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  1. Another late Halloween pic. This next costume practically works during any time of the year. The colours make this one look very tender in that sense of the word... not the meat kind. Sunset as a ranch hand. I don't know why large breasts are becoming so popular with EQG fanart as of late. I mean, cleavage is fine so long as you don't exaggerate it and go completely overboard. Also, you pretty much figured out that this is behind a spoiler tag due to my choice of words. Now this is more like it. It's been over a week since Holidays Unwrapped so screenshots and fanart related to it don't need spoiler tags unless they are suggestive.
  2. I know that a lot of people don't like the Holiday 2014 special but I'm actually one of those who does enjoy it despite the obvious problems it has. I appreciate it for what it was trying to do with the source material and the fact that they went with Equestria Girls as opposed to Friendship is Magic.
  3. @Dawn-Sunlight Looking at Spike and Discord, the two who have opposable thumbs as well as hands, it all begins to make sense. Have an official Sunset petting simulator. Note, the term 'official' may not be accurate and shouldn't be taken seriously. Trick or Treat? I know Halloween was a week ago as of this post but it's still appropriate for this fan club. The ultimate costume for Sunset. Why didn't this one get more attention on Derpibooru!? It's a crime I say! And another Halloween themed pic and one with a spoiler tag.
  4. Single... eternally single though it doesn't bother me.
  5. Group shot time. Why are most of them doing a specific pose? I don't know. It's best to ask the artist. Just when you thought Sunset couldn't be more adorable... Then again... A shame that this one didn't get as much attention on Derpibooru. I personally like it. Sunset, you and Twilight might want to get out of there. Sunset's costume that she wore during Bulk Bicep's party. And the suggestive version of it. Ghostly Sunset... That's what the description on Derpibooru says. Is this suggestive? Very much so.
  6. My first game would have been on the old Acornsoft computer from the early 1980s. Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact one as it was well over thirty years ago
  7. Time for me to lock this thread and thereby end this trivia. Thank you to everyone who took part. When is the next one you ask? If there isn't one scheduled for this month, it's going to be next month for sure.
  8. Sunset is Twilight 2.0 and Starlight is Twilight 3.0. Sure, both of them now have their own distinct personalities, but they both started out as Twilight clones in a sense. I've already read some fanfiction regarding Luster Dawn so I know people have warmed up to her.
  9. It's about time I changed my avatar to reflect Holidays Unwrapped.

    1. Dawn-Sunlight


      I love it! :awwthanks:

    2. Cash In

      Cash In

      Very cute avatar!

  10. She's essentially Twilight Sparkle version 4.0 but with a couple of traits from both Sunset and Starlight. She definitely has my approval whether what I said about her personality is true or not since Luster will be known as the final new character introduced in the show.
  11. Now it's my turn to reply to my own thread. It wasn't until today (As of me typing this.) that I finally got to watch Holidays Unwrapped, and I've got to say that these were some of the best shorts that Equestria Girls created. The long length for each one allowed for many characters to shine, provide conflict, resolution, twists, and even comedic moments. I also liked how there was a consistency throughout, namely each short focused on the holiday season. I can also tell that the staff and animators had a field day with the one short involving Sunset leaving her keys behind for that storage locker. The same with the snowball war as that was inspired by Saving Private Ryan. Oh, and kudos for them referencing previous EQG specials through both dialogue and visual references. The last short feels like a final send-off especially during those last few moments. Did I cry? Of course not as I don't that kind of thing with a cartoon... on the outside. In my heart, I feel sad knowing that this was the final hurrah for MLP generation four. I mean, Hasbro could always task Boulder Media to work on some more EQG content but I don't know if they will be allowed to do so. For what's worth, Equestria Girls was a wild ride from start to finish and I'm glad I was a part of it. One thing does come to mind. I know people would prefer an animated conclusion, but what if the IDW comics could do something about it? EQG has been heavily underrepresented when it comes to the comics so perhaps this could be an opportunity?
  12. You're not too late. Either Jedi, Lord Valtasar, Denim, or I will be locking this thread tomorrow night to signal the end of the trivia.
  13. If you look closely, you can see that the 'wings' look awfully familiar. Halloween may be over now for 2019 but some pics dedicated to the holiday still remain, like this one here of Sunset. The mummy lives as they say though this mummy is on the suggestive side. Bunny girl Sunset. It's not as suggestive as it looks but I'll use the tag all the same. Sunset and Sci-Twi. Arguably the most iconic of all the unicorns. I said arguably because Rarity isn't featured. Now this is just super adorable.
  14. TIL Ganondorf8 was first called Prince Darkness Gannon in the original Zelda game.

    Triva: Dorf is German for a little village.