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  1. Ganondorf8

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    You have to wonder if Sunset had a similar reaction when she first became human. Such adorable little ponies though I can't help but notice several are missing. Sunset is showing off her inner Mexican!? Strange that it would be Mexico of all countries but who am I to judge what she likes. I know this image isn't exactly suggestive but I'll hide it behind a spoiler tag all the same just to be on the safe side. Doesn't this one harken back to the time when she actually stole this from Princess Twilight? You don't normally see these two together which is unfortunate as I think they have great chemistry with one another. When Sunset first saw Ray, it was love at first sight.
  2. Ganondorf8

    How many states have you been to

    I've only been to three: Washington Idaho Florida
  3. Ganondorf8

    Summer Sunset Celebration Poll

    Welcome to the Summer Sunset Celebration Poll. We've seen polls of all kinds appear on these forums so it should come as no surprise that there would be a poll dedicated to Sunset Shimmer. When Equestria Girls first started back in 2013, a lot of people weren't in favour of it because of how different it was when compared to Friendship is Magic. As more movies came along followed by specials and animated shorts, this spin-off has gained quite the following and has proven worthy of its lineage. Yet through it all, Sunset became what I would consider both a break-out character and the driving force behind Equestria Girls. Though she started off as an unlikeable and not very memorable villain, she would change her destiny and become arguably one of the most popular characters of generation four. Throughout her journey, Sunset has experienced a number of key moments that have defined who she is, and that is the very nature of this poll. The poll features some of those key moments and you get to vote on which one you think was the best one. It's not for a reward or anything but rather this will gauge what people here think is the one moment that truly defined Sunset. This will remain open for the duration of the Summer Sunset Celebration. You can also post additional comments about your favourite Sunset moments on this thread.
  4. Time for me to showcase my Sunset enthusiasm. ^_^

    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      first, you'll be needing a shimmercup for collectible reasons,there you go, now go ahead and continue what you were doing

  5. Ganondorf8

    Summer Sunset Celebration Trivia

    Welcome to the Summer Sunset Celebration Trivia. Due to other commitments, Sunset Shimmer has asked me to handle this sub-event, so you get me once again as your host. Unlike before, these questions were devised by yours truly after Sunset personally approved of them. Once again, you can earn yourself a special badge that is Sunset approved, but you'll need to prove your knowledge of all things 'bacon mane' if you wish to succeed. This time, there are eight regular questions plus a bonus question for those who truly think they know Sunset. For the record, these questions were pooled from the four Equestria Girls movies and the Equestria Girls specials. No comics and shorts were utilized so you don't need to worry about those. Like before, you need to answer everything correctly to win the badge, but if you get one regular question wrong but the bonus question correct, it will count as a substitute answer. Please submit all answers to @Sunset Shimmer. She will be the one who determines who will be getting her badge. If you have any questions, you can either post them in this thread or send one my way and it will be answered as soon as possible. One thing I do want to address and that is the idea of collaboration. There is nothing that says two or more people can work together on answering the questions but I would exercise caution as the difficulty could change as a result. Again, submit your answers to @Sunset Shimmer. One more thing. This trivia will be active for 48 hours. If you're not able to submit your answers before 48 hours are up, you will be given an additional day as a means of an extension. Here are your questions. Q1. In order to conquer Equestria, what was Sunset Shimmer's method of doing so? Q2. To stop Rainbow Dash from ponying-up, what did Sunset do? Q3. In the Tri-Cross Relay, what was Sunset's part of the event? Q4. What did Sunset try to do with her tube of sunscreen? Q5. When the Rainbooms became the Power Ponies, who did Sunset become? Q6. Upon her return to Equestria, what did Sunset receive from Starlight Glimmer? Q7. To save her friends' memories, what was Sunset's sacrifice? Q8. Though Sunset is best said to represent Empathy, what is her other defining characteristic? Bonus: Why was Sunset's hair desaturated between Rainbow Rocks and Friendship Games?
  6. Ganondorf8

    Gaming Have you ever rage quit a video game?

    I've done this plenty of times with both versions of Mario Kart 8. I'll admit that I don't have a very good temperament with that one.
  7. Ganondorf8

    Last thing you posted on social media

    I don't use social media of any kind unless you include things like forums, Discord, Disqus, and similar things.
  8. Ganondorf8

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Sunset was really determined to win that ring toss game no matter what the cost was going to be to her sanity. I just like this one. I really do. Time for another suggestive Sunset image. While I do like the art style and the colouring in places, I'm not particularly fond of this style of clothing. I would say what that clothing is but it might be inappropriate. In any case, this is going behind a spoiler tag. Someday... This is going to be an actual thing in Equestria Girls. I know the chances of it happening are incredibly slim but even I can dream right? Well this one is unexpected. Who would've guessed that the Rainbooms--minus Applejack and Rainbow Dash--could possibly be convicted felons? Sunset and Pinkie seem perfectly content with it whilst Rarity is freaking out and Twilight isn't happy with Sunset. Fluttershy is just in disbelief over what happened. This one is behind a spoiler tag because of some vulgarity involved. Yes, vulgar images warrant a tag. With a little magic and a microphone, Sunset can sing to her hearts content.
  9. Ganondorf8

    Would you attend a pinkie pie party

    I'm not really a party person and I'm not fond of crowds or loud noises so I'd have to pass.
  10. Ganondorf8

    Dream Realm vs Manehattan

    Rarity vs. Rarity... That's what the team setups provided resulting in this particular instance. Who am I going to vote for this time? Hmmm... I'm leaning towards Manehatten here.
  11. Ganondorf8

    What would Chrysalis' favorite food be?

    I'd like to think she would enjoy anything spicy--the more the better.
  12. Ganondorf8

    Saddle Arabia vs Cloudsdale

    Well isn't this an ironic twist? Rainbow Dash vs. Scootaloo. Something like this was bound to happen--I believe it already has in previous matches--so this should be par for the course for the duration of this tournament. My vote is going to Cloudsdale because of Iron Will, pure and simple.
  13. Ganondorf8

    New EQG special before the end of the year

    So the one that was shown at SDCC is indeed coming out next year so we definitely have confirmation on that now. As for this other special, there's no telling what it could though I would like for Equestria Girls to tackle Christmas.
  14. We do know of that one special that was shown at SDCC--or whichever convention it was--via a brief trailer but that is likely going to be pushed back to next year depending on how far along in production it is. As for anything else Equestria Girls for this current year, I couldn't really say other than Hasbro working on some additional projects behind the scenes that they want kept secret until they're ready to show them off.
  15. Ganondorf8

    Why Gummy is not a live alligator?

    Considering that alligators as pets isn't really a thing and would be deemed as fantastical among other things, they decided to make Gummy a plushie that Pinkie has that she views as her pet. No one really questions her sanity here so she will likely continue treating Gummy however she sees fit. Besides, I think Pinkie does a great job utilizing her imagination.