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  1. I'm being told that we're really light on MLPF developer-types. As in we don't actually have any. All our Poniverse developers are on other projects right now. So if anyone is interested, I recommend sending a message to @AppleDashPoni or @Feld0 about joining the team as a developer...
  2. Mega Thread

    Yeah, that's me. The sword is actually the odd-thing-out as it's a 15th century Danish two-hander (Oakeshott XVIIIe), while the rest is much earlier period (10th century and back). I have period-appropriate swords but the casting director wanted bigger weapons for everyone because the thing was a 'Heavy Metal Opera' and the only sword I have that's bigger is a 16th century slaughtersword (Isn't in the Oakeshott classification system)... which I ended up using in the show but I didn't bring it to that particular photoshoot as the script notes had me 'drawing my sword' and you can't put a slaughtersword in a scabbard, you carry it like a polearm.
  3. Yeah, I noticed this too a bit ago and tried to figure out if there was any way to fix it from my side. The problem is the template is 'escaping' the HTML codes that the editor is automatically using. The previous version of the Editor used BBCode instead of HTML for formatting to avoid the security issue of injected code, same way most wiki's do. For some reason IPB4 got rid of BBCode... but it looks like they didn't finish the process. I wasn't able to find an obvious solution with the tools I have access to. This is one of those things someone with backend code/db access needs to look at. Unfortunately.
  4. I haven't seen the specials yet, but with the previous outings I'm still of the opinion that the EqG universe isn't actually a full universe. I'm suspicious that accessing it via a mirror is a telling point. That it's a 'parasitic' universe that is dependent on the main FiM universe; it's *forced* to reflect the events and characters of the FiM universe through a lens set up when the mirror was created, and that the only things that are 'real' in there are the creatures that enter it via the mirror. Basically Sunset and the Sirens are real (and Twilight & Spike when they go in) and everything else, including the human AJ, RD, FS, etc. exist only as reflections. Any deviations from the FiM characters is because of Sunset/Sirens/Twilight/Spike's influence on them, or because the reflection is distorted in a specific way (like a funhouse mirror). A more modern way of looking at it is that the universe is a simulation set up by Starswirl as a prison for the Sirens. It was never meant to be a complete universe to begin with and it has a default setting of 'reflect the current events of FiM' to keep it going.
  5. Mega Thread

    A photographer friend of mine found this on an old memory card, it was taken some time in 2014. Given the background and the exact equipment I'm wearing, I *think* it was during a photo shoot for an Aeterno Elementum promotional video... which I don't think ever got released. I've been in a lot of productions that never got released, side effect of never really taking my 'acting career' seriously and just doing things when a friend says they need to fill space on a stage.
  6. It's one of the side effects of rapidly approaching my first half-century. Wait until I get near my third or fourth, *then* the stories will get interesting. Mainly because I'll be just as surprised as you are. I like a wide variety of foods. I like meat pies, but not the ones you regularly get in the US as those tend to be more gravy than pie. I prefer the dry ones like tourtiere, Melton Mowbray, steak and kidney pie, bridies and pasties, so on and so forth. Stuff I can pack so I can spend the day out in the fields or in the woods doing whatever rather than stuff you have to make a production out of.
  7. Actually I prefer oat biscuits, but they're annoying to find in this area. That's a hard one, mainly because the more recent ones are clearer in my mind, but the oldest one had the most effect on me. The old one... well, back when I was really little (about 7 or 8) we went to Disney World in Florida. I was really into sci-fi at the time, avid Doctor Who and Star Trek fan, Starlost, the Six Million Dollar Man, Space 1999, that kind of thing. It was the 70's, Star Wars hadn't happened yet. Anycase, it was the first year for Space Mountain, the indoors rollercoaster, and I *had* to go on it and I was technically tall enough. But they made me take off my glasses so they wouldn't fly off during the ride. So I basically went through the ride half-blind, only able to see blurry flashing lights and randomly being thrown about only barely staying in the car by holding on to the safety bar for dear life. Ever since I have problems with falling. Not heights or vertigo or anything like that, just the *sensation* of falling any significant distance. My body completely locks up, and given that later, in my 20's I was a heavy eventer (caber toss, hammer throw, farmer's walk, and so on) I was... capable of damaging the equipment at carnival rides. I was banned from several places when I tried to take on my phobia head on. The newest one is a bit sillier. A little less than 10 years ago I was a performer, doing stage combat for plays, student films, and events like ren faires. Boxing, wrestling, swordfighting, etc. Not real fighting, but the choreographed stuff. I was doing a Shakespeare festival where the troupe I was in was doing a parody play as if I, as Shakespeare, was writing something live with audience participation with lots of fighting and murder and nonsense as you would expect. We weren't on stage, but on a field because we actually had horses for the knights to do 'realistic' battle scenes. The end of the 'play' was pre-written unlike the rest of it, where I (Shakespeare) would get so frustrated at the whole thing because the 'actors' were messing up constantly that I would grab a spear myself, run out onto the field and 'kill' everyone. Because that's the way a Shakespeare play *ends* dammit! Except when I did, my foot went down a rabbit hole we hadn't noticed before. I fell forward and followed my stage combat training to twist around so I landed safely on my back. Except my leg, caught in the hole, didn't turn with me. Instead it folded the wrong way and the ligaments in my knee snapped. Didn't feel it so I tried to stand up, and fell over again. My leg was bent in a completely unnatural way and it terrified me because *I couldn't feel it*. I had to have surgery to be able to walk again, and had to give up performing for the most part. I still tried to do a few shows after the surgery, but it's hard to do stage combat if you can't jog or do hard turns.
  8. FleetFoot is best Wonderbolt.

    1. Fhaolan


      I have to admit having a soft spot for Soarin'. :)

    2. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      That's a strange way to spell Spitfire. :fiery:

  9. Yeah, that's Zalgo. It's not *really* against the rules, it's just annoying and some older and mobile browsers barf on it, preventing you from clicking on stuff it's covering, or even to the point of crashing on some of the more antique browsers. So we normally remove it if it's in Statuses or Posts, and wag a finger at the people doing it. Lenny likely can remove if it from his PM if it annoys you.
  10. Actually, Jeric, they've made it more difficult than before with this new version. The Editor isn't in the templates anymore, it has it's own 'skinning' system independent to the forum templates. And regular Admins can only see the front end of the skinning system. So we can select what buttons appear on the editor, but we don't have direct access to the css or templates for the Editor. As I understand it the devs are trying to build new 'skins' to load into the system, but it's being... recalcitrant.
  11. Movies/TV

    I had an odd thought, give me a second to work it out:
  12. Sure! It's probably easy enough, but even with the upgrade the permission settings on this thing is a bit of a mess back there making it tricky to find individual settings. That 'allow people to hide their own content' function might be an add-on as well, so it might not be native to IP.B requiring us to get that add-on (which might have a one-time cost, or even a subscription fee to be able to install. It varies.)
  13. This rule predates me as staff, so this explanation is basically what *I* was told and what I've pieced together from seeing the way the permission settings are exposed by the IP.B software we use. Long time ago there was a rash of people who created rule-breaking stuff, and then immediately deleted it with 'you didn't see that' snickering. The idea supposedly was that if there was no evidence, they couldn't be punished. It was far more immature and annoying than the staff at that time were willing to deal with, so they turned off people's abilities to delete content as globally as they could, and forced people to go to staff to get things removed: posts, blogs, etc. Basically people being assholes ruined it for other people; a pretty common side-effect of being an asshole. And even as staff we don't delete stuff as much as possible. The rule is 'hide, don't delete', if that ability is possible, so that everything is retained. It's just not necessarily visible. so if someone says "But I didn't post porn all over the site! The mod is lying." we can say "Yes you did. We still have it, complete with your user ID attached." I haven't fully gone over all the changes the recent upgrade did to permission setting, because I haven't had time for it, but it wasn't possible to give people 'hide' permissions to their own posts. The hide function was only available as a moderation function, which meant if we gave people 'hide' they could do it to other people's posts as well which was not the best idea... Which brings us to blogs specifically... Blogs didn't have a hide function at all. It was set back to draft for individual entries or completely delete the entire thing and that's it. The same was true for status updates and database entries (the two Character databases we have). I know characters can now be hidden with the upgrade, so it's possible blogs can be as well, it honestly didn't occur to me to check until now.... (checking... nope. Individual entries can be hidden now, which is new, but entire blogs can only be deleted.) If the new version of the software allows it, I would advocate giving people the ability to hide their own posts/blog entries/etc. But that's going to require a bit more research to see if it's even possible.
  14. ... lurk, lurk, lurk... *leaves you a DVD bootleg of Phantom Of The Paradise* ... lurk, lurk, lurk...

    1. Fhaolan


      ... curious. :) I've heard the name of this, but I've not actually seen it myself. *adds to pile of 'tobewatched' DVDs*...

    2. Randimaxis


      Two words: Paul Williams.

  15. Heya Jon, Unfortunately we don't have a general marketplace on these forums, and advertising isn't allowed as per the rules: --- Advertising on MLPF is not permitted. We will allow you to place your personal website, social media, or media sharing account link in your signature and the appropriate field(s) in your profile, providing the content on the site does not link to content considered inappropriate for MLPF. Outside of those exceptions, advertising is strictly prohibited without Administrator approval. Examples of disallowed advertisements include, but are not limited to, commercial storefronts, personal websites outside of the permitted areas, chat groups, donation drives, crowd funding initiatives, research studies, affiliate programs, commission shops, and generally any topics/status updates/blogs with the sole purpose of driving traffic to your site or platform (this includes proxy posting on someone's behalf). If you want to advertise or collect money here, please get in touch with an admin to seek permission. This is for the protection of our members, and to cut down on annoying or spammy ad-centric content.