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  1. The Hot and Spicy flavor... I completely agree! There are a lot of things I could post here, some of them probably too bizarre... The first one I could think of that wasn't completely inappropriate was BonBon – a Danish candy brand that really likes using disgusting themes for their candy bags.
  2. Have an adorable Coco, my friend!  :coco:

    Coco Pommel adorable.jpg

    1. Tacodidra


      Thanks, my friend! ^_^ Coco makes every day a better one! :coco:


  3. @Cwanky What an adorable taco Fluttershy... 489278
  4. Thanks for the brohoofs silly Taco!

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      You're welcome, my friend! ^_^ You deserve them all! :squee:

  5. @Tacodidra You have the most brohoofs given and I have the most hugs given!

    *hugs for you*


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      *brohoofs* :LunaMCM:

      I can't help it, it's fun giving them! :yay:

  6. 488995 *noms @Flutterstep's tail again*
  7. My favorite music was released from the 60s to the early 21st century. There are also many songs I like from the 50s, but I rarely listen to ones from earlier than that. Out of curiosity, I've listened to some earlier stuff too, including a couple of songs that were released in the late 19th century. However, I don't really find it something I'd go back to after hearing it once. As for the earliest song I've heard more than once... I heard a Finnish song from 1905 on the radio a few years ago. It's absolutely terrible, but I've listened to it a few times for laughs.
  8. Does "What a Cartoon!" count? I really loved those shorts as a kid – though it was quite a task to see many of them, since they were only shown as filler between other programs by that point. The pilots of the various later shows were fun – especially the "Dexter's Laboratory" one, which looked a lot better than the series itself (the animation was much livelier). Not to mention the various forgotten one-shots and random characters – "Tales of Worm Paranoia" was enjoyable in its weirdness, and the Pat Ventura shorts (particularly Yuckie Duck) were also quite funny. And there was quite a lot of variation... we even got an extremely different CGI short out of nowhere ("Strange Things"). It's been so many years since I saw them that I'm not sure how well they've held up, but I definitely liked most of them back then. Having looked at a list of the shorts, there are a few I never managed to see – I guess I'll have to do that soon!
  9. The Mega Drive games are my favorites, partially for nostalgic reasons. Sonic 2 is the one that had the biggest impact on me (being one of the first games I ever played), but ignoring that, I probably enjoyed Sonic & Knuckles the most. Out of the later games, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is my favorite – again nostalgia plays a big role, as it was my first 3D platformer.
  10. I've never had one of those... Though a Swedish company makes similar ones without the yolk – they're absolutely delicious! 488924
  11. 488903 I wish I had some chocol8...