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  1. So... a question, for those who might care?  I wanna do something, writey-wise. 

    Should I do another random blog entry, add another piece to the Blackwater's history... or write another Story Time?

    (I don't have the attention span for anything more complex.)

    1. Caligula


      Hm, what's story time?

    2. Duality


      Story Time sounds fun, but that may just be the esotericity factor. That and the capitalised initial letters.

  2. Hamburglar gave up crime; McDonald's burgers gave him ulcerative colitus and a spastic colon.
  3. 74604685_1469996619834890_4044635419210416128_n.jpg.c07d4c13f2b9af292d78f4f1794c7251.jpg

    1. Woohoo


      Did you read it left-to-right or up-and down? :umad:

    2. Lord Valtasar
    3. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      I feel like we're missing a 4th panel that says either "house" or "floor". :huh:

  4. Tell you little secret, make you wanna jump 'n' shout... when you talk to me in circles, take your foot out of your mouth... it's hard enough to make it when you're livin' on the street and you hate to be a Wiseguy, when your feet are in concrete, oh sleepin' with the dogs... and you wake up with the fleas honey, don't get mad - get even.
  5. i-guess.thumb.png.2bf342538d8191b08452994e9df35ee7.png

    1. Soren Peregrine
    2. Snow


      You watch out there mate :eww:

    3. Randimaxis


      Awwwww... you're just mad 'cuz it's troo.  :derp:

  6. "Gentlemen! Fill me with barbecue sauce, 'cause I'm dumb as Hell!"
  7. Knee lifted an eyebrow. "Hey, yeah? Now there's a pony I wouldn't mind seein' again - he's quite a card, y'know? Like, a king..." "Which makes you the joker, I suppose?" Dax offered, smiling slyly. He was rewarded for his efforts with another mane tousling. "You betcha, kiddo. Thanks heaps, Mystie," he teasingly nicknamed her, "you're a real gem. An emerald, if Dax's glances at you are any measure!" Dax bristled (in good fun), giving an indignant "HEY!" while simultaneously trying not to blush so brightly. "He's going to tease you for this, but you're really cute when you blush." And with that, Dax became *ahem* cuter than ever before. Slapper gave a knowing chuckle, then turned back to glance at Mystic. "You? You're fun... I like you. You're dignified, but not stuffy. Always a good thing." He then leaned almost cartoonishly close over Dax and his grin turned smarmy. "And she's totally right, Daxie me old chestnut... I'll be making sure you don't live ANY of this down." Dax buried his electric red muzzle in his hooves, though he did wear a sheepish grin as he did, and his mood was still light. He was embarrassed, yes... but when it had to do with Mystic, he didn't mind so much, perhaps? "Okay you kids, you two have fun," Slapper said as he waved, turning from them to head off, presumably to either work his shift or gather what he needed for his garden picnic tonight. Dax watched as he left, then turned to his zebra friend with a question. "Did... did Slapper just say he had a date tonight?" He chuckled absently and shook his head. "I guess wonders'll never cease, hunh? Good on him. It'll be weird, though - I don't think I've ever seen him leave the quarry before. Maybe it's someone who works here?" Luther had three stallions - all fine specimens of their kind - and he had his particular thoughts on them all, though rest assured that he had love for all three of them. The eldest, Harcourt, had been brave and tough, Daxter had been intelligent and sensitive, and Oglevy was brash and proud. They were most certainly something in this life that he cherished, even if he wasn't very good at showing it, and brought him pride and quiet joy more often than they realized. However, deep inside, Luther had always wondered what it would have been like to have a little filly. He remained in place for a moment or two, allowing Blitz to embrace the face, as it were. Then, with infinite gentleness, he reached up and carefully unlatched the vice-like grip of Blitz on his muzzle, and set her down on the floor slowly. Once she was there, he regarded her once more - simply taking in the fact of who and what she was, and giving a slight nod, he cast his glance at Silver Studs. "She is your responsibility here; whatever she breaks, YOU will fix." "Absolutely!" Silver almost twittered. "You will feed her if she needs it." "Of course!" "She will stay in your presence." "I... y-yes, I can do that!" "And anything else that needs doing?" Silver smiled broadly. "I'm yer handimare!" Luther nodded shortly, then looked at Blitz. "Under supervision, you will have access to the storeroom, the toolshed and the furnace; you are not to operate any of these without permission or supervision, but you are free to experiment within safety measures and within reason. Keep costs low, and I will have no issues. Thank you for your demonstration - welcome to the Blackwater Quarry, Blitz Boom." With that, he simply turned and walked back toward the path leading from the other mountain the quarry was located on. It was several seconds before Silver grabbed her in a bear hug, squee-ing like mad as she bounced in place. "BlitzitworkedohitworkeditreallydidhewassoimpresseddidyouseeBlitzohitWOOOOOOORKED!" Apparently, she was a little excited, too. Go figure. Taps covered her muzzle and gave a silent giggle at the two of them, enjoying watching the back and forth. She scribbled on her pad again, holding it up for both to see. [No - if anyone is boring, that would be ME! Yup, deliver the mail and packages, same routine routes, same old Pony Express building - nothing but more paperwork and less sanity, some days! But as sisters, you two must have some good things to say about each other, right?] Beck simply gave a snarky grin. "This is why they call it, 'The Grand Dance', Master Key - you shouldn't be so discouraged by the advent of a rival..." He leaned forward slightly, his grin turning mischievous. "... you should find it a challenge to your social skills, hmmm? See it as a test of your abilities, not something to back away from. After all, how will you ever get enough practice at social pretense to become a skilled orator unless you put a hoof into the ring and make an effort to upstage your competition? Even if you only make an attempt or two, it will still count as the first steps along a new path of possibilities, yes?" He stepped back, smiling coolly. "And I do believe Madam Carnelian would enjoy seeing your initiative in this endeavor, eh?"
  8. Randimaxis


    Forward. I am expected to move forward. Regardless of whether or not I can handle it. Regardless of even if I'm going to make it through. Still, the forward momentum is expected. Alone and weary of my Life's lot, I'm apparently to blame for everything that's wrong. Statistically speaking, it can't all be me, right? Still, the forward momentum is expected. People I know are dying faster now. It feels like everything is winding up to fall down. So many faces that I once knew well are gone. Still, the forward momentum is expected. Is this the fate that Life has picked for me? If so, I want to make an executive choice, here; I don't have to take the abuse from anyone. I can move forward without being forced to. As long as I keep moving Forward.
  9. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  10. I don't CARE if he thinks he's a fruit bat - we're not supposed to let him DO that!
  11. I have my eye on you.

    1. Randimaxis


      Arrrrr, that be so?

  12. 75349124_2480091205452212_814777698600615936_n.jpg.48d24ab91bd9c01f2ec99d83f9eb28a0.jpg

    1. Caligula


      Nice, who's the artist?