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  1. Um, didn't Twilight already know about the library's restricted area in It's About Time, way back in season 2?
  2. For Pokémon players, what are your thoughts on the Nuzlocke challenge idea? I for one can't stand the idea. Why don't people play the games as intended instead of doing these overdone challenges that, from my standpoint, just make the game more annoying rather than harder.
  3. Why talk about this here? Them's Fighting Herds has nothing to do with MLP. (anymore at least)
  4. Remember the beginning of Twilight's Kingdom? A prophetic dream like the one she had of Tirek wouldn't be out of the question.
  5. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    I don't like this concept either. The members of the Mane Cast have goals and jobs of their own and being teachers doesn't factor into that. Besides, out of all of them, Twilight is the only one really qualified for it.
  6. When you really think about it, the song Days Gone By is incredibly depressing. Not only is the opening line subtly referring to Bright Mac and Buttercup (who we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt are dead), but the line "Our paths will cross again one day in time to reunite" is not so subtly implying that they'll be together again in death.

  7. No idea. Quote: "Go. Live your dream." "I will." "Your dream stinks. I was talking to her."
  8. Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    Gonna revise my previous suggestion from last week and request a double feature of Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie and The Wild Thornberrys Movie.
  9. Just going by facial expression alone, Sandbar in particular seems really laidback.
  10. Sometimes I wonder if Tempest would have been even more intimidating if Emily Blunt had used her natural British accent.

  11. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    In the Sun and Moon arc, rather than travel the islands of Alola and do the Island Challenge like he normally would, Ash decides to enroll in a Pokémon school and do the trials on the side. Yeah.
  12. episode discussion S08:E01+02 - School Daze

    First Pokémon becomes all about school, now MLP? These new characters better be interesting.
  13. For anyone who has seen the leaks, what are their personalities like? Sandbar looks like he's either incredibly laid-back or timid, but I can't tell which.
  14. MLP: Season 8 premieres March 24th!

    Yeah, this doesn't match up with the TV listing, but remember, Hasbro themselves don't decide what airs when, the channels themselves do. Hence why we have summer hiatuses.