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    It isn't about how hard or how many times you can hit, It's about how hard and how many times you can get hit and keep moving forwards.
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    tanks, ponies, guitar, history, tanks, politics, engineering, drawing, tanks mmmmmm... tanks, definitely tanks. :D

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  1. I did it in a hurry!!!

    1. Randimaxis


      Snow's Party Tank - The best way to BLAST yourself into the next year!

    2. Rikifive


      This is absolutely amazing! :D 

      That's like Pinkie's Party Cannon, but a much heavier version. :lol: 

      Thank you! :wub: 

    3. Snow


      xD nice one randi!

      Well, it's only a 50mm, a lot smaller but can shoot further~ :P

      @Corgis I will get that StuG and T-34 done ASAP, haven't forgotten! (Just using this as an excuse ;) )

  2. Oh my gosh I love your avatar, its so cute! :lol:

  3. I actually quite like the idea, you don't see many which, though commonplace in the real world is quite unique and welcome in the fandom in my eyes Funnily and just to note I find it the opposite for deer OC's, I like them in natural colours but with anything else I find they look a little off.
  4. @Totally Lyra haha, silly billy, don't you know? @Sunburst0x00 The ability to attach files within the PM system is reserved for staff members and donors, stated so right here in the $10 subscription package: I must disclose, after the update there are a lot of things that have changed so you might want to consult a staff member who is familiar with the subject just to make sure you are getting what you are paying for should you choose to subscribe.
  5. When you want to play tanks but you need more money Dx
    Grumpy sky whale is grumpy, grinding with bombers it is.

  6. You and @VengefulStrudel Dare to conspire against me? ha! such attempts will not go unnoticed! Snow senpai always notices
    I don't know what you two are up to.. but I know you are in it together and it spells trouble! explain thyselves!
    Oh no their on to me, gotta stay cool.

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    2. VengefulStrudel


      I'm here to give boops and ship ships. Nothing suspicious at all! *whispers* ...he's onto us.

    3. Snow


      Boops and ships?.. but Lightwing also.. two shipper pones at the same time.. wh-
      Related image
      Ohhhh ssshhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

    4. VengefulStrudel
  7. We so need a stop the bats parody (stop the bots) in honour of the staff~

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    2. Snow


      MLP Forums is constantly being attacked by spam bots and I had a crazy Idea as per usual c:

    3. Fluttershy Friend
    4. TheRockADragon


      True snowmanship. :P

  8. The song has nothing to do with MLP, it's is from a musical adaption of The Count of Monte Cristo and it is referring to former friends of the main character Edmond Dantès (the names of those friends I have forgotten) long story short they betrayed him and now he seeks revenge.
  9. Snow has posted a new status update.

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    2. The Cerberus
    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend



      There is spoiler here.



    4. Corgis


      Corgis liked a status update.

  10. ... lurk, lurk, lurk... *leaves a tray of cookies for you and a huge drum of oil for your tank* ... lurk, lurk, lurk...

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    2. Snow


      Bravo! Good show I say! marvellous! what a display! I am truly honoured to have witnessed it, do you possess any more of such talents?  

    3. Randimaxis


      Uhm, well... I dunno; let's see...

      ... flap, flap, flap...

      ... bounce, bounce, bounce...

      ... slither, slither, slither... (though I'm not as good as Mesme at that)

      ... wiggle, wiggle, wiggle...

      ... STOMP, STOMP, STOMP...

      ... flutter, flutter, flutter...

      ... charleston, charleston, charleston... (WOOH!  That one's ROUGH!)

      ... slide, slide, slide...

      ... scrape, scrape, scrape... (... ow...)

      ... finagle, finagle, finagle...

      ... roll, roll, roll...

      ... jump, jive, wail... (Isn't that a song?)

      ... float, float, float...

      ... HEY!  it seems as though I DO have some other talents!  :pinkie:  Thanks much, my heavily armored friend!


    4. Snow


      :o I am without words, simply... magnificent...

  11. Have you heard of this band? You may like them. 

    1. Snow


      Good sir I have and I love them~ I was interested in buying the book when I came across that song, now I have both. :squee:

  12. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Prospekt


      Happy birthday :D I miss seeing you around here, hope you are well.

  13. So I just found "certain" avatar you did for me in certain fools of april day, and I had sparking ideas on my mind, which I will call this... "A tribute" :P


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    2. Snow


      I had intended it to be a BT-7 turret, Rainbowdash is fast and it is a fast tank, (like... 100 km/h) I got the angles waaayyyy off but yea~
      (not the reference I used but same tank)
      Image result for BT-7


      PS: yo, that is so sweet! I wub u! :wub:

    3. Lightwing


      Also, I just noticed that Twilight casually looks at the tank like "omg yes", perfection intensifies! 

    4. Snow


      Nothing less than the representation of myself that it is c: setting it as my avi anyway xP 

  14. Image may contain: text

    1. The Cerberus
    2. Snow


      Haha, I thought you'd like it xD

    3. The Cerberus

      The Cerberus

      Tried to find good response picture, found this instead :3



  15. Who said tank don't like mountains? c:
    I think I aught to look into getting a proper art program but for now I will continue practising on this one that came with my computer, it was a bit of a rush job but what do you guys think? :P And do you have any recommendations on what I should try to draw next?

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    2. Corgis


      Do a Stug!  Who does not like a Stug anyways?

    3. Snow


      StuG it is, Performing what task good sir? c:

    4. Corgis


      Doing what it does best, killing T-34's!