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  1. /) IMHO Discord is hardly some shipping material, considering his past and if I understand his psychology right. Can you imagine a Hatter from Alice in some real ship?
  2. Perhaps she shouldn't quit her modeling career really
  3. Dunno 'bout everything, but my soul for sure.
  4. Bow to thine princess!
  5. Badass Fluttershy is ultimately cute forsooth! I think my heart is shot Militryshy by Vombavr
  6. My guess would be - our hearts!
  7. Beautiful in almost every style.
  8. ^ Ready to make a Sonic Rainboom, hurrying
  9. I simply leave it here:
  10. ^ Sunshine, Sunshine, Ladybugs awake. Clap your hooves And do a little shake.
  11. ^ Ahem... We see what thou didst thither
  12. ^ Can I have two? Oh... and a big bag of Luna, please. Thank you!
  13. Fly, fly, Fluttershy! Fly, fly, Fluttershy!
  14. It depends... But for Her - just anything! BTW, Happy oncoming Fluttershy's Day
  15. I'd gladly switch places with that plush! Buck it, one can even stuff me, if I end in the loving hooves of Fluttergoddess!