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  1. I just now figured out how to color a background without coloring over the character so it’s a process 🤪
  2. Ok. Maybe I’ll do that someday, or just learn how to use computers for more than typing, gaming, and drawing
  3. @Loud Opinion @ReverieRiver “I am so pleased that I can make this journey with new friends! Sharing an experience is one of the simplest ways we can all be in harmony together,” Starlight said, making it up as she went along. She didn’t really mean anything she said, knowing the promise would go to one pony and one pony alone. Nevertheless, she knew she had to keep a clean composure in order to be seen as the true friend she knew she could be. When Octavia and Silver Tongue weren’t looking, she studied them cautiously to look for any signs that she would have to look out for later. There have been a few untrustworthy friends in the past that needed quite a bit of persuasion before they were able to step into the light. From what Starlight could tell, Octavia displayed little to no signs of suspicion. She was fatigued, sure, but that could only be the result of the mental and emotional pain she had carried around all her life. Silver Tongue, however, was a different matter. She held herself back, as to why Starlight was unsure. This mare, like Starlight had wagered before, had an uptight disposition that would keep her from opening up. The only way she could fix is to get Silver on her level. “Silver Tongue, have you ever felt like somepony out there may be better than you? Have you ever thought that somepony out there may be smarter than you, or stronger than you, or even prettier than you? Isn’t it a shame that most ponies live life thinking they can always be better? If only they knew how hurtful being ‘the best’ could be...” she lamented to the mare. She put on a solemn face and waited for her response eagerly. She hoped that by striking a nerve, Silver’s hard expression would soften and her vulnerability would succumb to Starlight’s teachings.
  4. Pretty good but I have Dawko’s “Dark Desires” song stuck in my head I never understood what that last part meant. They don’t have hoards like dragons do.
  5. Wing hands (guess it’s better than hoof hands)
  6. - The secret Ennard level in Sister Location - Any level with a ton of cliffs in Super Mario 64 DS - Night 6 in FNAF 2 - Any Mario Bros level that has way too many tiny platforms and too many enemies surrounding them
  7. I was forced to learn it in school a dozen times on the computer but I still don’t get it :/
  8. That’s ok. The absence is intriguing enough. Maybe I can get Pencil to notice in some way...🤔
  9. Now that you mentioned the toenails I can’t get that image out of my head 😖
  10. @Loud Opinion I’ll try and post tomorrow. I’ll have to think of something for Starlight to say. I did post in A New Kingdom, though. I was kinda tired when I wrote it but hopefully it’s enough for you to go off of.
  11. @Loud Opinion Granite frowned at the arguing ponies. He wanted to interject but could not find a place to interrupt. He soon gave up trying to stop Silver and Gold and just let them have at it, much to his disappointment. He let his mind wander a bit to keep himself distanced. He wondered how his flowers were doing. They had to travel a long way with him and the flowers had needed extra care to make it through the trip. He hoped they were adjusted to their new home. Most importantly, he hoped they were going to get well taken care of by the next garden pony. Granite was quickly pulled from his thoughts when Limbo whispered to him. Thankfully, Limbo had cut off the argument and the bickering had ceased. He appreciated the effort as any more conflict may have stirred up Thorns. However, the feeling of relief did not last long once Gold decided to leave and slam the door behind him. Granite’s ears flopped down reflexively at the slam that echoed through the halls. If they’re going to continue arguing like that, how are we going to find Blue Thorn? We can’t find if if we can’t talk together Granite worried to himself.