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  1. Sunny and 78 degrees. It's just too hot for me.
  2. Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    My foot is really hurting this morning. Just getting to my bathroom - which is very close to my bed - hurt so bad. And last night I had to get up more than once. =/ My other foot is also hurting now, too. Not as bad, but I'm not sure what is going on.
  3. Yes, I came upon a new role model a few years ago. It's still hard to process exactly how different my life would be if I had never came across her and her music. I had long given up on music a couple of years before. When I came across her, I suddenly wanted to try again. I could never strive to be better than her. She is a woodwind goddess. Lol. Besides, at no point have I ever wanted to be better than her. I just wanted to learn to play even a fraction as pretty as her.
  4. Gaming Top most video games myths

    I remember the Pokemon rumors. I remember back in fifth grade being told by another kid that if you use dig at a certain point in Diglett Cave you'll end up in the grass outside of the boundaries of Route I and there you can run into starters. I also remember the "Pikablu" rumors. Of course, the Pokemon turned out to be real, Marill. I don't even remember if the Pokemon was actually officially revealed or just leaked somehow. I just remember thinking how exotic Marill looked back in those days. Not that I disliked it or anything. It's just that Gen II Pokemon looked so weird at first, including Sudowoodo and Wooper. I remember seeing all of them back in my earliest days of being allowed to use the internet.
  5. General Weird things you own?

    I don't know if any of these are legitimately weird. People just might kind of look at me funny for having them. People might find my collections of English and French bulldog plushes/figures, etc. kind of weird. As well as the bare tree with snow on it that I've left up ever since I got it after Christmas 2016. I like the aesthetic of winter, so I keep it up like any other person keeps up fake plants with leaves/flowers. lol. I also have a decoration made out of an old alto clarinet. Found it at a vintage store. My mom and I found it and left without it, but came back later in the day because I just had to have it. I also have a page of chant from the Renaissance (Looking at it, I'm pretty sure it's a chant for the Gloria portion of the mass). My music history professor gave it to me last year and it is one of the neatest things I'll probably ever own. The only reason I mention it here is because I'm not Catholic at all. To me it's an artifact of music history and I'm so overjoyed to really own such a thing.
  6. I've heard the series later puts some context that eases some people's minds... BUT no matter what context it is put in, I can't justify Meliodas groping Elizabeth while she is unconscious. She was not consenting, and even if there is some fate that ties them together the time for sexual interaction can only be after she has come to realize it and is consenting. It just isn't justified at all. It's such a simple concept, too, a Shonen series should be above that. I mean a lot of Shonen have some crappy humor (like My Hero Academia and that one perverted kid) but at least in those series those perverts get punished. Although the series are taking their actions lightly, they're at least showing some level of overarching moral saying "This is wrong" that the reader/watcher can grasp onto. SDS shows none of that. Meliodas is not some wild savage. He should know better, or be shown better.
  7. The weather was a bit cooler today. It was still warm (in the mid 60s), but there was a steady, cool wind blowing from the North that kept it feeling nice.
  8. It got hot today, up into the mid 80s. Ugh. I'm so ready to move.
  9. General How do you feel about anti vaxxers?

    I have a friend that just seems to fall for all of this stuff, and has made her stance as an anti-vaxxer clear. Unfortunately, she is a mother, and has three children.
  10. What the heck even is 'following'? This isn't Twitter or FB, it's just a forum. I preferred it when it was just a simple they request to be friends and I say yes, and that's that. Now when people follow me, I'm just like "okay". I don't know what exactly it does, and I don't think I've ever chosen to follow anyone. It's nothing personal, I just don't know what it is. I like to keep notifications at a minimum. Like I don't want to be notified when people post or anything like that. Notifications should be for likes, quotes, messages to me, PMs to me, etc. I'm already so annoyed with Twitter and YouTube because for some reason both of them decided to start notifying me when posts are made even though I've done everything I can to turn that off. YouTube has even notified me of people I don't even follow uploading videos. Like what in the world? I mean especially on Twitter why would I want this when I can just scroll through my feed and read what people posted? I just don't get it! I suppose I've just become old and grouchy. Lol. I've been using internet forums for 15 years and this kind of thing just isn't for me. If anyone has followed me, and I know people have, don't be concerned that I didn't follow back. When someone follows me, if it had just been a friend request like in the old days, I probably would have just clicked 'accept', but this following thing? I don't even know what it is all about.
  11. General Who Says What And Where?

    My dialect does not seem to match the stereotype of my state typically. 1. I say 'pop', which is more Northern than me. 2. I say 'you all'. I used to say 'you guys', but stopped. 3. I see no distinction between dinner and supper. 4. I think 'water fountain', but I don't really refer to it, to be honest. 5. I have no term for that, and have never heard any of those used. 6. I just say 'shoes'. 7. The map is actually accurate here because I do refer to it as 'garage sale', but yard sale actually sounds more accurate to what they are. 8. I have no concept of how to articulate that word. I have never really had to use it. 9. Yeah, just a sub. Don't even know why this is on there because it's pretty uniform. 10. I don't really have any concept of a difference between a freeway and a highway.
  12. Gaming Done with Nintendo

    Oh, that's not the intention of my posts. I apologize for coming off that way. On the contrary, my posts actually come from the perspective of someone who constantly sees people who say that the Switch doesn't have many games of interest to them, get countered with posts like yours which are like "What are you talking about? Look at all of these games!". It's annoying to me, because it's missing the point that people have their own opinions, and the quantity of games that the Switch is getting can be meaningless to them. I'm not at all meaning that you can't enjoy Wii U ports. I'm meaning that for me, they are a moot point. I own a Wii U, I've played all of the Wii U games I want to. Thus for me they are just repeat releases, they are old games. They are nothing for me to get existed about. They add nothing to the Switch for me. I want new Nintendo games. While it's pretty certain they are coming, not many of them are here yet. And we honestly know practically nothing about any of them aside from Mario Tennis Aces. What I'm meaning is that there are Nintendo fans out there for whom the Switch doesn't have much of interest for them yet. It's not at all because they're ignorant of what's on the console or what is coming out, it's because they're not excited to replay games (for a pretty penny with that, Nintendo is so overpriced!) they've already played on the Wii U, and/or are not interested in. The bulk of Nintendo's first party output for the system has been Wii U ports. If you're happy with that, all of the power to you. However, not everyone is. And they are justified in their opinions.
  13. Gaming Done with Nintendo

    I mean, the member you quoted seems like they're pretty knowledgeable on which games are coming out. I am as well, and am also of the same opinion. There's really nothing coming out for me on the Switch, at least pre-E3. Anything post E3 we have so little information about that I can't put my hope into them just yet. Like is the Super Smash Bros going to be a completely new game (the way they presented it, it better be)? Is Pokemon Switch going to be a conservative 3DS game in HD or something more exciting? We just don't know. It seems like so far Nintendo has been mostly focused on advertising and releasing ports. There aren't much actually new Nintendo games on the Switch. Between those that are actually new, the best one was dual released on the Wii U (Breath of the Wild). The most exciting Switch exclusive is Super Mario Odyssey. What else even is there? This year I think pretty much the only title has been Kirby. Correct me if I'm wrong. I played a demo of that game. While it's cute to see the old partners from Dream Land II back, there's no reason for me to spend $60 on generic Kirby 2D platformer Switch.
  14. Gaming Done with Nintendo

    To be fair, there is still focus on motion. As I've said previously, it is absolutely nothing like on the Wii, where motion control was forced on so many unnecessary games. However, to say that there is no focus on it is disingenuous. Nintendo has improved and in the majority of cases motion control is now an option and not forced. However, Nintendo certainly did make a big deal about their new motion control features when presenting the Switch, and even in major games like Breath of the Wild, motion control is forced to do certain shrines. No matter whether you're playing it on the Wii U, playing it on the Switch with the Joy Cons, or playing it on the Switch with the Pro Controller - there is no getting past it. It's really not fair to cast aside Nintendo because of this, but again, it's still not perfect, and Nintendo certainly advertised it from the beginning. They still want to focus on motion control.
  15. Gaming Done with Nintendo

    Yeah... The fact that Nintendo has a bunch of franchises of their own that don't revolve around blood and gore is probably a HUGE reason that I always stick with Nintendo. I can't play games with that kind of stuff, they make me feel sick. I can't believe people actually think that's what gaming is supposed to be about. Very strange.