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  1. User Anonymity doesn't appear to be working properly anymore.
  2. Ha! I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to find where to fix that, but I did! One of the entries is now 'EqE Characters' as in characters for the Equestrian Empire RP section. I think I've fixed that.
  3. This is one of those things running in the background. The upgrade process is only about 5% through rebuilding posts, about 30% through rebuilding statuses. It hasn't even touch re-indexing anything yet, so the search function (which the 'activity' tab *should* be based on) isn't going to work very well yet. Due to the sheer amount of old posts, statuses, and PMs, this is going to take awhile to grind through.
  4. The min character count function isn't working properly at all. I believe Lavo is looking into it, when he wakes up again. Yeah, the 'upgrade' is actually still going on, there's a background process grinding through all the pages. It hasn't actually reached any of the character db entries yet. There's a chance that process will fix those pages when it hits them.
  5. I think I know what that is. There are two character databases, one for free-for-all Everfree RPs, and one for the restricted Equestrian Empire RPs. The Equestrian Empire one *should* be labeled as Equestrian Empire Characters.... but it isn't for some reason. Looking into it. Yeah, a bunch of pages moved on us, and I'm not quite sure *where* they ended up. Probably. I think Lavo has this on his list to look into. I'll see what I can do. I'm not sure where all the permission setups are anymore. The Admin control panels are completely changed as well.
  6. List for Lavo: Functional issues: Banned Member profiles are visible. User Anonymity function not working. Donations may be showing in some profiles, depending on the type of donation. Minimum Character Limits not functioning properly. Minimum Character Limits is counting symbols and punctuations as characters. Friend system functionality missing (Birthday list links, etc.) Cannot remove individual Followers. Notification settings are not granular enough. Status editor sometimes freezing. Can't reply to Statuses from main page. Avatar loading on Silk Browser/Kindle not working. Emotes posted on a PC are broken on mobile. Not all Emotes are showing in the editor. General Formatting: Post conversion and indexing is still ongoing. Post counter not showing (likely linked to the post indexing still ongoing). Profile Activity tab is in front of the actual Profile tab. Should be reversed. Brohoof counter not showing. Resource and Rules pages are missing. Recent Topics/Recent Replies to Topics missing. Descriptions for Forums are duplicating in places. Announcements system not functioning as desired. Avatar size boosts for subscribers no longer working due to 'round' avatar appearance. Character Database format broken. Equestrian Empire Lore articles format broken. Excessive white space on all pages (spacing between paragraphs and lines seems to be set to 2x). The 'Description' of each forum now also appears at the top of the page when you go into that forum. That didn't happen before, so the 'Rules' for each forum tended to include a copy of the Description. I've cleaned up some that I found, but ping me with anything like that you find so I can fix it. Announcements are now... strange. I'm not sure if 'deleting' them gets rid of them for just me, or for everyone (because I'm an Admin). :/