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  1. Huh. Surprised I haven't posted in this one before. I first started to use the Internet back in the 80's, before it was actually the Internet. Technically, I remember using CSNET, to do stuff on a 'supercomputer' in either Pittsburgh or Princeton. But the main real thing was Usenet, which was kinda a distributed bulletin board system on it's own network before it got linked into the internet. If there's archives of that archaic nonsense out there, 'Fhaolan' is probably buried in there somewhere.
  2. The problem is the flu is highly mutative. There's hundreds of variants of the virus, and each has their own vaccine. When doing the yearly 'flu shot', the vaccine creators have to do an educated guess as to which are the most likely variants that year and mix up the 'shot' from that info. They get do get surprised, mainly when different areas get unexpected variants, but statistically they're about as effective as they can be. Until they figure out a 'universal vaccine', that's the best we can hope for.
  3. I like to think of it this way: There may be a point past which it can't regenerate, as draining *all* of your magic damages the 'generator' in some way. Or maybe if you don't leave at least something in the lines, the engine may need to be artificially primed once the tank is refilled.
  4. Whats up with you? Didnt you use to RP?

    1. Fhaolan


      I used to do many a thing. :) 

      I still RP, I just tend to do tabletop mostly, live and in person. 

    2. Blivy


      Ah, i see makes sense!

  5. Well that explains the bad mouth modelling on the 'magic potion' toys I've been seeing. I would count this as G4.5 rather than G5. Much like G3.5, the art-style and toys have changed, but the characters seem to be unchanged. Twilight is still an Alicorn in this version, so the assumption seems to be that the G4 FiM series is still canon to whatever this is.
  6. Both? Neither? Our fridge is oddly put together. The freezer is a large drawer on the bottom of the fridge, with a secondary drawer/shelf inside it to help organize it. The upper section is the actual fridge, with the door divided horizontally. The interior of the fridge is open, however. The 'bar' between the two doors folds into the right door when it opens, so the entire upper area is usable. This means the doors don't take up as much space, and the whole fridge can fit in areas where a big door wouldn't work.
  7. I've had a deer run into *me* once. I was driving relatively slow on a rough gravel road when it came up beside my car, keeping pace. I thought to myself, "Okay, as long as I don't slow down so it gets in front of me, I can't hit it. We're all fine here." No rack on it, so it's not the season for it to do anything... It suddenly deeked to one side and rammed the passenger side front fender. Fairly significant dent, preventing the door from opening. Looking back, the deer was gone. It either bounced off and was laying somewhere I couldn't see it, or it ran off while I was getting control of the car back. Was not going to stop and have a look-see, as a deer willing to ram a car was perfectly willing to ram me, and no matter how big I am a mature white-tail would *hurt*.
  8. Wow. They needed to go back to the modelling phase on the mouth area. Once that is fixed, I think the rest would have been fine.
  9. Why do they think that's stupid? It's the standard way of sanitizing anything made of fur, fake fur, minky, or anything else that can't be put through a washing machine. Fursuits, plushies, etc. It's no good vs stains or the like though, it's purely a sanitizing thing. The normal dilution I use is half cheap vodka, half water in a spray bottle. The alternatives I know of is using Persil Non-Bio detergent, but that tends to be difficult to find/expensive relative to the vodka method. Something even more difficult to find except in bulk is Orvus, as it's really meant to be a livestock shampoo, but it's really good on extremely delicate fiber art.
  10. 6D1A489C-7AA6-4489-84B8-CA095519409C.gif

    1. Fhaolan



      I'm a kraken tonight! Flail those tentacles!

      Have a fun one yourself. :)


  11. Merry (belated) Birthiversary!

    1. Fhaolan


      Heeee. :)


  12. Yup, lots of tourism and cruises and the like. The way Seaward Shoals is drawn, with all those stilt houses, doesn't look like Victoria though. There are places in BC where there are a lot of stilt houses, but I don't remember them being that prevalent in Victoria.
  13. Not Vancouver, but Victoria (the actual capitol of BC) that is on Vancouver Island is. I lived there for a while, and at the time the general population was very skewed age-wise.
  14. You're lucky in a way. When my wife gets packages through FedEx, we have to call up all the people in the area with the same *first name* as her, on the off chance the FedEx person delivered the stuff to them. It's happened three times now, the FedEx driver just happens to know a Kathy or Cathy or something in the same town and off the package goes to them...