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  1. The 3DS had a phenomenal run. I bought mine on launch day by complete accident, but I don't regret that decision. The Virtual Console and backwards compatibility with original DS games made it even more versatile. Pokemon fans had a field day with it, since you could play all regions at the time in some form. I spent most of time with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Pokémon X and Super Smash Bros.
  2. That could be true, but if they went out of their way to fix very minor things, I feel that they definitely could've taken a step further. It didn't stop them when the original Super Mario All-Stars came out in 1993. It's just a nitpick really, but I feel that it was a missed opportunity.
  3. Most of my excitement is towards the 3D All-Stars collection. I only ever played a bit of Sunshine, so I'll finally be able to complete it. I played plenty of the other two, but it'll be nice to have them on Switch. I do wish that they updated the visuals in Super Mario 64 more and made it widescreen. It just looks even more jarring than the other two.
  4. @Lord Valtasar Neato! I'm also really digging the Sunset and Trixie plushies in the background.
  5. I would like you to draw me a sandwich tap dancing over a volcano on a Tuesday.
  6. @Sherbie-kun <3 Thanks! I'm thinking of keeping it. You look fine too.
  7. Less active, yes. Dying, I wouldn't say so. The show did end almost a year ago, so I'm not too surprised that things aren't as lively as they once were. Once more new content comes out, I think things will start to become more active.
  8. My hometown is pretty peaceful for the most part. It's more towards the country, but we have really good spots for sightseeing, so it's nice. Much better than my old town, which had problems with gangs and all that garbage.
  9. It's a really fun game once you get into it. The only real issue is that since it's very reliant on communication, the community can be a bit of a handful sometimes.
  10. Out of my collection I have the most Twilight merchandise, which I'm quite proud of. I wuld like to get more Sunset related items. I only have two at the moment, but I'm hoping to get that number higher.
  11. Sure, I don't meet the demographic, but I can watch whatever the hell I want to.
  12. If you think this is fluffy, you should see it when it grows out.
  13. This pleasantly surprised me. I played a lot of the Definitive Edition, but they have so many new opportunities with this version. I guess it also means that the Breath of the Wild art style has expanded into its own series. Kind of like how Wind Waker did.
  14. I bought Among Us on Steam and it's a really interesting game. Probably going spend a lot more time on it.