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    Okay, the INTERESTS go here... good to know:

    Music of any kind, though I have a deep love of Classic Rock & Golden Oldies!

    Video games, specifically RPGs and FPSs. If you don't know the acronyms, it's okay - ask, and I'll explain.

    Writing, which I do from time to time; there's a taste of it on my DeviantArt page - but you don't have to read it; I'll still be your friend. }:>

    Cartoons, particularly ones from the 1980's - 1990's, where my childhood took place. I miss Saturday mornings...

    Very random humor: Why is an orange? A bicycle, because a vest has no sleeves. If you get that joke, you're okay by me - if not, it's fine; I got a million of 'em.

    My wife & children, which is always a good thing for a father & husband to have an interest in!

    Discordianism, because five tons of flax. Ask at own risk.

    Conventions, where the geek elite meet to beat feet upon the street & sometimes compete in complete harmony. It's neat!

    RolePlaying - A story that is woven from many different characters (and people) can be an incredibly beautiful tapestry.

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  1. Randimaxis

    Music Worst album by your favorite artist?

    One of my favorite bands is that classic rock constant known as Aerosmith. To date, they've had a HUGE number of albums, and will be going on FIFTY YEARS worth of work soon. However, there was a point in time between their fall from grace in the early 80's and their triumphant comeback due to Run DMC's 'Walk This Way', where they attempted to make a comeback on their own. It... wasn't what they'd hoped for. The album starts out okay, but sort of flounders in the middle - as if the boys from Boston are trying to find their feet again. Steven's vocals are as good as ever, but the music by comparison sounds as though they were simply cranking out another album, not as if their entire careers depended on its' success. Which, ironically, it did... until the aforementioned collaboration blew the collective musical world's minds. It's a studio album... and sounds like it. Most Aero gems have a quality to them that makes you feel like you're hearing them in a bar somewhere; this album sounds almost like you're in the recording booth with them... and NOT in a good way. It sounds too sterile, too polished, to qualify as an Aerosmith album - especially one from the 80's, where they had a NUMBER of hits from later albums. Some of the tracks aren't bad at all, but the overall package isn't worth full price; find a copy on eBay, if you really wanna complete that collection. As evidence, I shall introduce you to one of the tracks from the album I actually thought was pretty good - interpret as you will.
  2. Randimaxis

    Do you find the above *character* attractive?

    From that particular game? Totally has the Tough Guy thing going for him; I'd say yes. Also, Snake is badass - that right there makes him 20% cooler.
  3. Randimaxis


    Ummmmm. heh heh... errrr... *sweats nervously* Ummmmmm... i-if anyone should see any... *gulp* p-p-parasprites... just act normal. DO NOT spook them! It would be... uhhhh, 'highly reccommended' that we gather up all the parasprites we can find, and list them HERE; that way, we can try to corral the little pains, and escort them all out of the forums at once. ... and I have NO idea how they got here... ... best of luck!
  4. hey

    hey buddy

    don't turn around

    i'm serious

    you might cut yourself on this knife i have here


    let's talk business

    little birdie done told me you have good discord art

    i been looking for good discord art

    that makes this a perfect give-and-take relationship

    if you catch my drift

    now just hand it over

    quickly now

    and my hand doesn't slip


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    2. Randimaxis




      ... I want my binkie.

      *runs home weeping*

    3. Duality



      hey buddy

      don't turn around

      i'm serious

      you might poke yourself on this wilted parsnip i have here


      let's talk business

      i heard you're looking for a binkie

      i done got a binkie

      that makes this a perfect give-and-take relationship

      if you catch my drift

      now i'll just hand it over

      here ya go

      and i'll be on my way






      what can i say

      i may be a market man but i got me a heart

    4. Randimaxis

    *pant, pant*

    ... aaaaa...

    *cough, cough*

    ... aaa.  Aaaa.  A.


    ... okay, I'm done.

    1. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      I was wondering where I misplaced that carnivorous earwig.

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      I don't know what's going on.

      But that was a fun 30 seconds of my life

      Thank you for that



    3. Totally Totally

      Totally Totally

      I'm... so confused now. :sealed:

  6. *goes running past*


  7. *goes running past*


  8. *goes running past*


  9. *goes running past*


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      Shouldn't run like that in these hallways.

  10. *goes running past*


  11. *goes running past*


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  12. *deep breath*


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      Woah there buddy. Don’t kill yourself.

    2. The_Gobo
  13. Based on concept alone, Corner sounds intriguing... in fact, I have a few ideas in mind already... However, first I have to ask the players what they think; I always do. So, whaddya think, folks? Sound like Corner is a winner? Want more background? Questions? Comments? Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream? @MisterRe, if you'd be so kind as to answer their questions, we'll see where we go from here.
  14. Randimaxis

    Star Wars Bronies!

    First, from DragonCon: Then, because adorable: