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  1. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

    1. Arid_Blitz


      that is tomorrow on Presidents day

  2. Ask Luna

    Hiya, Luna! Before I ask my question, I just wanna say that I think you represent a strength of character that few others can match. The heart you have to continue on through trails and tribulations is amazing, and I think- That this is a waste of our time, and that you'd be better off chatting with her more popular sister? Uhm... no. Th-that's not what I was going to- NONSENSE! SunButt has always outshined you, Looney-Mooney, and there's no possible way that communicating with the plebian masses like this will convince folks otherwise! Communicating wi-... HEY! That would mean ME! ... your point? Don't listen to him, Princess - you're an inspiration and a- PERSPIRation? CONSTIPation? DESPERation? STOP IT!!! ... no need to get all bent out of shape and all. Goodness, look at the hue of your face! You look like you're about to blow a gasket! ... ... riiiiiiiight. Maybe I'll just... go... over here for a bit. ARE YOU DONE!? ... hmmmmmmmmm... YES. Yes, that's good enough for the moment. Carry on. *exasperated sigh* OKAY. Now, as I was saying... I wanted to know how you felt about the other nations around you, like Griffonstone and Yakyakistan. What are your personal opinions on them, and what sort of future do you see between Equestria and the other nations? And, if it's not too much trouble... c-could you sign my autograph book? Oh, good grief...
  3. R     A      N     D     I               M     A     X     I     S

    A     H      E     A     D              A     S     Y     L     A

    N     E      T     T     Y               X     Y     L     E    M

    D     A      T     A     L                I      L     E     U    M

    I      D      Y      L     L               S     A     M    M     I


    Have a couple of custom word squares, my good sir.

    They read down as well as sideways.

    1. Randimaxis


      My mind is boggled.



      ... thank you; I needed a good boggling!

  4. Story Time: FOUR

    [STORY TIME] Rain poured down over The Doodleybob Forest, and lightning flashed through the skies above. For three long weeks now, all the little critters had found themselves at the mercy of Argyle Fox, who had loudly and violently taken over as the one in charge around here. With his second-in-command, Mean Myrna Mole, out gathering the "taxes" he'd been charging them all, it was little wonder that the collective animals of the once-lovely forest were now nothing more than pawns, toys... or even food... for the wicked duo. Taki Turtle's pretty shell had been yanked clean off of him, and was now a fancy bathtub for Argyle to bathe in. Taki was left, shivering and homeless, to fend for himself. He'd tried to do what he could to get by, but Mean Myrna had been gleefully making sure that wherever he tried to find a place to sleep, he didn't get anything but a few minutes, at best. Poor Dinah Squirrel had seen Argyle's cruelty first-paw, and had nearly lost her mind from shock. However, it had taken Argyle only a few moments to convince her that, if she didn't bring him as many of her stashed-away acorns as she could, he'd beat down her door and eat her all up! So, with her threadbare tail, she'd given him nut after nut until she not only had NO stored food for the winter... but her tree no longer had any nuts on it at all. Sherrie Badger hadn't been as lucky as the others - Mean Myrna had it in for her from the very get-go. Sherrie was now Myrna's personal servant... and Myrna was unbearably spiteful to her. Sherrie's once-proud coat had dulled and thinned to where she looked as though she had the Mange... and that horrid mole loved every moment she could inflict more suffering as she constantly commanded her to clean, cook, and anything else she could find to keep the poor badger busy. Shiny the Toy Robot had been seen by both Argyle and Myrna as a possible problem in the future, so they dismantled him faster than a Jackrabbit with his tail on fire. They then used the parts of poor Shiny to make a throne fit for a king... yet was sat upon only by that nasty fox and his chump companion. As for Shiny's robotic brain, they had hung it from the ceiling as an ornament... and a warning to any others who might get the foolish idea to rebel. Stevie The Stork hadn't spoken a single word since the night of the infamous sleepover. In fact, he'd hardly slept a wink since then. He had been 'recruited' by that blasted fox as the one to pull the wagon that Argyle preferred to travel in - and it was a HEAVY wagon. Still, Stevie did his very best to make his superiors happy... though, sadly enough, the only thing that made them happy seemed to be making the nerve-racked stork make as many trips across the forest as possible... even if it was for no reason at all. Mr. Puff-Puff Mousie had been eaten by Argyle Fox, mere moments after his bloody victory over his rival - and THAT was what finally broke the spirits of every single critter down in The Doodleybob Forest. Dinah had made him a makeshift grave, where his broken and gnawed skull sat on a rock in the fork of a branch near the top of her tree. Nothing else had been left of him, not even his clothes; Argyle had burped loudly afterwards, and laughed at all the tears the others had shed. Now, as Argyle sat on his shiny throne, he delighted in making his new fool, Rocky The Rabbit, dance for him. The bells on Rocky's cap jangled merrily... but there was no joy in Rocky's eyes. He might have been all grumbly-wumbly before all this happened, but he swore if he got out of this situation, he would NEVER grouse at his friends again... If they survived, that was. The fox languished in his grand chair, smiling to himself as he grabbed another acorn and, smashing it against the arm of his throne, he began to chew idly on it and think about how good life was for him now. He always knew he'd be the one in charge someday... all it took was growing a pair, he thought. He still relished the look on the faces of all the local critters when he proclaimed himself The Doodleybob King; the hate, disbelief and sorrow had led to many, many wonderful dreams of conquest, victory, and eating his opponents with a nice cherry-pepper sauce. Mousie had been kind of scrawny, but the effect it had on the other critters made it SO worthwhile! Now that Myrna was out collecting his 'taxes', she'd be back with their bounty and they would be eating soon. Though, in all honesty, Rocky was looking more and more delicious by the second... and his jokes and dances were wearing thin. The wily fox considered perhaps some hasenpfeffer might be a good meal to end such a lovely day with, and he licked his lips in anticipation. However, that was when the door opened, and Stevie The Stork came in, dragging the wagon behind him as he did. Argyle Fox shouted, "IMBECILE! You'll soil the rug! You also know that you are NOT allowed indoors for ANY reason! I already said I didn't like feathers molting in my home, and I never wi-..." It was at that point, with a stare that bored into Argyle's muzzle, Stevie flipped the wagon on its' side, and out rolled the limp form of Mean Myrna Mole. She landed facedown on the floor, and didn't move a single twitch. Argyle, still trying to figure out what was happening, simply assumed Myrna had gotten into Miss Avery's garden again, and had gorged herself with sweet, juicy grapes. "Myrna!" he huffed, "get up, you lazy louse! Where is the dinner you were supposed to gather from the Doodleybob Forest!? I'm starving, and you were supposed to be here an... a-an hour... ago..." Argyle's words ground to a halt as he saw the blood pooling beneath Myrna's form. Slowly, as if he expected he to jump at him, he turned her over with a paw. Myrna's face was a pulpy mess. There were five large holes there, and all done from an upward angle, so they went down into her body, probably making a royal mess of her insides. Argyle hadn't really done more than taken Myrna as his second-in-command, but he had NOT been prepared for this at all... but when he looked down at her belly, his eyes grew as wide as saucers. There, on her moley apron that she always wore, were two words, written in the mole's own blood... Rocky The Rabbit began to howl with laughter, and Stevie's beak - for the first time since the incident - grinned. And Argyle Fox stood there, trying not to shit himself. ... and failing miserably. [TO BE CONTINUED...]
  5. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  6. Say something totally random!

    "I can't die yet - I haven't seen The Al Jolson Story!" - Jetboy, right before his death, Wild Cards book series
  7. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day to you, good sir!

  8. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day! 

  9. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day! 

  10. Open [RP] The Blackwater Quarry

    It was such an urgent call to care that Ziggy didn't even notice it was a zebra who carried the patient in. With a shrug and a look at said zebra, in followed the other stallion as well, who began glancing all around the entire quarry. Other miners, regardless of what they were doing, began to stop and simply stare as they went past... and they weren't staring at Ziggy. "So... THIS is what everypony refers to as the 'Blackwater' quarry... most of this stuff is rather unnecessary, you know. AND impractical. I mean, the storage facilities are right next to that eyesore of a vault, the refinery looks like its' been in a flood, and there's only ONE opening to the mine proper... and Luther STILL makes more profit than I do?" He gave a derisive chuckle. "No wonder he never let me in - I'd be ashamed too." The rather strong, muscular zebra let out a single snort of derision, yet carried the wounded traveler all the way to Ziggy's shed. Jasper continued to glance around with a mixture of mild curiosity and barely-masked amusement, his eyes fixing on points here and there - including the stately manor house above the quarry yard. "Hmph... gaudy," Jasper spat... but if anypony had been looking closely enough, they might have caught a momentary flash of that green-eyed monster that takes everyone, once in a while. All the same, Jasper continued to walk along with Ziggy and his stripey bodyguard. Cragg and Khosan followed along with the pegazebra, Cragg condescending but making astute observations, and Khosan simply carrying the victim, stalwart & unspeaking. Redd jumped when Clod spoke, and glanced back over his flank at the newcomer. "... you're just now answering me? Oh, for the love of Celestia - I've been saddled with a moron." He gave a tight, angry sigh, then looked Clod right in the eye. "I've half a mind to send you right back to wherever you came from... but, as we've been backlogged with work lately, I suppose I can't merely turn you away... as much as my sense of smell would like me to... so I suppose you'll just have to do your best to keep your own idiocy from killing you. Come along, then - the sooner I get you working, the sooner I can go about the rest of my day without looking at you." As he made his pace a bit more brisk, another pony came out from behind Shed Row, headed toward the mine proper just as they were. She was a little thing, with a dark blue coat, mismatched eyes and a satchel slung across her flank with the word 'TAPS' stitched into the front. She was a pegasus... but she wasn't flying; the steady clop of her hooves were just like any other Earth Pony's, and even though she was small, she looked far from helpless. Topping off her appearance was a small cap she wore that had the word 'Mailmare' emblazoned on it, on a brass plate. Redd groaned. "Taps, did you manage to get that letter out to my sister yet? I know you take pride in your job, which is why I'm certain it WILL get to her... but with your lackadasial attitude, I simply want to know if I'll be writing another before she receives the first!" Taps turned and regarded Redd cooly; she wasn't about to be put off by the stallion's cruddy attitude. She gave her own irked sigh, rolled her eyes, then nodded at Redd while simultaneously glaring at him, as if daring him to accuse her of being lazy again. However, Redd was no fool - he took the hint that he was getting on her nerves. You could tell he knew he was getting to her because he smiled. "All right, all right... I shall ASSUME the matter is handled. Good. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to find a miserable corner to put this cream-brain in." Taps gave Redd a scowl... and gave a small wave of a hoof to Clod, tossing him a light grin before returning her eyes to Redd and doubling up on the initial scowl. Dax took a moment to pointedly stare around the doorway at the spilled soup still congealing there, then looked back at Key. "I heard the sounds - and I know the little butt-tick's m.o., so I wanted to come and make sure you were okay. Dumb for me to do," Dax grinned, "because I know what it feels like ALL too well. He's done that to so many folks, and only one of them ever had the courage to stand up against him. But that doesn't mean he's anywhere near invincible - in fact, it's the fact he thinks everypony else is stupid that's gonna get him in trouble." The smile on Dax's muzzle was a bit too broad to be innocent. "... of course, if we were to help his comeuppance by exploiting the intellectual superiority he thinks himself full of, then we would be no better than HE is, right? I mean, it would be an absolute shame if, say, somepony might want to try to get revenge on him... especially if said somepony was teamed up with another somepony who just happens to know where the most embarrassing pictures of him exist... and might be willing to, oh I don't know, pull out said photo album & share it with a certain elite viscountess who, no doubt, would fawn and coo over them..." Dax smiled a bit wickedly. "Because if there's anything that makes Oggie mad, it's being seen as a foal. And what better way than to share all those baby pictures with someone who will quite likely want to make reference to them again... and again... and again..." He lifted an eyebrow. "Unless I'm mistaken, and Miss Carnelian ISN'T the kind who enjoys making social stabs at others to prove her dominance?" A light, bubbly laugh issued from the cooking mare. "If you don't enjoy the food, why eat? After all, I do tend toward a few foods that I'm certain aren't good for my waistline... but the morning exercises make me peckish, so I simply fell into the habit of making breakfast for myself as a part of the entire routine. I mean, servants notwithstanding, it truly does add to my sense of accomplishment for a morning - and getting oneself's mindset right for the rest of the day is important." She grinnned. "Speaking of which, would you mind if I asked you about your charge? He seems a bright fellow, if a bit shy - much like my Daxter, in fact. I'd even go so far as to wager they'll be the best of friends before long... Daxter is SUCH a social butterfly, doing his utmost to make friends." Mayhaps not as successful as I'd hoped... "And I'm sure the two of them will end up fast friends. Unless... there's some reason they cannot? Admittedly, I don't know if my Daxter would disrupt the upbringing you're fashioning for the young stallion - far be it for me to become an issue there. Perhaps there are ways I could help assist in making things more suitable for your training? Not that you have any problems or such - you're FAR too good for that - but maybe I could make the work easier for you somehow?" [ @Hazard Time & @Widdershins, that scene is between the two of you for now - I'll step in when I'm needed. ]
  11. I figured you might get a kick out of this, snekpone buddy:



  12. Spark of Hope

    Thank you. Everyone needs that reminder, every now and again. When I read this, I didn't realize how badly I needed it... and how truly valuable Hope can be. As I said, thank you. *hugs*
  13. Kami-Con is almost over, but it's been a blast!  The kids are in Cosplay Heaven, and my wife's enjoying her vacation. 

    I got to meet Phil Lamarr, and I did improv with Channel Awesome & The Nostalgia Critic... we got LOTS of laughs!

    I should be home tomorrow... and it's a good thing, too; I miss you folks!  :D

    1. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune


      I miss you too, though I hardly know you :P 

    2. Sparklefan1234


      That sounds awesome, My Friend!

      I'm glad you had a good time! :D

    3. The_Gobo


      That's some cool name drops to be hangin' out with XD
      Glad to hear ya had fun :D


  14. Join me and @Duality rp the Salem university one o3o do eeet

  15. Off to Kami-Con today - wish us luck!


    1. Trottermare Gallamane

      Trottermare Gallamane

      Good luck pal ¦)


    2. The_Gobo


      Enjoy yourself! :D


    3. Blitz Boom

      Blitz Boom

      Have fun. :D