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  1. Ask Luna

    Regularly. Thus, thou can rightfully say that observing various kinds of cake is mine routine *chuckles* Oh... Methinks that one involveth Discord. I shall ask him prior, if 't be true he is okay with certain publicity Hmmm... Like a clock with broken mechanism, at which hour its "vectors" rotating freely, yes? *nudges Nightmare Moon lightly* Thou still seest the world in black and white, mine lief! Extremes are overly detrimental, hast thou undersood that not yet? And why art thou omitting the key word "shameless" this time? *stares fixedly* Mine special somepony definitely shan't be selfish and highfalutin, like thou mentioned initially. What do I need them for, if 't be true all they do is worshipping their own power, charm, etcetera. Those definitely don't need anypony (the mirror is always enough for them to be in a worthy company)... and I hardly need alike. Verily! *takes Nightmare on her cheeks and brings nose to nose, despite her attempts to back off and squinting* *facehoofs and shakes head* Oh, Tia... I bet, another one is stranger, let us see, if 't be true I can tell *giggles*
  2. Luna Fan Club

    I shan't turn Alex into... Dovakiin *giggle-snort* Tis about a small scene in the end of 17th chapter (shan't tell who shall be shouting though)
  3. Luna Fan Club

    Shalt be touched in the book by the way... *giggles and whisks away* More of Lunar goodness hither Seekers Hunt
  4. Ask Luna

    Hmmm... I can hardly tell thee, the strangest one ev'r... due to obvious reasons. Mayhap I can tell the strangest one from the relatively recent. Surprizingly tis not Discord's, tis mine own one. Bringest thyself closer, mine filly... So, I had one of the recurring nightmares *makes a face to ear perking Moony* of me and Tia quarelling as fillies, we told each other many nasty things and I ran to mine room in tears. I curled on mine pillows, little miserable crying filly, and it seemed nothing could comfort me (one of the strangest things about those recurring dreams, that I still have them, rarely, but still. The key point, I treating them properly now, like what they are - namely memories and that's all). The room was drowning in twilight, as neither the setting sun, nor the hearth could dispel deep shadows. Usually these shadows concentrated more and more and she appeared *nods towards listening Nightmare Moon ironically, NM huffs* But this time arrant different thing befell... a shadowy human figure raised from the darkest corner of mine room. A winged human figure, I saw now features... but I felt no danger likewise. He kneeled at me and sympathy and compassion was coming from that creature. He stroked mine mane and first time ev'r (during our bad days with Tia) I felt calm, tears went back and fall asleep peacefully under the protection of that strange... entity. Needless to say, Moony didn't dare to come that night *smirks* That dream was overly strange for me, whom it wouldn't be for, pray tell? But the things I discovered anon mine awakening were even stranger at first... Tis another story though... *bows slightly with a benevolent smile* Oh... *rolls her eyes and noms fluffy Nightmare's ear* Fou aft... Ummmn... Thou art incorrigible! Thou described a figure to be mine butt-kick practice target, not a special somepony. *snorts* Speaking of order: Power without the vector is futile and without balance *looks fixedly* is dangerous to itself.
  5. Ask Luna

    Why not mare then, pray tell? Honesty first of all. Moony would frown, but... loyalty to the Harmony as well (the one shouldn't be selfish to gain mine attention). Oh, mine friend, methinks thine ain't the worst by far... Considering I see Discord's likewise *winks*
  6. Ask Luna

    Verily so! *nodnods* The art gallery is quite fancy, I admit... As for the rest... How about a walk under the moonlight to the Old Castle garden? *looks slyly* The Star Lilies are still growing thither, so, at the Full Moon one can arrant enjoy the view. Didst thou forget, mine shadowy sister, even thou liked them? Their cold haughty beauty... The fresh air would be awesome for thee, better than catacombs definitely. Didn't we have enough moon dust in our lungs?
  7. Luna Fan Club

    I tell thee one thing, but tis secret, mindst that... *whispers* Tia is afraid of syringes and needles... like a small filly *giggles*
  8. Ask Luna

    *chuckles* So, if 't be true we imagine that combination of circumstances to befall... the ideal first date for me would be a night walk with mine "going-to-be-special-somepony", the actual place doth matter not; although, I know a few, offering the majestic experience: the Old Castle garden is still beauteous, Winsome Falls, one particular lake in the southern Everfree (the canyon river falls into, by the way the Old Castle is easily reachable from thither... if 't be true thou hast wings). But even the Canterlot castle garden is fine. The main aspect is - it must be a place whither we could talk and find out which air we both are breathing. And in case we meet some timberwolves in the woods, it would be interesting to see if mine companion wanteth to defend the lady or seek cover behind alicorn magic. The final experience would speak for or against any further dating having any chance. Feelest thyself gifted by that valuable information, subject!
  9. *Boops the Moon snoot*

    1. Alexshy


      Greetings *boops with the starry tail*

  10. Fluttershy Fan Club

    She's in the national swimming team
  11. Greetings!

    I can see that you are sleeping like a giant  fluffy marmot *strokes  very gently behind the ears* (I beg you don't remove NM^_^).

    So sleep my friend long and well having amazing dreams! 

    Get well soon!


  12. The WPCC Lounge

    I'm not arrant for open source, lief! Open source is frequently a mess. But payment must be single. Period.
  13. Luna Fan Club

    Fishing for Tia's doughnuts... again *giggles* Don't judge too hard - we all need some fun oft *smirks* Today's awakening was... not full *giggles*
  14. Fluttershy Fan Club

    More of our princess in the making hither:
  15. The WPCC Lounge

    Awww! *hugs and nuzzles, then wraps in the blanket* Tis perfectly in time, lief! And yes, more presence of @CypherHoof and @Fluttershy Friend hither shalt only improve the general lounge mood Those morons should perish... Well, truth to be told, methinks their future is void anyway sooner or later with that attitude towards customers. Ah, good old days, at which time respect wasn't only a word.