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  1. Jeric

    Pony World Cup Matches (4)

    Ghastly Gorge vs Trottingham Baltimare vs Changeling Kingdom Tartarus vs White Tail Woods The Moon vs Las Pegasus
  2. Jeric

    Pony World Cup Matches (3)

    Everfree Forest vs Dodge Junction Rainbow Falls vs Yakyakistan Fillydelphia vs Wonderbolts Academy
  3. Jeric

    Pony World Cup Matches (3)

    Vanhoover vs Manehattan Cloudsdale vs Somnambula Crystal Empire vs Saddle Arabia
  4. Jeric

    So... road trip?

    Probably best shared on your status feed. Thanks
  5. Expression - think math or code. Meaning I can't force the field to be in a specific format you suggested without sacrificing a user's ability to want to vet who he gives it out to. Twas worth a try though.
  6. Jeric

    Pony World Cup Matches (3)

    Ponyville vs Tenoschitlan Basin Seaquestria vs Canterlot Our Town vs Dream Realm
  7. Jeric

    Pony World Cup Matches (3)

    Las Pegasus vs White Tail Woods Dragon Lands vs Baltimore Maretonia vs Changeling Kingdom
  8. Sorry Bas, I have to remove the expression. Some have complained that it is limiting them from adding specific instructions to contact them via PM. The example will remain though.
  9. Jeric

    Emoticon Suggestions, Thoughts, and Feedback

    @Sondash Studios as we have a large discussion on emoticons for this site in Feedback, and since fragmented topics in Feedback are hard to track, I'm merging your topic into the original one.
  10. Bas

    Hi there!

    What is

    What is monthly_year_month? I am asking because this somehow looks like a news or articles series judging from URL.

    1. Error 404

      Error 404

      i think it is the server or something that handles/holds the uploads to the site  that monthly thing looks like a folder of when it was uploaded to the site 

    2. TheTaZe


      Buffy is the subdomain of the site itself. She is also the forums mascot. Monthly_2018_08 most likely is a directory with all the image files of this month in it that is being hosted on this site. @Bas

  11. Jeric

    Spoiler S08:E20 - The Washouts

    Also unrelated Users are expected to put text in with images or videos or you are wasting your time because we will hide your post. I know spoiler blocks bypass the countent character counter, but come on. Add a little love to your posts. So every character on FiM of same age has the same maturity level or understanding of danger? Is that what you are saying? Also yes, I said she feels that way, and see certainly knows they are dangerous, but these are not the same thing and not valuing life.
  12. Jeric

    Spoiler S08:E20 - The Washouts

    I've seen that tone before. You might wanna step away and chill before you say something that might wind up being the last comment you can make in this thread. Just sayin'.
  13. Jeric

    Spoiler S08:E20 - The Washouts

    Well ... Any Psychologist worth their salt would suggest that both the age of LD and the age of Scootaloo could lend themselves to sense of relative invincibility or a positive experience bias. "Yeah injuries happen in the stunts, but we and others always make it out just fine." Negligence and undervaluing life are different things. She is dangerous, no doubt, but there is more evidence to support a general view that everyone will be fine.
  14. Clarification on my gravity comment since that requires a metaphor to understand. Imagine you are a god and exist for a moment outside reality, yet can choose to interact with it. This reality is literally an infinate void. Nothing exists. No matter. Just void. Now, you 'drop' one atom into the void. You just introduced instantaneous gravity stretching out for infinity in all directions.
  15. Two things that science needs to rename are energy and expansion (particularly when it comes to space). When cosmologist discuss expansion, and the big bang, and acceleration of the universe, human imagined visuals get in the way of actually understanding what they mean. Don't think of an expanding universe as this ever growing bubble. That assumes there was a center. There wasn't. Slightly slower than instaneous -- all the universe and matter came in to be everywhere in a hot dense soup of mass energy. Gravity proves that. The distance between constituent particles of mater started to increase, while the four great forces of our universe came into existence thanks to the quantum waves that all particles are theoretically bound to. The universe is infinite mathmatically, yet is expanding. Visible space is continuing to become less and less visible as mater is pulled away faster than light. Here is the curious thing, the word infinate is also misunderstood, some infinites are larger than others. Hard to wrap your head around? Not your fault. We actually require scale to even comprehend what we can mathmatically derive, because of the limits of our brain and how it processes information (not cosmological information). We now enter the field of quantum theory as defined by the Higgs Boson. I'm of the mind that the multiverse is an unanswerable thought experiment. If quantum tunneling can occur with a HB, we are sooooo screwed.