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  1. Do coffins have lifetime guarantees?

    1. Ghost Wolf

      Ghost Wolf


  2. Yum Chicken lo mein?
  3. Suburbs of a big city. But the city is slowly growing outwards swallowing this area... not something I am really enjoying.
  4. No. If I did something wrong I would be banished to the moon. I would not enjoy that.
  5. *Waves*  Cute avatar although needs color... love your taste in music! :P

    1. Sina


      *waves back* 

      Thank yoouuu :3

      Can't go wrong with metal :grin:

    2. GrimGrimoire


      Sure you can. Just play some Nu-Metal... fastest way to kill a metal gathering.  :okiedokieloki:

    3. Sina


      To each his own I guess :P


  6. Wonder what they hell happened that would make the Princess of the Sun resort to having to sleep in my bed. Then wonder how she got in my house and managed to fit in my bed.
  7. Do I look like a clown? nvm.... don't answer that.
  8. Mega Thread

    Hammer Horde - In The Name of Winter's Wrath - from "Under the Mighty Oath" Melodic Death / Viking
  9. Did you read what I wrote and quoted or just read into it and decide to go off on some wild tangent all on your own? How exactly are you damned if you do and damned if you don't? I don't recall ever asking why anyone was here or questioning why someone is a fan of the overall series. Who cares what anyone else thinks or says? You are free to like and dislike whatever you want. You are free to give something a chance however you see fit, if people take issue with that, sounds like it is their problem to me. That is not what my comment was about. If you literally hate something, in other words state, you do not like something and will never like something, no matter what... as said above, you have no desire at all to give it a chance or go into it with an open frame of mind, then why go into it with that mind set and then act so surprised, and then say things like "Surprise... I hated it!" "Episode is pure crap!" "Writers keep screwing up!" (No one is doing that here in this thread mind you (yet), but there are episodes and threads where it has happened). My point is, a lot of people these days seem to just blindly hate something (again, perfectly fine), and then force themselves to sit through it as if they were held at gunpoint and then go and tear into it upon forums, youtube or whatever. They then criticize said episode, game or movie for containing the object that they hate and write it off as somehow the episode, game or whatever is at fault for containing what they hate, when they forced themselves to sit through or play it, as if somehow IT wasted their time and put them through that hell. An Example: let's say you hate Trixie. But not just hate her, hate her with unbridled fury... you can't stand the character and would pay real money to be rid of her and never see her again. So then you discover S7E8 is an all Trixie episode... so what do you do? If you sit through it and watch it, you have already formed the opinion it is all bad no matter what... you won't let yourself be surprised or find anything good about it at all.. you are just blindly loathing everything about it because you loathe her. So then afterward you go onto a forum, and proceed to just rail road the episode for being about something you hate... but chose to watch anyway. Your rationale about the episode holding some deeper clue or meaning among other members towards something in the future matters not at all... you still chose to watch something you know you are going to hate, and then are punishing it (as well as yourself) for being something you hate instead of on its own merits and failings. It is no different than people saying they hate MLP because it contains ponies, watching it anyway, and complaining on forums "Show sucks because of all the ponies... I would like it if it did not have ponies!. Well guess I'll watch the next episode.... I'll probably hate it because it will probably contain ponies" If it is a bad episode, so be it... talk about how bad it was and feel free to list the reasons why you hated it. A lot of people do a fantastic job of that with Newbie Dash, 28 Pranks Later, Flutter Brudder and several others on this site explaining why the episodes frustrate them so much and why they loathe them. But it would be a totally different story if someone who detests Rainbow Dash popped in and said "Newbie Dash sucks because it contains Rainbow Dash!!!" "28PL is the worst thing ever because of Rainbow Dash!!" It is not debate, discussion or reviewing... it is just blind hatred and negativity created by someone before hand, that they force themselves to endure and then take it out on everything and anything in sight as if somehow it is at fault instead of themselves and their own self imposed negativity. And it is everywhere these days. Again, no one is doing that here in this thread (yet), but it looked like a good opportunity to get some insight based upon a response.
  10. Have you ever had to chase small children? This actually makes a lot of sense all things considered. As for the most powerful being on the planet.. I don't see anywhere where that is stated... she was born an Alicorn something that "Has never happened before'. Alicorns are powerful creatures, and as such she was born with those powers "turned on" and not given the chance to explore and learn about them as apparently everyone else is. Several shows and books have explored this concept and shown these individuals to be very powerful true, but also struggling in many other ways due to what is just as much a curse in many cases as much as a gift. Flurry is an aberration, and as such things are not the same for her that they are for everyone else... and that is where the writing comes in. They get to explore this concept with her and the challenges it will impose. Finally... If she is so bad for you, and so upsetting and traumatizing that you cannot, nor will not ever like her NO-MATTER-WHAT... than why not skip those episodes? I ask this same question of any fan of MLP who does the exact same thing for Trixie, Starlight, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie or whoever... if the character is so awful to you that they literally can do nothing good and you will blindly hate it no matter what it is about and no matter what they do, then why bother going through the motions? I don't understand this form of "self-torture" everyone seems to enjoy putting themselves through. It is not like you are tricked into the episode, you get tons of advance notice on what it is about and what to be on the look out for. You are not tied to a chair or having it beamed into your brain... you get to make a choice. And you chose to sit and watch something you hate. I see this same thing in video games, movies, other cartoons, comics and really all over the place. It is fine if you are going into it with a neutral frame of mind and just end up hating it, but someone loathes something even before it begins, and than they make themselves sit through it hating it intensely the entire time, and then tell everyone how bad it was based upon the fact they just blindly hate it. It just screams masochism to me.
  11. It is starting great so far. I've really enjoyed all 3 episodes.. but it is still far too early to be asking how we feel about S7 as a whole.
  12. Why do overalls have belt loops? They are held up at the top by the straps.

  13. I've been in this pool naked since November of last year. I have wrinkles upon wrinkles, and I think they are permanent now.
  14. I either like a cartoon or i don't. I am not much into playing favorites and trying to decide which one I like better over another. Since they all have different things I like about them, and many are scattered across different years as well as it can vary by a given mood I am in at a certain time, I really can't place one over another. Right now of the current "active" cartoons that are airing MLP is probably my favorite... although Stephen Universe has gained a lot of my attention as well. To also be fair, I have not been checking out a lot of other modern cartoons recently so who knows what I might be missing?
  15. Our definitions of funny are not on the same page..... book... library.... heck not even in the same city with a library. I think there would be a fair chance the community would do a march on their headquarters with the sole purpose of burning it down if a stunt like that every transpired. Within 10-15 years though I would be willing to bet we do get an MLP in the real world type of movie thing, since it worked so well for the Smurfs, Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, G.i.Joe, The Transformers... etc, etc.... /sarcasm.