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  1. Sunset is very happy over receiving a secret valentine. Sunset and Pinkie Pie. An adorable double proposal. Sunset and Sci-Twi. Hmmm... What the latter is wearing doesn't look right in terms of the design. There's something about it that screams completely off. Of course, Princess Twilight herself makes for an excellent companion for Sunset to hang out with. Case in point. An original outfit for Sunset this time around. I can definitely believe that it would've been something she'd have worn in Equestria Girls. I can relate to Sunset when it comes to trying to get something to work right only to struggle with it.
  2. A late Valentine's Day pic to start things off from me. It's best to not disturb these two if at all possible. I don't think I've seen a sleeping pic quite like this one before. This is adorable and also something girl friends enjoy doing on their spare time. Will you accept? So many Valentine's Day pics I didn't share close to the day in question yet are now showing up in my catalog now. This one in particular does have a suggestive version but I feel that this one works better. Wubcake is getting easier to figure out in terms of recognizing her art style. Of course, having her name at the bottom of the pic doesn't hurt either.
  3. Imagine that... I do get to lock this thread after all. Thanks again to all those who took part in this trivia.
  4. Nah, it's okay. I'm not one of those people who wants to get every badge that ever existed on the forums. I strive to get whatever badges are within reason for me without having to go through all kinds of obstacles. Besides, you know what I've been going through this past week so I needed to focus on that.
  5. Normally, I'd be the one who locks the trivia thread, but I'm going to allow the one who created it to have that glory. As for me, I'm going to kick back a little and wait for the next trivia to come around. Hopefully, I can make that one and not have to deal with personal stuff.
  6. And here I was thinking of the other coronation that occurred during the epilogue.
  7. Allow me to once again lead the way. I just had to include this one because of what it represents. They say that turn about is fair play and Sunset finally got her chance. Obligatory Sunset swimsuit image... suggestive to quite a large degree. They say that drinking coconut water/milk is very refreshing. I personally wouldn't know as I've never had the stuff. When artists have the urge to draw Sunset, they go ahead and do so to varying degrees. I think we all know what Sunset is trying to do here.
  8. If anyone needs an extension, you'll have to send a message to Lord Valtasar this time around. It will be the same deal as when anyone asks me for the same thing so if you feel like you need it, ask him and he should grant the extension. Anyway, this should be ending sometime tomorrow if my calculations are accurate.
  9. Ohhhh… So that's what that final badge is for. And here I thought it would be nothing more than a decorative piece no one could get. Yes, that was what I thought and I'm sticking with it because it sounds weird. Anyway, I know nothing about how this sub-event works so don't ask me anything about it. It's probably too late for me to attempt this but I hope those who took part had fun.
  10. It's possible. Again, I have no involvement in any of these sub-events so I don't know what was planned. It's a real mystery.
  11. I'm not sure why it's not being given out either seeing as the badge has been registered in the awards section. It could be for some current unknown purpose... or just there to be gazed upon without anyone able to use it.
  12. It will be the same four day time span which is given to most trivia events. Since this one started the other day, people will have until this Tuesday to submit their answers.
  13. Here is Sunset dressed up as Adora of She-Ra fame. And as expected, here is Sunset as She-Ra herself. Sunset with Princess Celestia though this one is suggestive and not just because of their outfits. Sunset enjoying a cup of coffee. Truly, she has fully embraced the human culture. This one also has a suggestive version but I personally like the one here which isn't suggestive. A suggestive version of a pic I've shared here before.
  14. I have to respectfully decline to take part in this year's festivities for reasons known only to myself and members of staff. I hope everyone else enjoys the occasion though I suspect things are going to get weird with the CMC doing their usual shenanigans. Actually, I hope it becomes more chaotic.
  15. Are you all surprised that I wasn't the one who did this? Well, originally, I was going to host the trivia, but something personal came up and so I had to bow out of not just the trivia, but all of the sub-events involving Hearts and Hooves Day. Please do not inquire as to what's going on with me. Thank you. Anyway, I'm not surprised at the lack of Equestria Girls questions since the occasion never really affected EQG that much if at all.