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  1. Hi my friend! I remember about you of course! Everything OK?:kindness:

    1. StrawCherry


      Hey, don’t worry about it. She’s okay! She just doesn’t feel like coming onto the forum anymore due to circumstances. :lie: I’m not sure if she allows me to tell the reason or tell you this at, but seeing you comment on her for a second time makes me want you to know that she is all healthy and well! She’s my friend in real, in case you’re wondering why I know. :yay: (I also realize this has been posted 20 days ago, buuuut…)

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thanks @StrawCherry:)! I forgot that you both are friends. Please give my regards to her! :smug:Of course don't write without her permission about the reason. I hope that isn't serious.  Maybe I could help somehow? :kindness:

  2. Hey there!. Just to let you know, I really like your drawing style =3

  3. Hi friend! Everything OK?:squee:

  4. Those are really some cool OC’s!! I love seeing all different kinds Thank you for opening this topic! I have 4 OC’s, but I decided to write down about my ponysona: Name: Lavender MistType: PegasusGender: Female Age: 19Appearance: Light purple coat, her hair a little darker purple. Her hair goes behind her ear on the left side and lays on her right shoulder. The bangs moving to the right side of her face as well. Her eyes are a bright yellow-golden colour, the edges moving upward.Cutie Mark: Amethyst & LavenderHobbies: Playing around with herbs and crystals, mixing them to create magical potions and sachets. Usually giving them to her friends for better sleep, luck, or pain relief. She also loves watching tv-shows or movies, especially horror! and playing video games. She also loves staying up at night and sleeping throughout the day. She basically loves staying at home. Find out about her backstory through RP
  5. Proud to show my new OC, Chocolate Mocha! :squee:

    Obviously, he works at a coffee shop. He is a passionate, cheerful pony with a mysterious aura of light and darknessDespite all his hardships, he remains optimistic and passionate at all times. 

    I hope you like him as much as I do! :adorkable:


  6. Mine wouldn't be that special, she would go as a ghost or a vampire
  7. Booo so mean Haha yay!! Thank you so much!!
  8. Oh, what is this? Thank you @Trotteur Sauvage ! I shall summon @StrawCherry
  9. @Pulcinella Great to see another hetalian on here!! We share the exact same ships so i'm not going to post them again I absolutely love Makoto x Haruka