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  1. I had an idea for a thread in the debate symposium. 

  2. Please disable my account permanently from this forum. I am no longer interested in any further My Little Pony content, and I also want to move on with my personal life.

    Thank you for all the good times I had on the MLP forum. I enjoyed being here, and I will miss you all.

    1. You


      Just don't visit the site.

      Change your password without checking what you are entering.

  3. Nope. We aren’t doing this. There is a reason I’m not itemizing and breaking this stuff down to some sort of granular absurdity. I addressed this earlier. You know what we are talking about when we say we want political content to stay in Debate. Ain’t gonna be no rabbit hole of what-ifs today. If you want to know what what we are talking about then spend a few minutes on a political forum, a media website (CNN or FoxNews), or any interest group that is highly connected to politics. This guy would understand XD
  4. I think separating social commentary discussion that the show brings up directly or indirectly is a bit problematic which is why we aren’t going to be doing that. Same with other media like non-pony shows and gaming. You can’t really have a discussion of The Last of Us 2, for instance, without touching on the content within the game that has set out to bring its point of view on a current social element. This is mostly about keeping the shit storm surrounding current events off the main status feeds, and keeping IRL politics in its proper space to discuss.
  5. Another important item is that when Ponies start to touch on a social or political issue, this is allowed and encouraged to be discussed in the appropriate framing in the regular Pony areas. We aren’t going to lock a thread about the show itself when an episode/comic/etc goes political or has social commentary. Again that is common sense. What isn’t reasonable would be a topic “Would AJ vote for Trump”.
  6. @Jedishy Social Gathering Topics and Blogs that discuss faith and lifestyle in a non debate centric environment are still permitted in General Discussion and Blogs. Anyone 13 years and older should be able to distinguish between a social thread and a topic meant to invoke debate. “[insert religion] Thread - A place to discuss [insert religion] themed topics” is obviously okay.
  7. Administration also understands that this means new users to MLPF will not be able to engage in Debate Topics in any venue on out site until they have made 100 posts and have full access to Debate. The decision to make sure “hot button” topics stay in debate will be unpopular for some. We know this. We also know some may decide to leave the site. Even with this, it was fully agreed upon and implemented and isn’t changing. What is considered “political” is fluid and requires rational judgement so there will be no itemized breakdown of what constitutes a political status update or blog. Debate has its place on this site, and some come here to escape it. Some come here for it. Never should the two meet.
  8. Yay 4 getting 44444 brohoofs! :yay:

  9. Hi Jeric! I was just wondering if any songs from this year's Making Christmas Merrier were ever released?

    1. Ya boi Stormy 🌩️

      Ya boi Stormy 🌩️

      Xmas in July is soon... x)

  10. I’m very familiar with this software over the years as it was a favorite among games who liked to modify save files to hack games and such. Many YouTubers that focus on mobile gaming use BlueStacks as their emulator if choice to do recordings. I don’t have any use for the software since I have an active development account and Android Studio allows emulation on modern devices and games (YMMV depending on your laptop or desktop since it’s a resource hog )
  11. Snow

    Ur an stoopid doodie head

  12. Full transparency, we reassess how strict we are on content routinely, and this is a great example to base one of these comparisons on. If my intention was to completely end this thread it would be hidden and the OP PM’ed
  13. Temporarily closing pending staff discussion