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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: Have an amazing one! B)





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      Goodbye, my friend! I wish you all the best! :rarity:

    4. xX_PinkDragon_Xx


      Goodbye, old friend. I wish you the best life possible.

  5. Hey been a while since you've seen me. Yeah, I know I sometimes come back here to plug things, but I've more or less left this site. However, with MLP:FIM ending today, I thought I'd give one last farewell to the show and retrospective of my time in the fandom in blog form here. Even though I left this forum, I never actually stopped keeping up with the show. I just sort of grew away from this site as I've found more communities and more friends outside the forums. Plus I got into a lot more things making MLP not really my primary special interest anymore. However, I still owe a lot



  7. Kid Icarus Uprising is amazing and you all should play it! Viridi is Best Goddess
  8. Welcome back CC, not sure if you remember me.

  9. So I’ve decided to come back for a sec because I want to plug everything I’m active on as the last blog just had one. But to recap I consider myself retired from this forum. If you want to follow me, there are two outlets: As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been really active on Twitter. Been growing a small following over there actually: https://twitter.com/ChikoritaCheez But other than that, I have a fairly active Discord server. Full of memes, movies, and Smash Bros to name a few: https://discord.gg/AGAX8SD So if you want to follow me or join the server, go ahead.
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