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  1. And the underground caverns! Easy peasy!!!
  2. Roll20 is a subscription based system. This was one time license purchase and we can host it on our own server using Poniverse logins (or a separate system if needed). It’s similar in many ways, but more open to those that can web dev. I believe the complete license is only $50. Just to state one thing, this would be free for all users here. I covered the license fee and I I’ll cover the server costs and such.
  3. Yes. When a DM first starts up a game or campaign, they would have a pull down list that would import all the rules and system from whatever game they wanted to play. Characters, stats, the game state, and etc are all saved. Once set up or selected. Presently I believe we can have multiple sessions, though when I roll this out it will be one session at a time until I’m sure that there is not going to be issues with the server. Tales of Equestria is one I’m working on building out. It’s really really simple, but still a dice and tabletop game with basic standard stats

    Yeah, this is still a thing :P


    1. Sparklefan1234


      I know how to RP in ask threads but sadly this type of RP'ing seems too complicated for me. :sunny:

  5. Yeah this is not happening. I have actual community stuff to work on that doesn't involve this topic turning into an extension of the very place we closed. If you want some great debate, the Pony show has nine seasons of debate worthy topics. This is a Pony Forum after all. The announcement is communicated. Fin.
  6. I mentioned this quite some time ago in a thread I’m too busy to look for. MLPF is home to text based RP, which are interactive stories. There is another RP that I’ve been looking at setting up for ages, but had to do some long investigation to find a system that would be feasible for our use. I found it a few months ago and acquired the license for MLPF use. If all goes well, and I get some help, we will be able to launch a Virtual Table Top game system. What is a virtual table top? In plain ponish, it is a table top RPG game system that players than log in and play together over the internet. D&D, Pathfinder, CoC, and yes even two different Pony systems ... all realized. Character Sheets (actors) Maps Fully Customizable It has a fog of war system, dice mechanics, macros, and world and game systems. It is actually an amazing system. Games would have to be set up to have parties sign in at a set date and time, so there is a play schedule that would be needed, but hosting will be done on our own server. There is one drawback. I know the tech. I know the dev part. It has been so bloody long since I RP'd like this .... Obviously we need map ideas and layouts, character creation help, playtesting, and such. We have staffers in RP who are aware of this and will be helping, but this is the first project that I thought may be community driven. I'm looking for people who may be map artists (you know ... how do we visualize the Castle of Two Sisters in a top/down grid ... Everfree ... that kinda thing, know RP rules and systems like this, and um ... DM experience is really really gold right now). This is getting done one way or another, but I would really like to complete this right .... and not have some patchwork nonsense done that just isn't fun. So if you can help a brony out here .... ideas are welcome ... talent too!
  7. @Goat-kun I would be unfair to not acknowledge your point about RP. I’m actually working on a topic for Throne Room about the VTT build I’m working on.
  8. No. In its previous form Debate Symposium is done. This is not up for a vote or a debate or a discussion. This is the Administrative body of this forum stating that the current system of real world political debate is broken and this is where we stand. I’ve left this thread open to general commentary from the community out of tradition for them to make a comment or two. This topic will not turn into a back and forth. Debate Pit sucked for too many people here. It was a time vampire. Enough users of that place could not have civilized conversations, and if they could it would still be open. We expected and were ready for far more negativity that we received. I was expected a mass exodus and in a way, I would tipped my hat as we parted way as friends. The fact that the huge majority are understanding, ambivalent, or supportive means that we kinda nailed it. It is how it is. That is all.
  9. Whoops. I forgot to turn that off! That has been on this whole time? Fixing and will close when it is removed.
  10. I know I am going to sound far to much like my fav pony character, but French food in general is absolutely to die for. From mille-feuille to various bisques. Plus, tartiflette is .... for me ... god tier. I'm a strong believer in communal eating experiences, and from what I know food as a experience is very much a strong part of French culture.
  11. 44838553.jpg


    1. Sparklefan1234





      Oh. You were talking about Rapunzel! :mlp_smug:

  12. Removed political comments. Food glorious food! That is all
  13. Summary of Action Effective today, Administration will be closing and removing the Debate Symposium section of MLPF from view. Reasons This has been internally discussed several times, and over the years I have personally been opposed to such a decision, believing that the users on this site can conduct themselves in topical debate without provocation. There are copious threads from users in favor of closing Debate that I have personally shot down. Over the years Debate Pit / Debate Symposium has proven to be far more trouble that the benefit it provides. What happens in that area is not actual debate, at least in the classical sense and use. The smugness, the constant jockeying for that zinger, the lack of focus and cohesion, and lack of respect is out of control. As this is a forum with the mission to bring people together to talk about all things pony, we do not need a forum concerning debate. It is too far removed from the scope of MLPF. It was created because these discussions were The equally important reason for this is the perception of bias. Over the years this section has given rise to claims of Moderation bias. In the past I could rely on statistics of warnings and bans to invalidate such claims, but recently this is not the case. Most of the staff have been personally careful in expressing political opinions on this site to prevent this accusation, not from a requirement, but from a deeply help pragmatic belief that it is best way of fighting our own biases. Accusations of bias become as toxic as the approaches to 'debate' that we see in Debate Symposium. This is why there is a rise of communication platforms that disallow politics and political debate. I suspect that this is also the reason why we always found staffing the area a challenge. Once a person feels that there is an agenda against them or a group, it changes the way they interact and leads to ... additional caustic commentary. Being understaffed is a problem in that feeds into a perception of bias. Impact Elsewhere The current prohibition on political and religious commentary in blogs and status updates remains. I am aware of several deviations of that rule, and we will be removing any such content that was published after @~C. Discord~'s announcement. Threads that are communal topics in nature such as the Christianity, LGBT, and Feminist lounge topics will be allowed to remain as they already disallow debate or directed condemnation to their principles. And no, I know what some of you are considering, political parties and ideologies will not be allowed to have their own topic. There will be no public place on MLPF that will allow for the continuation of the discussion that was happening in DS. There is no loophole. Tread carefully. Shooting the Elephant in the Room We know that this decision will be unpopular, and will result in some users going elsewhere. We understand that, and we accept that as a consequence of this decision. There are plenty of platforms that allow all manner of what was happening on DS. Your opinion and voice is not being silenced, just diverted. We already have an idea on who is going to have an issue with this. Most of us have been here long enough to know that. The Future This may not be a lasting change. As of now I am treating this as temporary. There may be some return of a Debate section in the future, perhaps in early 2021. Any new section will have a different approach than the old one as we continue to evaluate any way to bring back debate that is less of a dumpster fire. Perhaps with some limited topics and a classical limit on number of rebuttals to an affirmative argument.
  14. This was an issue with the database. I'm moving this to SQ and marking as resolved.
  15. This is inherently a flaw with image positioning with IBP. The cover photo canvas size is different on mobile and desktop views, yet the uploaded image remains static. I believe I can eventually fix that in the template's CSS, but this is an old issue and will crop up again with updates to the forum.
  16. Unlocking. Guys, I understand your complaints. If you have a grievance with the site's leadership there is a way to address that. This thread is important to give the LGBT community a place to communally speak. I don't want this topic to be soiled with forum politics and social debate. My inbox is open for these sorts of things. Let's keep this thread sanitized of that sort of combustion. Please.
  17. I’ll say this, right now I really needed this virtual hug Thank you
  18. By all things that are good and decent in this world, can't LGTB people have an area where subjective BS isn't dragged in from the debate symposium. A topic in here is supposed to have a specific vibe. Laid back, chill, relaxing. There is enough anxiety laden nonsense out there in the world without tossing this garbage I'm locking this TEMPORARILY.
  19. "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

    1. Yellow Diamond

      Yellow Diamond

      "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

      I took the one less traveled by,

      And that has made all the difference."

  20. We are wrapping together our own Birthday Celebration (9 years) with the show's 10th anniversary. Holy crap .... 10 years! Most of our lives back then vs. today may look entirely different. I know mine does. The show and this community have impacted my life in more ways that I can fathom. It isn't a stretch to say that it may have even saved my life since a few of my friends here were there when I needed a friend the most. The final BronyCon was a critical point in my life, where I took the final step into closure and healing from two years of struggling with grief and pain. I'll make a proper lengthy tome later, but I want to know if and how this show and community has impacted you over the years. While you are thinking about that ... @Randimaxis has graciously taken it upon himself to get the some special videos to say how much the show has meant and even some shoutouts to this very place. More fun to come folks. Eyup!
  21. @DivineNightmare1000 let me clarify ... No! Full stop! There is no metric on whether or not someone will be banned. There should not be and there never will be. This is why I am against our current system where we add notations when ever there is a moderator action. It is why I do not personally add notes to the system when I reach out to someone unless the notation is particularly problematic (overt racism, losing ones shit, ect). There is usually this idea with some that once a user has x amount of notations on their account .... or x warnings .... time to go. In fact, the quickest way to get me to suspect a ban is based on bias is to hear the dreaded, "How long can we deal with these notes?". The diligent searcher will be able to find several times that I have stated that being banned on MLPF is rare. It has been long established precedent to be the case. An honest mistake could also be just letting yourself get caught up in passions. As long as it isn't a toxic element to the community, and we have exhausted all other efforts to keep it from reoccurring, and it doesn't happen so frequently that it causes whiplash ... you should be good.
  22. Did the Halloween Ep come out already? Wheeeee


    1. Sparklefan1234



      Not until Monday October 5th. :twismile:

      I found a screen cap a couple of months ago on someone's Tumblr & cropped it to make an avatar

      of Best Duck. 

    2. Jeric


      That's my wife's fav too. I'm personally undecided. Way too many amazing depictions to pick one.

    3. Sparklefan1234


      @Jeric ezgif-6-d078e574989d.gif.040e111fd67d12ef8dfa6a7808de7541.gif She has Della-ighful taste! :mlp_smug: