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  1. Envy

    Tea or Coffee

    I used to like neither (and might have posted that in here if I felt like being a contrarian enough - my apologies if so! *sigh*), but I've come to like mint tea. I still don't know about regular tea, but I've grown to like my "Mint Medley" tea, and I'm beginning to get used to Spearmint tea because I really want to drink it for what it does. I don't drink coffee. I don't drink caffeine, so...
  2. As the years have passed by, I've come to determine the oboe family instruments to be my top favorite. I'm still saying I think the Baroque oboe and English horn are just a bit more beautiful than the regular oboe, but after switching to it, I found a new appreciation for the modern oboe itself. Of course, I've always thought it was overwhelmingly beautiful, but would always make a clear preference for the Baroque oboe and English horn. I've also found myself just becoming a woodwind and brass instrument enthusiast altogether. I love them all. And I've really come to appreciate recorders lately. To the point that I decisively prefer recorders over flutes. It probably has to do with my love for early music which has only grown over the last several years. Double reeds and recorders are ancient in of themselves, even if our modern double reed instruments are not.
  3. Just don't even get me started. It is yet another flop of a winter where every single flipping winter storm misses us. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. I can't do this anymore. My portion of the state must have some barrier up or curse or something because it has been eight years now since we've seen anything more than two inches and we only saw two inches once. Every other year has been a dusting of snow and that's it. It is unnatural. ...Sorry. I'm moody the last couple of days. This just wasn't a good time for another winter storm to miss where I live, nor was it a good time for this topic to pop back up. lol
  4. Envy

    Do you take any medicine daily?

    I take a strong anti-inflammatory medication every day because it's supposed to help with my feet. Supposed to. If it counts, I also take One-A-Day multivitamins with extra Immunity Support. These are a miracle worker for the sinus infections I used to have years ago. I am skeptical of supplements, but the Vitamin C really works. I was directed to take some Fiber supplements, too, but after taking those for a couple of years and not seeing any improvement to my digestion system at all I effectively stopped. I need to go to the doctor for that, too, don't I? Ugh... Please no.
  5. Envy

    10 facts about your room

    Decorated with woodwind stuff (and dog stuff, as well) but only lightly at this moment because we haven't gotten the room done yet. I have my own bathroom (thank goodness. I can't stand sharing bathrooms) I have my own mini fridge and microwave. My dog lives in the room with me. All of my instruments (that's a lot for anyone who doesn't know me) are in the room/closet except for my bass clarinet for some reason which is still in the hall. I have a loveseat in the room... which has stuff piled on top of it right now. >.< I have my own PC, of course! Along with a large UHD TV. My PS4 and Switch are the only systems hooked up right now. As opposed to my old room, I'm now in the room which gets the best of the air conditioner/heater. I have large light-blocking curtains. I have a queen sized bed.
  6. Envy

    General Media YouTubers You No Longer Subscribe

    I'm ashamed to admit I used to subscribe to The Amazing Atheist. The problem is that I think most of his views were great, but then you get him talking about feminism and no... He's so bad. Note: I don't know what his views are in recent years. I think I fell out of watching him sometime before 2014. He might have regressed on other things, as well.
  7. Envy

    What is your dream job?

    Music history - teaching and researching it! That is my career path after I've gone through grad school. For the time being I'd really just like a job where I don't have to stand or walk (my feet problems are making my current job hell) and has standard hours like 9am to 5pm. I have never worked a job with normal hours and it drives me up a wall. My first job was 10 pm to 7am, my current job is 4am to 1pm. Yuck! I am someone who is very happy to wake up at 7 in the morning, so something that starts around 9 would be delightful.
  8. Envy

    How Much Snow in Your Area?

    The last time we had anything more than a dusting was back in early 2015, and even that wasn't really anything. We used to get a lot more snow than that. In 2011 we saw like 20+ inches for a year. Now we get... a dusting for an entire year. My frustration is super charged right now because we've had three winter storms in the area in the last month. The first two went slightly Southwest of where I live. The most recent one went slightly Northeast. I'm not even exaggerating when I say "slightly". We're stuck in a tiny pocket in the middle that has been winter stormless for nearly eight years now. I guess winter storms are extinct here now. I guess I'll have to wait until we move to New England to experience one. =(
  9. Envy

    Health How often do you have a cold?

    In the past several years they've thankfully become very rare for me, typically only once a year, and they're much more minor than before. I have a little something right now that I've had for a few weeks, but it's minor.
  10. I've always been drawn to this piece since I first heard it in Music History I, but now it really gets caught in my head. lol. I like it, so I'm not bothered.
  11. According to a member above you're not even 19 yet? That's not old! Try being 30 like me. Back when I was 19, I actually was in a relationship. Even though I had a relationship at that young age, it did not reflect well upon my relationship future because I've pretty much been single ever since. So really don't think about it being super important to have a relationship at that age. I can't tell you that there is someone for everyone but I can tell you that the vast majority do tend to find someone. The odds are on your side. Now if you become my age and you're still single than you can start worrying, but you're so young. Chances are you'll find someone by the time you get to my age, or you at least will have had some experience and will know how to go forward finding other people.
  12. This is actually a tough question for me. I typically like originals better than covers. This cover I like much better than the original by Duran Duran, though. Considering I'm not big on 80s music that should come as no surprise, but seriously, this is soooo much better. (and I actually like this version better than the one that RBF has usually released, and I think it may only be available through this video on YouTube. I like Lupin III so it doesn't bother me.)
  13. Envy

    General Media Favorite PS4 game?

    Hm... Pretty much everything I've played on the PS4 has been multiplatform, thus I'm not sure I have a sufficient answer. Persona 5 is the closest game that comes to mind, but even that game was also released on the PS3.
  14. Envy

    Do you wear any Cologne/Perfume?

    Perfumes have always given my mom migraines so I haven't really used much of any. I've been gifted some through the years, but have had very rare occasions to wear any. I suppose I could have while going to university the last two years but... I never did it. lol Maybe I'm scared they'll make me sick, too.
  15. Envy

    Health How are you when you're drunk?

    We will never know because I decided alcohol wasn't a taste worth acquiring when I tried it shortly after turning 21. I took a few sips and was like "Nope". I'm very glad I never picked this up because losing control/getting drunk sounds really scary.