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  1. I'm surprised the Nostalgia Critic hasn't reviewed Home. It's a good movie in my opinion, but i understand if it's not for everyone.

  2. ggg-2

    Food Is anypony a chocoholic?

    Yes, yes i am. I'm maybe one of the few people to absolutely love white chocolate. Also, fun fact: dark chocolate is scientifically proven to deter Atherosclerosis. Bonus!
  3. ggg-2

    Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    Future Is Wild was a bust. How about Psych: The Musical?
  4. ggg-2

    Ask the Mane 6

    Twilight, did Shining Armor ever tell you what it was like for him meeting Luna for the first time after her return?
  5. ggg-2

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    How strong is the human Big Mac? The pony version can lift a stove single hoofed.
  6. Matter Of Principals is the next episode in order anyway, so who cares?
  7. ggg-2

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    I wish i could show Sci-Twi pictures of the Equestrian versions of Big Mac and Shining Armor.
  8. ggg-2

    Ask the Mane 6

    Does Equestria have anything similar to the concept of godparents?
  9. Bulk can actually fly. Scootaloo outright can't. So no.
  10. ggg-2

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    Has Sunset helped you? Here's a couple interesting points: The pony versions of Applejack's brother Big Mac and your brother Shining Armor are considerably bulkier than the human versions. But both versions of Bulk Biceps are of similar size.
  11. ggg-2

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    Is Sci-Twi still interested in learning more about Equestria?
  12. My OC is a very dedicated godfather to Shining Armor and Cadence's foals (in my canon they have more than just Flurry Heart) and messing with his godfoals is a good way to really set him off.
  13. ggg-2

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    Things are better now between Sunset and our Celestia. Has she ever talked about.....y'know, wanting to go home more often?
  14. ggg-2

    Ask the Equestria Girls & Spike

    Sci-Twi, your version of Shining Armor has a lot in Crystal Prep. How did he react when you transferred to Canterlot high, Crystal Prep's biggest rival?
  15. ggg-2

    Ask the Mane 6

    Did you know there was a rumor that the Staff of Sacanas used to be owned by Scorpan?