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    all brony's should be one and excepted as a friend no matter who or where there from heck i know i would. :D
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    gaming,mlp,chilling and hanging out, and a couple of others. basically im a caring type of guy who you can tell anything to and will try his best to cheer you up although im not very good at that. oh and my favorite pony is vinyl scratch the dj ponaah.....................@_@ @_@ @_@

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  1. they are not gods they are powerful alicorns who rule equestria. celestia, luna and twilight. are apart of a species who are unicorn and pegasis.
  2. DJPON-3-#Power11

    Hello everypony

    WELCOME TO THE FORUMS FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you have a great time here.
  3. These are all good ideas. I would be one of those lone survivors.
  4. aaaaaaaaaw maaaaaaaaaaan. >_<
  5. games start costing 100 dallars. that would doom the gaming industry.
  6. no this id not like dayz. it is like the zombies in the walking dead but can now do parkour and run. basically they can do what ever parkourist do that includes swimming.
  7. why are you here would be the logical question to ask. why are you here would be the logical question to ask.
  8. discord was minipulated into turning on the main six.
  9. no he was yes he was. ponies can also be manipulated just like anyone.
  10. hay even rainbow dash the most loyal pony you know nearly got corrupted by nightmare moon.
  11. yes ponies can be corrupted. luna was and so was sombra, and tirek. they were once good.
  12. there is no scien there not perfect they can die just like anyone else. not even celestia is immortal. she has lived for over a 1000 years but im sure she is not immortal. its just it would nearly impossible to destroy them where we are now.
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