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  1. I just talk to people the way I've always done and that is through a neutral stance on most things. And yet, I keep certain opinions a secret for my own survival.
  2. The longest anime I've watched is Pokรฉmon though I did skip the final third of the Kalos saga on account that my interest waned overall. After watching select episodes of the Alola saga, I've been binge-watching the arc for the past week minus a few episodes here and there.
  3. Correcting people is something that I do sometimes though with no ill intentions. Anyway, I agree that Mario has been in so many fantastic games over the decades. On another note, I am curious as to how your experience with the collection will go. Have fun with it.
  4. And now I begin with the likes of this. Can you imagine Sunset dressing up in an attire similar to Sci-Twi? Well, that's what this image does. I'd call this casual but then Pinkie Pie never was known for being as such. Sunset and Twilight. I find this one to be adorable in a way. Screenshot time.
  5. So it ends up going out without a final blaze of glory? A shame really as it turned out to be a very good handheld despite the poor start way back when.
  6. They have done some remakes in the past though not as often as they should. Still, you're right when you say that Nintendo doesn't have to put in much effort, but then this has been a thing of theirs on certain fronts for decades. It's the anniversary of Super Mario Brothers. As an individual character, Mario celebrates 40 years next year alongside Donkey Kong, or would that be Cranky Kong given that he was the original Kong and not the current one.
  7. It wasn't the best direct I've seen from Nintendo as a lot of it was simply pandering to nostalgia. Also, certain announcements were expected such as Super Mario 3D World given how its original run was marred by a small user base. A shame that Super Mario 3D All-Stars wasn't given the kind of treatment seen with the Crash and Spyro trilogies respectively as that would've been instant success. Oh yeah, people are still annoyed with the fact that some of the content shown has a limited availability until March 2021 as of this typing. Then again, the whole thing did what it set out to do and that was to celebrate 35 years of Super Mario Brothers.
  8. Sunset the samurai. Now this is quite the group shot though not everyone is featured it seems. Professor Sunset Shimmer. This is apparently a Persona 2 reference though it goes over my head. Screenshot time. Rock on in 3D.
  9. Right now, it appears that this is something Jeric has cooked up. We EC's may or may not be in the dark about it.
  10. The Summer Sunset Celebration is getting closer. Guess I know what I need to do now.ย :awwthanks:

    Also... I have something else planned for later on in the year.

  11. I have no idea what this means though something tells me I'm supposed to know.
  12. For her? She seems pretty embarrassed about it. Such beautiful fire surrounds her. Sunset is either very happy or very insane. I'm hoping for the former here. I think this one was popular because of the obvious. I feel at peace with this one.
  13. We're sorry that we didn't do more for Fashion Week this year but then you know how reality tends to take priority. On the subject of this idea... I love the prospect. The amount of creativity is already being unleashed so by all means keep up the good work.
  14. Huh... I'd have thought the likes of Yahtzee and Risk would've gotten in a long time ago. Guess I'm more out of touch with the toy scene than I thought. In any case, those are some pretty good choices for recognition. What will I vote for? I'll go with what was a big part of my childhood.
  15. I used to watch the cartoon back when I was younger (Another reminder of how old I am) though it's been a long time since I last saw it.