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  1. Virtually anything gaming or music related. Everyone has an opinion, and it seems just about everyone loves to throw them around like an anchor on the dinner table to promote them as fact, followed up by complete bafflement how anyone else can think differently. Also just about any online debate on any subject. But.. but... think of the epeens! The humanity!
  2. Become an MLP crime boss of course and make millions getting people their "fix". Anyone gets in on my turf gets the power of friendship* on your butt you see. But I would pay my taxes. * = Code word for getting rubbed out in my new empire.
  3. I am OCD about bathrooms, and public ones freak me out. I also have a horrific aversion to eyes and eye injuries. I can handle decapitations, disembowelments and dismembering, but stuff with the human eye is an instant nope for me. Maud is that you? Does Pinkie know you are on these forums?
  4. If we are talking magically in the blink of an eye somehow (which I assuming by the gist of this thread) then no. I actually really hate to say this having lost family to disease, but I do not think whisking away a problem just magically makes everything better and would just create more problems in a lot of other ways. The world is already dealing with hunger, resource and homelessness issues all around it, and the sudden removal of illness and disease would increase that enormously. Now if we are talking scientifically, then yes, because I feel by the time they can safely say all illness and disease on Earth has been eradicated, we will have also made strides to solving hunger and resource issues as well which are the cause of many of those diseases and illness we wish to remove. That being said, there are many scientists who already envision a future free of disease since we are getting more and more into the idea of DNA alteration. Of course we won't see it in any realistic time free by our living standards I do not believe, but who knows what the future will bring?
  5. Not a big fan of Cake 6/10 Artist: Madder Mortem Song: Formaldehyde Album: Eight Ways
  6. Why you get rid of orca dragon waifu? D: 

    1. GrimGrimoire


      Twilight was getting Jealous. I'll probably rotate back eventually since I have been asked this by a few people.

    2. Celli


      Well, you have good taste in waifu ^-^

  7. Someone got triggered it sounds like. You might want to ignore what peole that dislike the character say. It makes life a lot easier. I don't think anyone thinks she is a Mary Sue anymore though unless they are just trying to get a rise out of others. We have had 7 seasons to see how fallible (and still awesome) she is.
  8. If there's an exception to every rule, is there an exception to that rule?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      How first said it? Do you know. 

    3. GrimGrimoire


      Nope, it is just an old proverb. I am sure it could be researched though.

    4. Johnny1226


      Just like every thesis has an antithesis all things have equal and opposite reactions where there is one there will be another 

  9. episode discussion

    Which is why i said earlier in the thread I wish they had shown something... just to hammer that point home. Personally I like the way they did it, but the moment it ended I knew we would get the inevitable "But they never said they were dead!... They are just off on the longest vacation in recorded history!" Some people just will not accept a hint, or an explanation or foreshadowing or anything less than a morbid image or a blunt statement... they want proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. And as much as it annoys me to say it, I wish they had given it just to put it all too bed once and for all and avoid the speculations and conspiracy theorists. Also, I really really really wanted them to show a scene, if not that a photo from an album or something of Pear and Bright holding Applebloom. Because that would put the nail in the coffin of another disgusting rumor that keeps getting circulated from time to time when some of the questions about Applebloom start.
  10. If you lick the air, does it get wet?

    1. CuriUndersXeno


      Depends on if you count the air as a body or individual molecules.

  11. No. I love this soundtrack, and I am very hard to please when people do covers of gaming music, since they usually butcher it by trying to do it in a different genre. So I respect the music and they do it just fine, but nope, not for me... 2/10 Artist: Black Math Horseman Song: Tyrant Album: Wyllt Genre: Post Rock
  12. spoiler

    A very beautiful episode and an episode I will remember for many years to come for many many reasons.
  13. episode discussion

    Really sweet episode. It hit home in a lot of ways, and I really like how they handled everything. The song was really sentimental and one I can see getting added to a playlist. If I had to nitpick, I will agree with the above post that some of it felt a bit rushed, but I can't hold that against it since they only had 23 minutes to get everything in there, and nothing else felt like filler. This episode could have done with an extra 5 minutes. So not really a complaint, just wishful thinking on my part. Also, I really was hoping they would end it someplace like some gravestones or something, since no matter what despite this episode, we will still have people speculating about their parents still being alive, and I really wanted them to put that rumor to rest. The tree was beautiful and I loved the image, but it will not hush the speculators.
  14. No. They have done a great job with every single "Worry" episode this season so far, so I think this one will be fine as well.
  15. Am I the only one who finds it kind of hilarious the 69th episode overall is Daring Don't?