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  1. Dattebayo

    Do you have a senpai?

    Whatsapokemon is muh senpai http://www.whatsapokemon.com/ He's a great artist and an all-around cool guy, and he even teaches me some art tricks and stuff. He notices me quite alot, thankfully. x) Unfortunately, he's very hard to please and brutally honest, so showing him my art is always an adventure That just pushes me to be better, though He also ships me and my horsefamous friend HARD because we always bicker
  2. *raises hand* My mom is always like "Wtf is that...?"
  3. Dattebayo

    Should Fo:E Be Turned into an Audio Book?

    I would like that. Like a radio play, but better production.
  4. Dattebayo

    The Righteous Fury of Hell

    *SPOILERS, SKIP TO PIC TO AVOID FO:E SPOILERS* This is the scene from Fallout Equestria where Littlepip adn the gang help the small town of Arbu (The Friendliest Town in the Wasteland) get a reliable source of water via a water talisman stoeln from a nearby Brotherhood outpost. She comes back tired and battered, to find that there are few places in Arbu to sleep for the night. So, she wanders around and finds herself tempted to open up a room she was kindly told was off limits previously. Being insatiably curious, she sneaks by the family guarding the door and picks the lock, and ventures downstairs. What she finds is a cellar filled with carved up corpses, butchered for meat. She then pieces together that, in the nice meal the town gave them earlier, she ate a pony's heart. The town was filled with cannibals. She then proceeded to slaughter everyone. Except the children. But from then on, the children of the wasteland dubbed her the Hellmare. She never fully recovered after that, neither her psyche nor her image to the Wastelanders. Seeing this pic, and considering the gun she used shoots f*cking fire, It's not hard to see why.
  5. Bale's Batman voice is asome goofy stuff, but it's iconic. Bane....Bane sounds like Sean Connery being smothered by a pillow.
  6. You "in general", guy. Stop looking to be offended.They definitely ARE examples. The broadest of the broad, since as I said, you IN GENERAL, not you YOU. Hey, anyone can listen to whatever they want. I said as much. You're the dude who's coming at ME with the "herka derka close minded" stuff. How am i supposed to react to that? Thank you sir, may I have another?
  7. I don't care lol You guys go ahead listen to whatever booty-poppin and emo whining you guys want. Your Bruno Mars, your Lady Gagas, your Nikki Minajs, your Avenged Sevefolds, your Black Veil Brides, I won't stop you. I'll stick to what I know and love and CONTINUE to be a musical hermit. Also, doesn't matter, does it? It exists, right? I listen to it?All your doing with your semantics is making me lol
  8. Hell nahIf it's made from the 90s and up, it sucks. Thats my way of viewing it, anyway Im all classic rock, yo. Was just raised on the stuff.
  9. Dattebayo

    What's making you laugh right now?

    Senpai Whatsapokemon toying with my feelings [9:44:10 PM] Encylo (Whatsa): my university right is about 10km from the sea, and about 1.5km from a river [9:44:48 PM] Encylo (Whatsa): where I live is about 200 metres from the sea [9:45:01 PM] Molelord Dattebayo The Third: Is it true Finding Nemo was filmed live there«6 [9:45:34 PM] Encylo (Whatsa): yep [9:45:48 PM] Encylo (Whatsa): fish actors are hard to work with [9:45:52 PM] Molelord Dattebayo The Third: [9:46:23 PM] Molelord Dattebayo The Third: autograph pls [9:46:36 PM] Encylo (Whatsa): ask the nearest sushi place [9:47:16 PM] Molelord Dattebayo The Third: e....even dory...? [9:47:30 PM] Encylo (Whatsa): especially dory
  10. Dattebayo

    Ponifying The Names of Locations

    Arizona=Marizona Canada=Caneighda Nevada=Neighvada California=Califoalnia Mexico=Mexicolt
  11. Dattebayo

    Inkscape help

    Do you want Sai? Cos inkscape is complicated.
  12. Because music today IS bad. You can argue and say I'm a hipster, but I'm god damn Celestia herself YEAH NOW WHAT This video is accurate
  13. Dattebayo

    Guess That Reference!

    The Simpsons, Ned Fladers. The pic is the reference
  14. Dattebayo

    How do you feel about people smoking weed everyday?

    They wanna be dumbsauces and fry their brains and f*ck up their lungs, fine go ahead. But don't do it where others can smell it or anything. And what does it say about you when you need drugs to be happy, relax, or be fun? Drinking ammonia is alot safer than drinking bleach, ya know. Which brings up a point... I always see people say that weed should be legalize because tobacco and alcohol kills people and sh*t, and THOSE are legal. The only thing that argument (in general) says is that we should BAN alchohol and cigarettes, not that weed is "healthier". It's the political equivalent of "But Justin's mom let's him eat FOUR cupcakes, and he's fat!" Because really, anything that goes into your lungs that ain't air is gonna f*ck you up.