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  1. Happy birthday! :D

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  4. Overall, I liked this episode. It's a cool take on the changes encountered when growing up, and I like the creativity it took to flesh out. However, and this just may be me nitpicking, but it feels to me that wings are the ultimate upgrade in the MLP universe. I know I'm going to mess up this argument, but here goes. I still do enjoy viewing all the different qualities creatures in the series have, and I'm not saying any one species is particularly cooler than another (no, I'm not biased because my avatar is an earth pony! ), but I always kind of shrugged when something like the whole "earth ponies got the short end of the stick, pegasi have wings and unicorns have magic!" debate came up. And then everyone started to get wings as an upgrade. I don't want to say it cheapens it, I still think its cool that Twilight and Spike got their wings, but I guess I kept waiting around for a different sort of "upgrade" to be instated, and it just... never came. It's not even really a problem, just something I suppose I noticed.
  5. I figure I'll give season 8 a watch. I've heard a few people say the Mane 6 weren't handled well character wise, and while I realize that writing isn't perfect and fluctuations happen, I didn't want to spend time watching a season and "hoping it would get better" and then regretting my time spent. If anything, I'll play a couple of episodes while I clean or something and see what I think! thanks for the feedback, everyone!
  6. This might be considered a lazy post. Are the new seasons worth watching? I stopped at 7, and kind of just stopped watching after I heard about all the new characters that were being added, although that isn't the reason I stopped per se. Have you guys enjoyed the new stuff? I guess I'm just feeling a bit timid about giving the new stuff a try!
  7. Just wondering how everyone would feel if the show writers decided to conclude the Mane 6’s stories’ and introduce a new set of fillies/colts for the show to focus on, while still giving the original characters chances to appear in episodes. Yay or nay? I personally think it could be cool!
  8. Not to the point that it bothers me. I figure everything has its time, and it seems that everything else in the world faces it gracefully enough; the ambiguity of it all helps as well, like beginning another adventure. Who knows what awaits afterwards?
  9. Not really. I wished more time would've been taken to develop the characters in the movie, but arguably one can say that a single movie can't be compared to a season that is many episodes long. If the movie had gotten thirty minutes to develop each of the characters presented, sure, maybe it would've been able to compete. I was a bit disappointed that unless you were already familiar with the show itself, you probably wouldn't have gotten much out of the movie (or at least, that's what a few people unfamiliar with the show told me). Still an enjoyable watch though, I'm glad I got to see it, and I couldn't be excited enough that there were ponies on screen versus human-girl-knockoffs -grin-
  10. Loved seeing the entire family together! I feel that very often in cartoons, parents are the first thing the creators try to remove from the picture. I recall most of the cartoons I watched growing up either having the main character be an orphan, live with other characters of their age, be in an alternate universe where parents are never brought up, or parents being a distant subject without an actual character to attach their persona to. The fact MLP has no problem tactfully including parents is great to me! Twilight's brother is simply adorable to me. I feel like I don't see him enough in the series, so when he's finally on screen I get excited. I've also enjoyed Cadence's maturity from day one of having her introduced. Also cool to see Spike make an appearance, however brief, and the lesson was delicious. It's an issue I feel many have at least encountered before, and it's great to think that perhaps someone may take the lesson of making time for themselves to heart and live better for it. My nit-pick that really doesn't matter would be how Shining was automatically free to enjoy his favorite activities, while Cadence was routinely assigned baby-duty. It's possible Cadence truly didn't mind, but having to listen and see so many in real life complaining that they have the unfair share of the duties with their children (of both sexes, haha) I felt a feather rustle ! Overall, great episode, though!
  11. The ending of this episode, and the fact Rumble and his older brother make an appearance, saved this episode for me. I've never been too terribly excited for CMC based episodes for whatever reason, whether well done or not, but this one became pleasurable to me the moment it was revealed just why Rumble didn't want his Cutie Mark. I think it's a question that many viewers of this show have at least thought about (although I know there are always those voices that simply advise not to think too hard about a cartoon), and now they have a definite answer. I know I felt strange seeing mundane cutie marks next to ones like Twilight or Celestia's. I guess it felt a little too much like some ponies were destined from greatness right after foalhood, while others were predetermined to live "normal" lives. I rewatched Hurricane Fluttershy just the other day, and realize that while I'd forgotten about him, I enjoyed Thunderlane's character even then! I hope we get to see more of him! Also, I'm beginning to wonder just how many activities the Wonderbolts encompass. It can't be just flying around. They seem to have tried a few rescues before, and they're always present at big events! I guess they kind of remind me of... firemen. Haha.
  12. Hello Friend!

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  13. The power to get people to chill the **** out, haha. Love and peace to everyone!
  14. I couldn't get over Twilight's subdued level of concern in this episode. She learns of just how dire Zecora's diagnosis is, but is still able to get a good night's sleep after failing my expectations regarding her bookworm status, haha. I feel that more realistically, the entire Mane 6 would've been in that library provided they weren't already seriously preoccupied, but then we wouldn't have had much of an episode. I did think it was curious that neither Zecora or Fluttershy had heard of this mysterious tree, but the doctor had. Regarding strange plants, I'd think that these two would be at the top of Equestria's "know" list, but this doesn't seem to have been the case! it was kind of alarming to see how quickly Swamp Fever spread, I wasn't expecting that. It was nice to see Fluttershy's determined side, and Twilight and Spike's bakeoff, as others have noted, was 100% adorable!
  15. I'd like to think that anyone who is a decent person (can't speak for everyone, but I hope no one here) would shy away from deciding to commit something like this. I also hope everyone who sees the movie stays safe!