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  1. Looks like it's just some nasty ulcers. No biggie. Still a bit groggy since I lost a decent amount of blood and such. I'll get this back on track tomorrow.
  2. Gonna have to postpone this. Im in the hospital and having a hard time staying awake. :/ Should only be a day or two. I shall return. Now if I could only get a glass of water. :/
  3. I need your help! Survey: Phenomenon Brony

    Standards of data collection for research. I assume this is at a University level. Usually you want to provide an Informed Consent sheet and contact information to your Department Chair. Might be a good idea to include that information if this is for University Research.
  4. Season Two

    2 definately started and closed strong with some classics peppered throughout. It's my third fav after 7 and 5.
  5. Some Crackle fun! Moral of the story ... DON'T EAT BUGS!
  6. Rainbow Rocks Rainbow Rocks or My Little Pony The Movie?

    Rainbow Rocks and MLP The Movie have decent music in general, but overall I enjoyed the pony movie more. RR had the Dazzlings as new characters, but I think in the end, it was the variety in the new locations and characters that edge out the second EqG film for me.
  7. I need your help! Survey: Phenomenon Brony

    You may be missing the Informed Consent and IRB Protocol #. Something your institution may require.
  8. So I can assume Burnt Oak is gonna get your vote?
  9. Just told my family I'm a brony

    I'm I the only one who is curious how the OP is doing? Anyway, as a parent, I've never judged my kids interests as long as the hobbies weren't dangerous and (obviously) age appropriate. I think our household had two rules (mostly jokes). No Scientology and none of my kids will be Dallas Cowboys fans.
  10. Back at ya. :P

    1. Snow


      I'm like Lightwing but with tanks, do so at your own risk~

  11. I'll probably be posting something about the raffle in the World Cup later today so stay tuned. 

  12. After a day off, we are back in business in Baltimare. Will Sunburst be paired with Smooze? Will Mr. Shy learn the ways of dragons from Crackle? 



  13. Setting up the next group now. Group 8 Baltimare.