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  1. Object permenance is a thing. We know Luna goes into other ponies' dreams to help them. She likely would have done this with Pip if needed. Because something doesn't happen on screen doesn't mean it doesn't happen.
  2. Let's just say you can't transfigure vanilla into rocky road. Neither can the show staff.
  3. One of my favorite dramas of all time is Breaking Bad. Every shot, scripted word, and scenario slowly and methodically built toward it's final conclusion like a symphony -- a narrative and character centric creciendo toward a master class finale. Desiring that experience elsewhere is natural. However I stop short of being silly and wishing other things were Breaking Bad. I liken it to taking out a carton of vanilla ice cream and filling my bowl, all the while lamenting that the vanilla isn't rock road. It isn't the delicious dairy treat's fault, and I am reassured my the fact that I can go to my grocery store and just buy rocky road. Bonus food analogy: MLP is like chicken. It is what it is, but like chicken it is extremely versatile in the hands of a good chef who knows how to imbue it with complex flavors. Be the chef, or eat beef.
  4. It's always a good idea to safeguard passwords better, because at the end of they day, that is something you do have some control over. A complex password is difficult to see someone typing and remember it. Here is a good method, there are plenty others.
  5. In world explanation - they would be open to new members if a filly or colt was inclined to join. Gabby validated that theory. Narrative explanation - if it serves the story and it makes sense, I see no issue with it. At present, I see the A bit but haven't seen a good B. Otherwise it's a gimmick. Read King's 'On Writing' if that didn't make sense. He goes into detail on what 'in service to the story' means. I would also suggest you read criticism levied at the inclusion of the Nyx OC character in the CMC for possible failure points to this concept.
  6. I see deep complex characters, great world building, and lore. If you aren't, I suspect you may simply not be pleased with how the show presents them. Nothing wrong with disliking something and walking away, but at this juncture with 7 seasons in the can, it probably isn't going to change much. As far as how I can see those things and you cannot, I have been reading John Updike lately. You can approach his work several different ways. I was raised on stories where it could be a collaboration between author and reader. That means I've trained my brain to find patterns that flesh out more meaningful symbolism and theme. Might I recommend Voltron. Perhaps that is more to your liking.
  7. You know, you probably have the best overall eye for Avatar on MLPF. I don't think I've ever seen you pick a dud once.

    1. Lightwing


      Awie, that coming from you warms my shipper heart a lot. Thank you, really!

  8. That would be a legit way to connect the Shadow Lock character to Grogar. Headcanon accepted.
  9. > Blasts open door @Totally Lyra Minuette has been spreading rumors about Bon Bon again! You should get down here
  10. From the website We are disappointed to announce PonyExpo’s cancellation but pressing family and personal matters have made it impossible to deliver an event that would meet our attendees’ expectations. My suggestion to them going forward is to plan around the sudden unavailability of even the most 'key' role. Complete collaborative efforts, mentor/mentee approaches, with strong structures, and staff fluidity in place tend to go a long way in avoiding these types of catastrophic collapses.
  11. An establishing dynamic is best set up in a SOL episode before an adventure episode designed like GoF, since it needs to have it's focus on a central character and the new characters. Twilight is more crucial to setting up the stakes than Rarity, since the concern was for Dragon and Pony relations. Twilight should stay regardless unless you want to completely retool everything about the episode. If I had to swap out a character it would be one that recently had a opportunity to build a dynamic with not just Spike but also Twilight. Starlight Glimmer would make the most sense here. It could have also set up a better motivation to use Ember as part of the Season 6 finale group.
  12. I agree, but we're in luck! The new episode already fixed our mutual concern with the Incorporation of the dragons and a specific dragon hero vanquishing him. That would appear to be the working foundation of any back story which is already markedly different from G1. Just as they did with Tirek and the Smooze, no need to copy paste.
  13. I could have tossed this in Twilight's FC too (or Starlight's), but I'll give Sunbutt her due since she deserves the love. That is a amazing piece by AssassinMonkey. Celestia looking down with love and pride at everything her friend and protege has accomplished. Twilight wearing a look of uncertainty and concern, and Starlight just being adorbs.
  14. Well he doesn't have to be giant. They've done a great job at reinventing old characters (Smooze) visually. I can actually see a way to incorporate him as strictly an antagonist for the dragons who are forced to call on the Ponies to help. Remember it's the writing that makes a character good. Otherwise ... this would also be valid. "Man, they could have come up with a better idea than small talking ponies."
  15. One of the.more interesting dynamics to evolve in the last two seasons is easily Trixie and Starlight.