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  1. Ganondorf8

    Things you find weird about the Equestria Girls Universe

    Huh... I never thought of the latter. Another weird thing... What did Spike see when he was chasing that rabbit through those portals during Friendship Games?
  2. I'm 36 and I've never had alcohol under any circumstances.
  3. They might never be given a chance according to what Jeric said. But let's assume that Equestria was given an opportunity due to either a divine miracle or that humanity wanted to have some fun. It would take a very long time given how much red tape that needs to be gotten through. After all, the world's bureaucracy loves having that kind of thing.
  4. Ganondorf8

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    I don't know how best to describe this one but what I do know is that it's suggestive. And another suggestive image. There we go. An image that isn't suggestive. Pretty snazzy. Sunset's sunset... I feel like I've said this joke before. Obligatory Sunset swimsuit image.
  5. Ganondorf8

    General Last person you saw today so far

    The last person I saw was my dog--he's part of the family--and is currently laying down next to me. If pets don't count then the last person was my mum as she left to go to work this morning.
  6. Ganondorf8

    What age were you when you started watching MLP?

    I'm not in any of the options in this poll so I'll have to provide my own answer. I started watching MLP a few months after my 31st birthday though I actually started off with the first Equestria Girls movie--by complete accident mind you--before binge-watching the first three seasons at the time so that I could be caught up prior to season four starting.
  7. Ganondorf8

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    It's that now famous--also meme worthy--image of Sunset's face turning red with rage, but this is her as a pony. How smug of her. She is seething murderous rage right now. A different kind of group shot... the working kind. Pchew! Friendship power.
  8. Ganondorf8

    Things you find weird about the Equestria Girls Universe

    That's another weird that can be considered. Given that the base of the statue is still intact, what is stopping someone from accidentally falling through the portal if they were to prop themselves up against the statue? I'm surprised no one has fallen into this predicament yet.
  9. Ganondorf8

    Your reaction if Poniverse shut down.

    My reaction would be slight surprise followed by acceptance as it is what it is.
  10. I could've gone with one of the many images of Sunset losing her cool during the special but that isn't really my style.
  11. Ganondorf8

    Things you find weird about the Equestria Girls Universe

    Not much time has passed since the statue was destroyed in Friendship Games so perhaps they're still trying to get it repaired or construct a new one.
  12. Ganondorf8

    Things you find weird about the Equestria Girls Universe

    Magic continues to seep forth from the crack where the Wondercolt statue used to be yet no one has figured to investigate it.
  13. Ganondorf8

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Now this is what I call suggestive to an almost extreme. I'm definitely hiding this one behind a spoiler tag. Since it's been a week now since 'Rollercoaster of Friendship' aired, I can finally start sharing images related to that special on here. Sunset wearing her outfit from her Build-A-Bear plushie. The determination is rising... And so is the insanity. Oh my. When you see Sunset like this, just run away if you know what's good for you.
  14. Ganondorf8

    What was your first home town or city like.

    London, England, though to be more specific, Sidcup which is located in southeast London near the edge of the city's limit. Compared to Greater London--I've been there once and it was pretty hectic--where I lived was peaceful though many of the old shops have gone now due to time.
  15. There's a highway about five minutes away from where I live. Highway 97 heads south towards a town called Peachland and continues on that way towards the border, but then this is 97B as 97A goes north towards another city with 97C going up into the mountains.