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  1. Ok, still not ready to continue this. That IRL thing ... Basically was in a bad car accident and have to have restorative dental work tomorrow. Still concussed and in some serious pain and such and .... way woozy. When I resume this I will likely not have any bye days so we can catch up. For now I can barely see straight, and having lost four front teeth and my car thanks to a drunk driver ... I have my hands full. PRO TIP, get your airbags checked out. Apparently deployment isn't guaranteed. Seat belt saved my life. For now I need to rest.
  2. Just wanted to pop in hear and say I'm taking a few days off from this as I'm in the middle of focusing on IRL issues. I should be back around Tues or Wed to resume the World Cup
  3. Happy birthday Sun!

    1. Sunwalker


      Thanks so much, Jeric :)

  4. Command a user to post

    I shall use my Sith Alchemy to command .... @Frostgage Arise!!!
  5. The title posed the question as if there is a concrete answer when there is none. Simple answer, because they haven't written this story yet. Because they've written other stories instead. Because plot comes before gimmick? Because EqG isn't about the pony versions of AJ, Pinkie, Rarity, Rainbow, and Flutters? Because DHX had other plans for counterparts we haven't seen? Almost anything can be added as the answer to the question asked here and be as accurate as the previous one.
  6. Bold new notifications in the notifications tab

    I'll just drop this here.


    Time to decide on two more teams. Sweet Apple Acres and Baltimare? Cheese Sandwhich vs Songbird Serenade and Smooze vs. Twinkleshine. 

    1. PathfinderCS


      Ugh, I hate voting against Songbird here, but....cheeeeeeeeese....

    2. Jeric


      You think this is bad, just wait until the Actual World Cup starts. 

    3. PathfinderCS
  8. Poll being updated now for the below matches.
  9. If you're the same age as I am, and if you're a Disney fan... then perhaps you recognize this little ditty?

    (If so, you're welcome.)


  10. The world's collective IQ just went down quite a few points. RIP Dr. Hawkin. 

    1. Wingnut


      Yes indeed. As a regular viewer of the Big Bang Theory sitcom, I enjoyed his recurring appearances on the show. 

  11. Gaming Them's Fightin' Herds is a Flop

    Exactly. That said, eventually it all catches up with you. If this game doesn't start selling, or Mane 6 doesn't figure out a way to leverage their company and get some rich types to keep funding them .... it's gonna end bad. Some game companies in the past were able to build on a game like this with a few follow-ups that finally turned them into more financially profitable companies ... but that's like winning the lottery. More importantly, unless you are a huge publisher ... all it takes is one bad flop where you are massively in the red to kill your company. How many development houses have we seen close up in just the last five years? Game development is more fickle than being a musician or actor. :/
  12. Gaming Them's Fightin' Herds is a Flop

    If the team decided to work for stake in Mane 6 assuming it had a future, then it may have made a profit since the labor would balance out when factoring cost of goods sold (for all intents and purposes no real labor cost). Since equity isn't part of the profit/loss formula it might look like they made money and have value in the company. We don't know what their operating expenses are or what their cost of goods sold is, so it's hard to state that they have or have not made a profit.
  13. No real surprises so far. Though can you imagine if poor Sunburst winds up on a team with both Crackle and Smooze? Poor pony!
  14. Gaming Them's Fightin' Herds is a Flop

    Possibly. It honestly depends on the expense accounts. The funding included a debit to cash, but also a huge amount of deferred revenue (not unearned). It's possible that instead of a wages expense liability, labor was recorded as stakeholders equity. When you move deferred revenue over as the units are delivered ... the balance sheet would look different than you may expect. The income statement might actually show a profit since net profit is just the balance of revenue minus expenses. All depends on how Mane 6 addessed liabilities and equity. Where we completely agree is that there is not a strong return on investment here, at all. The only way to do so is to turn the intangible assets into something of value prior to depreciation. I certainly wouldn't work for equity, but I've seen many do just that.
  15. Gaming Them's Fightin' Herds is a Flop

    No. This is completely wrong several ways. First, just the Ledger, Journal, and Income Statements from initial Investment to monthly close-out during any production project shows that this is not how things are accounted. Secondly, check the Indiegogo ToS and FAQ regarding overfunding. Third, Wages Expense Account and Retained Earnings Account. That's all I have to say. These are financial accounting fundamentals, and most people don't know how running a business works, so it's understandable.