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  1. I guess you all forgot me already, but for those who didn't: Hereby I officially quit this forum, since I really don't have any time for... literally ANYTHING at the time.

    Besides, I learned to deal with our cruel world and reality much better the past few month and years, so one of the main aspects why I started watching this show in the first place is now gone... so... guess I proved the "proverb" "Once a Brony, forever a Brony" wrong at some point :P

    I just didn't want to left you all behind unknowing and unaware, so I just decided to write this goodbye-update :D

    (Won't) see you,


    1. Widdershins


      No you didn't. We're just one option among many, We'll always be here, if but ever-shifting in what you choose to interact with, but it still is you that's grabbing the handle on the door to close. 

       I find the notion silly that you can just "grow out of" something. Staying with something comes with finding new ways to have it be new to you. If you don't have the time, that's alright & understandable.


    2. The_Gobo


      Sorry to hear you have such a massively negative opinion, but I hope ya have fun while you're gone o3o

  2. Happy Yay Day! It's a day where we compliment all those we meet and care about!

     Well, your certainly more intelligent then I am! In a book larnin' sorta way! I do treasure the time we've spent working over ideas! Hope you have been faring well!

  3. I just want to let you know that I'll quit this RP for the next few weeks... I just don't have enough time to write texts long enough for a RP right now. Besides, I couldn't really find any motivation the last few weeks... I guess I just need some time and wait 'till I get more time and motivation again.
  4. Little Snowdrop

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom Floating Matter and Steampunk Gear got closer to the two strangers. The older one asked them if they were from Vision Village instantly, and Floating nodded. As Molotov introduced himself and Blitz, Steampunk watched the little filly who seemed to be pretty excited about everything around. She kinda reminded him of himself when he was younger; always wanting to explore everything. "From Center Zero, huh?", asked Steampunk as Molotov finnished. "Well, everypony from there is always welcome to our lil village. Nice to meet you, my name's Steampunk Gear and this lovely mare over here is Floating Matter." Floating waved down to Molotov and Blitz. "If you want, we can carry you two there. But, just 'cause I'm curious, what exactly do you want in Vision Village? You know, we didn't get any visitors from Center Zero since I live ..." Floating pondered a bit, then she asked: "I hope there's nothing wrong with the communication system, is there?". The last error in the system has taken days to fix and an important research project in cooperation with Center Zero has been delayed. The system was essential for the collaboration with Center Zero, since it was the only way to transmit data over the long distance fast enough. While waiting for Molotov's report, Floating and Steampunk made place for the two ponies to join them on their vehicle, assuming they would take the offering.
  5. Sry, I thought you meant that they were on the way towards the village, but not yet there... D: Well, that's a great idea... maybe they can cooperate with each other and exchange informations about their research projects and results or something like that... I think that a rival sort of way wouldn't make much sence, since Molotov wouldn't come to Vision Village (I actually like this name ) then, would he? They also could use some communication technology a few scientists of the two towns could habe invented... I think there is indeed some potential! Well, back to the "spot issue": I have seen a RP forum where at the beginning of every post they write down a short mark where they begin their post (or where their last one ended), and at the end of it they write down the name (or a little description) of the place where the scene ends. Maybe that could be helpfull to avoid such problems in the future...
  6. Little Snowdrop

    Mega Thread How famous is the user above you?

  7. Has anyone here a suggestion how to name a village full of scientists who want to find out how the world and especially magic works? 'Cause I still need a name for the village Steampunk Gear and Floating Matter live in...
  8. Little Snowdrop

    Open Casual stroll

    @Blitz Boom "Here." Floatin Matter, a light gray pegasus with dark purple hair trotted in a big garage carrying a tablet with some sandwiches and a glass of water with her. Her magenta eyes looked around as she putted the tablet on a little side table. "I'm going to go to Gravity Wave to discuss the results of our last research now. I'll be back around sunset, I'm sure you'll be finnished until then", she sayed to Steampunk Gear, a tall orange pony with a quite messy brown mane and a short, bushy tail, who was lying under a pretty big mechanic coach tinkering around with a few gears and pipes. His orange-yellow wings who clearly don't fit in with the rest of his body are covered with gears and other metallic parts. The scarred tissue around the coracoid seperates the orange fur and the lighter feathers. "Okay!" he replied concisely. "Come on honey, I want to say goodbye to you, not to your wingtips." The orange earth pony creeped out from under the device. His eyes, the right one totally grean, the other one with a tough of yellow, looked up to Floatings smiling face. "I'm almost finnished. We can test it when you're back... that's gonna be sooo great!" Steampunk told her enormously excited. "I'm already looking forward it", Floating replied. "See you later then!" "Goodbye!", Steampunk answered after standing up and giving Floating a long goodbye hug. It was already past sunset when Floating Matter returned home. Assuming that Steampunk would already await her, she walked directly into the garage. The tablet still stood on the site table, with an empty plate and glass on it. Steampunk was putting some tools on a rack as he noticed Floating. "Hey there! Perfect timing! I finnished the engine just now" he said. Floating walked towards the modified coach a bit unsurely while Steampunk opened the garage gate. "And... you're sure you didn't forget anything?" "Of cource I am. Just don't worry, this will be great!" Steampunk drove the device out of the garage and closed the garage gate again. Meanwhile Floating took a seat on the vehicle and waited for Steampunk to start the familiar steam engine and drove out of the village. It was the new engine Steampunk just installed on the vehicle that kinda frightened Floating. "And you're REALLY sure that this engine is save, right?" "Haha, just calm down, honey. I double-checked everything! Just relax, you'll love it, trust me!" As they were outside of the village, Steampunk turned off the steam engine and switched to the new gas engine, that could be fueled with an strange, explosive fluid that Burning Oil, a chemist and friend of Floating and Steampunk, just devised by seperating the oil the town ponies found in several components. The vehicle did a jolt forward, then stood still for the half of a second, before it suddenly quickened with a series of loud bangs. "Now we're getting started! We'll be even faster than the wonderbolts! This is going to be so amazing!" "Wheeeeeeeee!" "AAAAAAAAHH!" The vehicle dashed across the flat landscape. Steampunk really had his fun, while Floating was still worried. "We totally gonna crash into a tree! Care for the knoll over there! Oh why did I agreed to come with you?" "Hey, don't worry! Just relax and enjoy the airstream blowing through your mane... oh, I never experienced something that beautiful before!" "Uhm... wait, what is that over there?" The vehicle got slower and slower and finally stopped moving. Floating and Steampunk suddenly were verry quiet and watched two strangers walking along in the distance. There were several trees around them, and since the probably elder one was distracted by the younger, littler one, they hadn't noticed Floating and Steampunk yet. "You know, there are only two possible reasons why anyone could walk along this area. Either they lost the track and wander around this place aimless, or they're traveling towards our town." "Right. So either they need help to get back on track or they could need someone who carries them to the village." "Exactly. I say we should ask them if they need any help or something. But Steampunk, don't use the gas engine!" "Haha, okay okay, if you really hate it so much..." Steampunk switched back to the steam engine and the vehicle slowly drove towards the two strangers.
  9. Man, this is so true...

  10. Yeah, I think I could indeed need a little introduction Well, I guess it would be pretty interesting to let Blitz and Molotov meat Floating and Steampunk. And since Steampunk is interested in mechanical stuff and travels around alot anyway, it could be imaginable that he wants to travel to Centre Zero or something... Okay, since I've never done a RP like that before (most RPs I've done before were a bit... different...), I would be happy to take the long and easy way Maybe I could start from the village Steampunk Gear and Floating Matter live and take a travel to Ponyville later or something like that... maybe it's better for me to take some time to just start to feel and think like them instead of only play them anyway. So if you have an idea how Steampunk and Floating could meat up with Blitz and Molotov, I'll just go along with it Thanks for welcoming me in the RP , Snow.
  11. That moment when you try to write something and have no idea HOW to write it and then you just sit in front of your computer staring at a not finnished sentence while you think about everything but not about what you originally wanted to write...

    1. Widdershins



        Not religiously following them, like Twilight does, but everytime a worry or somesuch pops into you head about "gosh, I should do that at some point..." write it down, and just tell yourself to go to that whenever you feel like you need to do something! That's a practice I'm trying to follow! That way, when those thoughts are getting you disorganized later on, you can immediately know their unproductive if their either already on there, or you can't just hurridly jot it down & get back to what you were doing!

    2. Little Snowdrop

      Little Snowdrop

      Well, that wasn't exactly what I meant... it's just that I sometimes think to hard about how to write a sentence, instead of just writing it somehow. And while I still try to think about how to write it, my mind already thinks about what to write in the next sentence or paragraph for example. It's the same with precessing a list (I do them, too, another similarity between us :P): I can't execute one point of it without thinking about the other points or the next list at the same time. It's just that my brain kinda works like a multicore-processor, always busy with several thoughts and tasks, but that's not always helping...

      processing* (wish there was an edit function for status updates)

  12. Uhm... after I (finally .-.) finnished my OCs, I'd also like to join this RP... This should be all, right? Just tell me if anything's missing...
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    Floating Matter
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