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  2. Ganondorf8

    Spin-off ideas.

    I'd have a spin-off involving Sunset and Celestia going on adventures as a means of making up for lost time given what happened between them.
  3. Ganondorf8

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Well... Here I go again, keeping this fan club alive. Now this is a 3D image that is sure to appeal to car enthusiasts and fans of racing. Best friends have a tendency to have a lot of benefits associated with them. I like the facial expression here though I suspect others might not appreciate it. Also, Sunset is clearly nervous in this one on account of the small sweat drops on the lower part of her face. Ever wonder what Sunset would look like had she joined with the Dazzlings and became their fourth member? This image provides that answer. Here is Sunset as a hippocampus, the true form of the Dazzlings--and their proper name apparently. Even pony Sunset can't help using inappropriate language. This one has been hidden with a spoiler tag on account of it being declared vulgar on Derpibooru.
  4. Ganondorf8

    Would it be possible to get a 35th MLP anniversary event?

    @Nightmare Muffin I'll see what the other EC's have to say about it tomorrow as well as other staff members.
  5. Ganondorf8

    Would you live in Equestria if it smelled like a toilet bowl?

    No, I wouldn't be able to handle it. My nose is very sensitive so the smell of a toilet bowl would be too much for me to bear.
  6. Ganondorf8

    Would it be possible to get a 35th MLP anniversary event?

    I can answer this one for you since I'm one of the Event Coordinators. Right now, I don't think there is enough time dedicated to giving your idea its own event seeing as we've something next month that's going to be lasting a few weeks. November has one event left but we need the extra time to prepare for what's coming next month. However, I think something like a dedicated thread is well within reason and should be considered.
  7. Ganondorf8

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Time for me to do my usual thing and give this fan club new life. We rarely see Sunset cosplay these days. Hmmm... Sunset feels rather distant in this one. Though we can't see what everyone around her is saying, I think it's for the best as it adds an element of atmosphere. I also like how everyone else is slightly faded out which puts the focus clearly on Sunset. Even pony Sunset has her own fainting couch though I don't think she uses it in the same manner as what we've come to expect from Rarity. I can understand the sword because it makes Sunset look like a bad*** but I don't understand the suitcase. I mean, she doesn't look like she's dressed for business seeing as she's wearing her current attire, but still... Why a suitcase? The Rainbooms--plus Starlight--as demons. Yep... Definitely Halloween themed. Using a spoiler tag as I think it's suggestive. Speaking of demons, here is Sunset Demon wearing what looks to be an alicorn amulet!? Uh oh... I think you all know what this means, right? I hope you do.
  8. Ganondorf8

    Would all gen interconnecting change your opinion of g4?

    That might be too big and ambitious of a project for Hasbro to want to consider.
  9. Ganondorf8

    Why are the Cake twins STILL babies?

    I could also say that the animators may have changed over the years in that those who were there at the start may have been replaced by others. As such, the newer animators may have decided to change some small aspects of the Cake Twins without realizing they are supposed to be babies. I know this opinion of mine isn't a strong one but it's all I could think of without going way too deep into it.
  10. Ganondorf8

    Animation Hanna-Barbera.

    I'd say that Hanna-Barbera, as an animation studio, began losing its way in the 1970s and was unable to regain its former glory. This is due to other animation studios forming in the early 1980s and taking away the market which had primarily been under Hanna-Barbera's control when they started making animated cartoons for television. Perhaps their greatest success was Tom & Jerry though I won't deny that some of their earlier properties proved to be ground-breaking.
  11. Ganondorf8

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - 20th anniversary event.


    It should be considering that it will follow the same format as the character events.
  12. Ganondorf8

    events Non Pony Events

    I would like to say that I am thrilled at the chance to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time here on the forums. These kinds of events are going to be just like the character events that have been happening every month since they first started back in June. In other words, don't expect them to be grand or anything.
  13. Hi Ganondorf8

    Have you ever met Rebecca Stoichet, in person?

  14. Ganondorf8

    Food Foods You Shouldn't Eat but do so Anyway

    I eat candy and potato chips but I do so in moderation on account of my exercise regimen these past seven months changing my metabolism a little.
  15. Ganondorf8

    Why are the Cake twins STILL babies?

    Considering that the Cake Twins aren't seen as major characters, them being given a 'face lift' as it were wouldn't make much sense. Besides, as some have already said, the passage of time doesn't quite work the same as it does in real life.