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  1. We humans recieved a lot over the time. We got the dominating species on the planet and most of us now have pretty high live standards.

    And yet there are so many... subjects... who are just silly enough to through away the most important resource we humans have: our ability to work in social structures and to comunicate to achieve things as a collective. Those who try to build upon hate, who are mean or egoistic and who prefer letting thousands of people die instead of giving up at least a little bit of their living standard...

    Yet there are wars, hunger crises, environmental problems and poverty...

    and all that while they say that they are "able to be sooo social" and "to comunicate" and "work together, as a big community"... It would be the best for all of us if the humanity would finally start to do all that instead of celebrating themselves for something that they aren't competent enough to do.

    Just think about where we would be nowadays if we would have worked together as a huge community of (more or less) high-intelligent creatures... perhaps we wouldn't even depend on the earth and natural forces any more... we would be a strong community, living together in harmony with each other and with other earthly life forms... but instead so many humans prefer to life an egoistic life and don't think about the future.

    I could just continue to list examples for the stupidity and curiosity of many humans... but I think that isn't worth it... and it's also pretty unnecessary to rage at all that...


    It's just that sometimes when I think about humanity and then I come back from my "spiritual journeys" through the world of my thoughts and realize again, that I'm one of these humans, I'm really in danger getting depressed or just [censored]....... okay, sorry.

    And I'm just wondering what's wrong with our brains...

    I mean every single action we do in our life is controlled by our brain. If we have to decide something, our biological processor calculates the what answer would be the best. Often this strange chemical reaction we call "emotions" influences this calculatin process, too. And after a while our brain comes to a conclution, which we call a "decision". I guess most (or at least some) of you know that the freedom of choice is just an illusion.

    So why do our brains force us to be that way? Why can't we just be nice to each other and help out everyone in need? Why are we meant to be selfish, stupid, blind, weak and still such self-regarding creatures?

    I don't suppose that anyone of you can answer all that questions. I think nobody can. But I just wanted to share these thoughts, because they're preoccupying me for quite a while now...

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    2. Widdershins


      Dark? Annoy? Honey, I'm enjoying this! This might be one of my favorite moments on these forums!

        But I'll begin now!

        True Hatred doesn't exist. You hate what you think of them, not them.

      What you bring up is a twofold problem.

       " But do we even talk about the posibility to build such a greenhouse?"  Ah, yes, but why don't you? What's stopping you two from doing so? What harm is there in just simply knocking on their door, greeting them and noting how you've seen them build a few things around their place & maybe they'd like to spend some time working together, maybe cooperate on raising some produce, breaking down that fence and having a joint greenhouse together?

         That first issue is Ignorance, which is a healthy thing. You can't know & fully assess every outcome & consequence. If you do, you break down. I've been fostering a little bit of agoraphobia, haven't left my house in a week now, I think. But the trouble there is that even Indecision is still a choice. If I sit here and assume every step I have to take to accomplish a goal, what every possible permutation that may come from simply just engaging in conversation with some random bystander on the street...I'll just shut down mentally from fear of sheer scope. A biological mind can only encompass so much. Case in point...

         Linkara once reviewed a comic book that got its head a bit too far up its own... well, you get the idea. It started preaching what it thought was evolution and went off on a tangent about how sad it was that even molecules had to be broken up & essentially die for you to eat & live & evolve. Is that sappy, misguided & stupid? Sure! But that doesn't make it any less a valid point. If you sat there to think that something else has to be destroyed to further your existence...

        Let's go the other direction too! Ask any smoker! Sure, most would say that it deteriorates their health and they're fully aware of that... but it makes them feel better. Sure, if they could stop it'd undoubtedly solve a good many of their issues but the alternative is not being able to feel happy in the here & now.

         College tells us to plan for our futures, but plan as much as we can, we can never tell. Say you spent a decade and a half being the best ever at one job... but when you finally get there, maybe the boss is too demanding or there's just that one aspect of it that makes it intolerable. The future never does come; we only try to be happy in the present.

        Is it ignorant to the point of viciousness to just toss your fast food debris out your car window and assume some grocer clerk will take care of it? Sure, but if the alternative is in curbing yourself so much that you live in fear of our consequences... if it hurts to be considerate...

         So too, in equal parts to Ignorance is that Individualism you brought up. Think scientists have pointed that out somewheres, that it is in human nature to segregate. To think that we belong to "This" group and everything else is strange & discomforting. How many churches do we have who only difference is only minor changes in facts or beliefs? It is in human nature to not only fear the unknown but to go out of your way to have something you don't know just so you can draw a line between it & where you stand so you can know what is real, "you" and what you want to protect. Does anyone ever walk up to one of those panhandlers or bums on the street, give them a hug & go off to treat them to a nice, warm meal? No, because we have to live in our little bubbles of comfort zones, take care of ourselves first.

         It's what any animal would do.

      Is that short-sighted & mean? Probably. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. It's very hard to get to that point of fully caring for others. Through that Ignorance & Uncaring is a sort of thread that connects us all, makes us all one big family and that is something that warms my heart. We may not seem to use that potential all the time, but that doesn't mean that it isn't there.

        Hope Never Dies.

    3. Little Snowdrop

      Little Snowdrop

      Well, actually I have never seen it that way... it's quite normal for me to think about at least as much consequences as possible to calculate what decision might be the best... but I never saw that this might be kind of dangerous or even impossible for others. So you think ignorance is natural? And that our potentials are only relevant for some... particular situations? Well, I think that the calculating speed or capacity aren't made for handeling such a big amount of conspecifics and information explosion as we have in our society.

      Maybe we became too successfull to handle our own power... maybe we're never really meant to be the way we are today... I mean sure, most animals would just live in the here and now and don't think about any consequences of their actions. But the thing is that these animals depend on environmental conditions, while humans mostly influence these conditions. Animals don't so their actions don't influence the environment, even if they just do something without thinking about it. But most human actions do so. Now the problem is, that when it's normal for us to ignore things, we also ignore this fact and also the consequences of our doings. We are just too powerfull for ourselves...

      But as you said, there is hope... I think the human population will decrease one day. And I hope that humans will start to recognize that they actually have the potential to reach much bigger things than making war or building upon hate and discord.

      (I just tried to make an unfunny Discord-joke here, but it seems that I can't copy&paste any pictures in a status update...)

      But well, we'll just see what the future will bring... we can't change our nature anyway.

    4. Widdershins


       Well, certainly would say that ignorance is natural if frequency has taught us anything. After all, the easiest route is to not concern yourself with things, right?

        That's something I frequently find myself pondering. That back in the ancient days, we had the upper hand (or thumbs! Hah! Evolution joke!) when we could think around things, when we needed to be ever-alert for any rustling bush that could be a predator or to be able to think on our toes to plan an escape route ahead of time. But present society doesn't need us to be able to fight in our Fight & Flight Response. We can't wrestle our boss down on the big project or crudely sharpen our own tools when the office supplies any & everything we need for the niche we're filling.

         Like any tool, Intelligence alone can't fit every situation. Take these Transformers movies that're coming out. They're still making money, despite seemingly everyone saying they hate it and even the maker, Michael Bay, coming straight out and saying that he's already contracted into pushing out more movies of the same ilk and audience just have to sit there and take it regardless of what they think. Stupidity isn't just an absence of intelligence, sometimes its just a rut we're stuck into.

         I think full potential has to do with being fully aware & accepting of what you are, for ill or for good. Perhaps Humankind has gone too far the opposite direction and has started denying its animal origins. You can't explore if you only ever see one road on the map.

        It's natural to not be fully cognizant of everything. Sometimes ya gotta blank out on some things just to do your job better. Like, you can't aspire to be the best thinker ever and turn into some big machine or something, right?


        Oh, and you totally can put pictures in here! Though you have to save your picture to put it in here... what I tend to use is uhh....   ... I think is it's name.

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