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  1. Redd paused a moment - it was enough for Rasputin to feel that tug of recognition; the faorpony knew of the play, apparently. Interesting, as there was no previous mention of the stallion having any culture to begin with. However, all he said was, "In my world, madam, it's more to the tune of 'every good deed thwarted, every evil act applauded'; still, I appreciate the offer, but keep your bits all the same. Now, if the Silverhoof estate is where you're headed, I can take you that far - though I can't guarantee anything past the front gates. I don't wish to tempt Fate any further than my mere existence seems to do." He began to lead her along, taking care to help her around potholes and breaks in the sidewalk. The face he gave was one of worry and concern; what he said, his voice sounded bored, at best. "I have a sister who's going to be a big star soon... I've come to see the play she's in, where she shall no doubt shine like she deserves to." The worry on his features spoke of volumes more to say.
  2. *Hug*

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      Thank you; it fits perfectly.  {:)

  3. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  4. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

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      Stone Cold Steve Tuna

      And the same to you, good sir! Indubitably!

  5. Hey I was wondering how does project horizons stack against the original story? I got the limited edition leather print of the original and I absolutely love Lil Pip

    1. Randimaxis


      *excited horse noises*

      FoE is a masterpiece; that being said, I feel that PH is a worthy and rightful sequel to it - though I warn you, it IS longer than the original.

      Granted, PH gets a good bit darker than FoE, but that's part of what makes it work - because the heroes fall SO far, yet the end is on such a dramatically grand note... 

      It fits the genre, and it handles the canon really well - including a cameo by Lil' Pip & company!

      Honestly, in my mind, this is the only worthy sequel to such a tale as FoE... but I'd also suggest Pink Eyes, Duck & Cover and ESPECIALLY Murky Number Seven, as they all fit together nicely, and between them, they define the entire FoE world as it should be... a world of ponies that exists in the aftermath of war.

      Because, war... war never changes.


    2. Jedishy


      Ive thought of getting the Stable Tech logo or the AJ Ranger Logo as part of an MLP tat. So now I got another FOE story to read. But man I just got done with the original ( my second read since BronyCon )... not sure if I can step back into the world just yet. There are parts of it that are heartbreaking


    3. Randimaxis


      Oh, Project Horizons goes beyond the levels of FoE; it gets SERIOUS, especially for our heroine...

      But also remember, this is the story that taught me the mantra 'DO BETTER'; I'm still trying to live up to it to this day.

      ... but yeah, preeeeeeetty rough; bring your big boy britches, as they say in the South.

  6. A little bit. I like it. https://www.fimfiction.net/story/457958/obsidian-daughter-of-sombra
  7. Why would eye be of any concern to you, Tibdee?
  8. "Yes, it's... it's nothing, don't worry about it." He continued to shove wet bundles into the broken case, but his muzzle said his mind was elsewhere as he did so. I felt it necessary to write to you as soon as it happened, Redd - and it makes me sick to think of what could happen to her if he succeeds. He glanced over at the mare, giving her a shrewd once-over before simply shrugging and returning to his work. Why someone would do such a ruinous thing to any play is beyond me, but such a masterpiece as Stalliongrad? The NERVE of such! He picked up his favorite vest; it was caked with mud, and had snow-slush dripping from the inner pocket. Ruined, was all he could think. You have GOT to warn Rise about this! I know how much a play like this means to someone with her career right about to spill over the edge into the Big Time... but she won't accept my messages after the falling out we had; she still doesn't deserve this though, even if we're no longer friends. His once-proud fancy cloak - now, not only soaked and slushed, but with the extra gift of a candy wrapper stuck to it. Oh, joy. He'll be the star. You'll know the slug when you see him. And if at all possible, kick him one time for me! He made our troupe look like CLOWNS! He gathered the last of his soiled laundry, and gave another sigh as he realized he'd have to carry it like that. He didn't even pause in his response. "No, ma'am - it's..." he glanced at the broken suitcase full of wet clothing, "... nothing important. Far be it for me to take money from a blind mare, anyhow." Even though that was exactly what his co-workers at the quarry would say about him. There were times he wished he could simply stop the charade and possibly make some friends... however, part of his quest to the quarry in the first place had been to work on his skill at playing the heavy, the antagonist... ... the villain. Ever since he was a foal, Redd had always found the villains in the stories he read to be the most interesting characters in the entire book; he didn't agree with some of their actions, but he could understand why they were led to such things. He GOT what each dastardly deed was all about, and the intrigue and sympathy he'd garnered for those roles had ultimately led to his big moment, when he'd earned his cutie mark... But underneath? He was no heartless and vile villain; he was a stallion with a dream to help his little sister achieve her own dream. A dream that someone was going to try to smash to pieces. And he was NOT going to have THAT, oh no sir. "So, er... do you know of an address I could escort you to, or do you and your guide have a particular place to meet up at if you get separated, or..?" Redd spoke as he led her beneath one of the shop awnings, letting her stand out of the snow.
  9. "And they shouldn't be! I mean, the rest of the hive was a conglomerate of a number of different styles and structures... but this? THIS is a more accurate and pure depiction of Changeling architecture style than anything else I've seen yet..." Dax took it all in, almost to the point of bumping into walls and unseen obstacles; he was simply mesmerized by the sight, almost as if he'd found something to rival his stars. The Blackwater was stunned and in awe of the artificial sun, and he marveled at the sight in silence... but his imagination was running WILD inside his head. The designs alone look more alien to me than anything else - but I like it! It feels more organic, and seems to keep a flow with the rest of the place; at certain angles, I can even look through some of the holes and see clean through to other hallways! This is IMPRESSIVE - and I'll just bet Illiad's dad would love to see something like this for himself! Dax was missing Illiad a bit... it also made this a more personal and unique experience because of it. He hadn't spent much time alone, and much of that had been bad situations: dealing with the slave trader, the accidental meeting with Midget and Illiad's political rival, encountering the darkness inside his friend - but now, there was a good experience with being on his own in Troy, in a Changeling Hive... With her. Dax sighed softly to himself, turning to listen to her speak with genuine interest. He glanced around, then smiled. "It kinda reminds me of my tent, though I do have a few things there, like a desk. It's simple and efficient - just like the rest of the hive." He tested the bed with a hoof. "Uhm, I hope this doesn't sound bad, but... from what I've seen, there are a number of similarities between changelings and... a-and bees. Is that just a coincidence, or is there some connection there?" He was genuinely curious; hives, shells, a queen... he just hoped he hadn't insulted them by comparing them to insects, and would readily apologize if they truly minded the comparison.
  10. @Blitz Boom - @Illiad Easle - @Flow The four entities - Dax, Blitz, Mystic and Bloom - made their way through the graveyard, silent as mice. Yet, all the same, a light fog was blanketing the ground, with Blitz's head being the only thing above the mist. There was a foreboding feeling that filled the area, making things seem and feel a bit... off... The zebra began her ritual and started to draw... From what she was drawing, it seemed as if that's exactly what she was doing. The lines on the page were angry ones; in the drawing, two stallions were snout to snout with each other, and you could almost see the electricity sparking between their eyes as they glared at each other. The one on the left was thick and healthy-looking. He had a short and neat mane, and a small moustache that gave him an almost seedy appearance, and the look on his muzzle was one of seething anger and loathing - openly a look of death at his opponent. In the background behind him was what looked to be The Blackwater Vault itself, though mostly in faded detail. The other was thin but muscular, with a swept-back mane and a nobility about him that spoke volumes of his character. He had a short goatee with a metal bead tied into the end of it, and his return gaze spoke of a cold, staunch resistance, tightly-controlled fury and solemn confidence. Behind him was what looked like a short, squat building with a metal smokestack that sat in the shadow of a larger one which was off-page. The two stallions looked MORE than ready to face off against each other... and subtle shadows behind them both signified that they might not be alone in their personal war. As she drew and Blitz watched, Dax turned to face Bloom. "Please, would you stay here with them? Mystic might be right, but I need to check the quarry too, in case someone's hurt or in trouble. Is that okay with you?" He waited for her approval before he set out; Dax never gave orders - he always asked kindly; it was a part of the reason the staff all knew who he was... and liked him, in most cases. Pansy sighed deeply, then turned to Clod and looked him squarely in the eyes. "Sir... Mister Cragg owns a number of tenement buildings and housing centers; one of them holds my grandmare, who is quite sick and needs my help to afford treatment... not to mention how he owns the apartment my brother and his family live in, as well as being the stallion responsible for paying off all the debts I had gathered in college." She closed her eyes. "I may not care much for him... but I OWE him, and he never misses a chance to let me know it, either." Looking up, she returned her spectacles to her muzzle and began to gather the straps she'd need to secure the crate. "In fact, all of Mister Cragg's employees and associates have some reason they owe him for something - he uses that to exploit us somewhat, yes... but the pay is fair. Not good, like at another quarry I know of... but fair. So, he keeps me underhoof, and I keep things running smoothly for him. It's... an arrangement of convenience..." She then looked at Hopper for a second, then sighed and smiled. "Or you could say, we owe him big time, so he makes us work for him.. Is that better?" Pansy wasn't belittling him; on the contrary, she preferred simple, honest ponies - and was just making sure she wasn't talking over his head. She knew Clod was being duped into something... but she couldn't help but like the earnest stallion; he was someone she could trust not to use her. Unlike her boss... The butler turned and made his way through the Sun Room and out to the balcony. It was a tastefully carved stone and marble decor, with four chairs around a glass table with a parasol in the center, shading it nicely for anyone seated beneath, even at this time of day. There were also a number of wooden chaise loungers that were lined up facing out from the stone guardrail, complete with little tables next to each one. Seated at the table was a minotaur who was taking notes; he was too big to see around, and the butler stopped short of going around him. It was probably safe to assume the one speaking was seated in one of the chaises, directly in front of the massive bulk sitting between them. "And Boris? Honestly, your columns are getting sloppy, dearie - they may be accurate, but they're an eyesore; I much rather prefer them neat and pretty, so I can tell more at a single glance. Sloppy columns just aren't done here, you know." The voice was soft and melodious, yet there was an upper-class lilt to it; this must have been who he was here to see. "Yes, ma'am," the minotaur (Boris?) replied heavily, as if this was just another in a long line of such complaints from his boss. "Good, now off you go - I expect those columns straight before noon tomorrow." The bull's head jerked up to stare at the unseeable mare in front of him. "But... that's three weeks of work, ma'am! And by NOON!?" The voice spoke again... however, it now took on the quality of a tigress' purr... right before a pounce. "Well, if you're not up to the task, dearie... I can always find someone who IS. Understood?" The heavy sigh that escaped the bull said that he understood quite clearly. "I'm on it. Ma'am." He stood up, the chair giving a squeak of relief from the unburdening of it's occupant as he turned and lumbered past Gold and the butler without so much as a single word to either of them, his muzzle being a mask of weary resignation. "Oh! And it seems as if I'm quite popular today... good." And there she was... ... Vylia Blackwater. Her wingspan was impressive as she was currently stretching herself on the chaise she was lying back on, making a slight display of her rather well-toned and shapely figure. The large golden bow on her head shimmered a bit in the setting sunlight, as well as her smooth and styled mane. Her eyes were especially piercing, and although her general appearance was beautiful, she acted aloof and at ease... but those eyes felt as though Gold was looking back at, not the wealthy wife to a gem baron... but a dragon who saw him as a potential precious stone in her horde. "And which contemporary are you, sir? Have you come to speak to me of social climes, regale me with gifts and praise, or possibly make a show of proving your worth as an intern?" Her manner and voice were somewhere between a kitten's purr... and a snake's hiss. Gold would have to be EXTREMELY careful with this one; she was shrewd.
  11. THAT had never happened before. Taps' eyes flew open, and she stared at the stone in shock; she'd never even caught a flicker of anything like this before, nor all the times she'd ever used it in the past - she'd even tested it to make certain it wasn't going to bite her in the flank, covered in enough nullifying artifacts to ensure nothing would happen to her... and nothing had happened. Why was it doing something now? When it started to resist, however... she knew she'd have to run another battery of tests on it; with what it was, and the power levels it had registered at, combined with how very hard Her Majesty Princess Celestia had impressed upon her that this particular artifact was of utmost importance to keep within The Closet... Taps was more than a bit alarmed at what it might possibly mean. During her time as the sole, solitary head of The Closet, Agent Steel Wheels had been a rarity among ponies; she was a pegasus with extensive training with handling magics. Not like weather magic - but actual, real magical power and spellcasting practice. Mostly thanks to items (such as Cappy) which allowed her to use magic, and her dedication to her role being her biggest motivator, she'd cast spells that some unicorns ever only dreamed of being strong enough to cast. But today, she'd experienced something she had never seen before... but she had heard about before. ... One of the following will happen, either the stone will leave through some freak accident or coordinated theft where it is the only thing stolen... or you will find yourself carrying it with you. Should the latter occur you will either find yourself having given it away or you will encounter in full the entity that lies within... That voice had belonged to a powerful entity she'd encountered a little while ago, one she'd made tenative friends with... she hoped. With her history of friendships, it was the closest thing she had to someone who could understand and appreciate what she did. And he had warned her about the Storm Sapphire back then. ... in any of these cases, the new bearer of the balance of Rain and Shine - and by extension the balance of Nature - will have been found... She slowly released her control on the stone, not just breaking contact immediately, but instead a gradual and deliberate release. Magic had taught her before that just letting go of a connection with a spirit of any kind could be a problem - they might assume your weaknesses and attack, or be able to break free of their possible prisons... either way, Taps slowly let go of her control and stepped back, regarding the gem with a new sort of awe. I only have to worry if it starts talking to me, she thought.
  12. Redd was known among his peers at the Blackwater Quarry for being vain, egotistical, snide and shifty. He had a reputation as being a bit of a jerk, and had few friends, if any at all. The workers did as he ordered, as he was a forepony, but not a one of them had ever thought anything more of Redd than the fact he was a self-important creep. Which was all just a part of the act. Redd actually was truly a marvelous method actor; it happened to be his Special Talent. The cutie mark on his flank was of a pair of theatre masks, one smiling and one frowning; the frowning mask was in the forefront. Most ponies, after having seen him at the quarry, generally took it as proof of his nasty attitude, and found it fitting - but it meant so much more than that... It was simply that no one had ever cared enough to find out. His suitcase dumped off his back with the jostle, and as she spoke, Redd simply stared down at the sight: it had come open, and what few bits of clothing he possessed were now spread in the slush and dirt on the sidewalk. He let out a long sigh... then turned to the mare. "Yes, yes, I... there, there." His irritation was obvious on his muzzle, but his voice was soft and precise. "Let's at least get you out of the weather - I'd ask you for a description of your guide, but I don't think it would do me much good, would it?" He took hold of her hoof and placed it on his shoulder. "There - that's me. Just stay right here..." Redd looked down at his filthy clothes and sighed. "I need a moment," he said resignedly, as he began to pick up his belongings and shove them unceremoniously into the broken suitcase.
  13. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  14. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

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  15. I'd wanna see Chernobyl; I've heard it's a HOT destination for tourists. Why is an orange?