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Everything posted by Jeric

  1. Going for some 80's nostalgia cheese. Goonies and The Last Starfighter
  2. You show Dark Crystal and Hunchback and I am so in!
  3. I am now in a good mood. Just like that.
  4. Voted Wild Wild West ... Cause chick in a bucket. Serious though, any film that is that bad but has that many great actors will make for some hilarious commentary in the chat. I'll definatelt pop in for this one.
  5. Holy crap ... I'm not going to explain why but that is freaking hilarious.
  6. Nominating Secret of N.I.M.H. Let's Bluth up this joint
  7. Ghostbusters! Seriously, this is in that special circle of films that brings me way back.
  8. The Link is
  9. The Holy Trilogy on .TV .... are you kidding me? I'll bring the Ewok meat and we can have a BBQ. What version if I may be so bold?
  10. Die Hard gets mah vote. Hopefully this time I won't get too distracted.
  11. All we need now are :alvin: :simon: and :theodore: emotes for the chat?
  12. By all that is good and holy ... why for you hate your fellow man this way?
  13. I nominate a Tommy Boy and Joe Dirt Double feature
  14. Voted. Sorry Sean Connery .. but until you get a Marble Statue, I'll go with the genius pres for pick #2. @@Apple Bloom forget movie night ... promise me that you'll watch that film at some point in the future.
  15. I'll vote for Goldeneye Have we watched Shawshank Redemption? If not I nominate that
  16. Good Morning Vietnam is a great choice (since I probably need to pick just one). sigh
  17. Considering the passing of one of the best comedy artists, I would like to see a Robin Williams film. Aladdin, Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji, Good Morning Vietnam, hell ... any movie.
  18. Wuv Twue Wuv + Indiana 'Naht a broken ending' Jones I am so in!