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  1. Favorite Brony Youtuber?

    ACRacebest, LivingTombstone, Aoshiden, Tootsieroll, Etc. I got too many favorites
  2. Morning... M.A. LARSON! (Banner)

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      Hi there! How are you?

    2. MLG4Ever
    3. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      That's great to hear. Hope you'll have a great day.

  3. Individual expression as a brony

    Yes, it does help express my personality but my parents found out about the "Bad Apples" of my fandoms I'm a part in, so I can't even buy any merch or create things any more
  4. Pone!

    "BronyDoesBronyThings" ...that is the silliest username I've ever seen Welcome!
  5. Movies/TV Suckiest horror movie you have seen?

    "UnFriended" It was 90% done on Skype and very cheeply made and it felt like it had no storyline or plot Even my mom said it made no sense and was horribly made (She's a bigger horror fan than me)
  6. How did you find your avatar ?

    Some artist on here did my OC
  7. Anyone cares about the global news?

    I care about global news but if it's politics related I will possibly not care about it but if some president did a wrong thing then I would care about the situation
  8. Weird and Funny Dreams?

    I sometimes have dreams of future events and one of them was the Destruction of the earth and humanity. I didn't even scream or cry or anything like that when I woke up and one was I was in my room but it was all red and a Alien was talking to me in a unidentifiable language. Most of them are very Supernatural!
  9. First episode you saw

    My 1st episode of mlp is "Babs Seed" and watched all the rest in Random order
  10. Yea, been watching it senice the beginning and the Illuminati symbolism in the show got me hooked
  11. Who Is Doctor Whooves?

    He's a pony who does Wibbly Wobbly stuff (Traveling though space and time)
  12. Anyone here use LINE?

    I do not use LINE but I do use the Japan's version of YouTube, which is:
  13. Web The Deep Web

    I do visit the Deep Web and heard stories about it but I do not use TOR. I just vist and lurk around infinitychan and 4chan (I do consider "ImageBoards" to be a part of it)
  14. I'm back on the forums (for now)

    1. Intenzifier
    2. Drache


      Hey, hope you have a nice stay.