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  1. Apparently CNN has reported that Rapunzel's imprisonment in Tangled in much like our current quarantine. An.....apt comparison.

  2. I love Bob's Burgers, but its animation style does not look good on any other show.

  3. "Captain Wuzz" If Discord had consciously put any effort into his O&O name, i'm sure he would have gone with Sir Real. :laugh:

  4. While i can't speak for myself, in the spirit of April Fool's Day, what is the worst/dumbest prank you ever fell for? Doesn't have to be for April Fool's Day.
  5. Just watch an interview between Charlyne Yi and Conan O'brien. Apparently she went to Sri Lanka and everyone thought she was a man. ......Are you kidding me right now?

  6. You know a lot of people are playing New Horizons right now when you see Bunny Day trending on Twitter.

  7. Derpibooru's layout is all 90's-y right now. I was confused for a second but then i remembered what tomorrow is. :P

  8. I mean no offense to the Japanese, but sometimes i wonder if manga creators know how hormones and the human body work. Take Black Clover or My Hero Academia. 15 year old can't get that ripped.

    1. Kujamih


      Yes they do...believe me. Especially the plot... I thought.... Plots cant grow that big at that age! Then i saw a 14 year old with big plots.

    2. CypherHoof
  9. Why do chicken coops have two doors?


    Because if they had 4 they'd be chicken sedans! :mlp_icwudt:


    1. CypherHoof


      If it was for rabbits, would it also have a hutchback?

  10. Wonder if we were wrong about Weekenders. Disney said it would be added to Disney+ "soon" back in November and it's now the last day of March.

  11. Weird question, but should serious "comics" even be called comics? The serious nature, in theory, actually goes against meaning of the word.
  12. Been watching the Netflix Carmen Sandiego series and i gotta admit, listening to Chase Devineaux shout "Le Femme Rouge!" every time he appears gets really annoying. :dry: