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    Okay, the INTERESTS go here... good to know:

    Music of any kind, though I have a deep love of Classic Rock & Golden Oldies!

    Video games, specifically RPGs and FPSs. If you don't know the acronyms, it's okay - ask, and I'll explain.

    Writing, which I do from time to time; there's a taste of it on my DeviantArt page - but you don't have to read it; I'll still be your friend. }:>

    Cartoons, particularly ones from the 1980's - 1990's, where my childhood took place. I miss Saturday mornings...

    Very random humor: Why is an orange? A bicycle, because a vest has no sleeves. If you get that joke, you're okay by me - if not, it's fine; I got a million of 'em.

    My wife & children, which is always a good thing for a father & husband to have an interest in!

    Discordianism, because five tons of flax. Ask at own risk.

    Conventions, where the geek elite meet to beat feet upon the street & sometimes compete in complete harmony. It's neat!

    RolePlaying - A story that is woven from many different characters (and people) can be an incredibly beautiful tapestry.

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  1. Randimaxis

    Tenochtitlan Basin vs Crystal Empire

    Ha ha ha HAAAAAA hahahahahahahaaaa!!!!! Of course, did anyone see ANY other outcome than my smashing success? Oh, and I suppose the Doctor had something to do with it... and sulky-shoes... and the sappy one as well. But I have been assured of our victory, due to the number of votes we've received... why, it's nearly no contest! In fact, it wasn't much of a contest to begin with, I mean, Lord of Chaos and all... But regardless, this is just the beginning - YES! Victory shall come swiftly for my allies and I, and we shall represent... repre... rep... ... where am I representing again? AH, YES! The Crystal Empire, that place of shimmering towers and massive egos! The only place full of more self-inflation would be Canterlot itself - soooooooooooooo much hot air, seriously... But THIS is a triumph of major caliber! One in what shall, no doubt, be a long line of victories for our team! And they'll ALL fall before the combined might and right of the BEST team in the entire lineup! We cover magic, science, grimdark and CHAOS!, all in one neat little package! I mean, other teams may have arguably more popularity, but honestly... no other team is as fascinating and potentially interesting, eh? ... oh yes, and, er... no worries; we have every intention of allowing Whooves to care for his cross-eyed companion. I'm chaotic - not cruel. Well, not anymore, anyway.
  2. I'll give it 'til next week - then I'm forging ahead. This will mean HT's characters will simply continue to exist, they'll just be doing background stuff - settling in, eating, wandering around - until their writer has returned. In fact, EVERY character that's showed up here, with one exception [fans know who left], is still wandering the grounds, doing their job until otherwise posted. Naturally, I'd ask that the players steer clear of interacting with them, unless I have been given express permission to do so. *grins at @Blitz Boom* Now... I will attempt to speed this rp up to at least one post a week - more when I find time. I want to start to move things forward, and the biggest setback to that so far (I feel) has been my sporadic posting. If you like, you're ALL welcome to make suggestions as to what day might be best for me to try to set as my 'reply day'; I sometimes work better with a day in mind to accomplish certain things.
  3. Randimaxis

    Command a user to post

    YAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNN... hunh? What? Whaaaaaaat!? OH! Oh, the... the thing... okie dokie... lokie... *rubs sleep-crusted eyes* Uhm... *pokes the button marked 'Annoy @Derplight Sperkle'* There. That's better... *wanders off to catch more shuteye*
  4. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  5. Found this within the Tome of Faces:


    Huzzah - the sugary goodness has been DOUBLED!

    1. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      Quadrupled if the pies are actually real O.O

    2. Randimaxis


      (They ARE!)  :pinkie:

    3. Silver Snow
  6. For the record, I am supposedly directly in the middle of the hurricane's path through Georgia... but we fully expect it to peter out before it gets to us, so no worries.

    If you like, send towels - it will be quite wet, I assume.

    1. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      You're not serious are you? how about safety first?

  7. Skittle-dee-doo, skop-bop-bee-dop-doooo...



    1. TwilySparky


      I like this status update

    2. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow


  8. I found this forum because I didn't have anywhere else to turn. My daughter Margie had been watching ponies for about a month when I first decided to see what the fuss was all about; having been a congoer, I'd seen enough cosplay to warrant curiosity. So, I sat down with her to watch "Keep Calm & Flutter On" with her - my first pony episode - and I was drawn to the characters, the flow of the story as well as the general vibe. So, I went back and binge watched more, mostly with my little one... but more and more on my own as I got into it, and as she'd moved on to FNAF, more or less... But I had a problem: I now had no one to discuss ponies with. There was already a social stigmata associated with Bronies, and even though I had no issue with admitting I watched it, I found that almost everyone else I knew either mocked me for it, or simply didn't care. I had no way of chatting about these adorable equines to anyone, and it felt like I was holding a huge secret that nobody gave a damn about. Ever collected something that was pretty useless to collect, and felt like you could never share said collection? Yeah, it was like that. It didn't occur to me to do any sort of random search for others of a like mind - call it a social brain fart, if you will. I simply plodded along and tried not to annoy anyone too much about it, and for the most part, it was just watching ponies and staying quiet. I'd had a rough time in school for being weird, and didn't want to feel the bootheels of another bully - physically OR verbally, now that I was an adult; I just hid my cutie mark, so to speak. I ended up here from DeviantArt, of all places, because one cute pony pic led to another, which led to another, which led to several websites... which led me here. I was floored at the number of folks here, who all had zero issue with telling ANYONE how much they loved their ponies. They chatted ponies. They debated ponies. They reviewed ponies. They even roleplayed ponies! How in the wide, wide world of Equestria had I ever missed THIS place, I thought to myself as I wandered about, completely blown away at how much pony stuff there really WAS in here. And when I started getting replies from my very first post, I kinda teared up a bit - I felt like I'd finally found a place that would accept me, and where I could just enjoy being a fan without judgement or vitriol. Once again, I thank the entire MLP Forums staff and fellow Ponyites for taking me in and letting me hide in the corner. Excelsior, you wonderful people.
  9. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  10. Randimaxis

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "... I mean, you have to understand that the Gorillaz are a REALLY popular band, and we don't really have any of their music - except what you had on the old computer, but that doesn't count - except that one remix of 19-2000... don't get me wrong, I LOVE 19-2000, but I really, REEEEEEEEEALLY think it would be cool to have, y'know, more of their songs on our computer... because I usually listen to them when I'm in the living room, and when I do stuff in here, it would be great to have some more Gorillaz to listen to... you know, like Dirty Harry, or Clint Eastwood and stuff like those - I've heard a LOT of them, and when I mean a LOT, I mean a WHOLE LOT of them... and that's why I keep wondering why we don't have more Gorillaz on the computer, because you keep going online and getting music for you and Mom and Margie and, well yeah, ME sometimes - but it's been a while since you've done that, or at least where you looked for songs for me, so I would like to formally request that you might, if you want to, find some more music by Gorillaz, because we REALLY should have more Gorillaz music on our computer, Dad... and really, I don't understand WHY we don't have more - I mean, you AND Mom both said you like them... soooooooooo... it would make sense if you were to, y'know, add a little bit to the amount of music in the system that we have here... so I can hear more stuff from them... I mean, I HAVE heard THAT stuff already, but it would be nice to hear something a little bit... I dunno, newer?... when I'm here in the living room... so, if it's okay with you, I was wondering when you might go online looking for music again, so I could ask you to get a few Gorillaz songs..." - Jack M. Grant, age 13 (Yes, it was ALL one big run-on sentence; my boy can TALK.)
  11. Randimaxis

    A to Z of Fictional Characters

    Killer Moth (Teen Titans)
  12. Randimaxis

    Aligning Staff with an Alignment Chart

    I'M INCLUDED IN SHENANIGANS! HUZZAH! (Tres nifty stuff; well done, sir Chao!) Plus, ONLY CHAOTIC NEUTRAL ON DA CHART! *does spastic but enjoyable little dance*
  13. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!