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  1. "OTOH, this episode takes place inside a nightclub" ......Uh, no. It's the Hayburger.
  2. Twilight: My dreams were shattered years ago. Spike: How many years ago, Twi? Twilight: How old are you?
  3. Dr. House vs. Dr. Cox snark off. Who wins?

    1. Dustlicious


      Dr. House wins snark contests by default.

    2. FeatherStream


      Dr house any day!

  4. News straight from Tommy Davidson himself, The Proud Family is back! Originally from 2001-2005 (first premiering just a few short days after 9/11 actually), i'm curious how this'll go as the references humor and lingo of the era that is so integral has since become very outdated.
  5. Ah Saturday Morning Cartoons. How i miss thee. For me, my favorite is a tie between One Saturday Morning, Kids WB, and the different incarnations of Fox Kids. (Fox Kids, Fox Box CW4Kids, etc)