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  1. Hey, Cherry, 

    I haven't saw you in a long time, but, I just wanted to let you know that I am no longer a Brony and have pretty much left the fandom and the forums... Thankfully, we do have each other on Discord and on Switch, but, I just wanted to let you know that I always thought you were a good friend, and I really mean it when I say that you are like a sister to me... :(

  2. StrawCherry

    Ask Princess Skystar

    Oh, really? I never thought about us like that! We're just such good friends that I would NOT want to ruin that, y'know...? I don't! I prefer friendship. I mean, it's so nice to see love bloom between other ponies, seaponies, hippogriffs, dragons, changelings... everyone! But it's not for me, at least not yet! Mom said she was VERY proud of me! Although I did get grounded... totally worth it! She had never been that proud of me before, which is logical since, you know, i NEVER did anything to be proud of in the first place. i'd always play with Shelly and Sheldon and complained about not being able to go to the surface and meet friends and blah, blah... But, story short, she was proud of me yes! I have not. I should totally do that but I haven't seen them in a while! Maybe I should invite them over soon, I'm starting to get preeeetty lonely after all.
  3. StrawCherry

    rapunzel Ask Rapunzel

    Do you like your long hair? Or would you prefer ahem, shorter hair?
  4. StrawCherry

    Ask Princess Skystar

    I consider Pinkie Pie to be my BEST friend! Well, best pony friend. I could never replace Shelly and Sheldon and there are so many other creatures that I have to leave a spot open for because what if I meet this super duper amazing dragon? I mean, I met Spike - who is super duper amazing without a doubt - but you know what I mean right? I wouldn't be able to call them my best friend if it's already taken by some other creature and that would be suuuuch a shame! There are SO many things to do here in Seaquestria! I can make so many cute things out of shells, which I LOVE to do. It can get a little bit boring sometimes... just a little bit, though! Other than that, talking is fun. Playing with the fish and other seaponies is super fun too! There's so many fun things over here, maybe you should visit sometime! I mean, if you could of course. (◕ヮ◕) We eat kelp! And... more kelp. There's not a lot to eat down here, which is why I quite often go to the surface to see if Pinkie has sent me more cupcakes! Her cupcakes are soooo delicious. She sends a lot to me and I always intend to share them with the other seaponies, but I always eat all of them before I can do so. Oopsie? (>∀<) A couple? A couple of what? Super duper fun creatures? I mean, duh! Is that even a question? Oh... you mean... romantic? (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) Sorry to burst your bubble - ironic, right? - but we are not like that. We're just reaaaaaally good friends!
  5. StrawCherry


    Welcome to the forum!
  6. StrawCherry

    How much do you love the MLP forums?

    I think the forum is "pretty cool". When I first created my account, I was obsessed with being active. Although that toned down, I do still have my share of extreme (in)activity. What I'm trying to say is that I don't love it, I don't hate it. I enjoy my time here and that's the most important part.
  7. StrawCherry

    Ask Princess Skystar

    I've always been a hippogriff, I just happened to have fins and was able to breathe underwater for a while. ( ̄ω ̄) The fact that I can just change between being a hippogriff and being a seapony makes me the happiest. Both being underwater and on land has its charms, after all!
  8. StrawCherry

    Spoiler 2nd half of S8.

    Where can I find the leaked episode synopses? I'm interested!
  9. StrawCherry

    Sum recent artz!

    Ooh, such a nice style!
  10. StrawCherry

    How will the Crystal Ponies react?

    I don't think that their opinions would change, at least not negatively. Perhaps they look up to him more now that he has wings, since he would be able to protect them on a whole new level. It would be interesting, though, if they were afraid of him for one reason or another now that he has wings...
  11. StrawCherry

    Ask Princess Skystar

    No, thank you for asking me a question that I can answer in the first place! I have dreamed about living on land! But not recently. Once peace was restored, things got so much more bright for every seapony. Before Pinkie Pie and her friends visited us, everything was so BORING and I longed for the day that I could finally swim up to the surface, spread my wings, explore the lands and meet new friends! Now that all the creatures are living in harmony and there's no threat forcing us to stay down here anymore, it feels more free. There's no need to live on land since I can go there whenever I want to, y'know what I mean? So, I no longer dream about doing so. Seaquestria is my home now!
  12. StrawCherry

    Ask Princess Skystar

    Hi guys! My name is Skystar, hello, nice to meet you. (◕ヮ◕)ノ I have seen a bunch of other friends do this ask thing and I thought that it looked super fun so I decided to create a topic of my own! So, don't be shy now. Go ahead and ask me whatever you want to know!
  13. StrawCherry

    name for this filly

    I think it's difficult to come up with a name since we don't know anything about her. She doesn't have a cutie mark and not a personality either really. May I ask, why do you want her to have a name?
  14. StrawCherry

    What ponies was from old generation?

    Like... from G3? Maybe you could check out this page to find out that information.
  15. StrawCherry

    resolved About the Banned Ponies....

    There's a whole Guidelines section that you might want to check out.