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    Okay, the INTERESTS go here... good to know:

    Music of any kind, though I have a deep love of Classic Rock & Golden Oldies!

    Video games, specifically RPGs and FPSs. If you don't know the acronyms, it's okay - ask, and I'll explain.

    Writing, which I do from time to time; there's a taste of it on my DeviantArt page - but you don't have to read it; I'll still be your friend. }:>

    Cartoons, particularly ones from the 1980's - 1990's, where my childhood took place. I miss Saturday mornings...

    Very random humor: Why is an orange? A bicycle, because a vest has no sleeves. If you get that joke, you're okay by me - if not, it's fine; I got a million of 'em.

    My wife & children, which is always a good thing for a father & husband to have an interest in!

    Discordianism, because five tons of flax. Ask at own risk.

    Conventions, where the geek elite meet to beat feet upon the street & sometimes compete in complete harmony. It's neat!

    RolePlaying - A story that is woven from many different characters (and people) can be an incredibly beautiful tapestry.

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  1. When it's El DOORado. Nifty six picks up sticks to fix... or do you ask them to nix?
  2. NOH - BLUUUUUUUE WHAAAAAAALLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! *ahem* Are you... *dramatic music sting* A CABBAGE OR SOMETHING!?!??
  3. *lurklurk* Hoi dare O.O *lurklurk*

    1. Randimaxis



      {*A wild Amorphous appeared!*}

      Hiya,  there!

      {*Randimaxis used Greeting!*}

    2. Amorphis



      (Amorphous used scared face)

    3. Randimaxis


      Awwww... no be skurrde...

      {Randimaxis used Humor!)

      ... here,  have a cupcake!

      (Randimaxis used Pinkie Welcome!)

  4. >POP!< Hiya folks - noticed this sitting here, so I though it miiiiiiiiiight be better received if I pick it up and put it over here, in the Merch section, with the other stuff like it. Okay, carry on! Pay me no mind! ... lurk, lurk, lurk...
  5. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  6. I read over the backstory, and... yeeeeaaaaah, that's still not quite kosher. See, the reason we keep it non-canon for starting characters is to influence the player to go meet their idols/favorites - even the smallest pre-existing connection can lead to claims of "hey, remember me?" or "we met before" popping up on the actual players of those canon characters; they'd be nonplussed & have to work from next to nothing to generate a relationship - even a slight one - and that's hardly fair. You could mention that someone else made the discovery, sure... but not Twilight. Knowing her thirst for knowledge, she'd undoubtedly have at least gone to see the afflicted pony in question, if only to try to see what happened for herself. Pegasus magic... like, what... flying? That's a sort-of ingrained magic, like Earth Ponies and their talent with farming; it's more a basic, static type of magic that sorta comes with the territory, so to speak. If you'll be so kind as to explain what you consider to be 'pegasus magic', and I'll see what answer I can come up with. Fair enough? Well, a thimbleful of water is still WATER - the weather magic that pegasi have mostly pertains to vapor, not direct water - so, unless we're talking about a unicorn casting those spells, I'm afraid you're wandering into the realm of 'as-a-pegasus-I-can't-do-that' world.
  7. Well, my first name is Matthew... but Matt for short. Second is Scot - yes, with ONE 'T', because I was named for my Scottish heritage. And the last one is Grant - like a $50, but far more broke. As for how sexy it is..? *hysterical laughter*
  8. 8/10 Very folksy, which my father was a folk musician, so this is wonderful!
  9. I prefer the term 'Ponyite' instead of 'Brony', but will accept either from someone else in reference to myself.
  10. Open

    "She just... j-just collapsed! I swear, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with her! We'd met, and she looked as though she'd POP, she was so excited! We were in my shed, and she simply tried to look at everything and everywhere at once - it was like she was possessed! Well... not so much as possessed, but more like she was a lit fuse about to catch fire on its' own!" Silver looked worried, and her anxiousness was evident as she paced rapidly, her eyes flicking from the doctor to the filly and back again. "Please... can you do anything for her?" Vylia seemed relieved that she wasn't losing her guest over Luther's words (oh, and she'd have plenty of words for HIM later), and she smiled as brightly as she could manage. "It's an absolutely WON-derful idea! Lots of opportunities to mingle, carouse and show my family what a REAL gathering should be like!" Oglevy's eyes seemed to spark, and his wicked little smile grew wider; somepony was going to experience his 'hospitality', there was not a single doubt in his mind of that. Dax nodded with a plastic smile on his muzzle, yet as soon as he had a chance, he looked to Low Key and passed along a worried, anxious expression. It was obvious that Dax most certainly knew how to behave... yet he had serious misgivings about the rest of his family. Vylia put on her most calm & collected expression and turned to her guest. "Luther... has always been..." she seemed to be trying to find a better word, but when she thought back on how he'd insulted her guest, her own expression fell into a scowl, not unlike her husband, "... a stubborn oaf - he never HAS cared much for the art of Socializing, the big ox!" Dax's eyes bugged a bit at that, while Oglevy gave a slight giggle. "Well, if HE thinks I'm simply going to take that attitude of his when there's actually somepony here to be insulted by such!? HA!" She snapped her head to one side, her luxurious mane whipping to meet her shoulder as she fixed Carnelian with a determined look. "You will most certainly have your soiree, Viscountess - and Luther will simply have to DEAL WITH IT." The look on Dax's face said he was quite afraid that his father most certainly would.
  11. Eeyup. *tips hat* Hiya, there!
  12. Nebula
  13. Black
  14. Canals