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    Motorsports, especially NASCAR, NHRA and Monster Jam. I also loooove horses, don't own any of my own yet but hey, I'm getting there! I love pickup trucks (Dodge and Chevy) muscle cars, sports cars, airplanes, all generations of favorite ponies are Rainbow Dash and Applejack. I also love The Walking favorite characters are Rick Grimes and Maggie. And music! I love music! Especially country and classic rock but I love any and all genres of music! Other random loves of mine: driving around, having fun, watching sunsets/sunrises, Autumn/Fall, lava lamps, Christmas lights, ice cream, Coca-Cola, dogs, and friends!

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  1. Lucky Bolt

    CycBolt Fan Club

    This place needs more CycBolt art...I think I'll start posting art of our ship everyday or at least whenever I get new art done. Sooo....without further ado, here's a CycBolt brohoof for y'all art by yours truly, me
  2. Lucky Bolt

    General What toilet paper brand do you use?

    I just use whatever works well for a cheap price. I'm not picky when it comes to toilet paper. Alhough, I usually use Angel Soft. Cause that's what my mom buys for everyone in the household to use.
  3. Lucky Bolt

    What do you do when people argue?

    I'm the type of person who avoids conflict/arguments whenever I possibly can. If two other people are in an argument that doesn't concern me, I stay out of it. It's none of my business. If I'M in an argument, I usually try to keep it short and resolve it as quickly as I can, if that doesn't work, I try to get out of it anyway I can, either by changing the subject or just giving the silent treatment....which isn't always the best choice....and I admit, I can be rather stubborn and prideful in those situations too. I usually have trouble trying to get along with people who can't forgive and forget and seem to enjoy picking fights.
  4. That pony in your avatar is freaking ADORABLE :wub:

    1. DarkShadowPonY


      Lol why thank you ^^ it was venomous who made it :3 

  5. Lucky Bolt

    Food Do you like cheese?

    Eh, I gotta be in the mood for cheese tbh. And I only like certain types...Pepperjack and Mozzerella are really the only two kinds I like.
  6. Lucky Bolt

    Science Do You own a Telescope?

    I once had a rather small and cheap but good-working telescope that my grandparents got me for Christmas many years back. I don't use it anymore, so I gave it to my brother.
  7. Lucky Bolt

    Do people celebrate Halloween where you live?

    Yes, most everyone in my city celebrates it. I dress up in costume and go trick or treating with my younger siblings every year (yes, I still trick or treat. Like Pinkie Pie once said, too old for free candy? NEVER.) And that's the great thing about having younger siblings...I can use them as an excuse to still go trick or treating.
  8. Lucky Bolt

    Food Sausage

    I use my fingers. It's easier that way, just kinda seems silly to me to eat sausage links/patties with a fork. As for what I like to eat WITH sausage...I really love maple syrup on top of them....I guess that's when a fork comes in handy.
  9. Lucky Bolt

    What Food/Drink do you have on your mind?

    Fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and a Coke sounds like heaven right now. Been on my mind for the past week.
  10. Lucky Bolt

    Favorite type of Weather ?

    Oh, I love Fall weather the best. I just enjoy the crisp, cool air, the chilly breeze, plus you get to pull out the hoodies (I love hoodies )! And I always loved the way the sky looks in the Fall. But other than Fall weather, I really enjoy summer thunderstorms, especially when there's lot's of lightning to watch.
  11. After watching The Blair Witch Project for the first time, I have decided I am never going camping or nature hiking again. :wacko: At least, not in Maryland. 

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    2. Mirage


      It's a scary film. Started a whole trend of 'reality tv' horror movies.

    3. S. Fury
    4. Captain Clark

      Captain Clark

      A pretty good and scary movie. Unfortunately it started an annoying trend though. 

  12. Lucky Bolt

    Do you wear shoes in your home?

    Nope, I always go barefoot in the house, sometimes I even go outside in the yard barefoot. I sometimes wear socks around the house in the wintertime, but never shoes.
  13. Lucky Bolt

    What time of day do you shave?

    Whenever I'm in the shower, which can be anytime of day really. Many times it's in the evening
  14. Today officially marks two years on MLP forums for me! :love: And what an amazing two years it's been. 

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    2. Mirage


      Thank you for hangin around Lucky. You're a special kind of pony. :D


    3. Gone Airbourne

      Gone Airbourne


      Cheers! & many more to come  :mlp_yeehaa:

    4. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Thank you everypony! I love you all :mlp_icwudt:

  15. Lucky Bolt

    What grade are you in?

    Currently in 12th grade...high school senior. I graduate this Spring!