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  1. If the way you'd go about it would get you pepper sprayed, then you need to have a long sit down and think about the way you're going about it. We won't pepper spray someone just for asking us out. However, if you're being a stalker, not taking no for an answer, touching us without our consent, etc. then you might get less passive negative reactions, and those are only natural responses since those are threatening behaviors.
  2. *puts on the most Southern accent she can think of* Why I'm totally a country western kind of girl! Of course, I'm kidding. (the closest you'd ever find me listening to country is John Denver [who I think of as more Folk than Country] and some Bluegrass) I just had to think of something to spice up my post, because I feel like I'm a broken record every time this topic comes around. My interest in genres have been pretty static since 2014 or so, I'd say. As anyone who has ever read any post I've made on the subject will quickly see. On the pop side of music, I really like classic R&B/Soul (that is from the 70s and before), progressive/psychedelic rock, British Folk/Rock, 70s Soft Rock, and some Baroque Pop. On the classical side of music, I find myself most into Baroque, Early Music, French Impressionism, Classic era, and some late 19th/early 20th century (Stravinsky, Holst, Ralph Vaughan Williams, etc.).
  3. I love my family. Things are not perfect, and have never been perfect, but ultimately they have always come through. I'm really happy that my parents want to move out of the state with me because I really don't want to ever be too far from them, and it looked like it was going to have to be that way if I chose to move Northeast.
  4. Personally, I'm grateful for that stigma, whether it's true or not. Several years ago when I stopped drinking pop and switched to sparkling water, the stigma with artificial sweeteners made me quickly pass over the brands with artificial sweeteners (Sparkling Ice, the equivalent Walmart brand, etc.) and get myself used to the types with no sweeteners whatsoever. Although, of course, the fact that they aren't really any better for you than sugar should be enough of a deterrent.
  5. In terms of my university that I graduated from a couple of years back, I actually didn't have many complaints. I do wish they had my degree in undergraduate. I wish they had an English horn, so I could have gotten to play that. I wish that foreign languages had been offered more so I could have gotten at least some of that out of the way while I was there.
  6. Sometime in the early 00's I was given my own computer back in my room for school stuff. I do not remember the brand or even whether it was a PC or a Mac. I think that it was most likely a PC, but I can't remember very well. It was a very old computer by the standards of that time. In the late summer of 2004, my grandpa had a PC built for me. That's the first PC I really remember as "mine", because we also got high-speed internet right around that time and I had unlimited internet back in my bedroom for the first time. Those of you all who never experienced dial-up have no idea how luxurious this felt. Lol.
  7. I don't even like going into dark places in video games. There's no way you could get me to do so in real life.
  8. A lot of my memories from early childhood have faded, but there are some here and there. I really wish I remembered more. Like last year I learned from my mom that I actually did play with Gen I My Little Ponies when I was really little.
  9. I'm not huge on Super Mario platformers (I prefer RPGs like Paper Mario and also other spinoffs like Mario Kart), but when it comes to Mario platformers, Odyssey is certainly one of the top ones. The Mario platforming series had really been stuck in a rut after Galaxy came out. Not that there's anything wrong with having Galaxy style games, but when Nintendo disingenuously acted like Galaxy was like 64/Sunshine and then they also released the 3D Land/World games it looked like the 3D Mario platforming series had all become a stagnant series where all games just felt like 2D platformers with a little running room, and it looked like that was never going to change, as most people did not care about the change in identity and thought that Galaxy was the best thing since sliced bread. I'm so happy to see that Nintendo dropped the lies and brought the identity back to the 3D series with Odyssey. Open-style worlds is one thing that made Super Mario 64 so different from its 2D predecessors. Let me tell you, when all we had were the linear 3D Mario platformers and the NSMB series in addition, those were dark times, because everything felt the same. This is the same problem that the Mario RPGs are in right now. Nintendo claims that the Paper Mario series can't be RPGs anymore because Mario & Luigi fills that role... Yet Mario & Luigi went off into its own world, too, and we don't really have any true Mario RPGs left.
  10. I've never even heard of putting more cheese on food outside of media, so to be honest, I'm not even familiar with what it is put on or why. I generally don't put anything on my food except for salt. Lots of salt. lol.
  11. It's kinda chilly. Didn't hit freezing today. I think that's the first time it happened this winter.
  12. Me, too. But Nintendo won't give us a Direct to give us any answers on anything and it's getting really frustrating!
  13. IIRC there was going to be a Kirby game on the GCN that was a successor to Kirby 64, which I adored. The Kirby series has been stale ever since, so I'm sad that didn't come to be.
  14. Does MSN even exist anymore?