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  1. I could sit here for hours and still not know what to say, I have heard about some of this before but what I knew then seems to have merely been the tip of the iceberg. To know more of the hardships that you have had to face, well, I am without words. God bless you Jeric, I wish you every success and happiness.
  2. Come now comrade don't tell me you are some kind of
    Image result for s.t.a.l.k.e.r

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    2. Snow


      Ohno my head canon has been ruined by an unforeseeable plot twist, people doing things when they aren't buys, how was I suppose to guess the writers would think of something like that?

      I'm going to go out on a limb and guess school related work?

    3. Lightwing


      ...yeah, sure! It was history work, I was playing a game for... Investigation purposes. I tell you.

    4. Snow


      Investigation purposes huh? I suppose that checks out.

      Silly pone~

  3. I could be wrong but I believe that feature was called "Wait for Moderator approval"
  4. Sucks to hear that man, Hope you are back to 100% soon! That's the way chaps, keep them there votes rollin' in.
  5. Job interview tomorrow, pretty nervous but also exited to start making some money again.

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    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Good luck friend! I thought that you already have a job as a fireman.

    3. Snow


      I am a volunteer fire fighter, I don't get payed for doing it and I only do it when I get called~

    4. CypherHoof


      So, how did your interview go? Nosy (snooty?) ponies want to know :D

  6. Back at ya. :P

    1. Snow


      I'm like Lightwing but with tanks, do so at your own risk~

  7. Define The Made Up Word

    Flubbernuggorph / fl-ub-ern-ug-orph / 1. Used to describe the unpleasant sensation caused by the sound of a balloon being rubbed or twisted. "As the clown shaped the balloons in to a balloon animal the children experienced flubbernuggorph." Adeunowe @Sparklefan1234 taks abbreviated from "attacks" used in popular culture to refer to a non serious and unintended personal attack such as posting just before another and upsetting them, another common word used is "ninjad"
  8. Flirt With the User Above

    Ey der bb, I hear you like cars, maybe I could pick you up sometime in my Porsche?
  9. Admittedly, they do seem rather similar in nature, the line between them is a tad obscure, however, General Discussion is used for all discussion topics that aren't about My Little Pony, a place for more seriously taken discussions, on-topic responses and is generally meaningful in some way. Forum Lounge Is more for the lighthearted shenanigans if you will, the topics and conversations needn't be so serious, and is more of a relaxed social place. Just in case, a good piece of advice for when posting or crating a topic is to look at what is already there and use that to determine where and how you should be posting.
  10. Post Post what you're wearing right now!

    Boardshorts, the most comfortable pants in existence for the summer.
  11. I hate to say it Celaeno fans, Looks like the captain went down with her ship~
  12. Excellent points gentlemen, very convincing indeed, a nice balanced blend of personality traits and character involvement in the show, I must say I can certainly see the push to increase votes for these characters is working, bravo for the wonderful effort, now then, I only see it as fair that I should do the same or at least try to achieve such a level of fact based influence for my pony of choice. *clears throat* Marble Pie A very cute pony.