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  1. Tirek definitly did it for me. For example, in Frenemies he is the one who uses his head and makes a plan. And in the final he uses his head and experience to deal with the Windigo's.
  2. The only thing that wasn't done right was making it rushed. It was a good idea from the writers, but they should have took their time.
  3. There was always a page in the FAQ, but it wasn't updated last time I checked.
  4. Watching movies and theorizing it, or hobbies. For example, while it is not yet finished: Everytime_I_Look_At_You.wav
  5. I don't know if you can call it standard, or even a two for that matter. It is more of a curved line.
  6. I think she will outlive her friends, but does this mean she is immortal? I think not. I also think Celestia and Luna are immortal, but just live much longer then the rest.
  7. This is probably a good one. Or maybe this one? Oh wait, maybe this one.
  8. I really do not understand what you been trying to say here. What is you favourite theory?
  9. School Daze The Best Night Ever Celestial Advice I think these are the ones. They are not bad, but I enjoyed them less. However, School Daze just was not worth the wait and the hype.
  10. I think he did, and he did count on all the possible outcomes. He put all his faith in Twilight and her friends to tackle the problem. He knew they wouldn't be able to control his magic and by trapping his magic inside bell made sure they couldn't use the bell for more power, while giving them a reason to believe him.
  11. Yay, I’m your friend! :yay: 

    Hope you’ve been well lately?

    1. Hierok


      I have. In middle of a party weekend so I'm having a great time. :squee: And are doing great too?

    2. SparklingSwirls


      I’ve been well, busy but almost done with this semester :BrightMacContent:.

    3. Hierok


      That's a relieve. I'm in the middle of mine and it is busy as hell. Hell, I'm gonna enjoy my vacation next week. :D

  12. Yeah, me too. They could have had a longer battle before their magic was taken away. Also Discord was treated like a child, while he is a mastermind. I do not say I didn't like the episodes, but there was a lot more potential.
  13. I think not only his magic, but Grogar to should have been trapped in the bell. The trio did the spell thinking they released his magic, but accidently set Grogar free. Chrysalis would not be willing to work for Grogar, so he traps her in the bell. Tirek and Cozy begin to help him Grocord comes back and sees the real Grogar. A battle begins, but Grogar is to powerfull and traps Grocord too, who turns into Discord. Grogar goes to Canterlot to battle the protagonists. They managed to get the bell, but only Twilight can get away with the bell. Tirek takes the magic from the rest of the ponies with the help of Grogar. Twilight sets Discord and Chrysalis free, and with the help of Starlight, Shining Armor and Cadence make a plan. Discords reveals his motive and tells them he was Sombra himself. He tells them Sombra can never be returned. Chrysalis is forced to help and discoveres the magic of friendship and reforms into a love bug. The windigo's appear during the planmaking. The ponies of Equestria are put in Tartarus. Cozy gets betrayed because she let go of the bell, and Tirek takes her magic. Cozy goes to Twilight and tells to location of the ponies. Cozy goes north to escape punishment. Twilight frees them and together take on Grogar. Grogar has freed the Umbrum and Skeletponies, and together with the windigo's they are his army. He also brought back Sombra with scary voice. The battle begins and Sombra is defeated by the pillars. At the end Grogar is trapped inside the bell, and Tirek and Sombra are turned to stone with the bell in the foot of the statue, unable to retrieve. Chrysalis is welcomed back into the hive and rules alongside Thorax.
  14. We now little to nothing, except for the fact he is defeated and he had a bell. We don't know what he looked like, what he believed in, how old he was, etc. And since the wiki is run by fans, is of very vague.