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  1. Nope, because ONCE AGAIN, it happened just to the west. Because it always does. Every single time.
  2. Not a pony, no. But a special someone? Maybe. Kinda. Sorta. Yes.
  3. For me, it's down to menstruation, inflammation, and using the toilet. And if only two, I suppose the former two.
  4. IDK. Despite being a "90s kid", I don't find a lot of the decade to be all of that memorable.1999 was probably my favorite because that's the year I got into Pokemon.
  5. We finally had a solid freeze this morning. Very late freeze. And it's bizarre considering there were two days in October where it lingered one degree above freezing the whole day.
  6. WWolf

    Candy Cane Nocturne is back :flutterhat:. (That’s her name right?) Was the hat always there :wacko: ? Was going to make one with her holding a turkey leg as a joke :pout: .

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WWolf


      Is the hat new though :P ? I only remember the candy cane.

    3. Envy


      No. It's actually the candy cane that I haven't used some years. I have versions of this without the candy cane or in different poses. Lol. She has always had the hat each Christmas season.

    4. WWolf


      I know I saw the candy cane last year :ooh: .

  7. My town's board just rejected a mask mandate by a wide margin. For shame. The people in my town can not even be expected to take the most minor of precautions to care about other people. I'm so sick of this, it's so disgusting. It will not be anywhere near okay until we're all vaccinated, and how many of these anti-maskers also won't get the vaccine because "personal freedom"? **** them. Seriously. Care about other people for once in your ****ing life.
  8. Indeed. The South has the worst weather. I don't know how anyone lives on the Southeastern states bordering the gulf. They have hurricanes, bad tornado outbreaks, and miserable, hot, humid weather all year long. Oklahoma has some of that (not really hurricanes, they tame before getting this far up), but trust me, a New Yorker would be... disappointed? Like you don't get the true Southeast eternally warm climate, but you also don't get four seasons. Our winter is like an Autumn or Spring up North, I imagine. The problem is that New Hampshire is also super expensive. It's not as far up there as New York, but Oklahoma has an incredibly low cost of living, right near the bottom. I'm not sure we could even afford an apartment up there. But the hope is that once the pandemic calms down and we all are vaccinated, my family will take a trip around the Northeast. My parents definitely like New Hampshire. I'm sure it's gorgeous. However, I'm afraid that it's more conservative than the other NE states, and that concerns me. We want to get far away from Trumpism. I know that's impossible, but if I'm spending a fortune to live in a state, it won't be in a blue state that Trump thought he could flip. My current thinking is our only option to escape pure Republican territory is Michigan. The weather would be nice, too. EDIT: Just realized I had already posted thinking about Michigan. Lol.
  9. I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving. So, nothing in particular. I do plan to boot up Animal Crossing New Horizons and play the Thanksgiving event there.
  10. It's actually hard to say. I feel the happiest in November and the vast majority of December. However, optimistic is probably September and October because that's when the dreadful long summer's end is beginning to come into sight and soon it will be November.
  11. But this topic isn't even crass. SMH. Of course you wouldn't get it. =P Anyway, to answer the question... Hm... I have to think harder on this one.
  12. You're one to talk. =P You've made a number of bathroom topics on this forum, have you not?
  13. I live with my family, so that's not an issue. Nevertheless, I don't really celebrate Thanksgiving.
  14. Well, it shouldn't come as any surprise that inconsiderate people would have trashy music tastes. lol (Speaking of country here, I don't have any opinion on rap)
  15. Oklahoma is hardline conservative. Every single county votes conservative every election. It's not at all a place to go to if you want to find somewhere that is less liberal but also not crazy conservative. Oklahoma is far right. As I've said before, Oklahomans would vote for the devil if he had an R next to his name. If you want to move to the crappy state, be my guest. Just let us make a trade and I can move to your state, assuming it's New York? Sounds waayyyyy better in like every single way aside from cost of living. A 'Sooner' in the context of what we're talking about refers to the University of Oklahoma (there is a separate historical context). Stereotypically OU sports fans (especially football) are very arrogant and constantly in-your-face. They think they're all that and it's so hilarious to see them always stumble in the end. If New York doesn't have a sports culture (I wouldn't know), you'd be surprised to move to Oklahoma. People are very wild about it around here.