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    Okay, the INTERESTS go here... good to know:

    Music of any kind, though I have a deep love of Classic Rock & Golden Oldies!

    Video games, specifically RPGs and FPSs. If you don't know the acronyms, it's okay - ask, and I'll explain.

    Writing, which I do from time to time; there's a taste of it on my DeviantArt page - but you don't have to read it; I'll still be your friend. }:>

    Cartoons, particularly ones from the 1980's - 1990's, where my childhood took place. I miss Saturday mornings...

    Very random humor: Why is an orange? A bicycle, because a vest has no sleeves. If you get that joke, you're okay by me - if not, it's fine; I got a million of 'em.

    My children, which is always a good thing for a father to have an interest in!

    Discordianism, because five tons of flax. Ask at own risk.

    Conventions, where the geek elite meet to beat feet upon the street & sometimes compete in complete harmony. It's neat!

    RolePlaying - A story that is woven from many different characters (and people) can be an incredibly beautiful tapestry.

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  1. Glad to see the all seeing eye is still movin' around my man

    1. Randimaxis


      Well, one is glad to be of service, kind alcoholic.  *bows humbly*

  2. Randimaxis

    Respond with a meme

    Which makes me think of...
  3. Randimaxis

    Private A Cultural Exchange 1x1 with Randimaxis

    With everything I've seen in Silver's workshop over time, I have NO doubt that there's a lot of potential for calamity here. Dax nodded, moving alongside his friend and trying to keep himself focused on where they were going, instead of the TrUST headquarters around him. I hope I get to see this place again someday - maybe I'll even have something to offer them myself by then! The Blackwater took it all in, fascinated at how the feel and flow of the city seemed streamlined. It was more like they were drifting down a river than walking down a street; Dax felt a bit like an errant leaf, sliding along a lazy creek, headed toward who knew what future. Troy is so incredible... why in the wide, wide world of Equestria would Princess Celestia ever NOT want her ponies to see all this wonder? Outwardly, it was almost as if his head was attached by ball-bearings, the way it swiveled on his neck to catch as much of the scenery as possible. There would be no hiding the fact he was definitely a tourist, yet the honest look of wonder on his face would send all but the hardest hearts into a smile. Dax, head full of childlike wonder, turned and was about to speak to the minotaur, when Illiad beat him to the proverbial punch. Dax put on a grin, but one that was a bit worried, as if he was waiting to see where this... strange encounter... was going. Though it should have been among his first suspicions, Dax had no clue about the nature of this exchange - except that Illiad seemed to know this individual. Dax's face was as honest as his heart; he was stunned at first, then became all smiles as he realized he was about to meet yet another changeling! He'd hoped, when writing his first letters to Illiad, that he might have the chance to meet one... but he had no idea he'd be meeting so many, or that they would all be so varied and charming. He was delighted at the prospect, even if it did intimidate him a bit with the realization of exactly how many folks in Troy might have been changelings underneath. Not that he had any issue with such; it was more like his mind was sort-of playing spy games with itself, "who's the changeling" and so forth. This day alone was worth the entire trip to Dax... and it wasn't even over yet! H-heard of me already!? Wait, why would he have- -... oh. Yeah. That's right... Dax blushed hotly. "An honor? Uhm, heh, I dunno about that - I mean, I'm really not that big of a deal..." He smiled his sheepish grin, but gladly took the extended limb and shook. "... but thank you. It's a pleasure to meet you too!" He looked over at the Empath, his little heart alight with simple joy. "Illiad, who DON'T you know around here? I guess this is sorta how it felt for you at the quarry, hunh?" Turning back to face Mnty, "I've already met a number of changelings, and I've been figuring out that each one's different in their own ways... and with what Illiad said, I get the feeling you're no exception to that. Your legs look quite powerful - is that your specialty? If so, I'll bet you can run pretty fast, right?"
  4. Randimaxis

    Ody's Commissions [Open!]

    *wicked grin* Does that mean you'll do draconequui OCs? Because if you do, I have a DOOZY for ya... one I've already asked other artists to draw, but as of yet, no one has. I'd be quite pleased if you're up for it, and would be more than happy to display it & give you all the credits an' errvyting! The 'Jinx-Thing' or Havoc is the one I'm interested in... and, for the artwork, he doesn't need to be etheral; that was for the RP. Still interested?????
  5. Randimaxis

    Respond with a meme

  6. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

    1. Balareth


      Randi? oh i thought i was fully forgotten... thank you my friend! I want to get back to the site and be active again...

    2. Randimaxis


      We would certainly welcome you.

  7. Randimaxis

    Ody's Commissions [Open!]

    *raises a hand* ... can you do draconequui?
  8. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day to you!

  9. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  10. Randimaxis

    Open [RP] Fallout: Equestria - Balefire Blues

    The small stallion stopped. "Info? Whatcha want dat for?" He stopped himself, closing his eyes and putting on a smirk of infinite amusement. "Nevah mind - fah beyit fer me ta ask questions dat don't need answerin', right? Tell ya wat; if I know it, I'll tell ya... if not, chances are I know someone dat do. 'Course, alla dis depenze on whatcha lookin' for... so, dis info yer aftah? Whatcha lookin' fer, so I can havvit ready byda time ya get back?" Agitated chittering echoed up from the pit, as the young foal gleefully began to make short work of the mutant insect, taking his time by picking off a leg at a time.
  11. Randimaxis

    Word Association

  12. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

    1. Floppy Snow

      Floppy Snow


      Wait, what? :sealed:

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    Ask a McDonald's Employee

    So, just between us... The ice cream machine isn't really ever down, is it? Is it that difficult to run... or are some McDonald's stores just THAT lazy?
  14. That little voice in the back of your mind that sometimes tells you you're worthless, that nobody loves you, and that you aren't worthwhile?

    Yeah.  Screw that asshat; you're worth every second you've ever experienced, and your full worth cannot be measured by anyone nor anything but you.

    Be awesome... or just be you - same difference.

  15. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!