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  1. Envy

    Food Pizza or burgers?

    Pizza. Burgers aren't even in the running for me since I physically can not eat them.
  2. I hate Baby Park, and I hate everyone who chooses it online. As if Mario Kart 8 isn't already luck-based, that track is pretty much purely luck-based and I hate playing it online.
  3. Envy

    Music Songs Other People Wouldn't Guess You'd Like

    I've always made it clear that I'm not big on 80s music, especially ones more on the electronic side. So it'd probably be shocking that there are a couple of electronic 80s songs that for some reason I like and have liked for years (most of them like A-ha's Take On Me were catchy at first but lose that luster really quickly). I don't understand WHY it is I like these particular songs which carry many traits I dislike in pretty much anything else.
  4. I can not take pills alone, and I can not take them with plain water. When I began to stop drinking pop, one major blockade to me successfully doing that was I knew that I always had to have some pop to take my pills with. In the end, I learned it was just the carbonation I needed, which I also have in my sparkling water, so it's all fine. But I can not take pills with just plain water or alone. It will make me gag it out 100% of the time otherwise. As for the big ones? I don't have much experience with them, thankfully.
  5. I'm already useless in normal situations, I'd be even more useless in that circumstance.
  6. Envy

    Worst person you've dealt with at work

    I forgot, there was actually one or two instances where customers legitimately ticked me off. If a customer is coming into the aisle I'm working looking for a product, to ask a question, etc., then that's fine. However, there were a couple of instances where customers, knowing I had work to do, decided to come into the aisle and stop and have a conversation with each other. One time I remember a large group, just stopping and having a conversation in the middle of my aisle. Another time I remember two middle aged women just stopping in an area of my aisle and conversing for a very long time. I couldn't get my work done. Like does it hurt customers so much to maybe have their conversation right outside of the aisle in the middle of the store?
  7. I don't drive, so any complaints I can come up with are different. One thing that really annoys me are really loud cars. It seems like people just love to make a lot of noise with their engines or whatever makes the noise and I consider that very inconsiderate.
  8. I'll just say it feels like Florida outside, and I'll leave it at that. Note: That is not a good thing, at all.
  9. Envy

    Worst person you've dealt with at work

    Ah, it's been a couple of years since I quit my last job, so let me see if I can remember. My problem was never really with customers. Sure I was annoyed with them coming to my aisle at 3 in the morning, but that was more my problem, not their's. What frustrated me were coworkers. Especially two coworkers that were around when I quit. They were inconsiderate, loud jerks. They were also misogynistic, homophobic trash, with that. So you can bet they did not like me. They called a lesbian coworker a slur, and then management did absolutely nothing about it. They were also as I said, just inconsiderate in general. Even though it was against the rules and just flat out rude, they would blast their music out loud from their phones. I don't care whether I like the music you listen to or not, that is RUDE. Also it sounded like trash through their cell phone speakers and it just irritated the heck out of me. No matter how much the management was supposed to take care of this, they never did. They also called in a lot and got away with it. In comparison I remember one coworker once called in for a couple of days and lied about where they had gone. That coworker got fired immediately. Never even saw him again. These two idiots? They called in every single Saturday night to attend some wrestling event. The management knew about it. The management did nothing. Gr. I hated those jerks so much. I could go even worse with one of them. It was all long before we worked, though, but he did something that should have put him in jail, far away from women, far away from other people. But after I quit... I learned that not only do those types of people get away with things and work like normal, they can also somehow get into positions like the president of the country.
  10. Envy

    General Meaning, roots, history, of your name

    I grew up thinking my name meant 'artistic'. I have no idea where that idea came from. Anywhere I look it up says it has roots in the ancient Roman Latin term for 'rival'. Kind of an odd name to give, given the meaning. Oh well.
  11. Envy

    Are forums dying?

    I'm not too concerned about it. Chatrooms have existed forever, yet other forms of social media have popped up and remained popular despite chatroom options always being there. Chatroom style conversations just aren't for everyone. It's a different kind of medium, and different mediums can co-exist. Forums are still going strong, forums that have been around for decades, and even forums I've been a part of for over ten years are all still very active. If spammy, hard to keep up with chat services like Discord are "the future", I will not be a part of that "future". Just like I've rarely used chat services as opposed to forums all of this time.
  12. Envy

    Animation Dragon Ball Super: Broly

    Guess Broly just couldn't take it that Freeza had overtaken his title of most-rehashed DBZ villain.
  13. Envy

    Are forums dying?

    I sure hope not. Formats like Discord are just entirely different. Discord is just a bunch of chatrooms, essentially. Chatrooms have always existed, and in fact, quite often have existed in conjunction with forums. Some people use them, some people don't. I've never been huge on chat, I prefer forums. Chat is just too much "at the moment" for me. Conversations come and go while you're gone and you completely miss out on them. It's very awkward, and I don't like it. Plus, whenever you want to start a conversation in Discord, you're very often interrupting another conversation. Other forms of social media have existed for a very long time, such as sites like FB. While those sites bring in a much larger number of people, I haven't really seen forums suffer as a result.
  14. Envy

    MLP, LGBT, values and morals conflicting?

    The Bible is a poor source of morality. It was written by people from thousands of years ago. They couldn't even understand that slavery was wrong. The Bible not only condones slavery, but even orders it, itself. Think for yourself. Think about LGBT people, and think about if what they're doing is really harming anyone in reality. Sin is a meaningless concept. We should care about the people around us.
  15. Envy

    Web Is Youtube/Video Making a Career?

    If it makes them money, whatever, but I still am not going to take it very seriously. I watched a YouTuber transform from just making videos on the side to help people out in selected games, to a full-time streamer who quit his real job and the final result just hasn't been as fun to watch. I just don't understand why anyone should be making money off of videos streaming them playing a video game. It's just silly to me.