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  1. It'd be kind of funny if Celestia and Luna got called by the map.
  2. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    @Sparklefan1234 It's one of those moments that you don't miss yet it never gets brought up again so you're likely to forget it ever happened.
  3. Suppose the Mane 6 were turned evil.

    I've heard good things about that particular story arc though I haven't read it myself. I really should one of these days as I'm doing myself a disservice by not.
  4. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    @Sparklefan1234 I was thinking of Clover the Clever and Sunset's little joke about him in Forgotten Friendship.
  5. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    I must once again take matters into my own hands. Get this reference? This is a different version of one of my all-time favourite pieces of Sunset fanart. Casual perhaps? Yarr!
  6. Suppose the Mane 6 were turned evil.

    The IDW comics did this idea already though the canonicity is questionable as this was before the comics became closer to the show in terms of overall story. However, that shouldn't prevent anyone from coming up with their own take of what the Mane Six would be like were they to turn to darkness.
  7. Would it be possible for Celestia to have a daughter?

    I don't see why she couldn't be capable of conceiving a child. However, I don't think she would have had the time given her duty to Equestria comes first before her own personal desires--though she is trying to change this habit a little bit. Also, who would've been worthy enough to be her betrothed?
  8. i was right about the brony fandom being dead

    Maybe the decline did happen in 2015 and no sooner than that. What I mentioned before is what I've been hearing from others but not my own opinion on the subject.
  9. episode discussion S08:E06 - Surf and/or Turf

    This episode featured a lot of lore surrounding both Mt. Aris and Seaquestria, and I had to listen to the explanation a few times in order for it to completely sink in. I'm surprised that the Pearl of Transformation was split up between the two worlds though I wish they had referred to it as such instead of what they did. Also, I am aware that Queen Novo was only mentioned by name and didn't make an actual appearance. I'm not annoyed by this as it would be difficult to feature her and Princess Skystar without having to alter their appearances to work with Flash as opposed to Toon Boom Harmony in addition to their voices needing to be different.I liked how Apple Bloom was the only one of the CMC who didn't do anything wrong when it came to dealing with the problem surrounding Terramar--it was pretty obvious that he was their mission given he had a name as well as a unique body type compared to the generic hippogriffs. Both Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo meant well but it was clear that they were forcing their opinions on him rather than choosing to help him. We also got some development for the CMC despite what happened in the episode and it shows that they still have their disagreements. Apple Bloom made for an interesting voice of reason and her one expression really stuck out in my mind knowing that the others completely screwed up.Princess Twilight... The adorkable side of her character returned in full as she was clearly more interested in having fun rather than taking care of the business she had come to deal with. I did find it weird that both the hippogriffs and seaponies went gaga over her appearance--nice reference via Silverstream--but it wasn't a distraction and it gave Her Highness extra credentials. In terms of the conflict, Twilight didn't really need to do much of anything other than give the CMC a helpful nudge, but from another perspective, she wasn't essential to the episode and could've been excluded entirely. But, the CMC needed a chaperone and Twilight made the most sense given she is the main character.I'm sure people noticed this in the credits but Scootaloo had a different singing voice. I take that Madeline Peters no longer has the vocal range to be able to sing in her previous capacity so the job was given to someone else instead? Age no doubt was the prime reason for this. Speaking of the song, I definitely didn't expect it to happen so it was a pleasant surprise. It's conclusion was unfortunate but then this was part of the overall conflict so I can allow it to slide. Finally, I come to Terramar himself. Convenient that he turned out to be Silverstream's brother but that's beside the point.He ended up causing his own problem due to feeling pressure into choosing which side to live in. A lot of people go through this in real life so his issue felt really close to home for them. I couldn't help but root for him the whole way through and was satisfied with what he ended up choosing--though it ended a bit too abruptly for my tastes but what are you going to do given time constraints constantly rearing its ugly head around. Overall, I enjoyed this episode and not once did I find myself cringing at anything. Mt. Aris and Seaquestria are fantastic additions to the world and I hope we can see them again in the future.One last thing... Now Twilight understands what it feels like to be caught between two places.I'll give this episode a 98%. Why? Because I can.
  10. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Four years of this fanclub!? I've only been here for eighteen months of that time so I still see myself as a newbie compared to those who have been posting here since the very beginning. It's this iconic moment of Sunset from the first movie except now she is depicted as her pony self. And now for an obligatory movie image.
  11. General Media Biggest Guilty Pleasures?

    I don't think I have any guilty pleasures. If I do, however, I've probably forgotten what they were.
  12. I've yet to buy this movie though I'm not sure if I plan on doing so any time soon.
  13. Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    CPR... plushie style. It's this one again only now it has finally been completed.
  14. How famous do you think you are on the forums?

    I remember posting on this thread long ago so consider this response of mine as an update of sorts. In terms of popularity, I still view myself as an unknown throughout the vast majority of these forums. However, others view me as being one of the most popular Sunset Shimmer fans as evidenced by my contributions to her fanclub thread.
  15. What´s your local time right now ?

    As of this exact moment, it's currently 11:48pm somewhere in British Columbia.