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  1. It’s ok if you respond a little late, I’ve been pretty busy myself (just in general, I know you already posted today)
  2. I love making character names, too Hair is also a really fun part of a character for me to create
  3. @Dynamo Pad @C. Thunder Dash @Kronos the Revenant @Samurai Equine @GeneralDirection @Pastel Heart @Windy Breeze @PawelS Pencil gave herself a moment to rest now that the boss appeared to be defeated. His mechanical parts were scattered across the battlefield and the generator near him had been damaged beyond recognition. She signaled for her ladybug shields to be at ease and they bowed thankfully now that their little legs could finally rest. The rest of the enemies ceased their fighting and returned to Pencil’s location. A mix of cawing, buzzing, and snorting sounds filled the air as each set of creatures bounded towards her. She was overwhelmed at first now that she could see just how much she had created, but she was also glad that many of her creatures were able to return safely. Trotting towards the defeated boss, she gasped as she got a closer look at all of his damaged parts. She couldn’t help but feel bad for him, even after all of the chaos he caused. She looked to see the same set of options above his head that she had seen on the last couple of bosses. Feeling as if any other choice would be unfair, Pencil selected Recruit. “How about being on our team? Personally I think it’s a lot more fun on this team. Plus, we could all help repair you if you’d like,” Pencil offered as she held out a hoof in a friendly gesture. Pencil turned as Chelsea walked up to her and gave her a friendly nudge. From the sound of it, Thundy was planning something bold and dramatic. Pencil giggled in response and said, “I wonder what he’s planning this time!”
  4. I feel more productive at night so I’m definitely a night owl 🦉
  5. On my Switch I’m playing FNAF VR and on my DS I’m playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  6. My favorite animated G3 ponies are Minty, Rarity, and Sky Wishes and my favorite toy is the Scootaloo with the scooter (it’s the only one I have)
  7. @Samurai Equine Pencil smiled in relief as Trilby restored her health. She could feel her strength, both physical and mental, returning to her. She felt much more productive as she was now able to produce at least five creatures at once. She sent a heard of rams and sheep geared with spiked horns out to attack. She stroked the ground violently to whip up a murder or crows to scavenge for any weapon debris. If they found anything useful, she may be able to rebuild the broken weapons to give to her attack creatures. Once the crows flew off, she spun large red circles on the ground and polka dotted them with smaller black circles. Emerging from the circles were four large ladybugs with glossy shells that could serve as shields. Forming a semi-circle, the ladybugs protected both Pencil and Trilby. “Thanks for helping me, Trilby,” she thanked Trilby. “I’ll help you, too. You can hang out with me and these ladybugs for a while for protection,” she told him. @Dynamo Pad @C. Thunder Dash She turned to Thundy and Dynamo who had both called her name. Dynamo had asked for a red rabbit and Thundy had asked for a group of sharks. Side-stepping around the ladybug guards, she took her paintbrush out again and began with soft, red streaks. She then created two large lines with oval-like curves at the tops. She then added segments around the fur to simulate robotic limbs. When the creature was finished, it reminded her of a very similar purple robot she had heard about. When the rabbit turned its mechanical head towards her, she sent it off towards Dynamo, its feet clanking loudly against the floor. She then began creating the sharks. They took quite a bit longer than the rabbit since she had to get each sharp angle perfect, otherwise the sharks would look more like dolphins. She painted fine lines onto the ground then smoothed out the majority of the textures with soft greys and blues. Once she had created at least five sharks, she sent them towards Thundy. She gave them wings so the lack of water would not be an issue.
  8. Oooh ok I’m kinda stuck on what to post. Are there any supporting roles I could take part in?
  9. Ooh, I thought the gazelle was the one I gave you. To be fair the Mytical Beast one is a lot cooler.
  10. You gotta love yourself without taunting it and hate yourself without expressing it