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  1. *Boop!*


    1. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      *Boops back!* Hiya, @ChB /)


    2. ChB


      Hi, @Ethan Tran! ^^

      How is everything?

  2. I'm saying hi to the pony with the latest status update. 

  3. Ethan Tran

    How often do you view your own profile?

    ...All the time, while on forums. I mostly looking there to see who was visiting my page and thinking that maybe they're wanted to talk, but too shy to do so..
  4. Can't really remember all those NES games .. I was too young. But the first ones that I own, where a couple of PS1 games: Parasite Eve 2 Fighting Force 2 Spyro 2. as for PC it was GTA 3.
  5. Ethan Tran

    Singers needed

    c'mon, pips! she isn't asking for a professional VA. just give it a try if you have a good mic.
  6. Your avatar is adorable.

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    2. AveryGamerDude


      I second that notion!

    3. Califorum


      I wish that equestria girls would have the style of things, as your avatar is.

    4. AveryGamerDude


      Yesss MLP should be an anime.

  7. Ethan Tran

    Dropped plot points

    I always thought that they'll make a school out of that castle of two sisters.. but they never did. so maybe there'll be a new library with archives? or we just have to wait for a new giant villain, to destroy that place to dust? idk. but I agree, that because of different writers and directors and hasbro plans on mlp, we see what we see now. same goes to CMC. maybe young actresses who voiced them didn't have much time, maybe they think that they show enough of young creatures in the show, so CMC is no longer needed that much of airtime to appeal to the youngest auditory. all and all. you should ask these questions to the creators of the show, if you really want to know the answer.. write them a letter or sth. maybe that'll change sth. who knows...
  8. c'mon guys! are you serious? it's just a joke moment, referring to old cartoons like Tom&Jerry, mostly all old Disney shows and such. example: this moment with Snips and Snails is not cannon, just a funny ref. imho of course, but I don't see how cutiemark would be on the fur... so y'all saying, that the fur is glowing...
  9. Ethan Tran

    What's your Element (of Harmony)?

    Generosity. I always think of helping and supporting others first.
  10. Thanks for the follow! Glad I could help with the music. ^_^

  11. did you even seen a picture of a horse (pony) up close? their body hair isn't that long, to cover a cutiemark (which is some sort of magical tattoo?). so you'll see that "tamed" pony with a cutiemark all the time. only their mane is pretty long. body hair is too short. so even if you shave one, there'll be not much difference.
  12. Ethan Tran

    A few Cadance questions.

    well I assumed, that you watched the show. just have some questions, that you didn't understand.. She got her alicorn wings, same as Twi. Twilight became an alicorn, because she's discovered the new magic. (Friendship) and Cadence got her wings, because she was born with the unique magic (Love). I'm not an expert in the storyline myself. so maybe someone will answers your question more accurate. mlp.wikia is always at your service tho. p.s. I said. she was a babysitter for Twi... but I thought you've watched the show, so you knew what she was looked like... She's wasn't a royal blood like Celestia and Luna.. but special indeed. but that's just my observation. maybe incorrect in some aspects. hope that's ok with you.
  13. Ethan Tran

    A few Cadance questions.

    did you even watched the series?)) she was a babysitter for Twi, and that's how she befriend with Shining. Her magic is unique to their world. the magic of love.
  14. yeah. he's a student that was graduated, but he's continues to work in the school, same as Cadence, but not that high in rank as she. same as in Pony world (she's a Princess and he was just a newbie royal guard captain). so it's ok for them to get married in some time. cause we already know, that EqG timeline is a bit behind, than the Pony universe is.
  15. Ethan Tran

    Make up a lie about yourself

    I hate Derpy and I'm not related to her in any way.