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  1. Not saying this isn't a good idea, but here's some history. When I was staff on this site, there wasn't much call for a specific Toy Collecting section because at the time there were a number of sites dedicated to that and there (what I felt) was surprisingly little cross-over between users on this site and users on those other sites. The toy collecting side of MLP fandom in many cases were adamant that they weren't Bronies/Pegasisters at all, because the majority were dealing purely with the toys, not the cartoons, and especially not the G4 cartoon. The G4 toys were, in many cases, considered inferior in design, materials, and construction, and weren't considered 'collectable' by a lot of people at that time. This site really pushed that it was a Brony/Pegasister site, and in general didn't really deal well with pre-G4 stuff. There were a *lot* of posts about how horrible the pre-G4 cartoons were, how stupid people were for liking that kind of thing, and roving bands of users would regularly shout down anyone wanting to talk about the original cartoons and specials. It was a struggle to even get a 'Classic Generations' subforum at all, as there was some very strident resistance to anything pre-G4 appearing on the site from both the users and a chunk of the senior staff. Even when it was finally put in place after those senior staff were no longer calling the shots, we had to put special moderation rules on that subforum just to police all the pre-G4 hate that was spewing at the few pre-G4 fans left on the site. And given the collectors being mostly pre-G4 that meant they got lumped in with the few pre-G4 animation fans. so beyond a few individuals the toy collectors were no longer interested in dealing with this site. They had their own sites, many of them specialized in toy collecting with tools like checklists, release history wikis, and the like that were much friendlier to collectors than we were.
  2. Hasbro recently (December) bought eOne, a TV/Film production/distribution company, and announced they're going to consolidate all their media stuff under eOne. Given how long these types of deals take to become official, it's very likely they put the YouTube release schedule on hold as management completely re-arranges itself... and hopefully someone, somewhere remembers that they left their YouTube channel hanging...
  3. There's an additional factor here. Hasbro bought eOne (a TV and film production and distribution company) in December and announced that it's going to be consolidating all their media stuff under eOne's umbrella. This is likely throwing a curveball into all current and future MLP animation plans. They're not an animation studio, but anything that hasn't released yet is likely being messed with at the management level.
  4. Quote

    Rich text should mean that it preserves all the formatting, fonts, and links that were in the original. That's kinda been the standard on the internet for a long time for forums like this one.

    I still remember all those phpBB2/3 forums that couldn't take it. :blink:

    That aside, I don't think I know any free forums software that can handle it, WP can, though.

  5. Rich text should mean that it preserves all the formatting, fonts, and links that were in the original. That's kinda been the standard on the internet for a long time for forums like this one.
  6. Huh. Just noticed that Sunset Shimmer and the animated Starfire could do easy cosplays of each other. Similar skin tones, hair colors, eyes, etc. I wonder if there's an Equestria Girl-equivalent spinoff of Pretty Pretty Pegasus.

    1. Sparklefan1234


      I think Raven & Twilight Sparkle would get along well. :twi:

  7. Tricky. Eyeballing it, given the way Ponyville is drawn in the opening credits, plus how it is depicted in street scenes, you're probably looking at about 300-350 sentients with about 80 houses, at least when the series started. This is a viable population for a close-knit rural village. The bit that throws me though is the schoolhouse. it's depicted as a one-room schoolhouse and the only one in Ponyville. But the number of children in the class does not match the number of children out-of-class. Heck the size of the class doesn't match the number of children shown during recess periods. If the class size better reflected the number of children seen in recess periods, the 300-350 village size would feel about right. Now, by the time the series ended with the Friendship Castle and School, the way Ponyville got drawn changed and we're probably dealing with over 150, maybe 200 houses worth of people.So approximately 1,000 sentients. Whether it is a town, a village, a city, a hamlet, etc. all depends on weird rules that don't 100% apply to Equestrian populations, like the presence of a Church or a Cathedral. We never really touched how Equestrians deal with religion in civic way in the show, so it's hard to work that out.
  8. There is one thing I noticed in G3 when compared to any other generation: Several of the animations were internally inconsistent with the art styles. I noticed this specifically in 'Friends Are Never Far Away'. As a single example of the inconsistency; some ponies (it appeared to be characters from previous animations) have thick black outlines and others (which appeared to be the new characters for that particular story) had very thin or non-existent outlines. It was 'fixed' in the next animation 'A Very Minty Christmas' where all the characters then had thick colored outlines (not black). Now, G3 didn't have 'seasons', each animation was technically independent of the others as they were all direct-to-dvd/videotape adventures most of which were part of toysets, so the production didn't have the same kind of oversight that the two G1 series and G4 did. That's probably why they were a bit more 'wild and woolly' than any other generation.
  9. Hey, the last of the oldies! :ButtercupLaugh:

    1. Fhaolan


      I'm sure there are more... somewhere... out there... over the rainbooooooooowwwww! :kirin:

  10. A very merry Winter Festival, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Anastasia of Sirmium, Pancha Ganapati, Malkh, Modraniht, Saturnalia, or Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, whichever is appropriate to you. :)

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      Happy Holidays to you, sir! :squee:

  11. Huh. Surprised I haven't posted in this one before. I first started to use the Internet back in the 80's, before it was actually the Internet. Technically, I remember using CSNET, to do stuff on a 'supercomputer' in either Pittsburgh or Princeton. But the main real thing was Usenet, which was kinda a distributed bulletin board system on it's own network before it got linked into the internet. If there's archives of that archaic nonsense out there, 'Fhaolan' is probably buried in there somewhere.
  12. The problem is the flu is highly mutative. There's hundreds of variants of the virus, and each has their own vaccine. When doing the yearly 'flu shot', the vaccine creators have to do an educated guess as to which are the most likely variants that year and mix up the 'shot' from that info. They get do get surprised, mainly when different areas get unexpected variants, but statistically they're about as effective as they can be. Until they figure out a 'universal vaccine', that's the best we can hope for.