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  1. Introducing Making Christmas Merrier VI This topic will contain information found in every other topic for a single place to go to for MCM history, the charity, goals, prizes, donor links, and FAQ. If you are looking for a specific topic check on these links below. <Link Navigation Coming Soon> MCM Background and Charity Each year around the holiday season, the entire Poniverse community rallies around one of our marquee events dedicated to providing a better Christmas to various charities. This year we return to our roots and will be supporting The British Columbia Children's Hospital again. This is one of our favorite organizations to support and one we have a strong relationship with. The young patients at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver Canada. The money raised will go toward their Christmas fund and an effort to ensure that each child will have a better holiday. For a family dealing with some of the medical conditions common in a pediatric hospital setting, a showing of generosity from a stranger can and does make a profound difference. It inspires hope and love. Hope that there is more than just struggling and concern about tomorrow. That is at the heart of this campaign. We aim to show, all of us together, that there are individuals out there that care. For a great idea of what we can do as a community, check out the past MCM events. 2011 - The initial event. This started based on a simple status update from a member. Look where it took us. <3 2012 - We made $1810.00 and introduced some traditions that carry through to this very event. 2014 - Surpassed our goal of $3000.00! Also much much embarrassment was inflicted on the staff. 2015 - We surpassed $4000.00, and added the Ban a staffer element which has become a tradition. 2016 - This is the year that we spread our wings and supported Charity: Water and raised over $4200. This is also a very personal year for me, as I will discuss at a later time. We missed doing this last year, so I am hoping that we can nail it this year. The goal is more modest at $2000, but we can extend that the generosity of the Poniverse Brony Community exceeds our goal. About the Charity - BC Children's Hospital. These are the people your donation is helping to support. If you can spare seven minutes I would definitely give it a watch. Donations Just like our 2015 fundraiser we are continuing to use BCCH's direct site to donate to collect donations to go along with the MLPF's own system. Hosted directly on the event page of BC Children's Hospital, you can make your contribution via credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express only). BC Children's Hospital Donations Page IMPORTANT! To ensure that your donation can be credited to you individually for specific perks (hint hint), please disclose your member name in the field dedicated to announcing a pseudonym. Alternatively you can PM me to validate Example of where to enter your member name when making a donation: FAQ Q: What if I can't pay via credit or debit card, or my card isn't accepted by the hospital? Q: What if my card is declined or otherwise runs into problems? Q: I cannot or don't want to donate in Canadian Dollars. What do? Q: What is the goal of this event? Q: How much money are you looking to raise? Q: I donated, what else can I do? Q: Can I donate the old teddy bear I had as a child? Q: Will MLP Forums/Poniverse keep any of the money I donate? Stretch Goals While we would likely all agree that helping to bring a smile to an ailing child requires no reward or recognition, the MCM is also about celebrating the virtues of our community and saying thank you to all of those that participate. Bringing joy to others, celebrating the spirit of the season, and having fun in the process is an enduring element to this tradition. Last year we introduced stretch goals for certain fundraising objectives. Some were thank you's to the community, and others were designed to embarrass staff and give everyone but a victim a hearty laugh. I am pleased to announce that we have brought this back for this years fundraiser. Below are the goals, hidden and ready to be opened as we reach each level. As we reach each goal, it may trigger other threads or events. As we will be using two platforms to raise money this year, the sum of both will count toward these goals. Have fun guessing what is in each present or ornament ... the hints are there if you look closely enough. Stretch Scootaloo! You can do it! $50 Goal - Generosity Rank $100 Goal - Hearth's Warming Helper $250 Goal - Name Change Staffers and .... Staff Solo Song $500 Goal - Staff Group Song + Solo Song 2 $750 Goal - Pie Challenge - Solo Song 4 $1000 Goal - New Reaction/Emote - Solo Song 5 $1250 Goal - BAN A STAFFER! $1500 Goal - Duet Song $1750 Goal - ??? $2000 Goal - ??? $2250 Bonus Goal - Sigh :/ $2500 Bonus Goal - !!!!
  2. Two years ago @PiratePony brought forth a new stretch goal idea that I am shamelessly stealing for this year. Good idea is good. The thread is here. My wife actually took part in this challenge, so there are some great memories surrounding this for me. In the end @JonasDarkmane, @Randimaxis, and myself were pied. This year we gathered a list of pie lovers who will possibly take part. Volunteer List Jedishy Mentis Soliloquy Skycoaster Holly Jolly Ody Arc Flash Derplight Sperkle Jeric @Randimaxis @Troblems Husband - Sebastian LaCroix the Bearded @BornAgainBrony @JonasDarkmane (sorry almost forgot to add you) @PiratePony JOIN US THIS IS NOT LIMITED TO DONORS AND STAFF. If you are a member and wish to be a part of this, please let us know here or privately and we will put your name on the list that will be in this post. Please don't do this lightly. I would love to see how far we get through this, and long delays can mess things up. Vote for the first victim volunteer Once picked the person will record themselves getting pied They will post it in this topic The video will contain them challenging the next person (please mention them in the topic) That person will then do the same. Repeat until the list is exhausted or until Dec 23, 2018 Please try and make a brief mention regarding the charity and the Hospital. Have fun. And be creative!
  3. Heya! Someone donated in your honor to the MCM, so enjoy the gift of Generosity.


  4. Okay, that was really really epic! Amazing job @BornAgainBrony also is that a CHS shirt?
  5. Jeric

    $1000 Stretch Goals Unwrapped

    Oh! New as in “an addition too”. It can be an existing character we have already in the emoticon library or a character we don’t have.
  6. $1000 Goal - New Emoticons / Reactions / More Stretch Goal Prize A - Nominate and vote on new Character Emoticon! A thread will be created where the community can nominate a character that will be added to out emoticon collection. This can be any character that has appeared in FiM or Equestria Girls. Once the nominations are collected a poll be to done to have the community pick a new emoticon as a group. The emoticon would be permanent. Stretch Goal Prize B - Nominate and vote on new Reaction Set! This is basically the same as the the above, but the focus would be on a character set or a theme set of reactions. Until the emoticon these would only be up for a month total (only being paused during specific events). Nominations followed by a poll. Stretch Goal Prize C - Emoticon Pick giveaway. One lucky donor will be selected to pick another new permanent emote. If you like an obscure character from FiM here is your chance to make them a permanent part of MLPF. Stretch Goal Prize D - Holiday Classic Song The winner of this poll will be able to sing their favorite holiday song for this year's song collection. Doesn't matter if it is Pony or Non-Pony. If it is your favorite, it's yours to sing And yet another name change ticket.
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    That is all. 



  8. We now have header art for this thread, thanks again to @Holly Jolly Ody
  9. With horror please be mindful that there are levels of gore that we consider a violation of our NSFW rules @Phasereale
  10. We have a special Discord channel that allows someone to read live on VC while others can listen in. date and time will be dictated by availability of the selected reader.
  11. Staff Reads a Holiday Fic This is actually a two-part deal that will involve two seperate staffers. The first was initiated back in 2015, when a staff member read Visit From St. Nicolas. There was some backstory to that. You see, I am the person who reads that to my kids every Christmas Eve. No matter what, I have always read it to my family, so finding someone here who could carry that tradition was a part self-indulgence, yet with the genuine desire to share and start a holiday tradition with digital family. So on Christmas Eve we will post a recording of a special guest reading A Visit from St. Nicholas. On top of that, a lucky volunteer staffer will read a Holiday inspired Fan Fiction. Before we do any polls, I want to open this up to suggestions. Now, please only recommend short stories and not massive texts, Otherwise this we will be waiting a while. Also, unlike the Golden Oaks Reader project, the selected staffer will have the option of recording this and releasing the audio file OR doing it live. Whatever works for them. So, what is your favorite Heath's Warming Eve fic? Post it below.
  12. Below are the entries for the Banner Contest. Going forward these contests will be held in the Events Forum, so remember to follow that. Vote for your fav! Remember not to out who the artist is if you know. Submission One Submission Two Submission Three Submission Four Submission Five Below is the initial post information. For those who don't know, we used to have banner contests every month. The winning submissions, chosen by our wonderful members, would be used as the site's banner. While we have other contests and banners are usually done ad hoc, sometimes it's great to bring these back to support a special upcoming event. If we get enough entries we may keep this as an ongoing event. Four weeks, four banners In the past, the winning banners were used for a week within a month with each banner being used in consecutive weeks. For three of those weeks, we'll be using the top three banners in the contest as voted by you and the fourth banner being staffs choice from the remaining. We will be going with that concept, however place 2-4 will be queued for non-consecutive weeks so that we can make room for event banners. Simply put, the runners up will be used but likely in the following month. Submit a banner by December 5th to a member of Administration ( @Jeric, @PathfinderCS, @Dark Horse ). On the 6th of Dec we will post the submissions for a 24 hour vote. The winner will be used for our 35th Anniversary Event, but all participants with legit entries will receive an award badge for participating.  Conest Theme: My Little Pony - 35th Anniversary To celebrate the this IP turning approaching middle-aged glory, we invite you to make a banner focusing on either a prior generation of MLP, or a blend of all generations. You may focus on the old cartoons or even the toy line. You can use any pony (or ponies) you want that fit within the theme. In the past, we allowed only certain ponies to be used in each contest. For example, one month was all about Applejack. Another was about the CMC. The rationale behind this was simple: to give less popular ponies a shot at success. But that was when we had one winner. Now that we have four (three for the contest, and one for the bonus), that's much less of a problem. General rules and submission instructions - Banners should be approximately 1000x255 pixels and saved as a .png file. More info here - Send contest submissions to the Admins (and nobody else) via PM - One entry per member - All entries must adhere to the current theme, but creative liberties may be taken (to fit an airing FiM episode, for example) - Anyone who wishes to edit an entry that has already been sent may do so, as long as the revised version is submitted by the deadline - All entries must have the name of the forums, MLP Forums, as well as being pony-centric and related to the theme in some way. That being said, feel free to be creative! - All forum rules still apply. Any entries that do not adhere to these rules will not be accepted - Please do not post your entries anywhere else on the forums until after the winners have been announced. Although we can understand your excitement to show others your hard work, please keep them under wraps If you have any other questions or comments, let us know down below.
  13. Jeric

    Technology iOS or Android

    As with any technology it depends on use-case. I am fairly close to OS Agnostic as each has their own flavor. The engineering of iOS and the better efficient marriage of software to hardware shouldn't be discounted. The recent iOS version change surprised most of us in the tech industry because it flew against complaints of planned obsolescence that are levied at Apple. iOS 12 actually improved the performance of older handsets. Stock Android has its benefits in being more customizable, but installed on more handsets that should not have seen the light of day. The budget market will eventually be Android's Achilles heel. From a development perspective, I find Android, on the whole, a fair amount easter to built applications for.
  14. This is awarded to donors who contribute at least $5.00. On of the longest traditions of the MCM is the Generosity Badge. This badge is awarded to those who make a single donation of $5.00 or more. It is time to open something that we did back in 2014. Not everyone has the means to donate, and a few people have asked over the years if they could forgo the badge and have us place it someone else. Well, we did that a few years back and it was fairly popular. For a limited time, any donations $5.00 made between now and Monday, will allow you to gift the Element of Generosity Badge to a friend of yours on MLPF. This also placed them into the other perks of bearing this badge, such a donor messages, being a part of specific events and stretch goals. How do I do this? Not gonna over-complicate this. Just make the donation and PM me requesting it be given to another user and tell me their name. Does this only apply to new donations? Yes, donations made this weekend only. If popular then we may consider extending that deadline. Who knows this may be the thing that helps put us over the next stretch goal or two
  15. Jeric

    Spoiler Avengers IV: Endgame

    Initially Infinity War and Endgame were supposed to be shot simultaneously as one large movie broken up into two parts, but the Russo Brothers made some revisions early on as IW became mostly focused on Thanos' and his journey, and Endgame changed. According to the Russos, both films are so distinct and unique in tone and other unrevealed elements, that it would feel jarring to treat them as one cohesive film. They had the resources already moving to have both films shot at the same time, so they simply adjusted the shooting to be back to back instead. Fans have known about several scenes in Endgame since well before Infinity War came out, as Endgame was filming then, and several scenes were filmed in very public locations. It has indeed. Next up, is probably Secret Invasion. The introduction of the Skrull, the acquisition of Fantastic Four, and a likely focus on Phase three characters seem to be setting this up rather nicely. The odd cancelation of the Netflix shows which the knowledge that the characters were originally going to be in IW makes me feel that Far From Home will be the start of a new 20 film arc.
  16. Jeric

    What's this webcomic?

    Since you located the Web Comic, I'll close this one out.
  17. That would be a good and accurate guess. If dual badges ever become a thing, I will absolutely make an announcement concerning it.
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    The unicorns in Mistmane’s village are only close relatives? Since when? They look like unicorns with just a different trait to me. Quite different from the Kirin that possess a few very unique additions that would likely give them a different taxonomy. Anyway, Kirin are East Asian in origin. The story surrounding them in the show is also surprisingly Asian in origin particularly the concept of gaman. It is a term I first heard when talking to George Takei. He related his time at the internment camps to the word which means sort of a mix between denial of self and suffering or beating pain with dignity and silence. Obviously you see the connection with the story. He said that there is a time for gaman, and a time to yield a shield and use your voice. Just some random thoughts about a great episode.
  19. SEASON 8 SPOILERS WILL BE IN HERE. SEASON 9 SPOILERS WILL REQUIRE AN OFFICIAL SPOILER TAG, THOUGH THIS PRIMARILY A SPECULATION THREAD. All Season 9 general speculation topics will be merged here. This will be an official event thread and a mega thread on general Season 9 Speculation, with a game of sorts. Now that the season 8 finale is behind us, what do you believe season 9 will bring? Make five predictions about season 9. The closest to getting all correct will win this little prognostication contest. They need to be legit predictions or I will not count them. No saying "It will have ponies". If they are obvious, they don't count. Your original UNEDITED predictions are what counts. This game will close when the first official trailer arrives so make it good. Also, I can see what you all change posts to so no shenanigans or I will exclude you from any prizes. I'll start. 1. Spike's true origin will be revealed. 2. Applejack Map episode 3. Final Season 4. Cozy Glow's 'friendships' with the beings in Tartarus will be an important element of the finale's successful resolution 5. The end of Sparity
  20. Heya, someone just gave you a gift of Generosity

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      I didn't donate though. 

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  22. We have something similar coming down the line if donations pick up. Bigger actually
  23. Congratulations to @Midnight Solace for his winning entry Dude worked forever on this, a panoramic traditional art banner isn't easy to put together. Taking inspiration from the era of MLP's origin, this really brought me back to when this would have been part of the pop culture zeitgeist when I was small. Good job!
  24. Hm. No since it is an official story, but you just gave me a wonderful idea.
  25. Yeah, considering that this is canon, and considering the tone presented when they were coaxed into helping to save the day, the answer to the OP's question is a hard no.