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  1. Yeah, there something strange going on with the opt-in ads, and it started happening with the v4 upgrade, as @Rikifive says. Since they seem to work when you're not logged in, but disappear when you do, I was originally thinking it had something to do with the permission setups. But I couldn't find any permission setup that would trigger that when I was an Admin. I'm left thinking there's something wonky in the page templates, where the code is supposed to check the opt-in flag and is pulling the wrong variable or something similar.
  2. I'm a long-haul kinda fan, so I don't see me truly leaving. There's just less for me to talk about at the moment. :)
  3. He is alive! :crackle:

    Long time no seen, how are you?

    1. Fhaolan


      Not that great, really. We had a loss at the farm today, and we're still in the grieving stage. Everything has it's time, we just wish it was longer.

      How're you doing?

    2. Kujamih


      Well thats gonna be hard to reply:okiedokieloki:....how you gonna pull this one off @Bas


    3. You


      Uff, not great to hear. My...grandma got into nursing home last month. I am actually expecting her not to make it any longer - albeit I already do so for quite some years, honestly.

      I usually suggest, as hard as this might sound, but without ill intend, acceptance, but that also requires time.

      And this is something I am actually afraid of, honestly: That I grow too much into the acceptance of people are dying eventually, that I stop caring about it somewhen.

      For me? Not too much has changed in the last months, covid aside. And getting my usual self-revelations which you can read about in my blog.

      Covid stops me from some freetime activities, such as magic cards or board game evenings, though, and also from improving on some of my social skills, or being able to do stuff related to that, as in terms of training.

  4. Yeah, that's not far off. It was very much a standard 80's kids show, set in a standard cartoon version of the 80's. There were a couple of moral lessons that were very much 'of the time' as well, that wouldn't fly now-a-days. A few 'girls *have* to have boyfriends to be complete' and the like that is a bit jarring now.
  5. Okay, as I see it you've got two choices: 1) the complicated but probably 'right' way by creating a UV map for the eyeball. First, put the Texture Coordinate node in with the UV output connected to the vector input of the Image node. Yeah, the eye will turn all black, we're not done by a longshot. Now, enter the edit mode on the eyeball, Select All (A) to make sure you've got all the vertexes, and then under the UV menu pick 'Sphere Projection'. If we're lucky, because the eyeball is at least vaguely spherical, that will get you the UV. You'll then need to open the UV editor window (I've got it open in the image below. The spiderweb mess is the UV map. I do my eyes in a completely different, ridiculously complicated way that I regret but haven't fixed, so it's not showing an image under the spiderweb. Again, if we're lucky you'll see the pupil image under the web. With the UV editor window active, you should be able to hit G and move that spiderweb around as a big unit, which will change where the pupil shows up on the eyeball. There's a lot of 'hopefully's and 'if we're lucky's in this, because I'm still getting used to this new interface myself and it's easy to get lost and find your way into a deep pit of confusion. 2) the 'if you have a hammer, everything can be a nail' approach. Add a Texture Coordinate node in like above, but instead connect the Object output of that to a Mapping Node, and the output of *that* to the vector input of the Image node: Then futz with the various settings of the mapping node to move the pupil about. You kinda have to brute force it at this point.
  6. Is it just a pupil, or the iris and sclera as well as all one .png? What you need, is likely UV mapping. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UV_mapping) You've already figured out basic shaders according to your post, and so I'll skip to that. I'm not sure where the SFM model 'landed' when you imported, or what state it's in. So we're gonna need some information. The material nodes for the eyeball... does it have an Image Node with the pupil .png loaded into it? Is the vector of the Image Node connected to a Texture Coordinate node? If it is, is it connected to the UV output, Object output, or Generated output? Basically, the 'vector' input on a node sets up the direction of the shader, where it sits on the mesh. You want a Texture Coordinate node to tell the shader what the direction is. For images, the most useful Coordinate (though possibly the most complicated) is the UV mapping. But this depends on the eyeball object having the UV 'unwrapped', and I need to know if the import of the SFM model actually retained that, or if it just scrapped it and is locating the image 'raw' without any vectoring.
  7. Yes, I personally know several people who have been officially diagnosed with it.
  8. Alright, let's get serious then: My Favorite Martian Here Come the Brides Time Tunnel Kolchak: The Night Stalker The Secrets of Isis Man from Atlantis The Magician Sigmund and the Sea Monsters Electra Woman and Dyna Girl Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space Fangface Inch High, Private Eye
  9. Not really a fair question for me, as most of my life was before most of you were born. So I'm going to have a store of TV shows in my memory that were 'off the air' before you had a chance to be aware of them. There was a whole slew of live-action Saturday morning shows by Sid and Marty Kroft that blur into one another... possibly deliberately, it was that kind of thing. H.R. Puffenstuff, Hatsville, Dr. Shrinker, etc. And then there's the problem or remembering what the heck some of them were called. I have vague memories of one in the 70's, maybe early 80's where two brothers sold their souls to the devil to become Rock stars... done as a situation comedy. But they only broadcast one or two espisodes of the stupid thing, and I've completely lost it's name.
  10. Not saying this isn't a good idea, but here's some history. When I was staff on this site, there wasn't much call for a specific Toy Collecting section because at the time there were a number of sites dedicated to that and there (what I felt) was surprisingly little cross-over between users on this site and users on those other sites. The toy collecting side of MLP fandom in many cases were adamant that they weren't Bronies/Pegasisters at all, because the majority were dealing purely with the toys, not the cartoons, and especially not the G4 cartoon. The G4 toys were, in many cases, considered inferior in design, materials, and construction, and weren't considered 'collectable' by a lot of people at that time. This site really pushed that it was a Brony/Pegasister site, and in general didn't really deal well with pre-G4 stuff. There were a *lot* of posts about how horrible the pre-G4 cartoons were, how stupid people were for liking that kind of thing, and roving bands of users would regularly shout down anyone wanting to talk about the original cartoons and specials. It was a struggle to even get a 'Classic Generations' subforum at all, as there was some very strident resistance to anything pre-G4 appearing on the site from both the users and a chunk of the senior staff. Even when it was finally put in place after those senior staff were no longer calling the shots, we had to put special moderation rules on that subforum just to police all the pre-G4 hate that was spewing at the few pre-G4 fans left on the site. And given the collectors being mostly pre-G4 that meant they got lumped in with the few pre-G4 animation fans. so beyond a few individuals the toy collectors were no longer interested in dealing with this site. They had their own sites, many of them specialized in toy collecting with tools like checklists, release history wikis, and the like that were much friendlier to collectors than we were.
  11. Hasbro recently (December) bought eOne, a TV/Film production/distribution company, and announced they're going to consolidate all their media stuff under eOne. Given how long these types of deals take to become official, it's very likely they put the YouTube release schedule on hold as management completely re-arranges itself... and hopefully someone, somewhere remembers that they left their YouTube channel hanging...
  12. There's an additional factor here. Hasbro bought eOne (a TV and film production and distribution company) in December and announced that it's going to be consolidating all their media stuff under eOne's umbrella. This is likely throwing a curveball into all current and future MLP animation plans. They're not an animation studio, but anything that hasn't released yet is likely being messed with at the management level.
  13. Quote

    Rich text should mean that it preserves all the formatting, fonts, and links that were in the original. That's kinda been the standard on the internet for a long time for forums like this one.

    I still remember all those phpBB2/3 forums that couldn't take it. :blink:

    That aside, I don't think I know any free forums software that can handle it, WP can, though.

  14. Rich text should mean that it preserves all the formatting, fonts, and links that were in the original. That's kinda been the standard on the internet for a long time for forums like this one.
  15. Huh. Just noticed that Sunset Shimmer and the animated Starfire could do easy cosplays of each other. Similar skin tones, hair colors, eyes, etc. I wonder if there's an Equestria Girl-equivalent spinoff of Pretty Pretty Pegasus.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      I think Raven & Twilight Sparkle would get along well. :twi: