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  1. Wanna make your post count 10,001, @Splashee?!
  2. @Dynamo Pad @C. Thunder Dash @Pastel Heart @Samurai Equine Pencil nodded, albeit a bit hesitantly, towards Dynamo. The change of plans was a bit confusing but it was something she could manage. If Dynamo needed her now, she could spare a few minutes before she headed over to the DDR station with Thundy and Chelsea. Holding her hoof out to signal to the griffons to wait a moment, Pencil turned to Dynamo and said, “S-sure! If you wanna talk now that’s fine. I can watch Thundy and Chelsea play DDR later if you wanna do this now,” Before she could discuss any further, Trilby trotted over and offered everyone merchandise from the Two Castles game. It consisted of a t-shirt, lanyard, and a small bracelet. Everything was neon and had something written on it along the lines of “I survived Two Castles”. Pencil chuckled at the bright neon accessories as she put the items on. She looked like a giant firefly but at least she could be proud knowing she did in fact take part in Two Castles. “So, Tribly...” Pencil inquired. “...are we all actually hosting this event as well? I’m just asking cause you mentioned something about staff,”
  3. He’s one of the best The last movie I watched wasn’t an entire movie, but I watched the ending of Infinity War on TV.
  4. @Dynamo Pad “W-well if you ever need to talk about anything, I’m h-here to listen,” Pencil offered to Dynamo. She broke eye contact for a moment then immediately regretted it and tried to refocus her eyes. After a couple of seconds she gave it up so it wouldn’t look like she was staring at Dynamo. Instead, Pencil busied herself with imagining her next set of sketches. It’s too bad I don’t have my sketchbook with me now. Oh well, guess I can air draw she thought, waving a hoof in the air. Anyone else might see this action as rather strange, but Pencil didn’t mind. She drew invisible weapons, outfits, and armor in the air from everything she could remember from the game. She then drew some magical attacks shooting from some of the weapons while making some whoosh sounds with her mouth. Once those were “finished”, she sketched the odd building blocks she stacked with Silver. As she was drawing them, she imagined she was stacking them again and creating a sharp and extravagantly tall tower.
  5. The Turkey event was pretty easy with the exception of finding the fish since those guys are pretty random. Did anyone try to do the “off menu” stuff? If you did, what rewards did you get?
  6. @Dynamo Pad @Samurai Equine @C. Thunder Dash As Pencil made her way over to the DDR, she stopped momentarily as Dynamo began to speak to her. He had asked for another private chat which Pencil was glad to take part in. She nodded at him then continued with the two griffons to the game. She had nearly arrived when suddenly, Mayor White and Mayor Black had also arrived back in the real world. To Pencil’s shock, Mayor White was unbelievably thin while his brother was unbelievably overweight. She couldn’t help but overhear the mayors’ arguing as they began to chastise and criticize each other. It was sad that unlike in VR, these two were completely at ends with each other in real life. She wanted to say something, as she had had a bit of experience with sibling fights before, but before she could even walk over to them, the brothers demanded to depart. Mayor White was escorted to a clinical tent by Trilby and Mayor Black had asked Kronos to take him somewhere far away. The shouting matches had ceased but Pencil could still hear another distressed noise in the distance. After taking a moment to look around, she had realized that the fighting had managed to upset Dynamo. She rushed over to him to see if there was anything she could do to calm him down. “D-Dynamo?” she asked, her throat tightening out of fear.
  7. @C. Thunder Dash Pencil thanked Thundy for changing her back to her cute equine self. She flicked her tail and ears around to readjust herself to her real-life body for a moment. When she was finished, she smiled when Thundy offered to have her go watch him and Chelsea play another game. Nodding at him, she said, “Sure, I’ll come watch!”
  8. I dreamt that I beat Jevil in Deltarune on my second file where I make my characters fight all the time (so basically I completed the fight version of this battle in my dream). The ending was really weird cause Jevil’s eyes became completely white and I think he exploded and apparently he died but he didn’t die at the same time. When I woke up it took me a while to realize I didn’t beat that part of the game.
  9. Start by picking your favorite feature (eyes, ears, etc) and draw them a way that you wish they could’ve appeared on the show
  10. @C. Thunder Dash @Samurai Equine @Kronos the Revenant @Windy Breeze @Dynamo Pad @Pastel Heart @GeneralDirection @PawelS Pencil clapped excitedly now that the game was finally over. While it was fun in the beginning, she couldn’t help but feel like things grew tedious the more every pony progressed. Now, the treasure was laid out right in front of them for easy taking. At last, everyone could end this mess and go home. Pencil bounded towards the hoard along with Trilby and anyone else who wanted to tag along. She was about halfway there when Thundy and Dynamo began expressing their concerns. They said that perhaps going for the treasure wasn’t such a good idea. Is the treasure really part of a “bad ending”? Isn’t this why we came here in the first place, to get the treasure? Pencil thought, completely puzzled by the suspicions. As she heard more of what they had to say, however, she understood that perhaps the easiest ending would not be the best one. That at least made sense to her. It was the same with her art, the best results would only come from the hardest work. While the kings spoke with each other, Dynamo was making quite the elaborate speech. Pencil was rather proud of him for being so brave but could also tell speaking out like this was making him very nervous. She understood how public speaking, especially towards those in power, could be a terrifying thing. When there was a break in his speech, she went over to check on him. “Are you okay, Dynamo?” she asked. She knew from prior experience that she might not get an answer from him until later, which was fine with her. As long as he was okay, that was all Pencil was concerned about. Dynamo’s speech proved to be effective as shown by the kings finally surrendering to each other and declaring peace. Pencil smiled as the words “Perfect Ending” appeared in the air. She was glad that she took Thundy and Dynamo’s warnings and didn’t go for the treasure after all. This ending was much more rewarding. No sooner had the ending commenced, however, that the game finally decided to transport everyone back to the real world. Pencil barely had enough time to process the game’s ending before her artist’s smock was quickly replaced with the cat costume that she was wearing earlier. After Pencil had gotten used to her surroundings and her real life senses returned to her, the game relayed a message saying that while it was still playable, it would not trap its players ever again. Pencil took a hard pass on its offer as she wanted nothing to do with that crazy VR set ever again. A cat-like growl escaped her lips as she faced the opposite direction of the game. Looking down at herself, Pencil decided it was probably time to ditch the cat costume. It was cute and very fun to wear, but to be honest, she was done wearing costumes for a while. Turning towards Chelsea, she asked, “Is it okay if I go back to my normal self now? Or did Thundy make this costume, I can’t remember...”