definitely updating my account first though

  12. Hello cute foxy!

  13. For certain obvious reasons, I've been reminded of something. Life is short, so cherish your friends and loved ones while you can.


    Thank you for being a friend. If we should ever part ways, I want to remember the following facts: I appreciate you deeply, and you matter a great deal. My life is forever changed for the better just by knowing you. :BrightMacContent:

  14. I still can't believe I was the one to make this place I just remember realizing there was no real place for LGBT people to talk despite the MLP fandom being full of those people So I just kinda did it and everyone still talks here, they enjoy it, it's kunda integrated itself into this little community. And I was the one to make that happen Maybe I dont give myself enough credit for these things but that never happens to me. Where something I dkd is actually valued and appreciated I'm so glad you all enjoy this thread