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  1. My Little Pony Generation Explanation

    G3.5 is also a bit of a weirdness that throws people for a loop, as there was a toy line change, a toy redesign, and two animation changes; but they didn't all happen at the same time. First, the G3 toy range got sliced down to what collectors call the 'Core 7'. Basically they stopped making the rest of G3 and only continued on with seven specific characters. Then they redesigned those seven characters to make 'G3.5' proper, and four animations were released with *almost* those character redesigns. There was a fundamental difference between the G3.5 toys and the G3.5 animations, however: All the toys that were modelled as pegasi where drawn as flutterponies in the animation for unknown reasons. And finally there's the Newborn flash animations right before G4 spun up, which had a completely different art style yet again. If this rumored 'G5' is the same characters redesigned in both toy and animation, it would be more consistent to call it 'G4.5' in my opinion.
  2. Command a user to post

    For a second, I was thinking that link was going to go to one of my wife's knitting/crochet/weaving sites... @Jeric
  3. Can you drive a manual transmission (stick shift)

    Yes, and I've also driven some old cars that were *fully* manual, with non-synchronized transmissions, manual chokes, and even one that had to be cranked to start it, which was something of a challenge. I have *not* driven any of the 8+ gear transmissions used in bigger commercial/military vehicles, oddly enough. My dad was a trucker for awhile, so I'm aware of the *concepts* of running a rig like that, but it's just something that hasn't come up for myself. I think about going and getting certified on that class of vehicle occasionally, just for the experience.
  4. Well, there's a lot of weirdness around that fire. Twilight seemed to be already familiar with the ability and it's reliability in the beginning of the show, so it's something she'd already had the time and opportunity to 'dissect' and analyze as a young student. Given her personality, there's no way she'd just let that kind of ability slide without extensive study. But that also means it would be something Spike had when he was younger, and more distractable, so given it's reliability it's unlikely to be a consciously developed ability. Because we've seen this 'send a scroll to Celestia' happen automatically without Spike paying attention (RD's prank spam attack), but it's been shown that it *can* send scrolls to other recipients (Luna, with which he really doesn't have much familiarity relative to Celestia). Yet, his flame can be used as normal flame on occasion (Well, as normal as melting iron within seconds is)... Maybe he has to concentrate for it to be *just* fire? My best guess is that it's a spell effect put on Spike. Perhaps Twilight found a 'send a letter via fire' spell in her studies with Celestia and applied it to Spike simply because he was convenient (being young herself and more likely to do such a potentially invasive spell on Spike). And since his fire is magical in and of itself, the spell interacted unexpectedly and became 'permanent'.
  5. With maximal respect for both your significantly above-par English skills and the incredibly underappreciated pony that is Fleur de Lis, and at near-imminent risk of being 'that guy', I just thought you might appreciate being let know that you spelt her name wrong in your 'Best Pony' profile field plz don't kill me mr. sysadmin emeritus sir.

    1. Fhaolan


      Ah.. fudgestickles. I keep reversing the e and u for some reason. :)

      Okiedokielokie, I've fixed the spelling. Thanks for pointing it out to me. ;) 

    2. Widdershins


      That's okay, Mistur! Wu all maku ep for sech mistakus like that all thu timu in oer livus!

        (Sorry, I jest coeldn't pass ep an opportenity liku that!)


    3. Fhaolan


      Pttttthhhhhh. :)

  6. Fleur de Lis Fan Club

    More Fleur!
  7. Airplanes would probably still be invented, in fact it might have been earlier than it was for us. Since it would be known that a flying creature could carry the weight of people, most of the resistance to the *idea* of airplanes would be gone, and it would be mostly a 'can we make an engine light enough' problem to overcome. In addition, if dragons were real, that means physics would be slightly different to allow for such a big flying animal, and mechanical flight would have been easier to achieve. In the same way tractors replaced draft animals, cars replaced carriages, airplanes would still replace dragons. Unfortunately. So in the modern era there would be people breeding and using dragons for sport and entertainment, just as they do with horses now.
  8. Movies/TV Rebooting Classic TV

    They've been trying to reboot a lot of stuff that I grew up with, probably because the people with money to sink into these projects are about my age, but ... not doing so well with it, in my opinion. Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica were the odd-one-out of the 'recent' ones, becoming popular on their own, but those are exceptions. They tried to reboot Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, Charlies' Angles, the A-Team, Avengers (the other one), the Prisoner, Get Smart, Land of the Lost, etc. Some of those reached as high as 'okay' in my mind but that's about it. Mainly a lot of these shows are products of their time, and what made them popular/good are things that don't seem to resonate with current audiences. Or at least, the producers of the remakes don't believe they do, so leave that stuff out. From the 60's to the 80's, most of the shows were short story driven, meaning the important thing was the situations the writers/producers wanted to put on the screen. From the 90's on, stuff is far more character driven, where the story is a long drawn-out arc and honestly isn't that important. It's how the characters react to it, and each other, that is the primary focus of the show. The characters in the old shows, when looked closely at, were actually rather flat. Any interest in them was either from the fact the characters went through a lot of story throughout the series and accumulated interest from that, or the actors themselves had enough charisma to insert into them. Old shows rebooted tend to miss the idea of the short stories, and attempt to backstory the characters to death in order to create a pre-existing interest. And they overload on exposition trying to shove all that backstory in as fast as possible. The best ones in my opinion, are the ones that the writers/producers/actors really, really want to do, not because they want to rehash the original series, but because they have something to say using parts of the original to springboard off of. Without an idea of what you want to *do* with it, leads you to the bland and uninteresting Knight Rider reboot and things like it. So I wouldn't really wish that on anything, unless I personally had an idea of what to do with it, what stories to tell. I have some *ideas* around some Space 1999 stories, but to be honest they make *no* sense in a modern context.
  9. How would the ponies react to seeing blood?

    Not at the moment, because that's a thing you usually do when raising livestock for meat and we're not doing that. Our sheep are for wool production, though a couple of them are Icelandic sheep and *technically* that makes them three-way. (Meaning they were originally bred for meat, wool, and milk). And to answer the OP, the majority of ponies will probably panic and run around, simply because that seems to be the default reaction of the backgrounders when something *different* happens. As for named characters, the one to watch will be Fluttershy, because depending on which writer is in control it will vary from 'I'm so scared!' (haemophobia) all the way to 'Oh, poor thing!' (blood is part of nature, and Fluttershy is about nurturing the injured). It will be hard to guess which reaction you would get, and knowing which one will tell you if we're dealing with show conditions, comic conditions, or otherwise.
  10. Could G5 bring back G1–G3 ponies?

    I've been told that Hasbro has been re-acquiring the G1 trademarks they lost way back when, thanks to G4 becoming popular. I'm not sure if they've gotten *all* of them back yet, but most of them have been recovered. There was some jiggery-pokery with the trademarks being sold along with the G1 toy molds, but I was recently told that was only a small number of characters and that Hasbro used that as an excuse. Most of the ones that were 'lost' were actually due to Hasbro simply not bothering to renew the trademarks when they sliced G3 down to Core 7, and not feeling the need to go through the effort of re-establishing the trademarks when Faust was spinning up G4. Once G4 proved to be... unexpectedly popular, Hasbro scrambled and started re-trademarking everything.
  11. G3/Core 7 Why does so many people hate generation 3?

    There were some interesting things in G3/Core 7/G3.5, but there's some things I find jarring that make it difficult for me to 'love' it. I don't hate them though. Though those last-ditch Newborn Cutie flash animations that were put together just before G4 was released were pretty bad overall. I only barely think of those as G3.5-ish as they don't fit anything else put out in that generation. They're sorta G3.75 or something. I've watched all the available animations for all the generations, and the G3.x ones were the most... inconsistent. Not just when they moved from G3 to Core 7 to G3.5 and so on, but even within more narrow groupings. Mainly because there wasn't a series as such, it was all direct-to-video films and VHS/microCDs/DVDs that were included in certain toy sets. Without the Internet being available, it was assumed that no one person would see all of them, and *definitely* not seen in any kind of order. This allowed the artists/writers to jump about a bit and not worry at all about changes from video to video. Case in point: 'Friends Are Never Far Away' was one of the DVDs released with the Hidden Treasure toy. The art style was literally mixed. Some characters had heavy black outlines everywhere, while other characters had more subtle outlining that varied depending on what exactly was outlined. And these different art style characters would appear in scenes together. It was very odd to see and hard for me to get past. If all I had seen were the bigger stand-alone movies like A Very Minty Christmas or The Princess Promenade, I probably would have had a higher opinion, but those lower-effort shorts did not sit well with me.
  12. G1 (Tales) Thoughts on Tales?

    I can understand that. My only real complaint about the series was a couple of poorly thought through morals, and one episode where they tried to bring in actual fantasy stuff that was more than a bit incongruous for me. I don't know how far along you are, so I'm not going to spoil it for you though.
  13. So the *actual* Saddle Arabian only got my vote? Sad.
  14. Send a mail to with the new email and account name. There's an occasional glitch in the Poniverse Login system around changing email addresses that it takes a sysadmin to look at. @tinker will be able to take care of it.
  15. G1 (Tales) Thoughts on Tales?

    Sweetheart is best My Little Pony Tales Pony, especially in later episodes where her niceness covers a bit of a cruel streak. It's not as bad as some say, providing you keep in mind the time period involved. It's very definitely an early 90's cartoon show, with all the cultural baggage that goes along with that. It was produced very specifically as a girl's cartoon, so most of the boy characters are often portrayed as incompetent and 'bad boys needing fixing by a good girl', that kind of thing, but at least it *has* reoccurring boy characters, which is weird for MLP. And it's also a far more grounded series than the other MLP cartoons before and after. The setting is very specifically a contemporary Southwest United States, something like Arizona or New Mexico, and the fantasy elements are very rare and somewhat jarring because of it.