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  1. MarcelineA

    Real life names for the Mane Six (and Spike)

    Fluttershy: Shelby Rainbow Dash: Erin Rarity: Rachel Applejack: Holly Twilight Sparkle: Monica Pinkie Pie: Phoebe Princess Celestia: Dayanara Luna: Rebecca Spike: Jeremy Big Mac: Brandon Discord: Matt Sweetie Belle: Aislynn Apple Bloom: Iyanna Scootaloo: Sam Bunny: Oreo Cream Princess Cadance: Kelsey Shining Armor: Jesse Prince Blueblood: Justin Granny Smith: Julie Cherylee: Leandra Soarin: Mike Queen Chrysalis: Ferr Photo Finish: Kate Diamond Tiara: Megan Silver Spoon: Jasmine Mr. and Mrs. Cake: Joseph and Marie Pinkie Pie's cousin: Tracy Derpy: Daisy Vinyl: Ashanti
  2. for giving good advices around here
  3. MarcelineA

    Gaming What if your OC was in a fighting game?

    idk maybe my OC, Lola, would use magic to attack and possibly either 2 things can happen... either she kills every enemy in the game or she runs away to avoid it since all she does is draw but strong anger can cause her to go into extremes so either or can happen
  4. MarcelineA

    Would you leave behind your current life for a new one

    well if it keeps sucking then yes if it gets better then I'll consider staying although the whole "loved ones" part would make it harder for me wanting to leave it so idk honestly
  5. MarcelineA

    What did you want to be as a child?

    being a psychologist I decided to give up on that dream since I thought it was going to only screw things up and give me more stress (I mean the job) plus I didn't have faith on the education system and I thought there was just no way well guess what I'm taking this semester after switching my majors 3 times ._. psychology lol I guess my child version was right after all
  6. MarcelineA

    What's Your Catchphrase?!

    "ya feeeeel meh" a long "yeeeeeeaaaaaah" can be one "ya tit" "crab it to the butternuts" yes I stole this one singing "we are family" to my friends lots of face expressions I make since I don't tend to talk much unless I explain something I usually say "welp.." or "welp... shit..." or "helloz C:" or "oh mai O_O" or "I'm ganna crai" usually as a joke because if I was crying for real I wouldn't even be mentioning it XD I use "fabulous" a lot now I tend to use "douchedick" a lot XD after seeing it on a funny post and a LOT of adventure time crap like the one I stole XD also like "glob it" oh "dang it flip" or "are you flippin kidding me" or weird noises and stuff XD I also steal stuff from other shows too like mlp for example "THE *blank* IS DOUBLED!" or "IT IS ON" or "AW COME ON!" XD etc. sometimes I sing certain songs and such and some other stuff in spanish XD I also say lots of stuff relating to memes as well Oh and last.... DONT GET MAD GET GLAD! I also forgot "EHMERGED!"
  7. MarcelineA

    How do bronies compare to other fandoms?

    WOW all that and you seem to ONLY focused on the fact I mentioned cloppers and gore... did ever say they were bad people? NO just a preference and the people that piss me off of this fandom are the grammar Nazi "Know-it-alls" which in fact ARE many and you don't care FINE that's YOUR problem but facts are facts I'm not minimizing this fandom just because I was HONEST of what the facts are someone that truly loves a fandom would actually acknowledge the GOOD and the BAD of it so please stop assuming I suddenly hate someone because of a mentioned opinion which in fact contained some facts AND as for the clop and gore want to know why I damn mentioned it?! SIMPLE because A LOT of people on this fandom want to shove that crap down your throat you wanna see it FINE but YOU go and see it you don't have to make ME like it or shove it down my throat like it's the best thing ever I DO as well have my rights like YOU do so you can't damn FORCE me to like something I don't HAVE to PERIOD I suggest you READ before assuming since I was VERY clear that I said MOST of the 50% of the fandom but noooo of course people want to make a big deal about something that is a fact and it can't be more simpler than THAT
  8. MarcelineA

    If you could turn any celebrity into a brony

    Deff Jeremy Shada and Jeremy McKinnon they're awesome people and yes this are them as ponies XD although if they wouldn't turn such I wouldn't care I don't believe into turning people into something but I would talk to them about it
  9. MarcelineA

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm just basically wondering why there's so many questions about weight on Yahoo Answers lol idk as long as you're not dying of anorexia or of extreme obesity I don't see the problem people are built differently too you gotta take into account body mass, body frame, muscles, bones, height, and all that :/ plus none of that defines beauty there's WAY more to that when it comes to beauty like perhaps behavior
  10. idk this town is very surprisingly tolerant of bronies (I say surprisingly because usually people here are stereotypical as hell if you don't have "swag" or if you don't have As or if you don't have money or if you don't like to party or if you don't like sports or country then you're suddenly a bad person or a looser but honestly I haven't seen them attack bronies in fact most stores now have MLP sections which I was surprised to find at the mall but at the same time I was thrilled) although try to find someone to talk about (like an adult) but NEVER take revenge it doesn't help it makes things worse, yes you have the right to feel angry and to even feel hate which it's not recommended but yeah and you SHOULD definitely defend yourself because these idiots only learn when we defend ourselves and also do fight for justice BUT when I mean revenge is when you hate them so much that you plan how to make them miserable and never forgive them (yeah don't result on that it only makes things worse I'm telling you I did that because of other types of bullying and REGRET it)
  11. MarcelineA

    Why do you buy Pony stuff?

    because I'm a fan of the show plus some of the stuff can be useful (like clothes, cups, lotion, and such) and others are just for fun because who doesn't love ponies!
  12. MarcelineA

    Are we killing bronydom?

    Yeah I'm sorry to not clarify >__< :/ it was more of a general statement you seem chill I was just explaining who I think are ruining the fandom :/ in fact thanks to them is why I almost left this website but I stayed because I have friends here :/ and it's not fair to them
  13. Q1:D Q2:A Q3:E Q4:F Honestly not to be whatever but I know I'm more like a mix of Rarity and Applejack in personality (maybe a bit of Twilight Sparkle too) there's more to just that ^ when it comes to personality but I still like the game though XD now in style I'm more like a mix of Rarity and Rainbow Dash. I do admit I used to be like Fluttershy (maybe still am when it comes to stage fright) but I feel like it diminishes over time. I could not be like Rainbow Dash on anything except for making jokes maybe.
  14. MarcelineA

    Movies/TV Your First Time watching a Anime.

    If Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon counts then I was in love with it ^-^ However if you mean non-mainstream anime then I was skeptical especially since my friend made us watch it in another language thinking that reading the subtitles and body language was enough ._. obviously she was the only one enjoying it lol (not to mention I've seen them in english too and I still find them complicated IMAGINE in another language I was soooo lost XD)
  15. well I would miss it a little bit because of the very few nice people I've met and because of the bunch of things you can do here (compared with other sites) but otherwise it could be a relief it would just suck not having the features in other webs besides like Tumblr maybe but eh things happen