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  1. Tempest could show up if the mane 6 visit that town. That would be fun to see.
  2. He shouldn't. No for reformations! There have been far to many already.
  3. Spoiler

    I still think the pony of shadows (pos) is an umbrum working for Grogar. He looks after the dungeons of Limbo, where Grogar keeps all his most hated foes. Pos was the leader of the umbrum, till Grogar convinced him he made himself useless there and he joined him. He now is so corrupted that he doesn't even see he is used by Grogar. The mane 6 gonna let him realize that, but he doesn't turn good. In fact, he is gonna look for a way to free the umbrum and bring Sombra back. I hope in the end of the two parter we see two evil goat eyes looking down upon it and swore revenge after pos and the mane 6.
  4. I don't see the connrection, but well...
  5. It sounds amazing. They need more life orchestral songs.
  6. Luckely for you Starlight mindfucked them all.
  7. Spoiler

    She will not betray them and the reason is in the spoiler.
  8. It really depents on the music then. I'm still waiting for another musical episode.
  9. Movies/TV

    I would say: Twilight & Belle Fluttershy & Snow white Rainbow & Anna Apple Jack & Tiana Pinkie Pie & Ariel Rarity & Jasmine Starlight & Elsa
  10. Spoiler

    I need to read those comics sometimes. Spoilers are the best. :3
  11. Good chaos warming eve everybody.
  12. Mega Thread

    Banned from Hyrule because speaking of ganondorf is forbitten there.
  13. Movies/TV

    Have you guys already seen this? A nice crossover I would say.