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  1. I want to be this pillow. Even a fate of a fancy human plushie doesn't terrify me, if I'm going to be in Shy's caring hooves
  2. ^ I have this as a Desktop wallpaper. Someday it's like looking into a mirror (Though I'm definitely less cheersful in THOSE days)
  3. I'd give half of my life for coming across this during my night walks in the forest...
  4. "I kissed a girl and I liked it. I liked it Us girls we are so magical. Soft skin, red lips so kissable. Hard to resist, so touchable..."
  5. Ha-ha, my Skyrim has been doubled!
  6. Cybershy... he-he... For those who like
  7. "I will hug you so hard!" (C) Princess Celestia
  8. Come to us child, we hug thee!
  9. AWWWWW!!!
  10. Use thy "fourth", Luna!!! Why thy mouth doth thou holding t in?!
  11. "Don't worry, mine lief. Tis just me on my nightly walk. Trot along, nothing to see hither... unless thee needeth a company" Seriously, I can relate, I go in the woods here in between 11PM and 2AM nightly, regardless to the weather. You know, it's totally awesome!
  12. Image source She is just purrrfect!
  13. Yeah! Now just smash that little misconception of a pony!
  14. My heartbeat rate has been doubled!
  15. Put me in jail sheriff, as long as you guard me, I'm happy! More fluttergoodness