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  1. The last episodes were leaked and several degenerate assholes attacked DHX staff because they didn’t like the the choices. So .... yeah that’s a thing.
  2. This needs a separate thread. So. Grogar was a ruse by Discord in an effort to contain them and possibly redeem them. Also to help Twilight along to get her to a point she could rule. My Dutch is rusty (a lot) so I couldn’t pick out some of the lines from Celestia and something about Sombra during his confession. Anyway, thoughts on the twist? Am I missing some context regarding Sombras role in the ruse?
  3. Okay so there is a nice time gap that allows for great speculation and details to cover. Twilight 3.0, Luster, CheesePie, Discord, etc. Thats just leading up to the finale. Like Star Wars with larger gaps left unexplained and unexplored for years, I’m actually excited to read what others have come up with. I definitely need to write about Yona and Sandbar and the Boutique.
  4. Considering what the staff just dealt with (death threats over leaked plot points) I think this project is now an even better idea.
  5. I think it would be great. Let’s move this to Spoilers because you can’t have Season 10 ideas without seeing all of 9. This was a bit of a dangerous question. It opens it up to people talking about the finale which some like me have seen. If you don’t want anything spoiled I’ll lock this for you until everything has aired
  6. It will not be a musical but there is a song.
  7. People don’t listen. Locking and he can remake it again in October.
  8. Sorry to hear that you’ve heard all the major spoilers, but thank you for taking the hit in order to keep this forum safe. 

    1. Jeric


      No worries. Enjoy the rest of the season as it airs or however you decide to. :)


    2. FeatherStream


      we are never safe from spoilers unless you are off the internet for quite some time xD

  9. Since I am reading everything, someone posted a status update that made me stop and pause. All Season 9 Spoilers and Speculation now go in the Season 9 Spoiler Forum. It has been renamed. So any logical and illogical guesses go there as well. I am now aware of every major spoiler myself, so .... just saying. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck ... you are on vacation until October. Thanks. Yes this is somewhat Draconian. We don't care. If you are an established user and think this is a shitty thing because staff is making you all post in a separate area away from people who want to wait, you are going to have to grin and bear it. If this decision causes you to leave the forum, well ... make sure you close the door on the way out. Air Conditioning is expensive you know. Anything not aired in the US is to discussed in the Season 9 Spoiler Forum. That means spoilers, speculation, wild guesses, and reactions to the episodes not yet aired in the US. Do any of the above, and your account is suspended until the show is over. I think that covers everything.
  10. We are deleting any mention of the finale outside of the the spoiler forum. Draconian? Damn straight it is and I’m certain more will thank me than curse me. As far as your status updates and posts are concerned .... any mention in any about the leaks or what is contained in those episode will be Thanos snapped. That includes any hints or impressions. That shit is a beacon for people to accidentally reply and spoil something. We have been here before every year since season 6 and we’ve learned enough from these early release and leaked episode to know any mention of hint invited longer discussing.
  11. No spoilers also means no hints of early impressions. 

  12. Any mention of Dutch, Netherlands Dubs are going to removed due to the recent drop of all episodes. 

    1. Sherbert MGS

      Sherbert MGS

      All mentions?
      Even mentioning about episode that predate s9's conception?
      Seems a bit harsh, considering the newest reference was from "Sounds of Silence" S8E23,
      which was released over a year ago

    2. Jeric


      Welcome to the world we live in. We aren’t taking any chances. Some of the info out there spoils everything because of Dutch releases. I’d much rather err of the side of caution that let something accidentally invite a spoiler discussion. 

  13. I’m locking this thread now. Shits out in the wild. Be careful and report anything that spoils anything.
  14. And the rest of Season 9 is now out in the wild. It is in Dutch at the moment. But be careful