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  1. I would have to agree. Thiessen did a commendable job during his run with FiM. Miller was able to take the mantle almost seamlessly. The show had rough patches under both, but Miller was mostly at the helm for my two favorite seasons of this show, so Pony is in great hands, and arguably the best hands it's been in since the show started.
  2. General

    This is actually a great topic idea. So here's one tossed into the wind. I admit that my declaration after my wife's passing that I was 'okay' was premature. Perhaps I was. Perhaps it was ego or the desire to live up to her expectations that I can handle anything the world lobs at me. Whatever it was, this Fall it was obvious that I was not as okay as I professed to be. In the last year I've seen slight changes in how I handle things. I can be quicker to snipe at people. shocking to me since I was once more passive and forgiving about things that bothered me. It's not anger, but it feels like my general self control is slippery these days. I actually am worried that without her influence in my life, bitterness will eventually creep in. Losing myself to that deeply concerns me, so most of my personal growth lately is focused on finding that center and not getting lost in a forest of discontent. I admit that I was a fool for thinking I was as strong as other perceived me. I'm not okay, but in time I will be. I hope. Anyway good topic.
  3. Everything you said is pretty spot on, but I want to single out this part, because it's something that the members (non-staff and staff alike) generally agree on. Even though this site has a population of younger people, and some who feel deeply about many issues, most of us are mature enough to act civilly when we want to. I feel that baby proofing DP to remove politics is silly and, quite frankly, slightly off-putting to the majority of people who carry themselves like any reasonable pony loving adult should. I said that last line with a straight face, because I meant it. Trump debates have nothing on Starlight Glimmer debates.
  4. Me after my Eagles beat Dallas!



    1. Woohoo


      Dallas sucks :proud:

    2. Northern Light Dashie

      Northern Light Dashie

      Tell the Eagles I said "Thanks for beating my least favorite thing in the world."

      I still have nightmares about when they beat my Vikings on our own turf.

    3. TheRockARooster


      Hate it when two teams I like face eachother but I tipped the Eagles.

  5. Succinctly put. I have nothing more substantive to add since it's pretty much the best way to phrase it. For all my salt about DP and my tendency to pop in there and call shenanigans on people, political and civic rhetoric are healthy when out in the open. It's when they are allowed to slowly simmer in silence that causes massive problems. Oh. I guess I did have something to add.
  6. I'm on a Twilight Touchdown roll tonight. Soooo




    1. Northern Light Dashie

      Northern Light Dashie

      Let me guess. The Eagles beat the Cowboys?

    2. Jeric


      Yes my Aurora Dashie type friend. We definitely bear the Cowboys. Shaky first half followed by the Eagles going full speed and putting up Touchdowns and getting turnovers like they remembered their record. 

      I normally don't say much about the Eagles because I'm very superstitious, but Dallas games are big affairs in my house. :)


  7. Dallas, it's right nice of you to keep giving us back the ball. You like sharing today. We'll just mosey on down to that end zone and lay it down so you can have it back. 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jeric


      I move that the NFL and Lurie loan the Eagles out to the Phillies. They could use some good luck. 

    3. Yellow Diamond

      Yellow Diamond

      My lord, you ask the impossible. I need more men!

    4. Jeric



      Hush, or I'll have most of your scenes deleted!

  8. More than a functional difference. There appears to be a unique catalyst as well. Considering the terms used (emphasis on 'Equestrian Magic' as a general term) it may be more general as well. But hey that's ok. I'm not here to be all "Robble Robble gimme yer headcanon ... you can't play with your own toys."
  9. Touchdown to start the second half! 

    Imma do a happy dance 



    1. Jeric


      Well that was fast. 

      Thanks Miami!!!!

  10. The Path to Starlight Fandom Season 5 "Oh cool. So a villain with a twisted philosophy on friendship that got away. We get a cool recurring villain" "I see you hiding at that table. Plotting." "Bushes now. Oh hell this is going to be good!" "Dayum Starlight is pretty freaking talented. Levitating flight! Can actually work a Starswirl spell." "Oh here is the point that Twilight has to talk sense into her ... magic battle won't work." "Um ... that's kinda a weak sauce reason to go all dark and twisty. Then again Sunburst just traded up from cool best friend to edumacation without so much as a TTFN. Lots of raw emotion and raw magic. This girl certainly needs some chiropractic friendship adjustment STAT!" "Friendship song redemption. Maybe she can be the element of math ... cause equations ... wait ... equal ... Equestria ... ... equine ... I see what you did there show!" Season 6 later. I suppose that's one interpretation. Not mine since they made a big deal out of how the magic in the human world doesn't follow the same rules. Basically, Johnny Five needs more input.
  11. I assume this is speculation. I may have missed something since I'm not caught up on that series. I can name plenty of cartoons where the main characters are perpetually stuck in school so it's definitely not a guarantee that all cartoons with high school students end at graduation.
  12. Here you go, Jeric.

    A small gift.

    Image result for philadelphia eagles gloves

  13. Star Wars punnery will be taking a break while my Iggles are playing Dallas. 

    Bleed green! Fly Eagles Fly!


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jeric


      Oh hell .. it's going to be one of those games isn't it. 

      > Takes heart pills*




      *I don't actually take heart pills. 

    3. Frostgage


      Division games never as easy as they should be

    4. Darth Porgus

      Darth Porgus

      Give in to the dark side.

  14. Spoiler

    Less so now. As far as the doppelganger meetup, that promises to be rather dull and uninspired. Twilight and Sci-Twi are very different, not the others. The other characters are so similar that it would come across as a series of repetitive vignettes rather than a cohesive character and motive driven plot. Pass.

    Don't try it Kenobi ... I have the higher ground!