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  1. This trivia is now closed and so it will be locked, unfeatured, and unpinned. I want to thank those who took part even though it wasn't My Little Pony related. Perhaps we might have something like this again one day? Who knows.
  2. Sunset looks surprised in this suggestive pic. What could she be surprised about? Sunset and Starlight in an anime styled image. Screenshot time. She doesn't have a care in the world. Even if something disastrous were to happen, she wouldn't pay it no mind. Nothing wrong with simple images, right? This is suggestive and also quite cool given the perspective gives her the shape of an apple.
  3. The special trivia will be ending tonight... Or perhaps it will end tomorrow instead?

    Either way, it will be ending before this coming Monday.

  4. I was in the Iceberg Ruins going through the second legendary clue but the trade was successful.
  5. Where will you be in the game? I'm currently in the Crown Tundra.
  6. I can trade sometime tomorrow afternoon. Anything will do when it comes to trading for my Kadabra and back again for its evolution. A Pink Shellos... I'll have to see what I can do there. I have a shiny Pink Shellos that came as a result of breeding a few years ago so I can't trade you that. I might have another one somewhere so again I must look at my boxes across all platforms.
  7. I do believe that I have a Pinsir in one of my boxes. I could trade that for the Eiscue easily.
  8. Wow... So many choices for the Zora Mask. Me? I'm going to go with something different. For the transformation masks, I have to go with the Goron Mask simply because of how fast one can travel just by rolling. It even beats riding on horseback though the magic consumption would be an issue. For one of the regular masks... It's a tough choice since they all have their merits, but I'd have to go with the All-Night Mask because of its premise. Who wouldn't want to say no to staying awake and never falling asleep?
  9. Now this is a really good thread especially for those who like to have completion with the Pokédex. I need to trade my Kadabra in order to evolve it into an Alakazam (I sometimes wish there was an easier way to evolve some Pokémon) but then I also need an Eiscue and Lunala for the time being. Eiscue because of the novelty of having one and Lunala as I've got most of the other Legendary Pokémon from older generations but not that one.
  10. After thinking it over for some time, I decided to go ahead with this last little idea just because I didn't want to pass up on it. The question here is simple and I hope you enjoy it. If you could have one mask from 'The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask', what mask would it be and why? I'm certain there will be some creative ideas... And not-so-creative ones.
  11. Sunset is featured in this one even though the main focus is on Pinkie and Derpy. There is something about this art style that makes the whole pic look weird. And yet, it also makes it look cool. Obligatory Sunset suggestive swimsuit image. There is another version where she's wearing pants but I prefer this one because it feels a bit more natural. Let me also say that I am not familiar with this art style. Yet another interesting art style. I am in awe as to how creative some artists can really be. In a word... Smooch! Traditional winter clothes. I'm no fan of winter but I am a fan of the attire you can wear.
  12. Which is why I said 'quite possibly' with regards to the Wii and Wii U versions. I had a feeling that I was wrong about those so thanks for the clarification. I am definitely correct about the Gamecube version as I have experienced it personally.
  13. Now it's my turn to respond to my own thread. Even though I do prefer Ocarina of Time in terms of the story, locations, and characters, Majora's Mask does a way better job with the immersion, the use of transformations, focusing more on minor characters, and giving off a sense of true urgency what with being in a doomed world. The 3DS version improves on so much that I would recommend it is as the definitive version though some might not like the fact that it's on a handheld. Be cautious of the Gamecube port and quite possibly the Wii and Wii U ports. Because the game originally required the Expansion Pak in order to play it properly, the ports are an emulated version that didn't take this into account. Because of that, there were sound glitches and on rare occasions, the game would crash.