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  1. Moving as this is more a show discussion-type topic. It's unlikely that Starlight will be alicorinated any time soon. The whole reason Starlight was added to the regular cast was to fill the story-niche that Twilight left empty when she was alicorinated. Unless it's a dictate from Hasbro, the writers would be rather silly to put themselves in that corner again.
  2. ... lurk, lurk, lurk... *leaves you a copy of 'Shoot Low Boys, They're Riding Shetland Ponies' by Lewis Grizzard* ... lurk, lurk, lurk...

  3. General Questions

    Normally that's not something we can help with, but given the nature of the actual problem send a support ticket to and we'll send it on to someone who *might* be able to help.
  4. Moving this to 'Merchandise', as that seems more appropriate, I think. As for getting plushies, it depends on where you are. In my area some Safeway grocery stores have small TY/Beanie Baby MLP plushies in a rotating rack mixed in with other Beanie Babies. And Rite Aid drug stores, for that matter. The Rite Aid even has a broader selection as the Safeway's tend to only have the Mane6, while the Rite Aid also has Celestia, Luna, and Cadance.
  5. Maybe? I think I've done it. Kinda odd, as they weren't showing up for me in the first place, so I'm not entirely sure what I did actually helped or not.
  6. I dare you to find documentation for this feature on Invision Power Board's site, because it keeps bringing you back to their own Leaderboard on their forums. As @Jeric said, it seems to be constantly recalculated along with all the other statistics as part of the search indexing. In addition, if you have any content hidden, it seems to get recalculated as well. So if you had a post that was part of a thread that got removed, it will likely drop now, where it wouldn't have under the old IP.B 3 software. That and it really needs to stop announcing winners on days that haven't finished yet.
  7. The animals were called 'buffalo' in the US over a hundred years before they were renamed 'bison' to keep them distinct from the African/Asian buffalo. There's a reason there's a score of places in the States called 'Buffalo', but none that I know of named 'Bison'. There's a lot of animals in North America that got named 'wrong' because the people naming things didn't know or didn't care about 'proper' taxonomy. The American Robin, for example, is actually part of the thrush family while the European Robin is a flycatcher. The American Buzzard is part of the condor family, while the European Buzzard is a large family of birds closely related to eagles and hawks. Both are also called Vultures as well.
  8. The two franchises have crossed over in pretty much every other media. The various comic series by different publishers had explicit crossovers, the old Transformers cartoon had elderly or descendants of G.I. Joe characters show up, and even the toy lines had crossovers, with various Transformers repaints that were meant to be G.I. Joe vehicles. Those were pretty much all con-exclusives, but they existed. So it wouldn't have surprised me to have a film crossover, but the two G.I. Joe movies... didn't do so well in the box-office, and the third film is in development hell right now. Mind you, thanks to Marvel, shared universe stuff is *big* money right now, so it might still happen. But they'll likely need to can G.I. Joe 3 entirely to do it.
  9. Makes sense. Here you go:
  10. This was requested: an official thread for sharing your tips and tricks for cleaning, repairing, and other maintenance on your Pony Merch. Please be as specific as possible with your advice, as toys and figures might be made of different types of plastic or materials depending on lots of things like year of manufacture and the like, leading to them reacting quite oddly to various chemical cleaners. The last thing we want is to accidentally melt someone’s vintage figure.
  11. It's back! @Lavo got the plug-in working again.
  12. Yeah, this is a weird glitch in the templates. I've put it on the list of things for the new MLPF Developer Lead to look at when they can. I think I know what changed, but the template editing tools in the new version of IP.B doesn't have a working search function, so I can't find the actual template it's hidden in myself.
  13. I love this.


    1. Fhaolan


      Oh, that's good. :)

  14. Interesting thought. I hadn't drawn the connection between them, as I'm not quite as familiar with the toy line as I was with the various cartoons. I hope we do see the Saddle Arabians again. But then I also hope to eventually find out where Maretopia and Mustangia are as well... I wouldn't mind a season of 'World Tour' adventures.