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  1. Oh. My. Gods...

    I almost wanna cry, but didn't because that would've made me look weak, which was the last thing I needed...

    I... I came out to my parents...

    I didn't want to, but it started like this...

    I was watching the English Dub of Lucky Star, and you know how the dub is really bad in that it makes the girls sound so high pitched? Well, my mom was next to me and said the show looked "faggish" (her words, not mine). So I gave her a look and explained that it wasn't a girls' show, and that if she wanted to have me watch a shoujo, those would look 5 times worse (I love Shoujo, but don't tell them that). Any who, we had an... Interesting conversation...

     It ended in me asking a question I've been trying to work up the courage to ask, because I worried so much about it for the past couple months... I asked "if I marry a man, would you guys come to the wedding?"

    My dad said he'd rather I marry a female dog than another man...

    My mom said that if she ever found me with a man, she'd have to go to jail, because she'd "have to kill somebody"


    Yeah... That's my family...

    Ugh... I can't sleep like this... I just wish I... I don't know what I want, but I feel like burying my head in the ground like a damned ostrich!

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    2. CHA0SXIII


      Sorry, your parents are like that. I know it's rough, but for now, you'll just have to grin and bear it until you're old enough to move out. I know it must be terrible, but at least you've got friends and support here.

    3. Altastrofae


      @Sherbert Music-Guard

      What are you talking about? I've known I'm bi for at least a year, possibly more

    4. Sherbert Music-Guard

      Sherbert Music-Guard


      I couldn't come out that quickly



    Kyle finally proposed to Kayden!!! It actually happened guys!!! I'm in tears!!! There's gonna be a wedding video and everything!


    Omg, this just gives us even more backing! Divination is a serious practice everypony!

    The approach Joey took is actually very scientific. He did the experiment multiple times where the control was the questions, and the only independent variables were the reader and the deck used (and tarot decks are often fairly similar anyways)

    Einstein once said, "insanity is getting the same results multiple times and putting them aside as nonsense" (I think I might've messed up that quote but that was the gist of what he said)

    Better yet, the experiment isn't biased in any way, since Joey has little to no experience with the spirit world


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    2. Altastrofae


      I actually agree with some of this. Sure, you can fool people by being vague, but they weren't really being all that vague. However, there were points where I was yelling at some of them because this guy is a random guy off the street, and they're using terminology your average Joe can't understand. Plus, what about the pool? How did she know about that? Or the move at all? People aren't always moving. Also, you do know that there are 78 cards in a normal Tarot deck. Each card symbolizes very different concepts. What they were doing were all the Celtic Cross layout. Basically, they statistically would've gotten at least half of the information incorrect, but they all knew about him and Joey, that they were moving, one guessed there was a pool, etc. And maybe you don't know how Tarot works. They drew a bunch of random cards and interpreted them after askinga question. They weren't making up anything on the spot. I'm making a deck, so once I finish that, I'd be happy to give a demonstration. There's no way just any layout would fit everyone's life. It's statistically improbable

      Ex. Lets say I do a three card reading that consist of: Upside down DEVIL, Upside down FOOL, and THE LOVERS. This would imply that you are either in, just got out of, or are about to go into an abusive relationship out of blissful foolishness, or possibly get stuck in a dead end job without having the guts to get out of it. Depends on the person.

      Tell me how something so specific could apply to just anyone? And honey, that's only a three-card reading. They did a Celtic Cross Spread, which is comprised of 11 cards, and the meaning of each changes relative to the position it's in on the spread.

      Statistically impossible to have them work for anyone

    3. Once In A Blue Moon

      Once In A Blue Moon

      To be clear, psychic phenomena have never been displayed in tests that meet the expectations of the scientific method and then been successfully repeated independently*. Therefore an entirely reasonable conclusion to make at this time is that such phenomena do not exist.


      *in contrast, I have seen experiments that demonstrate electrons displaying properties of both waves and particles first hand. Just because a phenomena is complex or contravenes common sense (as quantum physics does) doesn't mean that it can't be tested - or that scientists won't believe it if the evidence points that way. Indeed my previous post suggested a basic methodology that could test for certain phenomena^.

      ^although it should be noted that I am a statistician rather than a scientist, so more work would need to be done to create a proper experiment out of the statistical methodology I proposed.

    4. Altastrofae


      Exactly! Human knowledge accounts for less than 4% of the Universe, and that's just a guess based upon how big we think the universe is. But I'm telling you, my divination practices have never failed to be correct. The times they are incorrect, I can usually deduce something else. But it's pretty reliable. I couldn't explain how it works, but I can tell you all I'm doing is reading signs and going with my gut. Or Sometimes when scrying, I get this auditory feedback loop happening with every thought that comes across my head after I get myself into the right sort of trance. Can't explain that at all. Not really sure to be honest, but I can guarantee that it does Indeed work

  4. Yo, so I'm making a Tarot Deck. I'm starting by taking notes on each card's symbolism to me. I started last night, and I'm currently on card VI of the Major Arcana.


    After that's all done, I'm going to play around with various designs of all 78 cards. Then, I'll individually draw said designs on index cards. Finally, I'll cover the front in a cellophane sheet to protect it, and the back in black duct tape. As a final cherry on top, I'll draw a simple design on the backs in white sharpie.


    This will take awhile...

  5. OMG BOI!!!!


    I checked his Instagram, and it isn't clickbait! Kyle actually proposed!!! Omg!!!

    You should see my grin right now, I've been waiting for this

    1. CHA0SXIII


      I know this is old news, but this put a big old grin on my face when I watched it.



    I'm so happy for you!!!

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    2. Altastrofae


      Guys, guys!

      You're both cute!


    3. Sherbert Music-Guard
    4. Widdershins


      Aww, maaang! Wish I could self-procreate too! Who doesn't want more Dragongoqwei around?!!?

        ...What're you talking about? Every time you've wound up cloning yourself, you wind up attacking yourself like a giant, gangly Parakeet! ... don't give me nightmares, hard enough handling two of, well, "you."


    These are great!

    I want Joey to design a watermelon dress for me!!! :D


    By the way, you beautiful stars out there, I'm SO sorry I've been away from the forums so long. The ban kinda pulled me away, and I couldn't get back into it. I was pursuing some other interests, I had some fun, but I'm back now! Yay!


    And since you are such amazing people, and it being National Hug a Damn Pony Day!


    *hugs* :P

  8. Am in your profile giving you funny pics :P 


  9. Yay! You’re back ^_^

    1. Altastrofae


      Ive been back

  10. Okay, so you're gonna think this is weird, but here it goes.

    I had a friend over a couple days ago. I haven't slept on the pillow he used yet, and I just realized this, so I went over, picked it up... And sniffed it.


    I was just curious.

    But now I'm sniffing a pillow that smells like my friend, like a total creep, and questioning all my life choices.

    So... I don't know what to do now.

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    2. meck-can-ik pony

      meck-can-ik pony

      Wish I could say what I have sniffed.


    3. Widdershins


      ... for some reason. Feel like making a minor confession to match you.

       Everytime i've petted a dog these past few years... afterward I go off and inhale in the scent still on my hand to embed it into my sensory memory.

      ...I don't know why... dogs mean alot to me.


        Never label yourself weird; there will always be weirder. ...especially if I can help it!

    4. Spicy BronyNumber2A

      Spicy BronyNumber2A

      There are some things you just keep to yourself. :yeahno:

  11. Now I'm hungry...


    1. Thorgir the Mighty

      Thorgir the Mighty

      Ugh Starbucks.


    2. Altastrofae


      Le Gasp!!!

      You no like da Starbucks???


    3. Thorgir the Mighty

      Thorgir the Mighty

      No,I like my coffee strong and black.

      Not fake artificial coffee.

      Plus they don’t support the troops like they say they do.


  12. Altastrofae

    Ask Gardevoir

    Come again? O.o
  13. Altastrofae

    Ask Gardevoir

    It's true. Personalized it meself. I gots a hot tub, automated peticures/manicures, swimming area, pimped out gaming setup, you name it, I got it. I suppose either one, but I like the big poofy dress I get in my mega form. I mean, I'm a male Gardevoir, but who says a guy can't like dresses?
  14. Altastrofae

    What Does Religion Mean To You?

    You guys are getting a little off topic. Read the title. I won't have any pointless bickering here. It doesn't lead anywhere. Like, ever