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  1. Are you referring to Friendship Games? If so what about the film didn't pull you in like the others? Characters? Plot? Dialog? Conflict?
  2. Not only that, but show Amidi Toy Story & Wreck-It Ralph. They prove he doesn't understand how a narrative can be culled from something without an existing cohesive mythology. I've said it before, in the hands of a capable writer any concept can be be turned into a good story. The idiot has never changed his spots. Shame, because he knows his way around the language.
  3. We have one ... but it's hidden with a few others. It was her screaming 'quiet'.
  4. This is generally what I call a middling episode where the good absolutely outweighs any negatives. The biggest gripe I had was that Spike didn't solve a problem, his friends did that on their own, but that's a nitpick. In general, Spike's overreaction is par for the course with just about every character that faces an external conflict on this episode, so that didn't bug me. Ember was this episode's highlight, and I definitely appreciated the humor. =D Food on walls. Gonna have to try that some time. Writers are God's of the universe. They gave the map a new power with one stroke of their pen. Now we know it can do all sorts of nifty things. Perhaps it should just be called the Friendship Map.
  5. Spoiler

    During extreme cases of mass trolling in the past, staff have switched new accounts to require Approval Queue. It allowed some peace for the other members, but actions like that that require manual approval can have two negatives. It is labor intensive, so there always has to be a Mod or Admin available. Since staff activity is determined by individual availability, and general numbers, you run the risk of frustrating legitimate new members if approval is too slow. It would be their call on whether they would have the bandwidth to take that on permanently and if the risk is worth it.
  6. Happy Birthday man!

  7. Agreed with not wanting to see Whooves change, and FWIW the new Doctor and Ghostbusters (2016) are completely different issues. Ghostbusters critics had a legit gripe. The Who stuff reminds me of the screaming idiots who populated comment sections when the new Trek show videos went up.
  8. Congrats with your 30000th brohoof. ;)

    1. Randimaxis


      I concur - bully, good sir!   BULLY!

  9. Rarity has a lot to pick from. Many of her hyperbolic moments remind me of how younger children think the world is ending over something minor. In truth, it's one of the traits that she exhibits that I find endlessly entertaining. Here is one of her childish scenes, and it's also one of my favorite Rarity moments.
  10. Fair point. I think the Spike / Starlight redundancy could be resolved better by adjusting Spike's duties and role on the show. Something I think they are in the process of doing.
  11. The consistency and technical flaws bug me. If they fixed that, I would rate this a higher rating than a 4/5 ... I honestly liked this episode's chutzpah
  12. Thanks MA Larson. I've seen some compare this to Slice of Life, in that this episode was meant is the opposite of that thank you. I may have said this in here, or in a chat, but I've been looking at this meta episode as the companion to the artistic meta episode Suited For Success. In that episode the staff shared their opinion on the dangers of a client's influence on their art, and how it can pervert it's intent. In this episode we saw the same general message, but it was directed at the audience, who in their admiration of the show and characters can sometimes, can sometimes get caught up in the details and lose sight of salient facts of the show. I support the message they were trying to get across. Ironically enough, I've seen one or two people who have groaned that Perfect Pair wasn't explicit enough dislike this because it was too explicit. A good argument could be had for when to use the sledgehammer and when to use subtly. In this case, they wanted the point they were making to be obvious. It also can start up a great conversation on whether fans are entitled to be a part of the creative process, and even who owns the art. This is an argument that has been present in the Harry Potter and Star Wars fandoms as their respective creators can let a finished work be finished. Some of the vitriol this episode has caused may be a bit overboard though. DHX and Hasbro obviously don't hate their fans.
  13. I had a quick visual of Mega Man collecting E tanks. I want a Thorax Mega Man hack now!
  14. Same thing comics have been doing for decades -- when a big milestone is reached. You create a new motivation or arc.
  15. Movies/TV

    Not interested. I have better things I could do with my time.