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  1. Fhaolan

    Regarding Emoticons - Community Poll

    Character vs Usage categories is a hard choice, as different people will have different criteria for choosing emotes. Personally, I would rather go with Usage categories, but coming up with those categories in the first place is going to be a challenge.
  2. Fhaolan

    Emoticon Suggestions

    How about this?
  3. vacation_by_joellethenose-dcd9yvt.png

    have some fleur

    1. Passion


      The Trophy Wife is still in front of Sassy Saddles and Lotus sisters in my list. Somehow. She's holding strong.

    2. Fhaolan


      Yay, Fleur!

      And of course she's holding strong! She's Fleur!

      Yay, Fleur!

      And of course she's holding strong! She's Fleur!

  4. I have vague memories of one that was started, but got cancelled before it got very far into the story. My memory's hazy about the whole thing, but I remember making friends with Vinyl Scratch and Fleur de Lis in the game, and there was a vague indication that it was going to turn into a ghost story of some kind, but that's as far as it went before the creator pulled the plug.
  5. Just as a possibility, but not a certainty, there was a legal privacy thing in Europe that just went into official effect called GDPR. A lot of software got updates to deal with it just ahead of the deadline that didn't get the QA testing they really needed (I know this because I was working for Microsoft until recently, and got a front row seat to their GDPR efforts). Not that the software companies weren't aware of the issue and didn't have the time to properly test the changes if they had started work right away, but that they were hoping it would get cancelled before they were forced to deal with it and ran out of time. So if there are a lot of login issues all at the same time in a variety of completely unconnected environments, I'm suspicious a lot of them link back to that.
  6. Fhaolan

    needs ponifying Default Profile Picture

    I had a default avatar of buffy made up for implementation: But I think it fell through the cracks. It's not something the regular admins can do, as it's not part of the admin control panel. A tech admin has to actually upload the file into the backend.
  7. Fhaolan

    Trixie and the Alicorn Amulet

    Honestly, given the way actual myths and tales about similar magic artifacts go; the amulet's magic boosting will still have a cost. Very likely, the amulet would consume Trixie in some way and take control. For a well-known example, the Ringwraiths from the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings were originally humans who fell under the influence of nine magic rings bound to the One Ring. The power in those nine rings boosted them, but reduced them to undead monsters. This is pretty typical in myth, so I think it would be reasonable to assume something similar would happen to Trixie eventually (and for that matter Rarity when she fell under the influence of dark magic from that book Spike found.)
  8. Fhaolan the place I'm moving to is close to a renaissance festival! You should come perform. :)

  9. Fhaolan

    Spoiler Theory on Smolder

    I have the feeling that if they intend to have Smoulder related to Spike in some way, they would have had her as another wingless dragon. I have no supporting evidence for this, it's just a feeling.
  10. Fhaolan

    Doctor Whooves Fan Club

    Something I was futzing around with this last couple of weeks.
  11. Fhaolan

    My Little Pony Generation Explanation

    G3.5 is also a bit of a weirdness that throws people for a loop, as there was a toy line change, a toy redesign, and two animation changes; but they didn't all happen at the same time. First, the G3 toy range got sliced down to what collectors call the 'Core 7'. Basically they stopped making the rest of G3 and only continued on with seven specific characters. Then they redesigned those seven characters to make 'G3.5' proper, and four animations were released with *almost* those character redesigns. There was a fundamental difference between the G3.5 toys and the G3.5 animations, however: All the toys that were modelled as pegasi where drawn as flutterponies in the animation for unknown reasons. And finally there's the Newborn flash animations right before G4 spun up, which had a completely different art style yet again. If this rumored 'G5' is the same characters redesigned in both toy and animation, it would be more consistent to call it 'G4.5' in my opinion.
  12. Fhaolan

    Command a user to post

    For a second, I was thinking that link was going to go to one of my wife's knitting/crochet/weaving sites... @Jeric
  13. Fhaolan

    Can you drive a manual transmission (stick shift)

    Yes, and I've also driven some old cars that were *fully* manual, with non-synchronized transmissions, manual chokes, and even one that had to be cranked to start it, which was something of a challenge. I have *not* driven any of the 8+ gear transmissions used in bigger commercial/military vehicles, oddly enough. My dad was a trucker for awhile, so I'm aware of the *concepts* of running a rig like that, but it's just something that hasn't come up for myself. I think about going and getting certified on that class of vehicle occasionally, just for the experience.