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  1. Mega Thread

    Pretty good im having my close to midnight snack not to be confused with my midnight snack, i really do wonder how im still so skinny. Most likely unicorn magic...
  2. General

    Twilight = Best Applejack = AppleSauce Fluttershy = Fluttershee Pinkie Pie = Cupcakes Rarity = DrEsSeS Rainbow Dash = Ship
  3. Food

    Scrambled eggs and ketchup, i dont use much ketchup but when i do its on eggs, its really good i'm not weird!
  4. A food review show. I could literally get paid to eat, Who wouldn't want that!
  5. Destruction of property, you went on a rampage after not getting ypur bacon.
  6. When you hear this but think of this
  7. You see me soaring through the sky I see you below as you walk on by I could clear the sky in 10 second flat How about that (How about that) I could be sitting here on a cloud Watching the sun as it starts to go down the only thing missing is you by my side Give me a smidge of confidence give me a speck of something that makes sense give me an idea of dependency give me a dash of loyalty (Loyalty)
  8. Coughing my lungs out, Doctor said it was most likely viral so because i feel like crap from coughing 24/7 and because it would be disrupting and i could get other people sick, I did everyone a favor and decided to stay home do some work, and get some rest.
  9. Young: Well... Just thinking about my age Old: Uh... Nothing, oh wait the fact that i've spent most likely a year or two just on my computer... Yea, sure i'll go with that How do they not know them? I mean gosh how do you not know Jackie Chan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger!?
  10. General

    @ShadowDash13 First friend on the forum @WiiGuy2014 Cool guy, also part of best ship @Arid_Blitz Has the spicy memes So all in all i have this for you guys
  11. Someone who doesnt live on the internet, how else will they understand so many memes and pop culture references!
  12. Kill, you're scary so...
  13. Near
  14. Peer