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  1. I'm allergic to peanut butter, but before we knew that (a very long time ago, like the early 90s lol) I used to love peanut butter. I only remember having the cliche peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, though.
  2. I wouldn't call it OCD, but as for things that I am obsessed with in a non-mental disorder way, I'd say I'm pretty obsessive about keeping my routines that I have going without interruption. I get stressed and aggravated when my routines get out of order, especially my routine of when I let my dog out and when I feed her. Those are a combination of feeling bad for making her wait and also messing up my routine, though.
  3. Looking from a purely scientific standpoint, the very idea that humans are special and have these things called souls and that animals don't is just very odd to me. We are animals, we evolved just the same as every other animal species. There's nothing special about the way we came to be. TBH, we just think we're special. Anyway, as I said years ago, a heaven without our pets could not be heaven.
  4. While it's a shame that the boycotting itself may not work on a large scale, that doesn't make me going and giving them my own money suddenly okay. I still have control over my own money, and them and the harmful groups they donate to will not have it.
  5. My state has a similar minimum wage the last time I checked, but someone who starts at Walmart starts a few dollars higher. It wasn't that way until recently. I can't say to what extent that door greeters are expected to do security, but the position recently was replaced by something called an "AP Host". Now I know that years back when I worked AP was a position of its own. I'm not sure what all has happened, but I do know that door greeters are part of that team now.
  6. I'm pretty sure they changed that years ago. The minimum wage is a few dollars more an hour than that now, I believe. The "door greeter" position now doubles as a security position. That doesn't sound like much fun.
  7. I don't care for Spotify because I want to own my music, but I'm afraid I have used it extensively over this year as I just haven't had any money to keep buying the songs I want. =( So... I'll do this. Top Artists: Ben E. King Sam Cooke The rest of the three were all classical and early music artists. If I had to hazard a guess which composers were most played: Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Frideric Handel and Guillaume DuFay. Top Five Genres: Classical Performance Classic Soul Folk Rock Progressive Rock Early Music Ensemble (I don't know why they added "performance" to classical and "ensemble" to Early Music) Top Five Songs: In Orbit - Wobbler Requiem Op 48 - Pie Jesu - Gabriel Faure I'm In the Mood for Love - Lenny Welch O Salutaris Hostia in A-Flat Major - Charles Gounod Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys - Guillaume DuFay Looking at the earlier years, Steeleye Span dominated for me. But thanks to this year being the most active Spotify year for me, Ben E. King comes out on top even still. It'd be more accurate to look at my iTunes.
  8. It got up to near 70 degrees today. Yuck. Thankfully a cool front is coming through this evening.
  9. Ok, so like, this is a new "WTF" one for me. lol I've had a lot of dreams recently where I get on a plane, because that scares me. Well, this one was... the opposite. That's the way I interpret where it came from. I ended up getting on a "plane" (can't call it anything else, because that part of the dream was so vague) that went underwater. Somehow even though this was underwater I ended up in a new land that had people and looked exactly like the world above, with the sun shining and everything. At first it was like some form of vacation, I believe. But then it was revealed that this land was actually ruled by a bad, totalitarian government. And now there was a resistance force against the government in my dream, and somehow Barack Obama was connected to this resistance force or him being president of the USA sparked the resistance (so this dream was set in the past? I don't know, but yeah that was a big WTF there lol). Then I learned that I was simultaneously a part of a group that this government wanted to exterminate, but also like some important figure to the resistance, which made it very dangerous for me to be there. The people of the resistance guided other people like I (including randomly a guy from my French class LOL) into this covered vehicle to escape. But for some reason the vehicle was not covered on the left side and we had to hide ourselves under blankets hoping that the government wouldn't see us. Gunshots were firing everywhere, but no one was actually hurt. We all suddenly (it was noted as such by me in my dream, and it made no sense to me in it lol) ended up back on in USA land (somehow from the vehicle, which was just like those big army cars) and for some reason the land was the town where my grandparents lived, which is faarrr from the ocean. And it was Christmas time, just like it is now, because there were pretty lights everywhere.Also, for some reason even though it was December, it was really hot. Like it was dark and it was 82 degrees, and in typical me fashion, I was really mad about it, despite the much more serious situation I had just gotten out of. The dream ended with me at the mall in that town thinking about how I had been gone since early in the morning and my poor dog was at home and hadn't been outside to go to the bathroom in a very long time and I freaked out.
  10. I can get along with kids as need be, but TBH, I'd rather not be around them much. They randomly scream really loud, which hurts my ears. They're gross, and don't understand personal space. I'll be a good aunt and make an exception for my nephew. But it stops there.
  11. For myself around October 2007: Doctor, now! For myself in mid to late 2013: Forget *ex-girlfriend's name* (Oh, that's harsh I know. But this was when we rekindled our friendship and then I stupidly fell in love again and then in 2015 I was a nervous wreck and then it ended very coldly with no explanation. 2015 was hard enough to have this, too. But I can't deny that it was poetic the way that I quit college in 2013 and put my happiness into being with my ex, and then right after she went away everything coalesced together to get me back into college, in great part because of me having joined community orchestra to get closer to her. That is like poetry on a fictional level right there [and it goes much further than that]) For myself in early 2018: Feet important (seems silly, but it would certainly send the message of "Go to the doctor about your foot NOW) If I only could pick one, definitely the first. I'm fairly certain that if had taken care of the first, I would have a girlfriend. The third is the only one that would probably still happen, but I don't know that, as I don't know what actually caused my foot problems.
  12. As the years pass by I am more repulsed by physical contact and seeing as I haven't had a relationship in a very long time, I fear I might be one of those people who might not be able to handle intimacy. So finding someone else who didn't want it might not be so bad?
  13. Chilly in the morning, warm in the afternoon. I don't know if I expressed it here, but when we had those cold fronts in late October and early November I was sincerely worried that those would be our cold fronts for the year. Now I'm beginning to really fear that as I look at December's forecast and it's very mild.
  14. Still grape juice. That Concord Grape + Black Cherry juice seems to not be in the market anymore. =( And I don't drink juice anymore because I don't drink anything with sugar in it. The fact that a company finally came out with an unsweetened Grape sparkling water and I can't drink it because it clogs up my ears devastated me, you all. I love grape and I will rejoice the day that company like La Croix, Dasani, Bubly, etc. come out with a grape sparkling water that I can actually drink.
  15. I get really embarrassed by that kind of stuff. I refuse to use stalled restrooms because there just isn't enough privacy. And when I didn't have my own bathroom and had to use the one by my dad's office I would always take a shower when I had to go so I would go in turn the water on and then go (not in the shower. LOL Hopefully I didn't have to specify that.). That was the only technique I knew. Now I feel like I have privacy (I have the master bedroom. Which means when I go to the bathroom, I shut the bedroom door AND the bathroom door). The only problem is that for recovery from my surgery I have one of those elevated toilet seats... Every time you pee it sounds like a man standing up doing it. Meaning it's really loud. UGH. I don't know why I'm so worried about that because no one really cares, but that's me. I blame my workplace. Of all of the things for coworkers to gossip about, they actually have gossiped about this very thing. I wish I was joking.