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  1. Well you all won’t have to be fatigued for long. All episodes in the can and we just wait for the river and flop. Que sera sera as they say.
  2. It’s about time someone noticed XD been doing that all day long.
  3. Since this show is ending in October in all likelihood I’d start working on getting that finished as soon as possible. I can do that for you
  4. I dunno. Not sure what Cozy Glow was on about. Something about power and next week.
  5. That’s naht a trot. That’s a bob! Fined 5 pickles and 2 sodas!
  6. I think they wanted to evoke thoughts of Princess Skystar with Silver Stream making Hippogriffs general personalities a little consistent. Gabby being sort of the atypical Griffin also doesn’t lend itself to having to learn many friendship lessons.
  7. Technically I could always post and then date stamp it for several years in the future so it would always show as the last post but that’s kind of cheating.
  8. Good. We have a Changeling on staff and I’m not about to part ways with @Derplight Sperkle when we are working on updating RP. Thorax appears to be more flexible than his brother.
  9. What is interesting is that this could be kinda seen as a loose 4 parter. The Big Mac Question may lead into the penultimate episodes which closes with the epilogue. I wonder if The Last Problem could even be longer than 22 minutes. Will 24 and 25 air at once or in separate weeks?
  10. Yeah I’m not sure what the purpose of specific argument being made here is. Feel free to recreate the topic with a little more clarity
  11. All episodes from here on have been reserved by specific users or staff. Locking and unpinning
  12. I approved this since it follows a schema beyond just Nightmare Moon and such. All dark themed and night themed ponies is a unique approach and allows people to post some of the more obscure characters .... like Fun fact, my son cosplayed as Night Glider at the 2016 BABSCon with the wings and ears custom created thanks to @Troblems
  13. I actually haven’t removed the old ones. Haven’t decided how to replace them yet since it feels unfitting to toss a main species that low.
  14. I have now unleashed a hellish fury of adorable upon you all with the Griffin Rank. As you all succumb to you heart attacks I shall be the final poster and will win this competition.
  15. Unleashing a fury of cute we have the Griffin Badge which unlocks for users who reach 2500 posts. Thanks to @Rikifive for his rendition of this one.
  16. That final episode title. A stand alone SoL episode to wrap up the show is exactly what I have been saying I wanted since 2014.
  17. As soon as the person who inspired it gets on I have a real rank I need to unveil next.
  18. No character specific ponies/humans
  19. I can make it bigger .... hold on a sec!
  20. Left the white background just like you asked. I remember things!