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  1. Where you ever genuine about our relationship back in the day? Did this ever mean something to you? If you told me upfront that you are not into this i would've respected that. 

  2. I wonder sometimes how you are and what you're up to. But i hope that you still have a good life. :)

  3. *Hisses and slithers through your profile* :P

  4. Think I wouldn't notice this cheeky little edit Hypno? Yeah this was pretty LAME and oh my god Rarity's character is pretty much ruined now!!! SO UNCHARACTERISTIC!!!!!! But yeah, obligatory baby catching scene was unnecessary. Aside from that, Flurry Heart was booked about as well as you could book such an unwanted character. WWE ought to take notes for:
  5. Nailed it! In fact her actions facilitate character development, so as long as she keeps getting written into good roles she should be just fine!
  6. Hey everyone! Long time no see I'm back at it again with some MLP analysis for you to maybe appreciate the controversial new character Flurry Heart more Hope you all enjoy and I look forward to reading your comments
  7. I don't think she's going anywhere, so the best thing to do is make the best of her I suppose. I'm interested to see where the writers go with her.
  8. 3 Things that Will Make Season 6 of MLP Great!

  9. After reflecting on season 5 and sitting through interviews with members of MLP's staff, I feel pretty optimistic about the direction this show is heading. I think we could be in for a bit of change next season and season 5 was largely used to bridge the gap. Taking that into account, here are 3 things that the writers could do that will make season 6 totally awesome Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave comments!
  10. For me it's a toss up between A Clockwork Orange, Once Upon a Time In the West, and Blade Runner (which coincidentally were made by my three favorite directors: Stanley Kubrick, Sergio Leone, and Ridley Scott respectively)
  11. Check out my new Warrior Cats analysis video!

  12. Hey guys! Here's episode 2 of my analysis of Warriors: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter. All aspiring writers can learn something from what this book does right. I hope you enjoy Be sure to like and subscribe if you want more and stay tuned for a new MLP video next week
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