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  1. Holy hell are there some old names in this thread. Yes. I do blush, and very noticeably if it's a specific type of embarrassment related to people giving me a gift. Receiving any gift or act if generosity turns me fairly red at times if I'm not prepared. Some who did that to me at BABSCON 15 and 16 would have seen it.
  2. Yikes. Actually my own vision seems to be getting worse, so this topic reminded me to schedule an appointment.
  3. Hail Hydra?
  4. 1001. Somepony needs to adopt this topic.
  5. Besides their initial rekindling during a crisis and a fantasy, not much interaction. It's one of the pillar relationships for the character, and needs to be built further. Again, think like a writer. Think of the Elements of Style. Why would this be crucial before any substantive Celestia interaction?
  6. Agreed with everything you've said. One thing that is interesting about Sunburst is that I feel he symbolizes the difference between pure academia in a field that places a higher emphasis on practical application. He probably knows more about magic than most, but lacks the ability to apply it. Like a genius in advanced math who would not be able to apply theory in engineering. Or better yet, a Computer Science wiz who can't program.
  7. Well, there are other characters we know that went to the school and haven't had direct interaction with Celestia. I want a Starlight and Sunburst focused episode long far more than I want this.
  8. They were mentioned. In a pretty positive light too. Plants? That was a one moment thing seen during TCMC. They were changed back. You see then several times after, and they make an appearance at the end of The Crystalling ... Twi's mom even talks.
  9. Hyperbole. Lol. Thanks for that! I do not believe that they suck, and I have a MacBook Pro, and several Windows and Linux machines. I alternate between iOS and Android and can list out pros and cons for each. Are they expensive? Yes. Are they overpriced? Technically no. Something is only overpriced if it is not selling. As long as Apple products are making Apple a profit, they can't be overpriced. Could they be more effectively priced? Yes. That isn't overpriced though. As far as this discussion, similar to the console discussion, I always lay my hat on "You do you boo!" If you hate Apple for any reason, speak with your wallet. If not, enjoy the product. It's generally well made and suits a large percentage of users, if not everyone. THAT SAID, Apple has made a few bonehead decisions with it's newer laptop and phone. If they keep doing that, it will be a long slow decline.
  10. I'm saying that their overuse by pundits and dime store political analysts by taking cherry picked popular quotes and disseminating them to the masses as validation of some truth is as hilarious as it is inept. They worst thing is that most of them KNOW it. The electorate, with it's consumption based traits fueling their opinions without internal discourse, does not. The Founders are Framers were certainly not paragons of virtue in all matters. They even thought themselves and their fellow Americans as corrupt, but much of that opinion was owed to the atmosphere of liberty that permeated Revolutionary America (racially integrated taverns owned by women where ethnic dancing and music was routine is an example some of the American Gentry would point to as evidence of corruption of the people). But, not all corrupt ideas led to bad things, hence the solution to the representation question during the Federal Convention. With that, no central government yo! It's adorable that some Parties pick and choose which Founding Father's to celebrate. It's like they are adopting them. The Founders worried more about their experiment lasting than whether they were the best. The term they used was 'uniquely American'. Also considering the letters and discussions about other nations, they were acutely aware that the new US was not the best in many things.
  11. Jefferson would likely be the only one really ashamed. Washington would visualize himself signing audibly (since he really worked to not have his countenance betray his emotions). Hamilton would be fine. Franklin would be mostly fine. Adams would be fine. Rutledge would be shocked for obvious reasons. Dickenson may be a little ashamed at our military might since he was a Quaker, but not exceedingly so. Back to Jefferson. You see, Jefferson wanted a new Constitution every 20 years. Madison was like lolno. The fact that we still have so much love to that document would sadden Jefferson to no end. To him it should be extreme dynamic and changed generationally (he had some weird idea of 20 years equalling a generation after some impressive math in a letter to Madison). I really don't think any modern Party wants what he wanted ... even the Article 5'ers. Washington hated Party politics and the masses who blindly followed Parties. He would say that both the Republicans and Democrats (the politicians AND the electorate) are exactly what he warned us about. Then he would see how misattributed he is and wish his correspondence was not set to flames. If Franklin had anything to say about today, he would first pick his ass of the floor after learning about the advancements in science. Then he would look at the politicians and see hundreds of less intellectual John Adams running the place. Madison built is ideas from massive research on others' governments and societal views. He was a very dynamic man who was more pragmatic than Jefferson. Hard to tell what he would thing since his views evolved over time. Most of the people that talk about the Founders and Framers haven't once seen a personal letter they wrote. Most of them are ill informed children who are still playing with the political equivalent of Duplo blocks, complete with imagining their creation as an original masterpiece akin to the Taj Mahal. And America is a good nation and exceptional. We aren't alone in our virtues and our faults. Comparing governments and nations like some sort of fandom discussion of who is best character illustrates how obtuse some are. I'm cool with it though. Just as long as I don't step on the Duplo blocks on my way through. Ouch!
  12. Five posts. You have to break the Blank Flank barrier. Note that posts don't count in some forums like Welcome Plaza, Fan Clubs, Cloudsdale Coliseum. I'd contribute a few comments in Show Discussion or General Discussion.
  13. You don't have enough posts to RP yet.
  14. It is because it is one of the worst tests to come out of pseudo-psychology. It's a cognitive based personality test. It's not accurate. To be fair, the BIG FIVE test that they SciShow team suggests is better is also not an accurate measurement of personality either.