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  1. Whelp, I took another hiatus from this place

    1073 notifs?

    This place is being used again???

    Last time I came back there weren't anywhere near that many


  2. Yo wassup followers :secret:

  3. Seems alright to me. I always said there were far better ways to do the UI for this forum, but I shrugged it off as a third world problem.
  4. Hey Everypony,

           I realize I've been away for quite abit, and I apologize for that. I do enjoy this community, and this fandom has some of the most kindhearted people I know. But life gets in the way sometimes and I've been busy with important things. I'm going to list off the things that've happened/are happening so you don't think I'm just making excuses:

    - Me and my girlfriend, we split, that was rough, but I've started to realize that it wasn't working out well anyways

    - I actually failed my Sophomore English class, so I've been busy with an online course so I can get that lost credit back

    - I have school coming up, I spent basically a whole day compiling my supplies, and on Tuesday I have to go accept my uniforms, my formal event uniform, my schedule, and my student laptop. I'll be going to a local trades school, and I'll be studying IT. I start next Thursday, 1 week from now, super excited!

    - I have got back into Lucid dreaming and did alot more research this time, and I'm working on my sleeping habits, which also has its own health benefits I've started to notice. This entails me going to bed much earlier, breaking my habit of pulling all nighters, as well as avoiding electronic devices 1 hour before bed, so thats another reason I've been inactive

    I plan to try to come online at least a little more often from now on, and I do apologize again for my inactivity




    -- Love you all --

  5. Oh hay! Disastrofae! Been meaning to tell you again! You know how you were talking about how pretty & cute pigtails are? Got to thinking about what pokemon have that and... enjoy! Hee!


  6. So how is people?

    1. CHA0SXIII


      Been kinda sleepy all day, but that's about it.

    2. Kyoshi


      People is alright right now. Had a good meal. Weather sucks though.

  7. larger.jpg.137180e5644d05c40fa9a55eff14e2a4.jpg

    My OCD:

    :baconmane: why the Hell isn't Haru sleeping? That irks me!


    :wub: Aaaaaah! He's winking at me, that cute little ball of inconsistency!

    1. Sherbert MGS

      Sherbert MGS

      He's kinda cute... I guess

  8. So I realized that I posted the box for the tarot deck I got recently, but I never showed the deck itself. But here's the deck, it's beautiful art, I think they look nice.

    Here's the back, it says "Les Cartes Infernales" which is either French or Latin for "The Infernal Cards" or "Cards of the Inferno". Pretty sure It's Latin.


    Then here are the fronts of 3 different cards. From left to right they are Volac, Astaroth, and Beelzebub


    I think it's a very charming little deck, and after I broke it in, it's been very accurate for me

  9. I'm not sure. Probably all the stuff the fandom makes
  10. I don't reel people in, I just take advantage of top of the line gaydar. If they seem like they want it, and I'm interested in them in a romantic way, then I home in on that gaydar reading, set the coordinates, and hope he isn't already taken Actually that doesn't always work I once asked my friend out because I kinda had a crush on him and so thought he was interested and giving hints, but nope, he's straight
  11. I became Wiccan when I was about 13. Before that I was Atheist, and before that I was raised Lutheran
  12. There's lots of ways to do... That stuff... But you probably shouldn't worry about it for now, figure your stuff out first, but don't rush it
  13. Cisgender just means I was born male, and identify as male, it's like the opposite of transgender
  14. So, I has a question too Let's hear y'all's coming-out stories!