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  1. And now Dasani Sparkling is no more. *long sigh* Really not happy with Coke for that one. They blame it on the Bubly brand, but too few stores carried them even before Bubly came about. So now I have Bubly Lime, which is IMO inferior to Dasani Sparkling's Lime, but is only slightly inferior in the end. No other brand makes Black Cherry anything like Dasani Sparkling did, so that's gone (which is sad, because I loved drinking that with certain foods, like pizza, spaghetti, etc.). I've 'replaced' it with Target's Tropical Cherry which is very different but still very good. Otherwise, I drink Whole Foods' Ginger, which reminds me a little of pop. Sorry for the rant.
  2. Recently I got Basic Fun Glory. She's actually my first unicorn. I know that may seem surprising, but I've always been mostly a G3 collector and unicorns are much less common in that generation.
  3. Last night I had a dream where I returned to my apartment that I moved out of sometime ago. I've had some apartment dreams lately. This one got kind of weird because although I was really excited about this, things got a bit warped. It was first shown that I'd be returning to the exact same apartment I was in before, but then the numbers were different and I first thought I saw it was on the third floor instead, but then it wasn't and I couldn't find it anywhere. I started walking to the other buildings to see if I could get to it, but the buildings started decaying and falling apart. That reminds me of once I had a dream with Trump in it myself (eww, I know). For some reason he was in town and for some even more confusing reason he was in our house (really creepy). I have no clue what he'd be doing in a lower middle class home like ours. I was creeped out and angry in the dream. But later it transitioned to him trying to have a speech at a park or something, and I was there (I would never be at a Trump speech but this gets good). He couldn't have his speech because I was there interrupting him, calling him out for him being bigoted, crooked, ignorant, evil, and a sexual predator. In this dream his security didn't do anything to stop me and just kept on letting me do it, and he ended up getting really offended and speaking in a whiny, high pitched voice. LOL.
  4. I'm thinking about how happy I am that I've been able to learn how to mod The Sims. Because of this, I can now fix things that literally only I will care about, like making the grass terrain the right color for winters in the game.
  5. Why is John Denver's music so beautiful?
  6. I watched this several years ago and was quite impressed by it. The funny thing is that I started watching it not expecting a single thing from it. I expected another boring, cutesy Shonen, which its image from a distance definitely makes it look like one. Instead it had quite a few twists and writing that defied Shonen tropes that I really enjoyed. The Chimera Ant arc, though... The series turned full-on horror (of course, the series was always a little bit twisted, but this really took it to a new level) and I didn't really appreciate that, but even still, I still enjoyed some of the twists it pulled I don't read the manga, so I suppose it would be an eternity until we get another anime season due to how notorious the manga series is going for going on hiatus. But if it stays as good as it was, I'll take the hiatuses. Lol.
  7. So I saw this fill outable (with PS/Paint) image floating around a little while ago and I thought it would be neat to post here to see if anyone wanted to do it themselves. But I edited it, because the original left out a scale for romantic orientation, which was odd. Also it had some other scales that I thought were a little strange for the image, so I left them out. One of them is a bit less family friendly, the other, well, I could have left in. IDK. Here's mine: And here's the plain:
  8. It is very possible for a game to be good enough otherwise where less amazing graphics can be okay, but I really do enjoy high quality graphics. A game is a package for me, where aesthetics and music are also very important to me on top of visuals. But really, I'm not concerned with the highest quality of graphics. Sure, it's neat to play a game like that, but where Nintendo's at is fine by me. The only thing that I'm bothered by are 2D games. I find them to be archaic. Of course, that's more than graphics, it's also gameplay.
  9. *looks at Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu/Eevee* Nope. No we are not. Granted that is an extreme example, but it is there.
  10. It's been miserable, as one would expect from this time of the year. We finally got a little bit of rain yesterday. It looks like we're in a pattern for some pop up thunderstorms for a few days. I'm really hoping that it is widespread tomorrow so it puts a dampen on the fireworks.
  11. Don't ever let anyone tell Nintendo or they'll start charging $70 for Pokemon games, Wii U ports, HD remasters, and 2D games.
  12. WWolf

    Your flag is gone :o . I guess you put it in your trunk for “cute things to hold in my snoot” :P ?

    *searches for trunk :wacko: *

    1. Envy


      Well, it's not Pride month anymore, so...

    2. WWolf


      Not an issue :rarity: . Like I said was just wondering if you had a crate full of stuff somewhere :wacko: ...

    3. Envy


      I only decorate my avatar for two times of the year, so it's not much. Lol.

  13. I drink unsweetened sparkling water. That's all I've got. If something is gross to other people, there is an incredibly high chance that it is gross to me, because I can't eat like 90% of what most people eat.
  14. I managed to get all of the prizes from the Bug-Off but some of them freak me out a little. Bugs are sooo gross! Ew! But the butterfly wand and backpack are cute.