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  1. Santa Clause triple feature anyone?
  2. Gonna take a wild guess and assume none of the Librarian movies are appropriate enough?
  3. Shadow Lock, the main "antagonist" of the comic's "Into The Shadows" arc, which was stated to be a direct tie-in to season 7, was stated to be descended from a "great evil from the past", an evil that turned out to be the Pony of Shadows, AKA Stygian. So, guessing the answer is yes.
  4. Brotherhooves Social was one of my favorite episodes and I've been wondering, should they expand on Big Mac's inferiority complex towards Applejack?
  5. As everyone has said, it doesn't fit a character like Shining Armor. Besides, we've already had an inferiority complex episode with Big Mac.
  6. Flash Magnus, definitely. He's definitely the Dashie of the group and he'd be totes fun to just chillax and have a cider with. (heck, Dash did just that and they practically became best friends in like 5 seconds)
  7. Nascar driver Clint Bowyer and actor R. Lee Ermey were born here. Emporia, Kansas is also the founding city of Veterans Day.
  8. Movies/TV

    EVERYBODY from Teen Titans Go. Not even Raven is safe. Yeah, SOMETIMES Rae is the voice of reason to these idiots, but she usually just goes along with whatever stupid crap the others are up to, and is reduced to a stupid exploitative "Bronies exist!" joke, which i'm 99% sure is just because she's voiced by Tara.
  9. Uh, Scooby Doo and Corpse Bride are still on the list, even though we just watched them.
  10. After To Change a Changeling, I think Thorax would be great at teaching Kindergarten.
  11. Damn, between this and Sunburst going to Canterlot without saying goodbye, no wonder Glimmy went nuts.
  12. Spoiler

    Not exactly counting on it, but I really hope season 8 finally DOES SOMETHING with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Unlike every other time they've redeemed characters, this time so far it feels like reforming them was a waste of time. Hell, they haven't even had lines at all since Lost Mark.
  13. Spoiler

    I kinda want an episode with Spike and friends attempting to coax Stygian into joining guys' night, maybe even getting Thorax and Pharynx involved. Most, if not all of them have made poor decisions in the past, such as Spike's greed nearly wrecking Ponyville in Secret of My Excess, Big Mac (though it was mostly AJ) nearly putting the farm's business traditions on the line, Thorax and Pharynx having followed Chrysalis, and Discord being.....well, Discord. It would show Stygian that he's not alone, leading to a nice "nobody's perfect" Aesop.
  14. October 10th 2010 was 3 days before my 18th birthday.
  15. I don't think it's that he has trouble communicating or has a dislike of it. Where The Apple Lies shows that he talked all the time when he was younger, the problem was, he didn't know when to shut the hell up, and it nearly got him in a heap of trouble and almost hot his leg amputated, so he learned that there are times to speak and times to butt out.