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  1. The Moon Wonderbolts Academy oh and this one
  2. And Rainbow Falls Moves on.
  3. Whoa. This is surprisingly uncompetitive... looks like Sunny and co. May breeze through to the Top 8!
  4. Jeric

    resolved Characters delete

    You ask an admin or RP mod .... Done

    Run, hide .... it won't help. 


    1. Batbrony


      Flyder Rank???

    2. Ganondorf8


      And so the anarchy begins.

  6. Jeric

    Flyder Rank

    I like to put in little easter eggs about things to come. Thats all we will say. See you around soon
  7. Flutter Shy Guy Seriously though, if you subscribe to the infinite worlds theory, then I don't see why this wouldn't be possible. Of course the rules of the AU's we know of seem to suggest that there may not be infinite versions, such as time travel caused AU's since that requires a different decision to have been made. In this case time travel isn't creating an AU but altering the existing universe. Equestria Girls showcases an AU, but I don't believe that shows that there can be infinite variations. If you look at the comics then you might have the strongest case. The fact that there is apparently some tenuous connection between some AU's also makes be pause though. As we see with this second mirror based AU, there is a connection to the main FiM universe and since it is presented as a mirror (opposite) of the main universe ... this probably lends weight that the finite number theory. That said, after playing devil's advocate, I always love the idea of a small infinates instead of large infinates when it comes to alternate universes.
  8. Jeric

    The Council of 16

    You may still get your chance. I miscounted and we were missing votes. This is still open Dash is not banished to Tambelon yet Sorry for the heart attack Dash fans I will say it is now down to one vote. If that vote goes Dash then it is tied and Ponyville gets to pick their own team member.
  9. Jeric

    The Council of 16

    Scootaloo will join Ponyville as Rainbow Dash sacrifices herself to ensure Scoots stays safe.
  10. She deserved that just for that one amazing episode of Rebels where she nails Grand Admiral Thrawn, a very very hard thing to do. Her touch on Pony has been absolutely appreciated. It also helps that she is an unabashed fan of many geek properties I love.
  11. I have to be honest I have no idea who is going to come out on top. 



    Let's make this a fun one. :D


  12. Rainbow Falls Another unlikely EQG Duo And this is the "Holy crap a still with just these two in it? SCORE!" VS Klugetown "Pinkie asks Lyra to watch over her sister" Minuette uses brushy brushy .... IS SUPER EFFECTIVE This is just an awesome shot of Thunderlane at his best.
  13. Also, that was downright hilarious and I may save that to be turned into a comic someday
  14. Manehattan pulls of a closer match that some anticipated. I'm posting the next one now and will probably have to post a concurring one tomorrow to get this on schedule.
  15. Mercury is correct. This section is set to require review and approval of posts, but you would be fine posting in any other area as this setting is exclusive to the tech support forum. You haven't been placed on any restriction whatsoever on MLPF.