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  1. Obligatory Sunset swimsuit image to start things off. They are all attending a school of magic. One of the best group shots I've ever seen. The three unicorns. I'm always like this on my birthday. Another obligatory Sunset swimsuit image.
  2. Ganondorf8


    Only in the U.S. will you be seeing any fireworks today. Then again, I hear that there are firework celebrations in Canada four days after the fact.
  3. Such a problem will take time to fix especially since the value of trust has been shattered.
  4. Just to let you all know, Cathy Weseluck chose not to reprise her role as Spike and this link explains why. You can also find it on her Twitter account.
  5. Here I go again... Again... Again... Again. Sunset and Twilight... Complete with respective wings. I call this one epic. Hmmm... Sunset must be going through a weird phase here. Obligatory Sunset swimsuit image. Sunset and Rarity. And the suggestive version.
  6. I'll keep this fan club going so that it doesn't fade into obscurity. Surprised that there isn't an Equestria Girls version of Pony Life. In fact, I think this is what this pic is meant to represent. Queen Bee Sunset. Pony Life Sunset. You may or may not be able to cut along the dotted line. More of Pony Life Sunset. It would be wonderful if she were to make an appearance.
  7. This could either be a smart move or a mistake just waiting to happen.
  8. Don't ask me for any advice on the questions this time around as I had nothing to do with them. I will take solace knowing that I can relax and watch the fun from the sidelines whilst also taking down notes which I can use later on down the road. I'll admit that the Equestria Girls questions inclusion was my suggestion so I'm happy some were added. Also, remember to use spoiler tags if you're posting answers in this thread. Oh, and warn people that the tags are for that purpose. Have a good time with this.
  9. You could say that Sunset is a literal goddess here. This is really cute despite what she's got in her mouth. It's always about the parakeet you know. You know it's hot out when you need to use fans to keep cool. Obligatory Sunset swimsuit image. Suggestive Sunset Dancer. Yeah... That's all I could come up with in terms of a description. Please let them appear in Pony Life. Goth pony Sunset.
  10. There is definite potential to be had here judging from what I experienced watching these two episodes, but I'd need to watch more to provide more accurate feedback. Suffice to say, my own verdict is sure to be a positive one since I'm very easy to please.
  11. I've watched as many of these as I could and I've got to give them props for being so dedicated. They must have been dedicated if they were able to get the likes of M.A. Larson on board for a couple of the reacts. I don't really have a favourite or least favourite but I can tell that some of them don't quite fit the intended format whereas others were clearly meant to be zany and just run away with it.
  12. Does this mean no winter solstice event in December? If not, I do have something I want to see happen instead though it would be two months beforehand. Anyway, I'm going to kick back and relax seeing as this is a special occasion.
  13. Here I go again. Now Sunset is dressed up as Vignette Valencia. Surprisingly, she pulls off the look really well. Now check out Sunset's incredible bod. She's ripped like nobody's business. The Blues just got a lot more interesting. Sunset and Pinkie Pie. Even the attire of the Flim-Flam brothers isn't safe from Sunset. It's summer time now as of me typing this and you all know what that means. A slight recolour of Sunset's attire from Legend of Everfree.
  14. And it only took them 21 years to finally make a sequel.