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  1. Expect the beta version of this to be rolled out next week along with the character specific rules and groups. If you have other fandoms and genres outside of Pony that you RP here, there will be a new topic to request that these be added as it starts with just two Pony focused groups. RP extends far beyond pony tho
  2. You caught a moment where I was testing group shifting. It should not be available anymore since I’m done with that. It not done making modifications to the form and database. That last thing addresses points 1 through 3. Trust me, when it’s done most of the fields will NOT be required ... for a very good reason. It would be yes. Though this is only a wishlist item mainly because I’ve never poked around the editor’s code. Actually ... I’m not even sure that’s an option in the main forum system. I’m going to take a look at that. That I will definitely f
  3. Jeric

    general questions Is there a ability to add our own options in?

    @Pandora I just checked and you do have the Price Adjustment 'product' which allows increases of any art by $5. It isn't a standalone feature though.
  4. Rarity belongs to the world! Exclusive may go against her own Element, and that she would never stand for. Because she told me so ....
  5. Jeric

    general questions Is there a ability to add our own options in?

    The current system that is part of Invision is not really really user editable so no. Trust me I’d love for that to be a feature. This post actually was brought to my attention and looking at the commissions system is always a work in progress. That said the a recent suggestion made to me (and taking a page from @Lord Valtasar.) is to ask us to add a custom fee add-on option. This could be in small increments like $1 or $5 to give you flexibility. You as the artist could communicate to the buyer that the custom work would add $5 to the base charge and they can add that to the order.
  6. We haven’t changed anything with the banner since it was originally fixed by Lavo.
  7. I used my dark powers to merge this into another topic created today
  8. Since the link in the OP is no longer valid, here is the associated EqD blog post that goes into more detail and at least has an embed gif of the board animatic Unidentified Story Board
  9. Yes and no. I’ll lock the old sheets to new entries but keep them visible. The system has all the same fields so it’s a simple copy and paste job to carry over.
  10. Pretty soon. I’m running tests at the moment. Then I’m actually going to film a walkthrough of using it
  11. Hmmmmm Somepony has been investigating hasn’t he? Either that or using his brain!
  12. Let’s see how quick you can spot something
  13. Character is character. If you want to user your OC, absolutely. If you want to use an official cannon character, you can do that too. What if Maud doesn’t wanna go? I mean she could be busy analyzing some rare mineral. Oooooh, this is going to be fun rolling this out.
  14. An official announcement will come shortly, but soon, anypony that Roleplays will be able to make characters for those Roleplays .... Wait .... Wait .... OMG I LITERALLY JUST GOT AN IDEA AS I WAS REPLYING TO YOU. Ask A Pony is going to get this too. Yep. This has to happen.
  15. Oh why hello darlings, why don't you come in and look around? As you can see, I have been hard at work creating the new accents and designs for the upcoming grand premier of some fantastic changes for the area of this place that puts on those adorable story driven plays .... Arr Pay Jee I believe Spikey Wikey calls them. Strange name if you ask me, but to each her own. Spike, Discord, and Big Mac seem hugely interested in the ability for ponies to be able to create custom characters that they can play as, so they came to me for inspiration and ideas. I'm not really a coder, but I do know
  16. As part of the upgrade we are cleaning up some bugs, errors, and security issues. Until sometime last year no user had the ability to have unicode characters, but the filter was disabled. As everything is functioning again, I am reverting to full filter back, and that means that you will be losing the unicode characters. I actually had long dormant plans to apply this as a feature for subscribers since it costs an arm and a leg to keep the site up and running, but it was hard to unveil a new benefit for the financial supporters of the site when anyone can get the feature for free. I have seen
  17. I think I finally fixed this
  18. Jeric

    Ask a Staffer!

    Since a cutie mark usually implies your main talent (that you love), it probably would be something similar to Buffy’s (our forum mascot) cutie mark. If I go by what others tell me, my main talent seems to be in within interpersonal relationships ... so connected hearts to symbolize that make sense for me. Mumbles something about pistachios
  19. As an addendum to this, we have a Feedback forum that would allow you to personally state how you feel about Forum Staff in general. I think some of the staff would appreciate that sort of positive Feedback
  20. Jeric

    Turn off notification

    Yeah phpFox definitely allows for easier customization of forum notifications that use it. That sort of granular control isn’t available out-of-the-box for IP.B Forums. I did look over the available notification based plug-ins or add-ons that are available and none of them allow a “per topic” or “per status” feature. That leaves us with the only available option which is to built a custom solution, and for the notifications system ... that isn’t going to happen. There is a reason that this isn’t already an add-on in the marketplace for this software. While this is a suggestion that I
  21. Hm. Would be fun. I could have also added a cute onomatopoeia text graphic that said splat.
  22. o.o @Fhaolan I meant shirt! I’m going to let this typo exist in perpetual hilarity. Always remember kids .... proofread your posts. @Troblems won the thread
  23. Hm. Wonder if I could somehow rig an animated one that could change to another character .... or better yet .... first time you see it its a normal pony .... hover over and its .... HER
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