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  1. If you've seen 'A Trivial Problem', then you know what to expect behind this spoiler tag. This one is from a very recent 'Choose Your Own Ending' short. I'm going to use a spoiler tag since it's still a relatively new thing. This screenshot, however, isn't a spoiler since this special has been available for well over two months now. Sunset the Seapony. Sunset and Starlight. Two pairs, both the same result.
  2. In some ways, she would've easily fit in with the rest of the students. But, her personality and overall character could be described as being too good. As we saw with her appearance in season six, Gabby was good at just about everything, albeit, near perfection as opposed to good. That would've made her stand out too much compared to the other students. Also, Gallus personifies the typical Griffin while Gabby can be viewed as abnormal amongst them.
  3. The Griffin--or in this case Griffon--rank looks really good. I guess it went through some iterations up until the very last minute given what you showed just now Jeric.
  4. As Jeric said, character specific ranks aren't really feasible even if it would be cool for Sunset to get some love. I think the best option would be a rank called 'EQG Human' or perhaps 'EQG Character' or just 'EQG' which encompasses all of it.
  5. Is this newly revealed rank actually going to be part of the main group or is it some kind of humorous joke? Either way, it's pretty clear that it definitely caught people by surprise given how obscure it is.
  6. Let's begin with something both frilly and suggestive. The more I see artwork of Sunset from this particular artist, the more I feel they continue to get better. Obligatory Sunset swimsuit image. Courtesy of Andy Price--now the complete version of this one... I hope. I thought about skipping this one, but upon a second glance, I just had to include it here. The gathering of the reformed villains. Also, Chancellor Neighsay is here.
  7. It's something you ought to consider given how Flurry Heart does have her own share of fans. Also, the Zebra rank looks really good.
  8. So this is the first of the new ones. If I could, I'd have made a rank dedicated to Equestria Girls, but then Friendship is Magic is seen as the more significant one. Oh well. Not everything can happen the way I want it to.