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  1. Tacodidra

    Will S9 get leaked?

    Regarding leaks, I would assume and hope Hasbro has fixed security after last year's disaster... But I think advance airings in random countries are pretty much inevitable at this point – season 8 was an incredible mess, at least in the earlier seasons it was mostly one non-US country premiering episodes rather than several...
  2. Tacodidra

    Favourite letter in alphabet?

    Pretty difficult to choose... I agree on Q being an interesting letter. There's also something cool about X. However, after careful consideration (not really), I'll have to give W another vote – I don't know why but I like the sound it represents!
  3. *Poke* SpongeBob laugh ~

    1. Tacodidra


      *pokes back* :P

      I hope your day has been good, my friend! :fluttershy:

    2. S. Fury

      S. Fury

      Yeeeeeeeeee! Thanks, friend! :catface:

    3. Tacodidra


      I'm very glad to hear that! :rarity:

  4. Awesome sassy saddles profile pic bro. 

    1. Tacodidra


      Thank you, my friend! :yay: As I already had Rarity (three times in fact) and Coco on my avatar, I figured it was time to have the third member of Team Manehattan there! :grin:

  5. Tacodidra

    "A Rockhoof and a Hard Place" Review

    Another well-written review! And I can say the same about the episode itself – Kaita Mpambara has really had an amazing start as a writer on MLP. The subject matter was indeed surprisingly dark, but they handled it well. As for comparisons to past episodes, the theme of the episode reminded me very slightly of "Flutter Brutter", though this episode was a lot better than that one... Finally seeing the Pillars again was great – when I first heard of the School of Friendship concept a little before season 8 started, I expected them to teach there, but that never happened (except briefly in this episode). And hearing the phrase "best pony" on an episode was quite nice! Season 8 had so many strong episodes, especially in the latter half of the season, that I'm not sure how exactly I'd rank them, but I agree on this being at least one of the best!
  6. Tacodidra

    A review of "The Washouts"

    One of my favorite episodes in season 8! I think this is one of the episodes that really show how Rainbow Dash has developed as a character. Sure, Scootaloo liking the Washouts more than the Wonderbolts was a big deal to her, so being number one is still important to her, but more importantly, she genuinely cares about Scootaloo and her wellbeing, while acknowledging she has to let her make her own decisions. I agree with you on this being the highlight of the episode. It had both funny and emotional moments, which is something I've always thought MLP does well.
  7. Tacodidra

    Music Any Imagine Dragons fans?

    Not sure if I'd quite call myself a fan (I haven't really listened through their discography or anything), but they do have some nice songs. The ones in your top two happen to be my favorites from them too, though I prefer "Demons" to "Believer".
  8. Tacodidra

    Last thing you posted on social media

    This post, and before that, I replied to a couple of status updates here. On other social media besides forums, nothing.
  9. Tacodidra

    How pretty would you say Rarity is?

    As a Rarity fan, I might be biased... but I'd say 10/10. She's not only beautiful in appearance but an amazing pony all around! As for her being pretty, I find her color scheme the most appealing from an aesthetic view (that's not to say the others aren't appealing too but in different ways, such as Pinkie's mane and coat colors being cute, Rainbow Dash's being striking...). The eyeshadow... I wouldn't say that affects it much, as she wouldn't look that different without it. The only pony that I find rivals Rarity in beauty alone is Octavia.
  10. Tacodidra

    Do you think the show has too many fan serives?

    I agree, and I think that worked very well as a one-off! There are of course some scenes that the crew must have realized would appeal to the fandom (usually short gags like Derpy's various appearances), but I think all of those have been good. As long as they don't feel out of place, I'm glad to see them in the show.
  11. Tacodidra

    Our Town vs Vanhoover

    The mustache team is cool... But still, Granny Smith, Twilight's friend and one of the best singing ponies are too tough for them to beat – or at least that's what I think.
  12. Tacodidra

    Crystal Empire vs Samnambula

    Probably the toughest vote for me yet. In the end, I went with the cuteness of Team Somnambula.
  13. Tacodidra

    Saddle Arabia vs Cloudsdale

    Poor Scootaloo... that's all I can say. I hate voting against her, but what can I do when she's against one of the Mane 6...
  14. Tacodidra

    Dream Realm vs Manehattan

    Not just one Rarity but two? That's simply fabulous! The other team has quite a good line-up too, but Team Manehattan is my choice. Rarity is always dazzling, Coco is adorable and Sassy is a good pony too – that's all I need!
  15. Tacodidra

    Depression and Unmotivation

    You're not worthless at all – you're a great friend and fun to talk to! I'm sure a lot of people here agree on that! It's good to hear that you're doing something to get through this. In addition to talking to the psychologist, it's a very good idea to work on the personal project (to the extent you feel like doing it, not to overwork yourself) – something concrete to do and a goal you've set for yourself. And doing things you like is also good – if it makes you feel better, I'd say it's definitely worth it! I hope things get better for you soon, my friend!