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  1. Why is Tom on the banner? Heresy!

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    2. Lord Valtasar

      Lord Valtasar

      because it's oposite universe, so he's not tom the deceiver there

    3. Woohoo


      @Batbrony How is Rarity able to spin Tom like that? :confused:

    4. Soren Peregrine
  2. Jeric

    MCM Update

    Normally we launch this in late November but this year it will be shifted slightly since a few of us are loaded down with IRL responsibilities (like me). Look for the launch post late next week. For those that don’t know what the MCM is I’ll let the community veterans fill you in.
  3. Most of the “obsession” is tongue in cheek like it was with Chuck Norris. Also I don’t waste my time focusing on what other people like and the volume that they like them, because raining on people’s parade when there isn’t anything at stake kinda makes you a dick.
  4. This isn’t directed at you, but is a general observation and is directed at people that use that art program as some form of pejorative. When did this become a thing? I mean the constant talk that the modern aesthetic of some shows is calarts inspired? Can someone give me a source so I can bap the ignorant asshat over the head with a King Syndicate scepter? There has to be a source, because this garbage usually starts somewhere, like Doug Walker, or another popular YouTuber. Really would wish people would pay attention to cartoon inspired art history before they toss out pretentious myclunky like that. I’ll give you a hint of what I mean. “I’m not a monkey!” Now go digging and comparing and contrasting like a independent minded person and find the bloody truth. Takes a few days of solid research to find it but you’ll at least go, “Oh so this is where this art style came from?” Calarts is just as unoriginal as most corporate or larger animation studios.
  5. I will start moving on contacting people this weekend.
  6. I actually love the designs, but they remind me of the WLF Chibi figures which are my fav licensed figures sooo As with anything it will come down to story, acting, animation, and execution. Way way too early to tell, though I can understand if people don’t like the design. Works for me though.
  7. This was indeed a missed opportunity, but at the very least I think he was at the final battle.
  8. Amusing thread. Remember to keep it at least within the realm of the show and don't go .... beyond it. So ... where you by any chance a guy named Donny in a former life who happened to bowl a lot? You really sound similar, and he croaked in the 90's.
  9. The fucking show is amazing so far. also as a note I’m making an executive decision that nothing repeated in the show here will be in violation of the rules. Hazbin is 100% MLPF approved
  10. So I have to take it easy for a little bit. Doctors orders. I’ll be working on the background on RP mostly until the end of the month when tradition will require that I surface. 

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      Rest well.

    2. Snow


      You must now take it very very difficult, my orders, RP is illegal, back to PR. :ticking:

    3. Bas


      Take the right priorities. Relax, and focus on what is making you feel the best.

  11. Outside of the symbolism there isn’t much to think about. Will be interesting to see what direction the fandom takes her though.
  12. Happy Nightmare Night all 


    Themes are posted for the month long writing project 



  13. Okay so it’s time to get that Theme going right? It may be Nightmare Night but I It isn’t Nightmare Night themed. Noop. We did that once. Some great horror stuff came from it. But this is November. There are actually two themes (or rather prompts) for this project, because one will be focused on the last episodes of the show and some of you are behind, I decided to not force people to write into something they may not have seen. Without further ado Prompt one - Any story with any characters set in the time frame between End of the End Part 2 and Last Problem. Genre, POV, OC’s, etc are wide open. And yes you may also play around the edges of what is “cannon”. If it wasn’t explicit ... you have free reign. Alternate prompt - A conversation with a stranger. You are free to interpret that as you will. Perhaps it is two OC’s that have a silly back and forth at the post office. Maybe a Canterlot Royal Guard and a tourist. Time period and characters are wide open. Tonight I will be posting the way you submit your story, but if you do not have a FiMFiction account, it’s time to make one.
  14. Just needed some patented demon magic with rainbows and puppies and such. Fixed.
  15. The Strangers /thread
  16. Go for it. This isn’t a contest where people will judge you or your writing. It’s about finishing up a story.
  17. Not really though at that point that’s a full on novel! If someone wants to go that all out then more power to them You sure? That kinda stuff apparently is big money. Fifty Shades of Goat!
  18. NaNoWriMo / NaPoWriMo Authors and Potential Authors - Sharpen those pencils. What the hay is NaNoWriMo? NaPoWriMo is one of the cooler traditions I have seen come from this fandom. What is it? How will we be modifying it? Why am I hearing these questions in my head when I am still writing this post? Welp, while I deal with that existential crisis let me explain. NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is a month long marathon of writing that tries to motivate authors to complete an initial novel manuscript draft in 30 days. The point is not to make a finished and polished novel, but to write furiously and end up with a complete story. The official mission statement of NaNoWriMo is this It is a crazy challenge to write 50,000 words of anything coherent, but it does help some writers learn how to craft a story. It also is a strange challenge that can drive you to fall in love with the idea of writing and creating your own stories. I know a few who took it up just to say they did it, only to have the wordsmith bug bite them. What the hay is NaPoWriMo then? Glad you asked random purple words on my screen! This is the pony version of the famous writing challenge, with several changes. Gone is the minimum of 50k words. No novel. Also we are going to have a list of theme's or prompts to help you all focus on something cool. We all lead busy lives, and writing 1700 words a day for 30 days is daunting for any writer. Not only that, but who wants to write up something original from scratch when you have a wonderful fantasy world sandbox to play in! Okay that last one was hard for me to say with a straight face, but you get the idea. Write a short pony fanfic. Yeah there are specifics but that's basically it. So here is the rundown in simple to read bullet points. Write a short story at least 250 to 10,000 words. Start the story on November 1, 2019 and finish it by the end the month. This should be a complete first draft only. Do not worry about editing or revision it. Just get your story done. The story does need to follow a theme and stay without that theme (this will be revealed on Halloween) The story must be Pony related The story cannot be a clop fic or have saw level gore. That said, there is a difference between sexy romance and porn fics. The story must have an end, or rather can stand on its own as a complete work. It cannot be a serialized part of a larger story. It must be something new that you started Collabs are acceptable as long as both are credited. Don't troll create a story and call it done. Don't plagiarize or I send a swarm of flyders to your house! We are going to have more fic related activities like this going forward, and I personally hope that a few of you decide to take up this challenge. For those that complete this challenge in November you will be given a special award badge. This will be a limited version of this and will be custom to each individual. Remember, this isn't supposed to be for the seasoned fic author alone. There is a saying that everyone has one good story in them waiting to come out. What's yours? Theme will be posted in a few days.
  19. Eventually there will be. There are still some holes I need to fill eventually But for now .... this project is done.
  20. Nope. Blank Flank, Muffin, Cupcake and a bunch of animals and parasprite are the early ones.
  21. And the final rank badge for those who reach 10,000 posts is @Trix or Treat and @Rikifive thank you both for all your help.
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