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  1. How would Big Mac moving out improve his character? If he moves out there's no more character to improve, not to mention losing Big Mac would result in a sizable loss in physical labor, which would have serious ramifications for the farm.
  2. And yet you want him to be with Sugar Belle? Believe me, SugarMac will end up killing Big Mac's characterization. They need to break up for the sake of preserving Big Mac's role in the show.
  3. God, what do you people have against Big Mac?
  4. Ya know what? Buck it. You hate Big Mac so much you want him to move away with his boring girlfriend and never be seen again? Fine. What the buck ever. Rarity is your favorite character right? Fine, let's see the writers give HER a love interest that she might move away with and never be seen again and see how YOU like the thought of it.
  5. According to Equestria Daily, they've recently started showing ads for the movie on TV, but I haven't seen any myself.
  6. "Hire help"? That was a scenario to try and help Rarity feel better and it was Granny Smith in a wig. FIM isn't a show that puts romance at the foreground, except for TWO examples. I've said before that Sugar Belle has poor standards, and Hard To Say Anything proves this after she actually did something smart by turning away both suitors after what they did, only to take Big Mac back after he fixed up her shop, which he entered WITHOUT her permission, even ignoring the episode's hammock scene. That was technically sexual harassment. NO girl in their right mind should ever accept that.
  7. So, basically screw the farm and screw his own family. Big Mac ever leaving the farm would be highly detrimental. If that happened, Applejack would be the only able-bodied pony on the farm, as Granny is too old and Apple Bloom is too young. And as stated very early on, "One pony plus HUNDREDS of apple trees just doesn't add up." Big Mac himself said that. Face it, Sugar Belle needs to go for the farm's own good.
  8. You mean the stallion who's pretty obviously in a relationship, if not outright married?
  9. I remember a fanfic where Big Mac starts spending so much time with Sugar Belle (I still hate this pairing btw) that it starts to strain his close friendship with Spike. Could this really happen in the show?
  10. Eh, to be fair, since that was Zeph's first and so far only appearance, i'm a bit more lenient on it.
  11. At first, I thought Sugar Belle was cute. Then Hard to Say Anything happened, and I realize she has no standards. So, two guys fight over you and you kick them both out. Okay, that's actually a fair reaction. But then one of those guys basically breaks into your shop, albeit to fix it up, and suddenly everything's hunky-bucking-dory between you and you start going out with him? Uh-uh. Nope. No way in the deepest darkest most fiery pits of Tartarus does that even BEGIN to work!
  12. Episode was great. .....But that damn Sugar Belle cameo.
  13. For the love of Celestia, Sugar Belle, would you GET LOST!? I don't need to be reminded of that horrible episode and your lack of personality compared to Cheerilee!
  14. One thing that confused me about Daring Done was the fact that Pinkie Pie and A.K Yearling/Daring Do apparently knew each other. I understand that Pinkie is.....well, Pinkie, but Stranger Than Fanfiction, which aired just last year, implied that Dash and Twilight were still the only 2 members of the mane 6 to know A.K personally, let alone know her secret.
  15. He IS Thorax's brother and, at least visually, he's half way between Thorax and a normal changeling.