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  1. Nice picture Ren I believe all these pictures from last night were quite impromptu including mine.
  2. Good morning everyone......Oh poop. Today marks the start of another work week for me. :scoots:

    Me on my way to work: 



    vs me when I clock out: 



    Of course, work days are always made better when you get to spend it with your favorite coworker. ^_^

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      Good luck with work!

      Love the GIFs by the way. ^_^

    2. applesjck


      Good luck at work!!

  3. Apparently this was in TWD

    I'm glad the more obscure gems like this are getting more love.

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      I believe it was yeah. Sounds familiar. It’s for sure a good song! 

    2. Renegade the Unicorn
  4. TO BE HONEST they just about do! I really don’t understand why. You guys. I’m going to explode from blushing so hard.
  5. Thanks! It is getting a bit long for my liking though.
  6. Taco sauce, refried beans, lettuce, cheese, beans.....
  7. Fried chicken. Must have the perfect balance of crunchy breading and juicy chicken. Ice cream. Any flavor. So either sushi, steak, or pizza would go here.
  8. I am a floffy Pegasus. No tree here.
  9. Washing machines. Then after I got over that fear I became obsessed and infatuated with them and how they work? I was an odd child