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    The first step to achieving anything it to stop telling yourself that you cant.
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    tanks, ponies, guitar, history, tanks, politics, engineering, drawing, tanks mmmmmm... tanks, definitely tanks. :D

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  1. Check this out :o I was helping my dad clean out my grandfathers house and I found these in an old suitcase, the dates are July 20 and 21 1969.



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    2. Tropical Melody

      Tropical Melody

      Scan them as well, if you can.


    3. snow.


      We don't have a scanner unfortunately.

    4. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Wow, that's some serious history, get them in picture frames and show them with pride!

  2. RIP 


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    2. snow.


      It's not an 88 though~ :orly:

    3. Nebula Wolf

      Nebula Wolf

      High velocity 76mm. I'll take what I can get. XD 

    4. snow.


      Playing WT right now, suck 50mm AA :v
      I... got stuck... :/

  3. I believe there will come a time when I am no longer interested in the show, later still the community, right now I don't know when either of those will happen but in a long time I can tell I will look back at these times and think highly of them, it is and has been a lot of fun, better still the moral messages within the show and some of the people I have met in the fandom have been very inspirational and influential in my life, I'm working towards my aspirations as well, so I don't think much of my time is being wasted here at all.
  4. Multi-track drifting!!

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    2. The Cerberus

      The Cerberus

      Yes, cats are the most destructive force in the universe xP

    3. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      Whoa! Tank got moves!

    4. Nebula Wolf
  5. There are some funny people out there, both kinds of funny. :huh:

  6. "Out of commission, become a pillbox. Out of ammo, become a bunker. Out of time, become heroes." - The beast of war (1988)

  7. I........................................ AM...................................................... GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    2. TheRockADragon
    3. snow.


      It.. has a.. nuke laser or something O-o dang..

    4. TheRockADragon


      I know, it's so awesome.

  8. *boops and then leaves to go back to studying* :derp:

    1. snow.


      You better study and do well XP good luck!!!

    2. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      t(h)anks ;) *boops again and the leaves for real*

    3. snow.


      *boops* cheeky lil pone, nice pun.

  9. Why do people like.. use the identity of famous people or characters from the show for their profiles instead of something original?

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    2. JonasDarkmane


      You mean like Fluttershy1909090? (just using something random) And they have a pic of Fluttershy? Perhaps it is their favorite character, or perhaps she expresses how they are, a bit timid and shy. Or perhaps they just really liked the particular pic. Like mine, I have no idea about it. I just know it is a gamer girl called Vivian James and has something to do with 8chan/4chan and that is it. But I still really like the gif. 


      Some people don't necessarily want to be particularly identified. Some people would rather just blend it than be in the spotlight. 



    3. snow.


      Not quite, that example has numbers at the end, (quite a lot actually) that makes all the difference and it is more than enough to say "in not them". If it was just "fluttershy" with a picture of fluttershy, that's what I'm talking about, and I have seen it with every show pony imaginable on this forum, I even saw someone as daybreaker only hours after a royal problem was released and that's what lead me to ask why. :adorkable:

    4. JonasDarkmane
  10. 🦄 :0 ahmazing~

  11. You need powerful music to go with the tanks c:
  12. There there, it'll be OK, you'll hit the target eventually.Image result for dicker max depression

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    2. The Cerberus

      The Cerberus

      Sending love to tank in explosive package :3 *hqdefault.jpg

    3. Kyoshi


      This status has made me feel sad for a tank. The world is full of interesting stuff. XD

    4. snow.


      @Kyoshi Tanks are very interesting and intricate creatures indeed c: 

  13. Congrats on the promotion!!! :yay:

  14. Welcome to the forums @DanniTheUnicorn227! I hope you have a splendid time here and make lots of friends. I think you'll find just about everyone here has an interest in MLP to share with you so you needn't look further ^^