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    RolePlaying - A story that is woven from many different characters (and people) can be an incredibly beautiful tapestry.

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  1. Open

    WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The steam whistle sounded off yet another day of work at the Blackwater Quarry. The miners were tired, and the call for bed had finally come. Returning tools to their proper places, the various miners set everything back as it should be, then took thir leave of the work area. Roughly a third of them made their way towards the barracks; their home more than the house they keep their stuff in. A few of the workers here simply stayy on the property - as long as they do their jobs well, there's never any hassle from those in charge. Within the space of roughly twenty minutes, the once-vibrant and bustling quarry was now a ghost town, quiet and somber, all nestled snugly within the quarry walls, in a bowl of peaks between mountaintops. The quarry stood silent, yet that didn't mean it was abandoned... in fact, far from it. Beck gave a smile. "Changing over the next two days, you say? Well, it certainly would be a convenient way for the two of us to have reason to meet again, would it not?" The smile became one that said he had a fairly good idea of whom Ziggy was hypothetically theorizing about, yet he didn't give the game away. He did, however, look quite flattered... and was showing a bit of interest in return, apparently. His head swiveled toward the door as the work whistle went off. "Already!? Goodness, Madam Blackwater will doubtless be FURIOUS if we aren't there tonight to serve for her! Her guests are of high repute, and she wouldn't DARE show herself to be lesser in any capacity as long as she has US... unless we aren't available! Ohhhhh dear, oh dear, oh dear..." Beck gathered himself together and headed for the door... then, short of pushing it open, he stopped. He glanced over his shoulder at Ziggy, then turned and, in no rush, made his way over to her, took one of her hooves in his own, and leaned forward, planting a soft kiss on the very tip of her hoof. "Thank you so very kindly, Doc-... pardon me, Ziggy... for your kindness and... attentions. I will most certainly see you on the morrow - have a good evening, m'lady." With that, he bowed politely and turned smartly, heading out the door in full butler mode... yet with a small smile on his muzzle, which he carried with him back up to the manor. If Vylia's reactions were any gauge, it certainly looked more fun than advertised. The pegasus mare seemed to truly get into what she was doing, even idly chatting about the way she proceeded as she chopped, sliced, steamed, grilled and boiled the required dishes that she apparently felt were necessary for tonight's feast. She kept tasting little bits of ingredients here and there, and even offered Carnelian a spoonful or two of certain parts of the recipes - after tasting it herself, proving a pronounced lack of skullduggery in the food preparations. As much as she was doing, Vylia stayed quite active - and seemed to enjoy it. She did a good bit of talking, though there were certainly breaks in her narrative for her esteemed guest to speak up. It didn't seem like she was being dismissive; she genuinely seemed to be having a good time, cooking a meal for her guests as she was. The more she cooked, the better the entire kitchen began to smell; it wasn't long before there were plates and plates of different, exotic foods - and even though Carnelian had seen the entire affair happen right before her eyes, the sheer amount of food almost seemed impossible! Vylia, however, merely smiled and picked up a tray, placing a number of items on it. Like clockwork, the kitchen door opened just as Vylia finished filling the tray, and one of the butler twins made his way over, took up the tray, and made his way back out - presumably towards a dining hall. Filling a second one, she looked to her guest. "Allow me to finish setting up, dearie, and I'll gladly walk you to our little dining nook." She let loose with a self-satisfied chuckle, seemingly quite pleased to show off her skills on the grill, so to speak. "Cutie Marks don't just appear out of nothing, Key - at least, I don't feel like they do. I think it's got at least SOMETHING to do with you, personally; the mark should speak to YOU, not to anyone else. That's what I think makes them unique - like mine, for instance." Dax's cutie mark looked like a rock with the top of an emerald sticking out of it - the emerald itself almost seemed to shine, as if it were real... but it simply had to be a trick of the light, right? "To me, it means something worthy buried in something that nobody would expect much from - a plain ol' rock. that... kinda feels like me, sometimes. I mean, not that I like to brag or anything, not about myself... but I will say that I've had a few experiences that I think helped me to figure out what it meant to me." They reached the manor, and the aroma of tasty exotic foods swept back over the both of them as they entered. Dax gave a long sniff, then smiled broadly. "That smells like Mother's at the stove - she's a better cook than even I am! C'mon..." He suddenly stopped, and after looking around quickly, he turned a pale muzzle to look at Key. "I, uh... I should warn you. About Oglevy; he's my brother." Dax leaned in almost muzzle-to-muzzle with Key. "Don't. Trust. Him." It would almost be humorous... except the look on Dax's muzzle was real enough. He then turned, and headed down the grand hallway. "If nothing else, he might not cause a scene if Father's there - NOPONY would. You'll see what I mean." They reached a set of doors, and there was the dining room... except it was more the size of a small atrium! There was a table that was, instead of one long stretch, was arranged as three circles, connected like a triangle to each other and made of well-polished marble with a silverleaf trim. Each of the three sections looked to weight close to a ton, and it was obvious the being who made it had been quite talented. Along the walls were a number of hoof-painted portraits, exhibiting a number of different families (or single individuals) that all seemed to have different versions of the Blackwater Manor in the background, from what appeared to be a humble, two-floor dwelling down to what must have certainly been of merely the last generation before this. Though each had its' own style, all the subjects seemed to have interesting stories behind them: One red-maned stallion with his hoof on a dynamite plunger, another one portrayed hauntingly lovely mare holding a flowerpot, yet another had what appeared to be a steel-eyed stallion standing next to a bewitching zebra, and another had a fat and piggy-looking stallion with a jar of what looked to be moonshine in a saddlebag. All in all, the Dining Hall was certainly had a few conversation starters, to be sure! Seated at the table already was a stern-muzzled stallion whose bespectacled eyes locked on Key as soon as he was visible. They were indigo, judging and quite unnerving. Inspecting Key up and down, they narrowed. Dax, however, didn't seem the least bit disturbed by this. "Father, this is Low Key, the protegee of Mother's guest. He's quite a gentlecolt, and he's been good company to boot. Key, this is Luther Blackwater, patriarch of the Blackwater family." The stallion was BIG - he truly LOOKED like somepony who kicked rocks for a living; massive knots of muscle in powerful-looking legs and a thick barrel. His mane, done up in a classic Trojan ridge down his neck, and his neat, short tail gave one the impression that he brooked no nonsense. He also wore a smart vest, and what looked to be a plain, yet sturdy-looking wristwatch. His cutie mark (if anything about Luther could be considered 'cute') was a pickaxe and a red feather quill pen, crossed in the middle, and his outfit looked specially tailored to show it off, even when he was sitting down. The dour-looking stallion, still staring at Key, blinked. Once. "Hello, Low Key. Welcome to my home." His voice matched his appearance; strong, broad and calmly intimidating. Echo blushed a bit shyly, but smiled back all the same. "Th-thank you, Crescent. You're really a good egg - I m-mean that. You're willing to go all out of your way, doing so much to help me out, all your kind words of support..." She started to tear up again, yet she caught herself and simply wiped her eyes with the back of her hoof. "... and y-y-yes," she gave a small giggle, "pasta sounds like a wonderful-" THAT was when the steam whistle went off, and Echo nearly leapt out of her fur! Her eyes went wide and panicky, darting everywhere at once looking for whatever it was that MADE that horrific sound to come and get her. "W-w-what w-w-was th-th-THAT!?!?" She was shaking, every nerve on edge as she panted in fear. Silver looked into the box's mechanisms with interest. "This... this is... I can see where you... but then... does that there... carries over with... and then it... with you'd need a..." She turned to look at Blitz again, this time with a touch of the filly's own excitement. "What you're looking for is an electrical battery - it's like a miniature generator, except it's more like a power source than a FULL generator. But yeah, with one of those, you could potentially run this thing for HOURS! And you know what?" She grinned. "I just HAPPEN to have a few batteries in storage that MIGHT work for this device, if we can try to finagle a way to connect them. Which, in good theory, shouldn't be too difficult. In fact, we might possibly be able to get this thing up and running by tomorrow night - or even to-" The steam whistle went off, and Silver gave a pleasant laugh. "Well, THAT means I can no longer show you the rest of the refinery - TODAY, that is! But you're more than welcome to come back with me to my shed, where we can get a better look at your invention, and maybe even get it working better! I won't mind the company, and I'm sure Dax is at dinner with his family tonight - they usually do when they have the rare guest." She turned to the door leading back out, and gestured. "Shall we go, little genius?" If Silver could adopt Blitz, she would. In a hoofbeat. @Mentis Soliloquy [If you TRULY want to know, meet me at the Pony Express Office in the quarry around midnight tonight. I can't explain now, but I may be willing to later.] [Pony Express Office - Around Midnight] The office was closed up tightly. It was actually a cottage, and a rather nice one, at that. It had two floors, a red brick chimney and a shingled roof that was in excellent repair. Little shutters for the windows were locked for the night, and there was a small, thin stream of smoke that was drifting from the top of the pillar of bricks. Otherwise, the cottage looked cozy and inviting, as if it was almost a Bed-'N'-Breakfast instead of a post office. There was a small garden outside, complete with a silly-looking scarecrow hanging from a rack of sticks, looking properly forlorn. The light post fence around the place added almost a storybook look to it, almost surreal in such a drab and grey place as the quarry typically could be. Everything was dark inside... except for a single blue candle, lit and burning idly upon the front windowsill, as if waiting for somepony to come...
  2. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

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  3. Mega Thread

    >BUUUUUUURP< / 10 I've seen you around here a good bit... ... ... ... you really should wear MORE clothing, y'know - this is a KID'S show forum, for Luna's sake.
  4. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

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    Oh - that's absolutely wonderful! Thank you so very, very much! Your time and effort are greatly appreciated, and I can't wait to show it off to others (with proper credit, of course)!
  6. *excited squeals of excitedness* Caution Dip by the incredibly generous Corvino
  7. Now they wanted to tell HIM stories!? Dip could hardly believe his ears - friendly AND storytellers too? If Dip had been dynamite, he might have exploded twice. "Oh oh oh - I can do dat!" His horn began to glow a rusty, mud-like orange, and from one of the side pockets of his red jumpsuit came a strange thing that looked like a coil of wire. He brought it up to face level with himself, and it squeezed repeatedly, sending a few sparks flying each time. "I got a Sparkler, so we just gotta get some stuff whut burns, an' we can make a FINE campfire! 'Cept..." Dip's face momentarily fell into a look of worry. "Dere's been a lotta raiders around dis place - an' you got the shutters open? Yeah - dey'll be all over dis place like ants on ice cream if dey notice." Dip lifted an eyebrow... which, due to lack of real eyebrows, meant part of his forehead moved to give his face a curious appearance. "I THINK dat one's... Llllllllance? Yeah - Lance! An' DAT one izza puppy buddy, but I don't know his name yet - you sez Doggo?... an' dat mare's not a thing, Odorey! You can't own a pony - DAT'S just SILLY!" To prove his point, Dip let out a giggle at the concept... that, and he had already gotten the idea that this bunch weren't Slavers. That was good; Slavers THOUGHT they owned folks, but they really just bullied 'em into doing stuff. Dip didn't like bullies very much... mostly because they seemed to have a tendency not to like HIM very much. The look that popped onto Dip's face said that he was a firm believer in the 'Swear Jar' mentality, but he didn't say a word. "Oh, DAT'S not good! Here - hereherehereherehere!" Dip brought over TWO Stimpaks, and handed them over with a look of concern. "Now, you gotta make sure you get some rest with doze Stimpies; dey heal the bad, but they don't heal the strain... so if you don't rest too, den it can hurt badder later, okay? Dat means no running around 'til tomorrow, so you gotta let somebody else do the watchdog thing - so's you can heal good!" Dip meant not a bit of jest or fun, nor was he talking down to Fallskir - he looked genuinely concerned about his puppy buddy, and was passing along good advice. At least, HE was apparently convinced it was good advice, anyway. He then turned around and went over to the spilled candy from the other medkit; the rusty orange glow appeared again, and the candies - all pink spheres in clear wrappers - gathered into the kit, where Dip closed it. He then looked back over at the mare. "I'd liketa help, so-... oh! OH!" he started jumping up and down, "Oh oh oh! I KNOW! We could use da ROOF!" "Last time I was here, I got onto da ROOF, an' I could see all over the place from up dere! Dere's a shady spot, an' a old taxicab, an' a baffroom dat smells like swamp-poop, an' a busted Sparkle Cola machine! It'd be somewhere dat raiders would havva hard time gettin' to, 'cuz the other ways up are kinda broken. But I found a way! We could hide up dere tonight, an' watch for stuff around us - like we're super-secret super spies!" He looked at the collected group there, cheerfully studying their faces and memorizing their voices... he would NEVER want to forget this day!
  8. Request Shop

    Awwww... he looks adorable! Thank you so very kindly! This looks absolutely wonderful, and is more than welcome in my own mind as the best adaptation of what I see there! Your vision is now canon to me; thank you for giving my little fella visual life! Excelsior, my friend!
  9. What a question..! I'd like to say that I have a NUMBER of bands I consider to be top-notch... but a FAVORITE? I will call the criteria for A FAVORITE band as follows: To qualify, it should be that you not only know most (if not all) of their musical catalog, but are aware of their history and a few factoids. With this in mind, I have to narrow it down to THREE... #3 MOTLEY CRUE #2 AEROSMITH #1 CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL
  10. Dip stopped where he was and his face went slack... well, it seemed like it; either that, or he was still melting. His eyes got distant, almost hazy with graceful memory... then, he squinted and stuck out a bright green tongue from the hole in his cheek, taking on a comical look of thinking. "My, um... I think it was... a house? Yeah! Dat's what it was! Mama an' I, we waz in a house, wif all sortsa neato stuff in it! Let's see, uhhhhhh... we had a 'lectric lights, an' Hoofball, an' even we had 'Questriam Princesses-es! Oh, DEY was preddy! An' I had my OWN room, Mama sed it was so she could sleep at night. Dat was good, 'cuz I didn't wanna be da one who kepp her up, so she couldn't work tomorrow." His new puppy buddy wanted to know about him! Oh, what a fuzzy-wuzzy day this really, REALLY was! Dip turned on his smile again, and his eyes twinkled merrily. "But I also knowed it wuz a liddle-biddy city, but we hadda Stable still! The place widda BIG wheel to cover up the door? Dat was where mama went when the flashes were comin', but she said I hadda stay where I was, 'cuz it was safer-er. Musta been right, 'cuz I'm here with all you friends o' mine, rrrrrrright!?" He actually gave a bit of an energetic hop at the end of his question, pleased as Bug Punch just be around folks who WANTED to talk to a ghoul. "Okay," he turned to face his puppy buddy, "I told mine, now it's YOUR turn, right? Share an' share aliiiii-iiiiike!" He couldn't help that last singsong lilt; Dip was happier than he'd been in... well, whenever he'd been happy last. It must've been a while, because he couldn't quite recall HOW long it had been since he'd gotten such a warn reception. But what did that matter? He had friends here RIGHT NOW!
  11. Time to break out the Lil' Luna pics... <3
  12. Request Shop

    THAT'S part of the antici-... ... ... ... ... ...pation, don't you know? Besides, every time the artist has to reply to questions, they fall behind on their work... and it takes that much longer to do what it is that they do. Techno... my friend... *smiles sweetly w/an eye twitch*... good things come to those who wait.
  13. Request Shop

    Patience, Grasshoppah... Remember, the anticipation is part of the fun; don't rush it. Chiiiiiiiiiiiiill... Patience is such a virtue that I'm surprised it's not its' own Element. *gigglesnort*
  14. Request Shop

    Doing doodles, you say? Might I humbly request your time and effort into some sort of doodle of THIS particular OC? I would very much appreciate it, and even if you can't get to him, I still thank you for your time. *bows*
  15. Groovi's smile grew by a mile. "My own Grandmama clock is tick-tick-tickin' away, too... like, I feel the full affect of wanting foals of my own someday - it's part of the reason this mare shares her moments to spare down at the orphanage. Those kittens really DIG my meowing, and they're cool in that awkward-yet-adorable way, y'know? I tell stories, trip the lingo fantasitque, make sandwiches, and even sing; they eat it up like Candied Apples!" The subject was apparently one that Groovi really did enjoy. "Like, the little ones, foaly... they're our FUTURE, y'dig? By that vivid virtue, the invest the very cosmos with their vibes - the energy is, like, SHEER joy! It's super-sweet as sugar syrup, the way they have no predetermined reactions, no judgments, no bias - foaly, they're the perfect idea of what we ALL are... lots of love, not just for each other, but for every star in the sky. Little they may be, but hearts that big tower over any tyranny this big ball of dirt, trees and rocks can throw at 'em. That really SENDS me, can you dig it?" Reaching the cellar, Groovi realized she'd been going on for a while, and gave a soft chuckle. "There was a point in time I wanted to be a teacher, but... well, life decided I needed, like, a different part of the grand puzzle to fit into, I guess. Still - I feel the need to spread my sassy synopses star-wide, and though teachers inspire, my fire burns on a different torch, dig? Or," she grinned, "you could say I just feel like I was MEANT to make my art. Maybe someday, I'll publish a book... but even THAT might have to come second to starting a family, if it works out that way." She looked over at AJ and put on a naughty grin. "So, bluntly speaking, is there anypony out there who's the apple of YOUR eye yet? I mean, as much traveling time as you get in, what with being an Element Bearer and all... you at least gotta have a few prospects - or at least lil' apple presses-... I mean, crushes, right? Can you even gimme a hint? What stallion flair out there makes the orange mare care?" It'd been a long time since Groovi had any sort of chance to just chat like this, and it was a nice change of pace. Not to mention that she was definitely warming up to the apple farmer; hopefully, even if she didn't dig the Groovi-speak, she still seemed like a hip trip - and Groovi DUG it.