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  1. I lost my best friend just about five years ago. There was absolutely no explanation. In reality, the end of our friendship was dragged out through pretty much all of 2015, arguably earlier. I still have no clue what happened. Early that year she invited me to her house and was super excited to see me again, but then it never happened. And the end of the year was the very last time she communicated with me. She didn't even wish me a happy birthday, leaving me in tears. She has her own life. She owes me no explanation, but still... Ouch.
  2. I've seen all of One Piece save for some of the filler episodes, which are pretty rare.
  3. Aren't all New Super Mario Bros games pretty much the same thing, though? I have fun with the first one back on the DS, but when I tried the Wii one and later the Wii U one (which came bundled with my Wii U) they were a slogfest.
  4. The Nintendo 3DS was an excellent system. Quite exceptional for Nintendo in the post Gamecube-era, where they have been pretty weak. I'll never forget the E3 where the 3DS was announced and the huge amount of games that were revealed on that day. I had seriously not been more excited for a system in a long time before that, and I have not been anywhere near as excited for any system since. Especially since nowadays Nintendo doesn't reveal a bunch of games anymore, but keeps you guessing all of the time. Sure, not all of those games turned out to be good (looking at you, Paper Mario Sticker Star), but the 3DS was still home to many excellent games. Animal Crossing New Leaf, for example, was a great come back for the AC series after City Folk was so incredibly lazily scrapped together. Also, I, for one, enjoyed the Gen VI Pokemon games a whole lot.
  5. Yeah... The Super Mario Bros on G&W announcement was silly. They've rereleased Super Mario Bros. a hundred thousand times by now. Who hasn't had their fill with the game yet?
  6. Yeah, the Crash and Spyro trilogies are remakes. Sadly, Nintendo knows they don't have to put in that kind of effort to sell, so that's almost all they ever produce - ports instead of remakes.
  7. Doing an update of this since Sword/Shield came out: Galarian Rapidash is my new top favorite Pokemon, and I adore the Zacian/Zamazenta legendaries... And how can I forget Snom? Snom is precious. A bug should not that precious. It kinda scares me how cute it is. LOL.
  8. The city closest to me is infamous for having Trump's first indoor hate rally a couple of months ago, causing lots of problems. Alongside people around where I live thinking everything is a hoax and not caring about other people. I stay home. I only go out for doctor's appointments and am extremely cautious when I do.
  9. Um... What? Joe Biden is not even campaigning on the banning of any guns beyond assault rifles. You call that 'steamrolling', but what the Trump administration has done since literally day one of their administration is steamroll all over LGBT rights, and I just said why it's going to get much, much worse if he gets back in office again. Am I supposed to take someone's 'right' to own a military grade weapon as seriously as a transgender person's right to not get denied health care, housing, etc.? As long as I have even a shred of humanity, I won't. You act like the Democrats are some radical force with some evil agenda that somehow is even worse than Trump's. Yet the Democrats are a Centrist party. They barely lean Left at all. Nothing radical is being proposed by Biden at all. Biden is, and has always been considered the 'safe' candidate among the Democrats. A lot of those of us on the left don't even see him as doing enough on issues that matter, because he's a centrist. (But "not doing enough" is, and will always be, a far better option than the extremist far right candidate who is markedly all about making everything much worse).
  10. I took the 9Axes one, as well: The Trump administration has an abysmal record on both of those counts. I suppose those issues just aren't that important to you? I just have to implore people to care about LGBT rights. If the Trump administration were to get another four years, things would get incredibly bad. They already have been really bad. I'm sitting in anxiety about the worst case scenario of Trump "winning" again. Not only will he and his administration keep on going on the attack, but they'll have the power to stack the Supreme Court which would be bad news for decades. You know there are all kinds of religious right groups foaming at the mouth for a chance to send anti-LGBT cases to a stacked court. That's an affront to both LGBT rights and the separation of church and state. Also, it's an assault on people, because LGBT people are people.
  11. Apparently I haven't posted here... Surprising. I know I took these tests and I haven't seen the eight values quiz anywhere else. My most recent results:
  12. Lambo from Katekyo Hitman REBORN! was awful. People complain about Meelo from Legend of Korra? Lambo is that same annoying brat cliche except with the annoyingness turned up 100 notches. The worst thing about Meelo are the fart jokes. Otherwise, he's not annoying at all compared to Lambo. Lol. And as I've said on these forums many times before: Babadi from DBZ and Kira's father from JJBA part 4. I hate this trope. I hate the whiny "master" of the big villain trope. They sit off somewhere in the distance and commentate on everything, and overreact if the villain receives the slightest inconvenience, even though there's no chance they were actually defeated.
  13. 58 degrees at noon, along with clouds and wind. Quite early for it to have a fall front come through. I'm loving it! =)
  14. It's in Oklahoma, so that automatically takes it down many notches. Although there are worse more tornado-prone areas in Oklahoma (like central-Oklahoma). The one really good thing are the excellent high school marching band programs. I got to be a part of one. I couldn't have had that opportunity in too many other places. But now that I'm long graduated from high school, those days are over. I'm so ready to move somewhere with better politics and a better climate.
  15. I've tried a Warriors game before and while it should be a lot of fun for me, I had trouble really getting into it. Nevertheless, this game does look a lot more interesting than any Warriors game I have seen previously and it does have me excited. I would like to play it someday. I never did play the original Hyrule Warriors, for the reasons I stated before, but this one is a lot more focused on story instead of general Zelda stuff all thrown together for fanservice.