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  1. But dang, do I find the women on my icon beautiful

  2. Sometimes I wonder, why do I even go her anymore

  3. I honestly fell bad for the FNAF community

    1. Megas


      I heard the new game was really broken

    2. StarBot


      Yeah, and this gives haters a opportunity to harass the fans because of this game

  4. Not a fan of IHE, but this what happen if you don't respect criticism and you become a bully
  5. So basically, The Minions are becoming what MLP, FNAF and Twilight become, but with more death threats and circlejerking? Cool.. I don't see big deal then. :)

    1. StarBot


      So many people are going to get pissed

  6. I kinda don't want to, because that would be bullying towards the people in the fourms
  7. I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING HE SAID. Hate me all you what, but I agree with everything with he said, this fandom is becoming a seconding of Mr.Enter fanbase. Nothing but over positively/over negative circlejerking that can't respect other people opinions and putting the show on this dumb pedestal. I also agree with him on the show, the show becoming boring and generic as hell, the animation is too choppy for my taste, the show is not funny at all.... I can go on and on why I don't like this show anymore. But 100% correct on the brony community. I don't like stereotypes... but I see way to many bronies fitting to the cringey and talent-less trope. I'm sorry, but I have to agree with him, I could type more, but I'm tried. I'm glad that I jumped the boat of this awful fanbase.
  8. I going to get my first game early, so I can review it. Too bad it's a game that not alot of people care/like. :/

  9. The only good thing about this Labor Day Marathon is that they are only cartoons and not that shitty live action stuff
  10. This is what I tell people who hate LBP, Minecraft and other Open Sandbox/ DIY games, don't blame the developers and players, because you think it's "boring". You need to think and creative to play these games, Blame yourself.
  11. Overrated: FFVII and Watch Dogs Overhated: Skylander, Just Dance, Mobile Games, COD, FNAF, Minecraft and Sonic
  12. Do you know a place that I put my personal made icons at?

  13. I have a friend who is BIG Nickelodeon fanboy, and he will defend Nick until he dies, he makes good art tho As for my opinion on Nick?
  14. I never played a Pokemon game before, and I'm not a fan of the show....