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  1. As we were introducing the new ranks we pushed the rank back to most user’s accounts. But in their profile it will also display their rank based on post count. The new system hasn’t been applied yet, but basically you can make a post in the test forum with a badge title and it will give you that badge to display on posts. You will always have your current rank on your profile to show your progress. I’m about to reveal the final rank. Unlike past ranks this is only going to be awarded to users who have reached 10k posts and will not be available to change to unless you have already unlocked it. Once that is posted I’ll be switching the system back to normal for a few weeks until the roll out of the badge change system.
  2. This is correct and it is apparently near the retirement town according to Jim Miller.
  3. Yeah not sure how you found that but you applied in basically a test environment and I haven’t fully completed the Welcome Pone job, but when I do I’ll PM you and it will be posted here.
  4. Are you familiar with Facebook and Twitter? Do you a great sense or humor? Do you possess the rare skill of patience on the internet? Well maybe this might appeal to you. We are looking for a person who can help manage our two social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter). You would be part of the Public Relations team, but also work with all other departments to help advertise events. You would also be tasked with occasionally interacting with other Bronies and even show staff and posting random content about the show and community in general. Apply under Social Media Manager on our Application Page
  5. No, I am of the mind that both ROM Hacks and Ponyvania are fine for posting links on here and such. But I'll get back to you on this issue later. It is somewhat complicated.
  6. I mean, this is Hasbro. They aren’t known for being good caretakers of their IP, and do some head scratching things with toy distribution and sales. It is honestly a miracle they’ve stayed afloat.
  7. Something like this is already planned for Octavia’s Hall. There is a reason why I consolidate all the “Creative Resources” forums in one place instead of each one being housed under their respective art type. OH and RP are what I’ll personally be working on.
  8. So then we would have to remove the Ponyvania link since it is literally using the exact same assets in SotN and OoE. In the emulation community, a ROM is just a copy of the original game meant to run on a system emulator. This is literally no legal difference between the FF III SNES Rom Hack called Pony Fantasy 6 and Ponyvania. They both use original assets mixed with a copyrighted IP's assets.
  9. @Bas I don't mind rom hacks being linked. It isn't the retail copy of the game. Also you may want to consider putting down the platform for games like Ponyvania.
  10. Interesting conversation regarding Twilight and immortality. I split this from the fear of death thread since this is a different conversation but still interesting in its own right.
  11. I don’t want to create any permanent sub forums. We have too many of those. Heck I’m looking to condense. MLPF got really bloated over the years. I mean, if people want to build a game we have a forum for that already. Two in fact. If people want to share games already made the best place for that would be a database or a thread in Sugarcube. Don’t look for anything like this in the next year. Blogs and threads are an awesome place to share your favorite pony games. Heck EqD puts them in an easy to find section on their site too! Ratings and polls only work if you have a lot of votes. Good idea if we had more traffic.
  12. Yep We haven’t decided how to treat that yet. When we do there will be an announcement Look on the bright side .... you get to play Frogger but with spoilers! Can you dodge them all? With that said this is done and done and I’m sinking this topic.
  13. No line but the general rule of thumb is ... if it is about the fandom it goes in SC. Show? SD.
  14. Hm Actually that was decidedly the co founder of MLPF who missed that one. It was right after he launched this place and I don’t think they started to take on any staff. @Twilight Sparkle ✨ you are in big trouble now mister! You can always report the topic. It’s actually the number one reason why we get reports.
  15. Past Generations wasn’t a forum until 2016. Most of the forum structure was different in 2011 and it was basically a small staff too. By 2016 nobody could reasonably dig through 5 years of topics and move them. 2013-2014 was massively busy and the number of new topics exploded. Today with the forum a bit smaller I’m not going to fuss over placement much. There are topics that can fit in multiple areas and that is actually one of them. Though I do feel the best places for that would be PG or SD and not SCC
  16. No it really isn’t something that has been established as possible, unless you are Starlight Glimmer
  17. Before someone posts something, yes OH is going to some restructuring to allow for some new changes focused on encouraging people to art and also form collaborative projects. Basically you have Commissions, Art Requests, Gallery, and How To Art. More to come later.
  18. I tried. The moment I realized what may be coming up I really wanted as many people to at least experience the end of the show with fresh eyes.
  19. If you take the explanation that something is canonical if it is explicit, what he says is true. But then we start arguing about meanings. Even if they flat out pulled a Cheese Sandwich with RD, nothing would stop the fandom from shipping the characters with whoever they want. I also shortened the title a tad. ‘Twas long
  20. As the show has aired in it’s entirety I’m about to start moving all of the Season 9 topics into Show Discussion. I appreciate how much many of you worked to keep the last few episodes spoiler free for this that wanted to go in blind. I’ll leave it up to you on how you want to handle spoilers for the next few weeks, but with the exception of the upcoming EqG special the spoiler rule will no longer be enforced.