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  1. Most of my trouble was with the Totem WishiWashi. I went in pretty unprepared and didn't really have anything to counter it, especially since it was really early in the game. I actually had to go back and train a Magnemite to defeat it. Aside from than that, I had no problems with the other totem battles.
  2. Whomst be flooding me with notifications? :P

  3. I've logged in almost every day since I joined, which was almost three years ago. I don't seriously see myself leaving, unless the site becomes unbearably inactive or something along those lines.
  4. I've only played Devil May Cry 3 and the reboot, with DMC3 being my favourite. It's a real satisfying game to play and always manages to keep you on your toes. I have also seen the anime, which I thought was pretty good. Shame it was only one season long.
  5. Hello everyone. I'm back after a while. I don't know why I left myself, but I was gone for a while because I felt that people didn't care and whatnot. Anyways, I'm happy to br back.

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    2. King of Canterlot

      King of Canterlot

      Welcome back Comrade! :wub:I like the new profile pic too! Twi looks adorable! :ticking:

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      Welcome back, my friend! :D *hugs*

    4. Stormfury 🌩️
  6. Her loyalty, without a doubt. That's a quality which I struggle to see in people these days, so I can definitely admire that in Rainbow. Her cocky personality also reminds me a bit of myself, so I can't help but find that enjoyable.
  7. I have considered it several times and while I'm not sure if I'll ever follow up with it, I guess it isn't a bad way of supporting myself and being able to serve a purpose.
  8. I remember in my very first year of school, we did a play for Christmas towards the end of the year. I played a random background character who had one line. It was such a lifeless role, that I got the part without even needing to audition.
  9. If you asked me a while ago I'd probably say no, but now that I have found love for the first seems a lot more complicated than such a simple answer.
  10. I couldn't tell you, since I have about 170 games on my wishlist. Most of which I'll never have the time and money to buy or play.
  11. This came completely out of the left field, but I'm definitely not against it. I liked the original, so if things keep look promising, I'll probably grab myself a copy of this one as well.
  12. While Spike was often the butt of jokes and whatnot, I don't really see it being a bad influence for kids. Kids know a lot more than what we give them credit for and I don't think it would leave that much of an effect on them, other than maybe a laugh at best.
  13. *boops*

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      okay hold on i'm gonna put my switch to charger first :3

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      No worries. :)

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      gates should be open now

  14. I haven't played much of the Castlevania series, with the exception of the first game. I enjoy watching people play through it though, since the premise of the series is actually really neat. I'm totally fine with just watching them, but I'd be open to playing them for myself.
  15. Sorry for never responding - I didn't see this until now. I don't need any villagers at the moment, but I do appreciate the offer. I've had Pango, Prince and Ellie move to my island, so Unicornia is definitely starting to feel more alive. I also started the wedding event and it's been pretty neat so far. I've nearly payed off my loan as well, so I have another house upgrade to look forward to.