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  1. I have picked 4 songs. First the smile song because of the smiles it brings. Second the long version of the theme. Third brony polka, because of the possibilities with different people singing. Fourth the we got this together song. This is actually my favourite, but whatever.
  2. Hierok

    Would you ever want to be in a relationship?

    Yes, I would. The only problem is I am a bit shy and awkward in those situations.
  3. Hierok

    General New Year Resolutions

    Eat less Get a girlfriend Pay more attention to school Get a job Have fun 5 is the most important. :3
  4. Hierok

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    None will do now. Here is me, 3 hours before 2019. :3
  5. Hierok

    Who cares if Spike ain't a pony?

    Since I wanted to state something and say something smart.
  6. It was shown he was a stallion in Forgotten Friendship.
  7. Hierok

    Starswirl's Spell

    Interesting theory, but if the pillars transfered their powers into Stygian, why did he turn evil if he knew he was going to be part of the pillars?
  8. Hierok

    Who cares if Spike ain't a pony?

    Of course he is part of the main characters. The only thing I don't like is romance between species.
  9. Hierok

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Bannom nom nom
  10. Hierok

    Count to 2019 before 2019

    Mijn aandeel in het nieuwe jaar... 66,6
  11. Hierok

    Hearth warming game

    Here, have a wallet to give at person above you.
  12. Hierok

    I Hate The Mane 6

    So, you like perfect characters? Than you also like a show with no development, and a show where nothing interesting happens... You need to have flaws in order to get the show going. I agree the show could have a bit more development, like Avatar the last airbender. Yes, Discord in season 7 was almost there, but now he was back at season 5... I know right... But maybe the other characters drive the show forward for them.
  13. Hierok

    About the phrase everycreature?

    Considering Aliens fall in the category creatures that is. Joking aside, it doesn't really matter to me personally. I don't find it offensive, or cringy for that matter. The thing I cringed by is people getting angry about the phrase...