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  1. He'll soon be doing a cameo with his more famous and slightly quicker cousin in a game console near you in the future.
  2. It does not need to be a huge success to get a sequel. It just needs to make a profit and prove there is demand for it. To be fair, this movie really has a lot going against it, since it is based upon a toyline, which a lot of people automatically assume will be pure garbage regardless of the property, and had fairly poor advertising. The Emoji movie may have been awful, but they promoted the crap out of it and made sure to put that brand on a lot of things to catch peoples attention. Unfortunately studios tend to have knee jerk reactions when it comes to money and instead of reviewing the causes just focus on the results. Thus if the movie does indeed utterly fail, instead of seeing what they could do better, reading about opinions, looking into advertising and really investigating why the show seems beloved but the film tanked... they will just chalk it up to, "People hate ponies and love Legos and Emojis!" Obviously we all know better, but there are a number of suits with charts and graphs that will gladly pummel you with numbers that say otherwise. The success or failure of this film will have no effect upon that at all. A lot of animation studios have already decided 2D is dead and advancements in 3D is the way to go... if this movie had been a blockbuster all it would have been chalked up to is a fluke since Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney & others are consistently putting out 3D films that draw in the crowds and entertain millions. On the reverse side the failure of this film will not kill the dreamers, nor curb the enthusiasm for creators to present their ideas and imaginations into a medium they feel best represents their vision. That is exactly what the creators of this film did, they presented it in a way that held true to what the visualized... and this will continue with creators the world over.
  3. I want to imagine they all look like ponies to. That makes it much more interesting to me. Normal is boring... but it is what we got.
  4. What happened to the first 6 "ups"?

    1. PiratePony


      We don't like to talk about those failures. They hang out in a warehouse with Formula 408 and wd-39.

  5. It is like you expected it to to change the world or something or usher in a new age of golden family entertainment. The only impact of any importance is the one the film left upon you. If you loved it, then mission accomplished I would say. Everything else should just be white noise at that point.
  6. What it usually means when someone has a grievance. That they said something someone did not like, and instead of shrugging it off and treating it for what it was, took it personally.
  7. For summoning me, no more chocolate cream pie for you @SparklingSwirls! Only custard. This chaos needs more chaos. Wouldn't you agree @Randimaxis?
  8. Going into Season 8 I would say this would be a pointless change. They can call her Queen, Princess, Your Highness, Fred, Ma'am, Empress, Royalty or whatever... it is accepted by now she is in charge. I think it works perfectly well within the context of the show. Does Rutherford have to be called King now as well? What about Ember and Thorax? I don't think we need to rewrite titles now to fit any accepted notion of how titles should work.
  9. And Rainbow Dash is actually an elephant. Making things up and calling them fact is fun! It is one thing to take a stance that you only accept canon as far as what you see within the confines of the show and to disregard anything else, but it is quite another to just string random thoughts and opinions together and parade them as show canon. And I don't think anything about this. Should I? I mean I live in the modern world where by now everyone should realize this is a thing and have done built a bridge and crossed it. Should they put them in the show? Sure why not? As long as they treat them like any other character and don't try to parade them around like some special agenda I don't see the issue.
  10. spoiler

    I liked this episode. Pinkie being Pinkie and that is all I ever ask of her. Lots of hilarious moments in it... I did feel the way RD did not want to tell her the truth is kind of silly... I mean you don't like pie.... why not ask for cake or brownies or Jell-O or what the hell ever? You could have been honest with her and still made her happy by getting her to make things you do like... It was pretty obvious Pinkie just liked making things for her, so I don't think it would have mattered whether it was a Cake or Pie or whatever.
  11. People named Brian have it lucky. There is always a decent chance someone will misspell it as Brain. That is like free compliments and you can be an utter dumbass and still receive it.

    1. Jeric


      But then ... what do you do with the dumb white mouse who is always near you?

  12. When your pet bird sees you reading the newspaper, does he wonder why you're just sitting there, staring at carpeting?

    1. PiratePony


      Or does he think you're staring at a toilet?

    2. Sunset Rose

      Sunset Rose

      Or does he not think much of you at all?

    3. GrimGrimoire


      I don't know, I am too busy reading the paper to ask him, duh!

  13. I just got a free pizza delivered. I am either extremely lucky.. or this is an assassination attempt.

    1. PiratePony


      Only one way to find out Grim

    2. Trotteur Sauvage

      Trotteur Sauvage

      Grim ? Are you here ? Grim ? Grim ? GRIM ?


      ...grim...GRIIIIIIIIIIIM !

    3. Misty Shimmer
  14. We all remember the last time Twilight gave rarity wings.
  15. A lot of people feel this way sometimes. But it really comes down to whose life are you living, and whom are you living it for? You say you don't matter to anyone... although I doubt that is true, since all of us usually matters to someone... can you say you matter to yourself? Nothing is good enough for anyone? What about you? Is it good enough for you? Purpose is found.... not made. Think about your goals.. what you want... where you see yourself or want to be. And then, to hell with everything else.... go for it. It all starts with you, and being the person you choose to be and the life you want to attain. No one else can do it for you, and they most certainly should not have any say in how you do it (unless you are robbing banks or something). As for feeling unsafe, that I cannot speak to.... all you can do these is look into finding ways to make yourself feel safe, and doing things to accomplish that goal. Good luck.