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  1. Jeric

    Fan Club Changes

    As promised posts in the Fan Club area count toward posts again for the first time in over three years. That does come with a trade-off. You also have to add something about the character in text. Don't just spam with pics anymore, talk about the pic and the character. I've tweaked the language with the debate rule in Fan Clubs. It only exists to prevent someone hell bent on entering the Fan Clubs to troll fans of that character.
  2. Clod

    Hey man, hate to bother you again about badges again, but I kinda never got the ones for interacting with Twilight or the trivia :please:

  3. Fired and career ended in disgrace is what I would prefer, however I expect that his scheming will place him in a position where his life is in jeopardy and the Student Six will ultimately put their lives on the line to save him, providing the catalyst for a change of heart. That is what I suspect the show will go for. He may then take the Starswirl path of a Friendship pilgrimage, and want to spend time in the non-pony kingdoms to learn more about each culture I have to account for the fact that this show takes every opportunity to teach kids that the misguided can be reasoned with and become an ally or friend.
  4. The final selection was made and emails or PM's will be going out to everyone who wasn't selected or interviewed. I do believe in direct feedback so if you want know why you weren't selected, I will tell you what you need to work on going forward. There were actually some promising candidates that weren't selected simply because another candidate had the perfect background to help push forward this initiative. Basically, I chose the best candidate regardless of my personal relationship with them. I am going to keep all applications on file, and should a role open up I can easily go to them and select a candidate and ask if you are still interested. Thank you for the interest for this position, and look for the final PM's in the coming days.
  5. Right, okay I wanted to clarify. It's important to manage expectations. First ... An anchor button is something that has fallen out of favor in recent years for two reasons. 1) If your machine/device has a keyboard, page up and home tend to do this more efficiently as hands travel keys quicker than use of mouse. 2) Use of an anchor button on mobile takes up far too much screen real estate and usually becomes more of an annoyance for most users even though one or two might like this feature. I should create a pinned philosophy post in Feedback, but ultimately anything we dedicate resources too (and we only have so many) had better be to something that is broken first. If we dedicate resources to enhancements to the site, the priortized ones are going to be focused exclusively toward enhancements that positively effect the most amount of people based on several favors. An example would be the oft requested rank enhancements, and better categorization of emotes. One-off requests usually become low priorites unless we can easily ascertain a high value would be added. So yes, small button or link wiuld be nice such as, 'go to top', but philosophically, this would fall under low-priority wish list items.
  6. Jeric

    My little pony Ice Cream Bars

    @ShadOBabe you should add Starlight and the Princesses to this list.
  7. Jeric

    Something that worries me about G5

    Brian Goldner is not going anywhere. Also, CEO's don't make decisions with huge properties like that based on willfully antagonizing one element of a customer base. I mean, maybe if they made any Tom, DIck, and Harry a CEO, but these individuals usually have a far higher pedigree than your mental view of a mustache twirling villain. G5 may not be what you want, but rest assured that that will be based on business miscalculation, and not motivated by pettiness.
  8. Some elements of our technology are the byproduct of a need. If magic was as ubiquitous in our world as it is in theirs, the evolution of technology would be different for us.
  9. Jeric

    What happened to the background color option?

    This is now how mobile will look like for users on a six in. screen. Personally I need several of the post options on the toolbar. I can get by with some issues with Speech to Text but having a toolbar that allows one button press is easier for me after my accident since I lost some ... mobility ... in my dominant hand. Hence why you see several typos that have been pointed out from time to time. :-)
  10. Jeric

    What happened to the background color option?

    I'll consider it, but I am not removing strike-through, font color from any of the viewport sizes. Also, spoiler or quote was not in the mobile menu. Not sure why, but those are of greater use to a greater percentage of users. I got no problem adding tools, but I have reasons for placing some of the ones I placed on mobile.
  11. Who? Do you mean Headmare Twilight, or Chancellor Neighsay?
  12. He means on your keyboard. It works the same way (from a users perspective) and it is faster. Yeah. I mean that was my nice way of saying, "Would be nice, but it isn't something we will be tackling since we didn't build this software."
  13. Jeric

    Spoiler Confirmed returning character

    This could go either way when it comes to LD changing her point of view. She could go the Trixie way, or she could be like Flim and Flam and not completely turn over a new leaf. If we get some subtle movement in either direction I'll be fine personally. I also think it would be an interesting test of RD of she had to help Lightning, or if somehow Lightning tries to undermine Scoots and Dash's bond.
  14. @RaphLuna interesting theory. I took the liberty of updating the topic since it really isn't a spoiler. Closer to speculation really. A three generational thing does make sense. Especially since that are six new artifacts.