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    It isn't about how hard or how many times you can hit, It's about how hard and how many times you can get hit and keep moving forwards.
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    tanks, ponies, guitar, history, tanks, politics, engineering, drawing, tanks mmmmmm... tanks, definitely tanks. :D

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  1. Happy birthday!! :P

    1. Valencia


      Thank you kindly pone :rarity: ^w^

  2. A Question out of sheer curiosity: Is classed as being hypocritical if I don't like MLP with any kind of suggestive, sexualised, grim-dark or gory err.. adaptations? but am ok with war, guns (tanks) and explosions?
    I think definitely yes but I was wondering about second opinions to that?~

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    2. VengefulStrudel


      Nah. You may like two things, but not necessarily when combined together. For example, I like MLP and Doom, but that doesn't mean I want to see ponies go around rip-and-tearing or for Doomguy to be more calm and peaceful. :P

    3. Snow


      Hmm, I'm going to blame bad wording on my part for that one, what I mean is..
      Related image
      heh heh~ very toned down but you get the idea.

    4. Randimaxis


      Why would you ever be a hypocrite for liking what you like?

      Good grief, there's no need to worry so much about the opinions of others in the first place!  What you have for this show seems like pure, innocent fun... and never let anyone tell you that's wrong.

      Love what you love; after all, you're the BEST one to choose what you like, right?

  3. First day back at work in ages, I have been able to play a bit of guitar with my other 3 fingers in the past week or so and the best part is now I'm allowed to drive again! I got my green P's the other day which means I will be allowed to start learning to drive our fire truck, oh so many good things and its not even my birthday :yay:

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    2. Summer Breeze

      Summer Breeze

      Yay! I am SOOOOO glad you have so many good things going on for you my friend :D *huggles tight* 

    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Hi Snow! Nice to heard about that! Good luck and all the best. May power be with you!^_^

    4. Snow


      Thanks ya'll~ 
      Naww man being on green's isn't too bad c: an extra 10 km/h


      Thanks yo! you know I got the power c:< tank powerrrr!

  4. Close but no, its Animal Crossing Forums. Sky was the green one right?
  5. Yes I can not, thank you. Is it safe to store cardboard boxes in other boxes?
  6. I C U krepin o3o

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    2. Valencia


      a HA! this is where I have you at a disadvantage my friend :3 

      if you're not here... then how...

      are you RESPONDING?!?! D: 


    3. Snow


      *wasn't here, just got back* Well my child, top 10 questions science still can answer~
      Sorry about that, I got a little distracted hehe.

    4. Valencia


      no worries frandu :catface: :D

  7. Oh my, what is this Its seems the majority view a curvy backside with great favour but I insist that when going off what is most appealing to the eye, flat (optionally sloped) is far superior~
  8. @Alexshy @Fluttershy Friend Boops for boops I have come for revenge!!
  9. Ohai Mark

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    2. VengefulStrudel


      ...should I ask how or why you have a 4k version?

    3. Snow


      I'm not going to Poland ;3; closest is either the Netherlands or Germany and there is no way in hell I'm agreeing to watch that movie twice xD

    4. Darth Porgus

      Darth Porgus

      Because it is The Room and one has to have a top notch quality of the movie if one wants to call himself a true fan! 

      Want to place a bet on that? :3 

  10. Well that sucked~
    In life there are ups and down, as I have been told "shit happens" but its good to be back.
    May the tanks and shenanigans proceed!

  11. Tanks for making this thread
  12. Dwoo dwoooooo

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    2. Darth Porgus

      Darth Porgus

      I am jealous xD Well, I better get some rest. I'll talk to You tomorrow :v 

    3. Snow


      Night dude, have a good one :>

    4. Darth Porgus

      Darth Porgus

      Have a good day :v *locks himself in Snow's tank and sleeps there* >:v

  13. Happy birthday dude~