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  1. episode discussion

    They can't, and it doesn't really matter anyway. You have to understand the writer has many ways to portray a flashback. I mean there was no time travel here, it was a story being told by a third party with the present day story teller using what they saw and what they know second hand from Pear Butter, Bright Mac, and others. The babies talking we're either imagined by the respondent of the story, or made to talk by the in-story narrator. It's why films like Big Fish are so well done -- they understand the actual framing device of a flashback doesn't have limitations that the audience is mostly accustomed to -- due in part to unimaginative writing.
  2. spoiler

    Aye. Second parent this season to have a VA that really made the character feel alive to me. Felicia Day's delivery felt crazy natural. "Quiet you", is one of my favorite lines. Aye. Second parent this season to have a VA that really made the character feel alive to me. Felicia Day's delivery felt crazy natural. "Quiet you", is one of my EDIT actually meant second female parent .... both Bright Mac and Bow were done very well too.
  3. spoiler

    I have a feeling that these two will be featured heavily in fan art. I also cannot wait for the fics. So much opened for possibilities now! Art by Neko-Snicker
  4. Aye. There is a curious thought experiment with hypocrisy that usually pits someone's personal values that they preach against the values held by their occupation. For example, a person who claims to be an animal lover and have many pets, but is also a medical researcher for a pharmaceutical firm that tests on animals. There is definitely nuance in arguments like that. In that example, is the researchers personal appearance the contrivance, or is his professional appearance the fraudulent aspect of his life? Does the artifice have to be purposely manufactured for it to be actual hypocrisy? Is it possible to be innocently inconsistent without hypocrisy? Based on what you and I mentioned, I would venture that a planned deception would have to occur.
  5. Is that still accurate? Because many of the old perks didn't carry over with the upgrade.
  6. That is an appropriate way of looking at both traits. In my teens I was once described as a person who had an "elevated sense of self-worth". That was a nice way of saying I was arrogant as all get out. Even so, I had no shortage of friends. I probably annoyed the hell out of some of them. Now if I was a hypocrite, that is a legitimate path to disloyalty, and as you said ... potentially dangerous.
  7. This is what I have adopted. Bright Mac and Pear Butter welcome Applebloom and they decided enough is enough and they leave to mend fences with Grand Pear, and have some sort of accident en route, or even on their way home. Applebloom tho They didn't show death. They showed grieving and healing -- the moral of the episode.
  8. Hm. I'm actually going to say that I doubt the second half will be as impactful as the first half. Half of the episodes of the first half were (at varying levels) extraordinarily personal episodes. So far this season has actually given me my favorite episode, with two others that will likely land in my final top ten. It's going to be hard as hell for the show to match that. I can tell you that if they can come close, Season 7 may actually wind up as my favorite overall. I actually am excited at some of the upcoming episodes, but I'm generally a fan of Starlight, Spike, and CMC episodes ... so again I'm biased. Even so, I doubt they will top Perfect Pear, Discordant, Glideance, Flurry of Emotions, or Royal Problem (for me).
  9. episode discussion

    Nope. Nope. Nope. I am still learning stuff about my pops. I didn't even know he served in Vietnam until two years ago. He died in 1995. I actually found out from his best friend at my grandmother's funeral. And there are things that I don't think my kids are ready to know about their mom that they likely wouldn't think to ask. However if they saw one or two pictures, the images would make them go, huh? Some large families have pasts that they don't like talking about. My oldest never had the guts to ask one question until this year. "Why did you and Mom have a second wedding ceremony when we were five and six?" Things sometimes don't get brought up, because people just don't know how to bring them up (like in the episode). Some people don't bother to question things, or make assumptions (like in the episode). This is the equivalent of two people looking at Starry Night and one proclaiming it is a masterpiece, and another saying they would prefer a different style of depiction. The old argument of subtlety vs. exposition perhaps. Personally I don't need the explanation of how they passed. That touches on the immediacy and would arguably take attention away from one of the messages and morals of the episode. Family can survive loss. Family can heal from loss. The inclusion of Grand in this episode drives that home hard. Any discussion on how they died would be a narrative mistake based on what they were going for here. But wanting that stated is not something I can justify as being inherently wrong. It's a style preference in how a story is told.
  10. episode discussion

    True story - a bunch of fans brought Hayden sand bags during this year's Celebration in Orlando. It was a glorious moment. To his credit he was laughing the entire time
  11. WIP I'm including both of these characters together since they are indeed the perfect pair. I'm a hopeless romantic who was lucky enough to live a great romance and this couple is hooves down the greatest depiction of romantic love in FiM. This is as close to a holy grail OTP that the show can ever hope to achieve. Their story is as epic as the anticipation of finally seeing them depicted as characters, fully realized. The writers did not disappoint when crafting their love story. Many of us have waited years for this moment. I hope this topic will stand as a way to showcase them as a couple and also individually. A thread to remember them by in a sense.
  12. Those that ship those two are likely going to find this episode one of their favorites. Like almost every ship it is harmless fun for many fans, and it can actually deepen some of the narrative appeal of the show itself for a person who does. More power to them!
  13. episode discussion

    Before this ... CotLM was my personal favorite episode. It is really hard to honestly assess an episode this soon after watching it, and especially one that was as personal or emotional, but that said Amending Fences, CotLM, Sisterhooves Social, Parental Glideance, and Suited For Success definitely will have company.