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  1. Many, yes. It took me years afterwards to get out of the habit of carrying a knife at all times. It was small-town rural Ontario in the mid 80's. Not much else to do. Girl fights were usually the worst. Boys tended to stop once someone got a bloody nose or a broken arm or something, because they were basically trained that way. Back then the girls... didn't have the cultural conditioning to stop.
  2. Yeah, there was a reason we set up to film it in the barn's wash stall. Figured, since it was made to wash horses in, might as well use it for hosing me down after being pied for ponies. Also, the camera ended up crooked on the tripod for some bizarre reason, so I adjusted it in the editor, which is why there's odd black triangles on each edge of the frame. Almost left it in to get the feel of the old 60's Batman TV series that used Dutch Angles like that a lot, but decided against it.
  3. @Jedishy, you're up! Unfortunately, we only had one pie, and my wife didn't quite deliver it the way we had planned. Hope this is good enough though. YouTube tells me the HD version is still 'processing' whatever that means.
  4. IPS Default is still doing the it, dropping the y to a second line. IPS Stock, however, is not.
  5. Just letting you know that I'm seeing the same thing, and I'm set up on the MLPForums Default theme. This is in Chrome and Edge. IE is displaying quite differently, with the reading pane taking up the whole screen, with no background visible on either side, No separator between posts, no signatures, etc. But the cuteycindyhoney isn't dropping the y to the next line. I don't have Firefox or other browsers set up on this machine to test those.
  6. Do you get the inside jokes yet? 

    1. Fhaolan


      Nope. I'm oooold. I'm beeeat up. I'm woooooorn away. ;)

    2. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      Nah, you've aged more like a fine wine than like milk. I wouldn't say you've worn away one bit.

    3. Fhaolan


      Heh. That was a quote from an old Muppets TV special that never got put on DVD due to music rights. "The Muppets Musicians of Bremen." The music in it was created by Jack Elliot (a big-name composer at the time), and he kept the rights to the music, preventing the Jim Henson company from doing more than a very limited release on VHS. Even Disney hasn't managed to pry those rights away from Elliot's estate, now that they own the Muppets. So if you didn't see it then, you'll probably never see it beyond short, low-resolution clips on YouTube people have transfered from that VHS. :)

  7. Yeah, mine too, but it seemed a bit downbeat for a 'Make Christmas Merrier' event. I know Oo-De-Lally is rather short, but at least it's little upbeat.
  8. Microchipping humans is very unlikely at the moment, due to technological concerns. As I understand it, the types of microchips used in pets have an expected service life of about 14-20 years, which is fine for domesticated pets like cats and dogs, but means failure rate becomes significant in longer-lived creatures such as humans (and many zoo animals). The removal of a failed chip can be stressful, depending on how long the chip has been in, where it was installed, and whatnot. So at the moment, it's not really worth the effort. Especially since these chips have the same range and requi
  9. Ah ha! Have a happy, WolfTracks!

  10. Fhaolan


    You were no where near as bad as that. I did enjoy that con. I've been to so many over the years as a performer or vendor, it was nice to be at one just as a patron. My biggest memory of that con was my Starswirl costume; everone knowing where I was at any moment due to the jingling of those stupid bells, having to be bent over most of the time to keep the ridiculous hat from hitting the ceiling or door frames, etc.
  11. Have a Happy! :)

    1. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      *Has a happy* :yay:

  12. Happy Boithday!

    1. Fhaolan


      Thanks, Yoshi! :)

  13. Happy birthday! I don't think you know me well, but, happy birthday to you.

    1. Fhaolan


      Thanks, Scar. :)

  14. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Fhaolan


      Thank you so much, D&V.... *blink* when did you get an umlaut over the o? I don't remember that being there before... :)

    2. Denim&Venöm


      It's been there since they day you opened your heart

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