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  1. Trixie has the lead by one. The poll is set to close tomorrow. If you want to have a runoff vote or stick with the winner you all can decide. I’ll do a yes or no type poll then. As it stands I may have to learn some cool magic tricks.
  2. Jeric

    Best Gift Ever Begins Now

    Um, oh what the hay. Sure we can squeeze you in for the HWE gift Drop.
  3. Sorry for the abrupt post, but I just wanted to say thank you for all that you and everypony else are doing to make this the happiest Christmas for everyone/pony!

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and I hope you always remain so awesome and friendly!

    Here's a Luna for you my friend!


  4. So this one has three parts to it Prize A - A banner will be created with the OC's (or a visual representation of) all donors. Instructions will come in a separate thread*. Prize B - A lucky donor will be drawn and have their OC featured on a banner with their favorite character from MLP Prize C - Solo Song (Admins Choice) the Admins select one of the better singers on staff to sing a song we select. Not going to spoil who it is yet. *This is not the annual community group banner that has been done in the past, That is a separate event entirely.
  5. So for those of you keeping track there are some Goal Awards I haven't posted yet. I've also skipped around a little so even though we are in the midst of settling some of the Bonus goals, I will be circling back to the lower tiers and posting about them. As we are entering the final week of this soon this section is going to explode with all manner of things being revealed. In some cases I don't want to rush results so they will be measured out to allow everyone to chime in on things (there is a big one that you guys should really love that has been asked for ever since I've been a user here). I'll be posting a small one tonight.
  6. @Arc Flash took a double pie to the face for charity. 

  7. Though I didn’t mention this I’m not supposed to sway the votes. It’s all in good fun for charity and I’m good with however the votes swing on this. Though the top three are definitely going to make me turn several shades of red. I think that is part of the point behind the idea though A character without a song would probably be the most complex since we hit the $2500 That is why Salty Sweets wants to have a second poll with the top 5. $2500 changed things because now I have a music video and have to enter the Cosplay Contest at BronyCon. Those factors may make some want to switch around their vote. Especially now that they know what I look like IRL. Since there isn’t a rush I may toss that up to you all to decide We are watching TV and chilling but I’ll try and get her to chime in later
  8. Sunny is just too cool for me tho! Cant touch that level of excellence no matter how good the seamstress is.
  9. Whoa Where did all the Rarity votes come from?
  10. Jeric

    Best Gift Ever Begins Now

    Oh and please try and think of something that is simple enough to fit on an award badge. I didn’t mention that in any of my messages I sent but it’s worth mentioning
  11. It looks like Trixie is close enough that this could happen. It’s funny because I have no idea how the kid is going to interpret either Pinkie or Trixie. But if it’s either I will demand props!
  12. Some teens like wearing eyeshadow and some don’t. Rarity doesn’t have to be the only character who wears makeup. Cadance also is an adult working at a school and women tend to wear makeup more often in a work. That said the real world reason has to do with color theory. Some base colors need better highlights (usually lighter colors) which explains why white, light pink, and yellow characters are seen with eye shadow. This is also why you have different hex for the Pony counterparts closed and semi-closed eye lids, so that it better highlights other emotional features
  13. Basically that, yeah. Also because her VA is black. You have a huge issue within the cosplay community that is a constant battle over this. The toxic volume does exist with crossplay and body type (thin people cosplaying as heavy set characters), but it isn't present in the MLP fandom, though it is in Steven Universe and a few anime sub-communities. Others like Star Wars and Trek don't have this issue either. It is very fandom specific it seems.