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  1. Tisk Tisk Tisk, not today *Poke* @Duality You're a name i can think of off the top of my head
  2. Music

    Someone has good taste 5 mins later *notices how many sad songs i have* 10 mins after that Uhhh, Holy crap do i even have an optimistic message in a song all of them are just bittersweet messages... Meh i'll just settle with this
  3. Fire, cause i just got roasted 1. That's a really odd question it just follows the same path of the rest of the roof. 2. God Dangit Duality let me count! 10, there's ten... 3. I could answer that if i wasn't always in the closet 4. Idk exactly but i say my win to lose ratio is about 3-1 but i was the best at my elementary school to bad my school doesn't have chess club...
  4. 18, really short 0 0, I don't think much on break 0, it just sends me to that one chrome screen that shows websites i constantly visit
  5. My oc has gone through 3 phases 1 looked completely different and was red with blue hair, oh yea not to mention they had a mares chin and wings... I deleted that monster off my computer later i created one that was close to my current one except they had neon yellow zebra strikes but now they're a unicorn and not a pegasus and now to my current one that's no stripes, a less blinding yellow and i think i added the white dots on his face at this phase... You know what i'm going to comment on this me recreating what my first phase looked like prepare to jump out your nearest window!

  6. Request Shop

    Name : Denshi Expression : PlayfulGender : Stallion I really like your art style, I couldn't pass up the chance
  7. 1. I live efficiently... 2. 3000, I do have a ton so that would most likely soak up a lot of it. 3. 25 4. Why would I tell you? You're just gonna steal it
  8. Why Worry- Set It Off R
  9. About to faint, maybe with the tv on or radio, Also i have a very odd thing about sleeping on the carpet, even if there is a couch next to me.
  10. Mega Thread

    Thinking of all the past close internet friends i've had that i've now lost touch with mostly because i've been listening to this Set It Off song But it's just a painful thought that so many people that i meet online i will never even be able to talk to face to face, I don't know why but i've been thinking about mostly sad things these past few days.
  11. Because many people don't look at themselves and say wow, i look good it's just something weird with people (including myself) we think bad about ourselves.
  12. Like 1, 2, 3... I think i'm going to be counting for a while
  13. 1. Weekdays 11pm-1am Weekends 12m-4am 2. On Weekdays it's around 7am Weekends... 12n 3. I saw this one that looked like a tablet with a stand 4. My uncle... We don't talk about him... K?
  14. General

    My friends? I mean i'd most likely not be here, if i didn't have friends, They're what made me think twice, alright maybe 5 times going back and forth... But i don't understand how introverts live their lives!