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  4. Okay, this is the OOC for The Blackwater Quarry [ https://mlpforums.com/topic/136815-rp-the-blackwater-quarry/ ] The Blackwater Quarry is where ponies work in the emerald mines for their pay each day, kick-mining rocks for fair wages. I'm looking to make it a day-by-day RP of a typical work life in Equestria. There will be plenty of dramatic RP, but I'm certain I can add in some adventure, comedy & romance, if the situation calls for such. I'm rather flexible when it comes to story ideas, so feel free to offer an idea or three - I'm always listening. Anyway, more about the story in general. First, let's read up on the family's history: The Blackwater family has been known for two things throughout the years: Emeralds & BAD attitudes. The Blackwaters have maintained a mine/quarry near the base of the Crystal Mountains for generations; the majority of emeralds in Equestria come from their efforts. The mine sits near a lazy river, which has been blackened with silt from the digging - hence the name Blackwater. Though the work pays well, the family has been known to be greedy, spiteful & self-important, and those ponies who work at the mines have seen this behavior. The family isn't VICIOUS... but lying, cheating, stealing & bullying have been standards of the Blackwater name for as long as ponies have known of emeralds. The Blackwaters will be NPCs, and will be available for interaction from time to time. Shall we meet them? [Art by Vampira Heart] The patriarch & head of the Blackwater family, as well as the head honcho of the Blackwater Mines. Rough, cold & seemingly without a heart, this Earth Pony keeps his employees in line by making certain that everypony gets fair pay - but one mistake in his presence & you're fired. His cuite mark is a pickaxe crossed with a quill pen. Vainglorious & gossipy, Vylia seems too preoccupied with being rich to worry about much else. She's a Pegasus with a passion for profit. Her high-class sensibilities are second only to her capacity for business savvy, and most ponies learn quickly about her slippery ways. Her cutie mark is two necklaces, silver and pearl, looped through each other. The spoiled brat of a foal who is a constant troublemaker. His mother seems to believe he can do no wrong, but he's a nightmare of a youngster, and he KNOWS he can get away with most anything he wants to. The perks of being a rich genius, hmm? He doesn't have his cutie mark yet. The 'black sheep' of the family, which means he's the nice guy. He wants so badly to impress his folks, but he doesn't want to be friendless. He has a good head on his shoulders, but lacks confidence & self-worth. He seems desperate for a friend. His cutie mark is a lump of grey rock, with an emerald sticking out of it. [The Blackwater's portraits by SoulSpeaking] The rest of the crew at Blackwater Mines are as follows: (Picture by Venomous) CHUCK LIST: Gray stallion with black mane and tail - Earth Pony - CM: A scroll with a large check-mark on it Head forepony for Blackwater Mines; the rough and tumble workaholic who takes no guff. (Again, picture by Venomous) KNEE SLAPPER: Purple stallion with blue mane and tail - Unicorn - CM: A purple & blue jester's cap Forepony for Blackwater Mines; a nice fellow, yet an incurable practical joker. (Yet another gem by Venomous) REDD HANDID: Maroon stallion with LONG yellow mane and tail - Unicorn - CM: Twin drama masks, one frown & one smile (the frown is in the foreground) Forepony for Blackwater Mines; the snarky, self-important snob. (Yup - Venomous again.) SILVER STUDS: Light gray mare with orange mane & tail - Unicorn - CM: three silver nails & a silver-headed hammer Head engineer for Blackwater Mines; if anypony can build it, she can. (Venomous did a lot of these for me, y'know? I'm really grateful! Thanks, Ven!) "TAPS": A small dark blue mare with a stark white mane & tail - Pegasus - CM: A steel wagon wheel Pony Express Deliverer / Hauler; the sweet-smiling quarry mailmare. Other than these characters, there will be random workers & staff... and the occasional 'guest' or two. The locations that will be available (to begin with) are: The Quarry (Outside, in the mine, deep mine, barracks, Doc's office & the lunch trailer) - Blackwater Manor (Front porch, kitchen, main hall, pool, study, library & Luther's workshop) - and The Grounds (Inner yard, outer yard, woods, path to town & trolley stop). All I need are players interested in playing their OCs in a work-type environment. I prefer ponies who can write a bit before posting (no "Okay" posts, please). No overpowered ponies allowed, as this isn't about power-playing. Please wait until acceptance before posting. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea. I'm now just rolling through some story by myself, but folks wanting to join are welcome to post here first - I'm pretty flexible, so after I give you the thumbs hooves up, you can post as you please. [PC CAST] Crescent, the bat-pony = cwhip9 Doc Zinger, the staff doctor = Blitz Boom Scarlet Orange, the kitchen assistant = Emerald Bolt Baroness Carnelian, the socialite = Hazard Time Low Key, the Baroness' protege = Hazard Time Clod Hopper, the slow farmpony = Widdershins Dahlia & Ophelia, the fortune tellers = Hazard Time Blitz Boom, the destructive dynamo = Blitz Boom [GUEST STARS] The Flim Flam Brothers (portrayed by JonasDarkmane)