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    MLP, NASCAR Racing, my favorite NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, Gatorade, horses, Jimmie Johnson, fishkeeping, my two YouTube channels, Jimmie Johnson, Dodge vehicles, Jimmie Johnson, Jimmie Johnson, Jimmie Johnson, aaaand Jimmie Johnson.

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  1. *throws Flurry Heart at you* Ok, that sounds really bad...that's child foal abuse
  2. ok....well don't stop there....have any more?
  3. @Meson Bolt I command you!
  4. Wow.....Rarity.....sorry but I'm straight
  5. Hot, humid and overcast here
  6. Can't believe we just brought home a puppy......

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    2. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt


      yes he is! He's an Australian Shephard/Lab mix and he's so cute :wub: I wish I had a picture of him to show you guys 

    3. strongwilled_pegasus
    4. BlueStreak98
  7. Ok so......:wacko:



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    2. strongwilled_pegasus
    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt


      Haha no I'm fine....or am I? lol no I'm good, just found this weird picture of JJ and thought it was he's a lot younger in this picture....:dash:


      Nuuuuu you're right, I do have a problem :lol:

    4. strongwilled_pegasus
  8. Mega Thread

    Right now I'm feeling happy, even though I got stung by a wasp this morning, I'm feeling pretty good
  9. I was playing Howrse
  10. Food

    I EAT IT ALL!! But sometimes I enjoy the cake part more than the frosting on top
  11. Kinda reminds me of Chase Elliot's Mountain Dew Baja Blast paint scheme:
  12. I enjoyed the two episodes a lot actually. lol the part with Ember and Starlight was the best
  13. Well in Season 7 AJs parents are going to get an episode, if they are truly dead than maybe the episode will deal with that.
  14. I love Coke too, it's my second favorite