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  1. I don’t know anyone personally who doesn’t like it but I’m sure you’re not the only one. Am I the only one who knows what the “Safety Smart” song from Disney is?
  2. At least 3-4 years ago during the summer. I’m probably off on the years, but anyways, my favorite type of water slide is the one that circles you around for a while. It always managed to make me go backwards, which always made it more fun. Last time you had a popsicle?
  3. And because you “can” you “have to” (Probably the only thing I appreciated coming from Sans)
  4. Listen to rock/metal music. Sometimes I get creative ideas off of it. Favorite music genre?
  5. I like compliments on my art or my writing. Favorite hair color?
  6. No I find that pony creepy The face looks pretty neat, though
  7. It’s impossible for me to say I don’t want attention, because I do, I just don’t like too much attention
  8. The Giver. It made me love the concept of dystopian futures and alternate realities! Favorite cartoon movie?
  9. I have never heard of that “rule” before 🤔
  10. I’m thinking two things: 1. My fingers are tired from typing (using my phone right now doesn’t count cause I was using a real keyboard earlier) 2. Why must I always have one teacher who wants stuff due the same day it’s assigned? Least I was lucky enough not to have to go to work tonight.
  11. I haven’t had any surgery yet, just a broken bone. Last time you misspelled something really terribly?