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  1. Gratz on 1k posts b0i :^)

  2. Mega Thread

    Error! No wish! I wish that I wasn't tired today.
  3. Mega Thread

    Banned because I'm finally a dragon!
  4. Complete my arragement and my first 1000 posts.
  5. Spoiler

    I think she'll be in episode 14.
  6. Since when had Twilight a troubled past?
  7. Spoiler

    I don't think Twilight and Big Mac, Discord and Thorax spend so much time together.
  8. Don't forget that Shining has strong magic too and Twilight is stronger then Starlight btw. Remember in Canterlot Wedding where Shining pulled a force field for days where hundreds of changelings tried to break it? That means he has some magic in him.
  9. That doesn't matter, as long as it is enjoyable. A Starlight finale would be fine in my opinion, but I rather see a mane 7 episode. Starlight needs to go with the mane 6 more often.
  10. Yes as people who wait to start their new life in another dimention. I don't believe in god, but I do believe in heaven.
  11. It is a beautiful sunny day. We'll meet again. Don't know where, don't know when. But we will meet again on a sunny day.
  12. Yesterday it was 23:55, but the day before that it was 1:45
  13. It is just a beautiful picture, with a few of my favourite characters on it.
  14. Just walk away and pretend it was a dream.
  15. PC Being with friends Helping my father in the garden. Go to school