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  1. You have been bearded. Wear it with pride!


    1. Celli
    2. Kyoshi


      So this is the beardvolution I have been hearing about. :o

    3. Celli


      The beard looks weird lol

  2. RARITY! When you said you were becoming human, and then coming over to show me, I thought you would at least be decent and clothe yourself! And why are you in my bed!?! What will Spike say if he walks in??? I'll have to do more than cast mustache spells on him I can tell you!
  3. Lock you in a room with Barney and friends reruns playing at mega volume on a massive movie screen and no way to physically touch the screen nor damage it. No chairs at all, just a bare room with a concrete slab and a massive screen with a singing dancing purple dinosaur. If I were feeling extra mean I might throw in some Teletubbies to mix it up. You don't have to pay me back. I can just charge admission for people to watch you through the see through wall as you slowly go insane. They can make bets on when you will snap.
  4. Ho Ho Ho! You've been bearded! You can join @SparklingSwirls & @Lightwing in the beard hall of fame!


  5. You have been bearded. You can join @SparklingSwirls  :orly:


    1. Lightwing


      ohmygod whatt is thissssssss

      i love it though, yo

  6. So who should I beard next Santa Swirls?

    1. SparklingSwirls


      I'm not sure... know anyone who still needs a Christmas themed avatar?

    2. GrimGrimoire


      I dunno, I tagged somebody for the day. Gonna try to do someone each day.

    3. SparklingSwirls


      Sounds like a good plan to me!

  7. Ho ho ho! What would you like for Christmas? :flutterhat:

    1. GrimGrimoire


      OH BOY! SANTA SWIRLS! I've been really good all year, so let's see, I want a new bike, a new Nintendo system with lots of cool games, no lame ones! A G.I.Joe with kung-fu grip and a toy train set like Larry's friend Todd has but different and cooler so I can make Todd jealous and Larry like me more! 

      Also, when you bring my gifts I'll leave you some hot cocoa but the cookies are all mine. :orly:



  8. I want to get a vending machine, with "fun" sized candy bars. Then replace the glass in front with magnifying glass. People will be mad, but it will be too late. :sneer:

    1. The_Gobo


      Why would you something so sinister XD

  9. If Superman can stop bullets with his chest, why does he always duck when a gun (Or anything) is thrown at him?

    1. SparklingSwirls


      Maybe he can only stop bullets and nothing else :wacko:

    2. ShadOBabe


      Maybe it’s just instinct. Kryptonians don’t normally have powers on their home planet. They only get powers under the radiation of a yellow sun like Earth’s.

      Kryptonians ON Krypton are just as vulnerable as human being. So like humans, they’d have self preservation instincts like flinching and moving out of the way to keep themselves from harm.

  10. Yeah, it has been a few years since we have seen snow here in any decent amount. But I woke up this morning to find my truck covered pretty heavily and having to do quite a few extra chores just to go to work. It was pretty much done by daylight, which is good, since no one down here knows how to handle it anyway.
  11. Some chips.. thanks to a certain somepony who shall remain nameless. Pardon me, I have a bit of a cold. *cough* @StrawCherry *cough* Whew... I feel better.
  12. Thank goodness *Locks doors and boards up entryways* Now to work on a spell to keep naked ponies (among others) from popping in here.
  13. Gingerbread is always good, but the true answer for cookies in any given situation is Snickerdoodles. That is how it is.
  14. ahuizotl2_by_tarajenkins-d7yetqy.png.4319e175f4d0a8ca289fb989109022e3.png

    I hear it is somebodies birthday... what say we celebrate with a drink?



    Happy Birthday!


    1. ShadOBabe


      HAHAHA!! Oh, Ahuizotl, you sure know how to charm a lady! XD

      Thank you so much hon, this was cute!! XDDD

  15. I see a couple of others attempting to take over the forums now, so I just want to say and point out, that @Lucky Bolt and I officially announced our attempt to take over the forum first. That means all of you others will just have to get in line until we are done taking over, ruling everyone with an iron hoof, committing a few atrocities and making sure our names are spoken in hushed whispers behind closed doors for fear of being heard and silenced. You guys can have whatever is left after we move on to other places to conquer and pillage. That is all.