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  1. Hey


  2. So I started a new Minecraft world because I had an idea

    So the place where I live with all my stuff in it is in this underground bunker that I have dubbed "The Catacombs" simply because there will soon be many branching hallways and levels leading to different areas

    Then the enterance is just one building in a big walled city, populated by villagers, which will serve as my trading hall. This city will have large buildings dedicaged to each villager profession, a bell so they congregate to a city square at mid-day, and during work hours, they'll all be where I expect them to be. At night, they'll retire to one of several apartment blocks.

    Outside the city walls, I will have larger scale farms, like an iron farm once Bedrock 1.15 rolls out and puts our iron golem spawning rate on par with old, single village, Java iron farms

    1. Altastrofae


      Oh yeah, and so far that's going great. I found a Skeleton Spawner right next to where I'm building my bunker. Gonna convert that into an XP farm and do the big resource grind before I try setting up a village breeder on the surface

  3. *boop* :3

    1. Altastrofae


      Oh nu, I has been boop-ificated :sunbutt:

  4. I feel so depressed

    When do the small fox girls get here to pamper me to my heart's content?

    Seriously though I am actually feeling depressed

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    2. Altastrofae


      Chakra feet? :huh:

      But yes, some may say I am too cultured

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      "Chakra feet", it's a meme that Nux Taku repeats. :squee:

    4. Altastrofae


      Huh, guess I don't watch him enough to know that one

  5. Everyone. I have some bad news

    My beloved chonker kitty, Michelley, passed away today. He will be missed. We knew he didn't have long. He was losing body fat, he was refusing to eat. And when I saw him laying on the floor, curled up, breathing weird, looking at me with this expression he's never had before, I knew that was it. It seems he tried to move slightly before he died, as he was in a slightly different area.

    Maybe he'll be a cuter chonker in the next life. May the goddess bless his soul. So mote it be, forever into eternity

    Luckily, I have pictures from his time in life, and plan to keep them forever, or as long as I can, at the very least




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    2. Treeglow Flicker

      Treeglow Flicker

      One of my own cats passed away back in 2018. It's never easy saying goodbye to a loyal friend you've known for two decades. She used to always try and get into my bedroom. It was the one room she wasn't allowed to be in due to it being the place that I keep a pet field mouse. (The very same field mouse I rescued from her a year or so prior) When I knew her time was near, I put a blanket on my bed and let her rest there and kept her company.

      I hope your time with Michelley has given you many fond memories to look back on. Where ever he is in the next life, I'm sure he is really happy to have known you.

    3. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Crying because of your loss right now. :(
      Sorry about the bad news. If you ever need a hug, I've got one with your name on it.

    4. Sherbie


      Aww thats sad, rest in piece michelley 

  6. Fuck my life

    You ever just get depressed, like super depressed with no idea of what triggered it?

    I mean, I guess I've been depressed all day, but for the first half of the day I busied myself with getting my discord ban repeal stuff out of the way

    Then I busied myself with Minecraft

    Then I felt super depressed and took a nap

    And now I feel worse.

    Then I realized I only ever have chronic depression like this towards the end of a school year, but I'm never depressed *about*.school, just like, after fall I tend to be more depressed

    Why is that? No clue. All I know is, my schoolwork usually suffers because of it, and that doesn't help the depression.

    Right now I just want cuddles. Normally I hate close contact with anyone I don't completely trust. In fact I don't like talking to people I don't completely trust.

    But back to the point, everyone's voice is pissing me off right now

    I want to go into a small room that's so dark it's blinding, and completely sound proof, and just sit there. Maybe have a small light and some paper.

    But no, I can't draw when I'm depressed like this. My poetry is pretty good at those times, but eh

    You ever just wish there was one person who could read your mind and know exactly what you want at that moment. I wish that right now. I wish someone would voluntarily give me encouragement. Tell me I'm not a failure. Understand when I cry

    Idk, I'm being too emotional

    I'm gonna regret posting this. I'm so stupid

    1. StarrySkyDash


      I understand how life can be a constant struggle and how things can be but I don't think you're a failure, just don't give up and don't let things bring you down, and I may not understand how you feel exactly but you're not alone :)

    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      *Cuddles* You're not stupid. And I believe in you. I know you'll get through this in time, at your own pace. And it's perfectly fine to be depressed or sad for no reason. It happens. :rarity:

  7. Uh... So someone banned my Discord Account :mlp_wat:

    Something about "Harrassment and Threats of Violence"

    I didn't do nothin like that :worry:

    Funny enough, this is the second time this month that I've been wrongly accused of such behavior, and the first time was in real life :dash:

    1. Altastrofae


      Oh and to clarify, I'm in the process of getting an appeal, or at least trying to

    2. Samurai Equine

      Samurai Equine

      Good luck with the appeal.

  8. So I finally finished the mineshaft I mentioned almost a week ago. I'm pretty early game still and made the scale maybe a tiny bit too large but it looks really cool, and I got like 17 diamonds from one strip, and I don't even have fortune yet

  9. So I only just found out I've been pronouncing my FUs wrong in Japanese. Apparently you're supposed to treat it like "hu" but with your lips slightly closer, and your teeth aren't involved at all. Thats so hard to get used to because F is always pronounced with teeth in English, but now that I know, I realize its a very different sound from an English F

  10. Minecraft Bedrock Update 1.14.30 is out now

    Mostly hotfixes, but there are a few things you might be interested in knowing if you're a Bedrock Edition player

    - In the previous update you may have noticed that attempting to craft Honey blocks in bulk through your 2x2 crafting grid didn't return the correct number of bottles. This issue has been resolved.

    - If you possess a kelp farm, you may have noticed 1.14.20 brought along much slower rates. This was actually intentional at the time as a temporary fix to an issue of fully grown kelp lagging redstone ticks in the same ticking area. A permanent solution has been implemented and your kelp will now grow at its normal faster pace

    The rest are all niche things but here's the changelog if you want to see all the changes:

  11. Does syntax change in Japanese if I use an adjective as an adverb, or is it all the same? I'm seriously not sure
  12. "Hm... If mine sister's 'thing' is sending various things to the Moon, is mine sending things to the Sun? Isn't that backwards?"
  13. I'm curious

    For those of you who don't know, I'm a computer sciences student and my local trade school

    So of course I know things about computers, and even quite abit before the class. Though I do remember a point in my life a few years ago where I did not understand hardware at all, it was wizardry to me. I understood software to some extent but hardware was... There was nothing about it I understood at that time.

    So anyway, now I'm curious what the average knowledge of computers is for a single person

    So if you want, try to type everything you know about computer sciences so we can get a general idea. Just a silly experiment

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    2. Altastrofae


      Ooh! I've always wanted to buy up busted units auctioned off on ebay or something and try to make the best unit I can out of the scrap. That would be fun. If only I had more room in our garage then I might be able to... Actually there is the boat-garage/workshop-y area that has plenty of room. But I also don't have a job rn... So...

    3. Jesse Terrence

      Jesse Terrence

      I see a little problem with this experiment of yours. The brony community is a bit different from many other communities out there, and even more alien compared to a broad population. Been in the fandom for years, and there's a constant amongst grown up bronies and pegasisters; we are a bunch of geeks who have from a decent to a good amount of knowledge regarding computer science. Veteran bronies are more prone to know at least how to program in at least 2 languages (which also implies they know some basics on computer resource management). If you "time travel" back to 2011, you'll be surprised at how many different games were produced by one-pony dev "teams". Many of us had made a game or two back in the day even if it was just a console text filled adventure game. We also made plugins for web browsers, applications for many different things and even build up websites working together.

      Either way, if we were to leave adult bronies out of the range, now that would be more interesting. How many new bloods are geeks too? Did the constant survive the evolution of our ranks? Is the modern brony community as tech savvy as the first iteration of the phenomena from the early days?

    4. CypherHoof


      Here in the UK you have to pay for old systems to be properly disposed of; for that reason, you might be able to find some companies to sell you a bunch of broken or even just outdated machines (sans hard drives, obviously) for some token sum like £1 - because they have negative value.


  14. So I'm reading a really weird book

    Ok, so it's the future. The limits of mother nature have been utterly bitch-slapped. Anyone (with one exception) can alter their DNA in any way they choose by installing a panel in their forearm at birth and loading various applications onto it. When you first get it installed, in a few months the system will be fully implementation into your biology, fully grown. Then, you need to be wired in with an SND (Standard Nanite Drive) to feed your panel these Nanites, small microbots that can alter you DNA. Your panel come with standard nanites, but generally you'll want higher end healing tech, and sensory upgrades which require specialized nanites. There's no limits to 'genehacking'. You can give yourself non-natural hair colour, a tail, fix mental problems like Autism, physical problems like Asthma, or even make yourself immune to all types of Influenza.

    Back to that exception I talked about. These Nanites are partially organic. This means that certain people have an alergic reaction to the Nanites, called hypergenesis. They need to be outfitted with specialized hypergenesis-friendly nanites. They also cant overload their panel with too many high-energy applications because generally their healing tech and other hardware are lower end, so the energy required would exaust them to death. The main character happens to have this medical problem. She can't run VR from her panel, has clunky optical implants, and overall can't use most standard tech. Tried once and passed out for several days while her dad managed to completely uninstall the app (which is hard when the nanites fed this program were all around her body. Her mother actually died like this, ironically because the doctor accidentally gave her standard healing tech.

    Now, there's a virus in this book that does several things in presice order:

    1. Fatigue

    2. Extreme Pain

    3. Melting of small areas of ghe flesh

    4. Expelling of a bad-smelling gas containing a neurotoxin which incites cannibalistic response in humans, though if they do eat of the flesh at the beginning of this phase (not too early and especially never too late) they will have immunity to the virus for 1 week

    5. Cellular Bloating (yes you read that right

    6. Explosion. Yes, Exlode in a big pink, fleshy mushroom cloud of cytoplasmic liquid which spreads the virus in a whopping 3 mile radius

    Not pleasant at all. Oh yeah and if you take the antidote too late it blows up in your insides. Fun, right?!


    If you're interested in that, the title is "This Mortal Coil"

    1. Muffinnz


      Sounds very interesting