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  1. Hm. I don't think I have been for very long. Not like a lot of people have since I know most start at a young age. I also have Dyspraxia, and a lot of other issues. It's really hard for me to improve or get better, but that doesn't stop me from drawing though. :3
  2. I live in a house, and we also own it as well. ^^ I have lived in apartments before when we moved around some. We even lived in a hotel room for a while when we first moved to Arizona. XD I also grew up in a house as well when I lived in Maine.
  3. I don't know what my specs are, or where to find them on my laptop but... I have an old apple laptop that's factory-made. It used to be my mom's, but she got a new one and gave me this one. It's one of the white laptops they used to have before Macbook Air came out. It does the job, and that's all that matters to me!
  4. - Autistic - Disabled - Pegasister - Whovian - Bisexual - Hiddlestoner/Loki's Army - Petshopper (littlest pet shop) - Cosplayer - Self-advocate (for disabilities) - Writer - Plushie Collector That's all I can think of.
  5. Under my pillow is another pillow. XD Beside my pillow, I keep a few favorite stuffed animals, including Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. ^^ Sometimes, one of the plushies ends up under my pillows lol.
  6. I use a wireless logitech mouse on my laptop. :3 I don't know anything else about it. *shrug*
  7. Haruhi Suzumiya is one of my most favorites of all. She's absolutely kick ass, and omg... I swear she's like my twin sister sometimes. 8D I choose her over any of my other favorite anime characters. <3
  8. I love tons of visual kei stuff, but since I'm sure no one is into that stuff... I'll post one non-VK band that has helped me through a lot since I was just sixteen. They are called Simple Plan. This band has a huge spot in my heart. The song itself is pretty much my life song.
  9. I was just curious if anyone here watches it. I love it, and my favorite characters are Madeline Hatter, Lizzie Hearts, Kitty Cheshire and Raven Queen. ^^ I actually own the doll for Madeline Hatter. So, does anyone else like this show?
  10. The 50's. Why? Because those poodle skirts were effing adorable! Plus, I've heard some of the music, and that's also really great as well. And let's not forget the beauty of the 90's. I don't know if it counts as a time period in history, but I still miss the old shows from the 90's. I grew up during that era, and it always makes me feel sooooo nostalgic.
  11. I would have to say getting free tickets to a diamondbacks game from our mascot. All I did was tell him I was a big fan of his and my special needs and such... it wound up being a email about us discussing tickets to his birthday bash! I feel like it was a very nice gesture of him to do that. <3 Oh and same for me would be also meeting my soulmate as well~
  12. I do. I take Concerta for my ADHD, abilify for my horrible anxiety. I also take a blood pressure medication because the Concerta has been discovered to cause high blood pressure in me. Then, I take Klonopin as needed for anxiety. I also take vistaril as needed for allergy hives due to anxiety. Oh, and I take Clonidine to help me sleep at night... Yeah, my anxiety is hell for me as you can see. It's been known to disrupt my life in certain circumstances. On the topic of ADHD, I have the mixed form of it. I had it sooooooo bad as a kid that by second grade, I was put immediately on meds just to calm me down and help me focus. I've gone through almost every one of them and finally settled on Concerta. Ritalin actually made me worse rather than better.
  13. Those worms from the Tremors movies. I was on the couch with my mom, and they thought I was sleeping. Well, they were watching one of the movies, so I kind of watched it as well. I ended up being scared shitless to the point where my parents had to tell me the worms weren't real over and over.
  14. I SHOULD be writing, but I currently have writer's block. Plus, my anxiety is really ragging on me with my upcoming anime convention the beginning of September. Maybe that explains why my writer's block is so bad...
  15. I have a lot of them. So, prepare yourselves for a long list. Thunder (the sound of it makes me nervous) Spiders (just looking at pictures can cause me huge amounts of anxiety) Dentists Hospitals Darkness Weird bugs The Future Getting old Other things include the fear of my house catching on fire. Also, I do fear my future because of my special needs. I can't take care of myself when it comes to cleaning, paying bills, holding a job and cooking on my own. So, I'll end up having to live in one of those group homes. I'm terrified of also being alone as well, but I don't have anyone who can be my roommate. It's just... so many issues I can't deal with right now.