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  1. There was this one episode from David Tennant's Doctor Who. It directly preceded (or followed, I forget, but I think preceded) the two-part "Library" episodes, which were incredibly disturbing in of themselves. The episode is called "Midnight".
  2. Envy

    Food Pancakes or Waffles?

    Pancakes for sure. I don't care for the crunchiness of waffles. I know that's strange because I generally like foods crispy, but really what I like best are soft pancakes with a crispy taste. When that is managed it is perfect!
  3. Envy

    Last Song you listened to.

    A song I recently discovered:
  4. Eh. I'm not feeling it, but I do have very specific Super Smash Bros character wants at this point. The only thing that was exciting about that portion of the Direct was where they segued it to announcing Animal Crossing for the Switch. I found the little portion with Tom Nook kind of cute, too, perhaps for that reason. Even though I'm sad nothing was revealed about the game, it was a clever way to announce it.
  5. Envy

    Gaming Nintendo Direct 9/13/2018

    That was... eh. I hate to not feel incredibly hyped to see Animal Crossing Switch revealed... BUT I already knew that someday it was coming. The biggest news here is that it is coming out in 2019. Not really seeing anything about it makes it very hard to get hyped. Animal Crossing titles have been hits or misses. New Leaf was a hit, but City Folk was a big miss. Which approach are they taking here? We don't know. Luigi's Mansion 3 was a neat, unexpected reveal. It's not among my top favorite franchises, but it is certainly a game I will be watching, and hopefully buying. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe? Good lord. Why, just why? That game was already so boring and uninspired. It came bundled with my Wii U. I put the disc in once and couldn't get far into it at all. It is such a samey game compared to the rest of its series that making it another Wii U port instead of releasing another one is a slap in the face. Although I'm not sure a new NSMB would actually be much better, this is just really hitting rock bottom here. A lot of things revealed here were already revealed prior. Civilization VI coming to Switch is neat. I just haven't ever been able to get into that franchise on PC, and I don't think Switch would make a difference, so I'll pass and be happy for others who want it. Seeing some real (past) Final Fantasy games come to Switch is neat, as well. Final Fantasy really split off from Nintendo with FFVII and it has always been kind of a big deal and made me feel kind of ticked off that Cloud ever made it into Smash. But I've never been into the series. I tried X back when I got my PS2, and Crystal Chronicles? I didn't care for that game at all. I might try VII when it comes out. Lastly... The online service. Nintendo tried to make it all cute and appealing by presenting it with their cutesy Mario characters presentation, but they literally revealed absolutely nothing. This service is 100% how they've been presenting it since day one. There's no more room for "Give them a chance!" This is it. Time's up. They had nothing to show. In fact, the not even being able to tease that there might come games from systems beyond the NES is really sad. And I mean sad in the pathetic way. This service is not worth paying for at all. It's Nintendo being a crappy, greedy business. I know that Sony and Microsoft have been doing it for a while, and they are crappy too. But Nintendo is supposed to be "different" according to its fanbase. Well, wake up and smell the roses, they aren't.
  6. Envy

    Gaming Poll: First Game Console

    The first console I ever played was the NES. There was one in my family. The first console I was given individually was either a SNES or Gameboy. I was young and it was a long time ago, I no longer remember which came first. lol
  7. Envy

    Gaming Nintendo Direct 9/13/2018

    You're forgetting the more likely bad scenario: Just porting the Wii U version to the Switch. That alongside porting New Super Mario Bros U (the most uninspired, boring Mario game I have ever even attempted to play. I'd rather play Mario is Missing) and Nintendo would really be hitting rock bottom.
  8. Envy

    How Many Cities have you been to?

    Um... Many. many, many. In my home state: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Stillwater, Tahlequah, Weatherford, Bartlesville, Norman, etc.,etc. Otherwise: Cleveland (Ohio) Indianapolis Lawrence (KS) Topeka Baltimore Washington D.C. Los Angeles San Diego San Antonio St. Louis Branson Fort Smith Memphis Orlando And I'm sure there were tons of other southern towns and cities that my family went through because we always drove instead of flew when I was really young. We went to Florida (Orlando) by car, and to South Carolina/North Carolina, Texas, etc the same way. I can't remember the cities I went through on the Carolina trip at all, though.
  9. No way! I was fortunate in that after sixth grade being in band took away the gym class requirement. I never had to take gym ever again. Nevertheless, being in marching band in my last couple of years of high school led to many uncomfortable lack-of-privacy situations, but they involved having to use stalled restrooms and having to change in bathrooms where I all of the stalls were taken so I had to do it out in the open. We always showered in hotels, not anything public.
  10. Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Legend of Zelda are my favorite Nintendo franchises. However, right now I'd probably say Zelda is my favorite. Pokemon is going to a horribly weak spell with the really cheap cash-ins that are LGP/E. Right now I'd rather just Pokemon go away for a while until GF can get its act together. Generation VII was also weak, so... Back when this topic was made, I'm certain I would have said Pokemon. Pokemon was really riding high then with Generation V.
  11. Envy

    How are you feeling

    Exhausted. I worked six days in a row this week, with my feet problems fully in-tact and bringing me a lot of pain. I talked to management so I really hope this never happens again.
  12. Lately I've really come to like Union Cave. Of course, I found it to be worth listening to back when I first heard it playing through G/S/C. However, lately I've been able to put into words why I like it so much. It reminds me of Stravinsky! After playing Rite of Spring in orchestra years back, I had warmed up to Stravinsky and really liked the beginning of part 2. In this particular part of Rite of Spring, the melody/part that starts around 1:47 is very similar in melody and feel.
  13. Any bathroom that isn't single/private. I will seriously use a porta potty before I use a stalled restroom. I have done it before, and I'd do it again. Privacy is the number one most crucial aspect to me. I don't want people prying into my business, talking to me, talking on their phones while I'm going, which all is exactly what happens. I don't know what it is about my workplace, but people there just love to pry into other peoples' business in regard and talk about it. Not only is it gross, but it's an invasion of privacy and I will have none of that.
  14. Isaac from Golden Sun. I have wanted this character so badly since I played Golden Sun way back in 2002. All signs point toward him having done pretty well on the Ballot, so, please. Don't overlook him this time.
  15. It'd be a cold, always winter island, naturally! It'd be eternally overcast with freezing drizzle in the air. Barren trees, bushes, dormant grasses. There'd be a mixture of gorgeous buildings in the styles of Ancient Greece, medieval Europe (cathedrals), and Renaissance/Baroque palaces. And at the middle of the island? A black hole.