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  1. Ahem. Good evening ladies and gents. How are you all tonight? I hope the weekend treated you all well! I feel like i should update yall on a very major event in my life that just recently took place, too. :ooh:

    I am now a trade school student as of March of this year. I'm studying professional welding and pipefitting classes and loving it! I'm chasing the goal of eventually becoming an aircraft welder. I also work a side gig as a restaurant manager. Yeah my life has really gotten busy since i last talked with you guys actively. :mlp_laugh: I hope you all are doing good! I can't promise i'll be active on here much but i will for sure be continuing to check in every now and then when i can. :mlp_please: 


    I also got a new car, too! lol. I might make a post with it soon. And for those of you wondering....yes i still have the pink truck. :bedeyes:

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    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Great to know you're doing well! :D

    3. The Spitfire Simp

      The Spitfire Simp

      Great to know you're doing good

    4. Kujamih


      Aaaaa an aircraft welder huh:love:

      Well i welcome a fellow aircraft mechanic anytime of the day specially accurate and precise hands.

      Just take care of your hands and always rest your hands every 5 mins or so when holding a power tool and wear your ppe

  2. Well it's currently storming right now, I hear hail stones hitting my window too.
  3. Lucky Bolt

    Being naked

    I typically enjoy lounging in very minimal clothing, but not usually naked. Lol. Unless given reason to....you know what I mean by that.
  4. I sure do lol. I get up at 4-5 am on weekdays so I need it.
  5. It for sure has been. I'm not very active here anymore but I have memories of this place that I'll never forget.
  6. I am a dog lover to the core, especially when it comes to pitties!
  7. Either wind (air) or lightning, I really like those both. I like to think I represent them. Fire is cool too though.....
  8. Almost 1,000 unread notifications. :ButtercupLaugh:

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    2. WWolf


      It’s the Lookayyy :yay: !

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Oh wow, all these old faces i havent seen in so long. :adorkable: I missed y'all so much!

    4. WWolf


      Yes you’re popular :o .

  9. Good morning to y'all! :please: Wednesday cannot come fast enough...I need a work break. 

    Have a wonderful day! Halloween is right around the corner!





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    2. Sparklefan1234


      @Lucky Bolt  I hope you're having an AWESOME day, Bestie! :D



    3. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      Good morning, and happy Halloween, Lucky!

    4. Astral Soul

      Astral Soul

      Well I found this a bit late, but still I love this picture xD

  10. I am a little. I don't like looking at them they make me behave like Twilight over quesadillas.
  11. eh, i dont see anything wrong with using female/male. Y'all shouldn't get your feathers so ruffled.
  12. Heh..... "Good morning lovey" To the boyfriend.
  13. It's sunny and unseasonably warm. What I wouldn't do for some COLD weather right now.
  14. Lucky Bolt

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I feel kinda tired and lightheaded. I've been dealing with a mild head cold on and off for the past couple of weeks.
  15. It varies heavily with me. I have particular friends I'm comfortable swearing in front of and quite honestly i can talk like a sailor cause they do too and it's all alright. Otherwise, i keep it filtered and under control. But ya know, an occasional swear will escape if i hurt myself (example: *stubs toe*) . All in all i definitely swear a lot more than I used to.
  16. Lucky Bolt

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm thinking about some errands I need to run before i go to work tonight.
  17. I'm not there this time around sadly. I'm super jealous of my good friend @King of Canterlot, he's there. Oh well, next year next year. It will be quite easy for me to get there too next year considering I'm moving to Minnesota. Eyes forward on 2022! I hope all who attend this year have a great time!
  18. I'm back! I think....lol. Did I miss anything interesting since I took a day's break? :dash:

    Good morning anyway! :squee:




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    2. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Good morning Lucky! Also, that Celestia is both adorable and terrifying. :blink:

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Hey everyone and good morning! :oh_golly:

      @Sparklefan1234 There really is no better way to keep in contact with me than Discord. 

    4. Sparklefan1234


      @Lucky Bolt


      I've honestly been feeling sad over the past few days because things keep getting lost

      which means I've reposted the same question at least three or four times now with no response.


      Please know that this is NOT your fault and that I just want to talk to my Bestie. :rarity:




  19. Good morning! :D I hope you all have a wonderfullllllllllllll day!





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    2. Mama Patty Thundersnow
    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Lucky Bolt I hope you're having an awesome Thursday, Bestie! :D


      I have a question that I've been trying to ask you for the past couple of days :twismile:



    4. Kujamih


      pony let's get going get going get going!!!!!

      I'm looking out for youuuuuuuuu!!!🎶

  20. No cider season celebrations? :huh: Well goodnight regardless! I go back to work tomorrow. :crackle:





    art found on derpibooru


  21. Good morning! Ugghhh i dont wanna work today. :scoots: No time to check notifications, I gotta get ready. :wacko:

    But first, have some Sunny meeting older Twilight. 




    found on DeviantArt 



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    2. Mama Patty Thundersnow

      Mama Patty Thundersnow

      Good morning. Hope you have a good shift.

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Lucky Bolt I hope you had a Taco-riffic Tuesday, Bestie! :D                       

    4. Sparklefan1234


      @Lucky Bolt Hi, Bestie! I hope you had a wonderful Wednesday! :D


      I have a question for you:



  22. It's that time again. I hope you guys had a good day! Goodnight. 





  23. You're totally fine! I often miss my notifications on here...best way to keep in contact with me is on discord in all honesty. That;s so adorable though! thankies haha
  24. Good morning and happy Monday y'all ponies! I got some decent sleep for once! :ButtercupLaugh: Time for me to go to work, i hope y'all have a great start today, if you're also in the northern hemisphere and just waking up. :P 

    G5 Twilight is pretty!




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    2. Mama Patty Thundersnow

      Mama Patty Thundersnow

      Good morning. Hope you have a good workshift.

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Lucky Bolt I hope you're having a marvelous Monday, Lucky Duck! :D



    4. Windy Breeze

      Windy Breeze

      She's a beauty!

      Good morning, Lucky! 

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