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  1. Jeric

    Chrysalis's priorities

    Common psychology. By placing a focus on Thorax she is admitting that her role and ability in ruling the hive was a failure. In her mind an outside influence had to be at fault, and that was Starlight Glimmer. Sure, she would still consider Thorax a traitor, but Starlight gets the brunt of her hatred because she took away the most important thing to her, her rule. Shining and Cadance defeated Chrysalis and her return and abduction was taking revenge. However, I don’t think she would be single minded against them anyway because she was defeated with love during the wedding, and Queeny understands that love is extremely powerful so it makes sense. Shining and Cadance didn’t hit her in her ego. That’s the unforgivable sin.
  2. Jeric

    General Casual Nudity

    I don't we need two topics on being nude, do we?
  3. GAME ON 




    1. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      huh, the image it leeched fits perfectly for it's cut form

  4. Added 2/19/19 - Email notification server outage - Verified
  5. Just a announcement that the email server that supports notifications is currently down and we will let you all know when it is back up and running.
  6. What happens next? I'm in the Team...

  7. MLPF will be coordinating something along these lines ourselves.
  8. Jeric

    Changeling Kingdom vs Ponyville

    It’s game time folks.
  9. This OP is not written in a way that would invite commentary surrounding a topic of interest to the community at large. It is more like "Look at what I accomplished" and ends there. Our blog system is tailored for this type of content. I would recommend moving this over as a blog, or retooling this topic to allow for more general discussion surrounding IP law. Alternatively you can add to any existing topic on trademark and copyright based laws if it would organically fit the conversation.
  10. After months of fighting with IP.B and trying to salvage the character database, I realized that I have wasted precious hours trying to fix something that might best be redone. The issues that plague the old databases are just a pain to fix and also set up for the future of Roleplay and also for other uses of the character database. Entering March the existing character databases will be placed into an archived state that will still keep them accessible, but lock them from edits or new character entries. As this happens we will be rolling out a new database that will be designed to incorporate multiple facets of the upcoming Roleplay revamp. This means that some individuals will need to manually copy over any information from their existing character templates to the new system if you wish to have them active and connected to any new features. I will be VERY transparent as I do this giving everyone ample time to prepare. Again, the old database is NOT going to be deleted or removed. Your old characters will still be there. It will simply be read only. It will be replaced by a better looking and more flexible database. The idea is to incorporate optional elements and categories for various RP types making it a hell of a lot easy to maintain and to allow you as character creators several options. Stay tuned.
  11. Jeric

    A note on the show ending

    Whoops, locked this by mistake doing clean up.
  12. I’ll miss the show I suppose, but I don’t need to miss the fandom since I have no shortage of people I will undoubtably interact with after the show is wrapped up. It’s a shame that my experience doesn’t reflect yours OP, but I’m sure I am not along in the resolution to keep elements of the fandom alive in some small way, and for me the best way is through my fellow Brony friends.
  13. Jeric

    Season 9 CONFIRMED to be the last season.

    My thoughts echo yours as well. I've met numerous people I call friends. Some who have been there during my darkest days, and allowed me to be there for them. All because of a forum centered around a show with horses making friends, and I can say that with a straight face because it was worth the experience and having these friends in my life. Saccharine, but true.
  14. Community, This will be short, but expect a long well thought out post from me later this weekend. As you all know we received final confirmation that Season 9 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic will be its last season. It’s been a ride of amazing moments for a lot of us. Two things I need to mention - this community will go on. We are smaller and more quaint these days, but I’ve come to know, respect, and enjoy you all — yes even the ones that give me heartburn. We will go on. We will evolve as needed. Secondly, this last season will be our chance to do some things on here to tip our hat to the creators and each other for everything this show has meant over the years. The memories. The friends. The heartache and the blessings. I have had ideas in my nursery since I came back to staff. Pay attention to the Throne Room. For those that have no anxiety with video and audio clips get ready. And all of you get your OC’s prepared. We will Brony On.
  15. Jeric

    E06: Street Chic

    You just lost your topic Mista Pupper!