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  1. Ash Ketchum, after seeing what Pikachu can really do! Who's this?
  2. It's Cinderella, during her "rebel" phase. Who's this?
  3. I just saw a story online that disturbed me:  a genius programmer with an anxiety disorder basically fled to the woods to live alone like a crazy survivalist and then seemed to die due to an injury:

    What hits close to home about it is that I'm a programmer and I have an anxiety disorder...!

    1. PiratePony


      Don't go in the woods

  4. Good grief! I have some videos about World of Warcraft that I never tried to monetize---it'd be downright creepy if they actually banned me just for not-monetizing-those-videos!
  5. Hoo boy...if the Matrix of Wisdom could ruin Unicorn's day and be about the size of a computer desk, imagine what the Elements of Harmony could do to him...! Of course, Celestia and Luna would need to move his husk into a stable orbit...
  6. Shoot, I'd hate to think about the kind of damage Megatron or other transformers villains could do to Equestria. Then again, there's no telling how vulnerable they'd be to magic, so it might just even out...
  7. Nice and ominous...! Hearing this song with an organ makes me think of a vast lava-filled area, and you need to hop from moving rock to moving rock over it...!
  8. I am igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic all at the same time!
  9. The high notes during the most famous part of this song don't always sound quite right, but maybe that's what the songwriter was going for. I still liked it overall, and it worked surprisingly well on organ! And I'm glad I finally know the name of that famous song that they put in the Chips Ahoy commercials when I was younger...! Thanks for sharing!
  10. I heard @Prince Doopliss is secretly a unicorn and just hiding a horn in that giant mane!
  11. If they do in fact do a series on the real Grogar, it's hard telling what it'd be like---to be honest, I kind of like the idea of Gusty beating him, even if it was simply by stealing his magic and then letting time do him in by waiting for old age to finish him. It's nice to think the mane six aren't the only ones who are allowed to save Equestria! Some part of me says that it'd be too much like a rehash of Season 9, especially if they did it in Season 10. Season 12 or so might be okay (assuming there are that many; there may or may not be, of course). What I'd like, personally, is having a villain who gets introduced in the season premiere, who doesn't get permanently neutralized until the season finale, and whose machinations show up in a majority of the episodes of the season---either driving the episode's main plot or its B-plot. It's okay if there are plenty of episodes they don't appear in, but honestly, villains have only been a driving force in the premieres and finales of the show itself. Expanding on how much villains drive the plot is one thing I would've liked to see in the show itself, but unfortunately it ended before that happened.
  12. I was going to write that I'm still not quite over the series ending, but---then I saw Pear Butter and Bright Mack, working with their kids, and that REALLY gave me the feels!

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    2. HereComesTom


      Me too.  I actually wrote a fanfic of G-5, just to see how it might go, based on all the leaks I was aware of...well, most of them.  I think it's still out there on; it's called Brand New Day.

    3. Blivy


      Still sad though....

    4. HereComesTom


      It is.  But I'm starting to get hyped about the comics continuing the story of G-4.

  13. For a while, I thought this wasn't an actual thing---that you'd invented the name and invented your own theme for it, kind of like the "Atomic Clock Galaxy" or the "Humongous Fungus Galaxy" from several years ago. Then I checked, and it actually existed in SMK64! Honestly, your mix is a little bit better; there's (as I keep saying) no percussion, but your organ going up and down so quickly (is that called an arpeggio?) is a lot more noticeable and urgent-sounding than the original!
  14. Thanks again for keeping these things in the dark so I (and many others!) could see it unspoiled! I can tell you worked at it.
  15. I would've liked another season---a season that would've needed to be somewhere in the middle---where the main villains are Hydia, Reeka, and Draggle from G-1, and where the majority of the season's episodes have either their main plot or subplot driven by the machinations of those villains; that'd help to drive home that "these are the villains in the MLP world". We've had villains that begin and end a season before, but they didn't really drive the plots of that many episodes during their seasons. Plus, Hydia, Reeka, and Draggle had some pretty good dynamics; the daughters were unmotivated, weak, clumsy loser-villains while the mother was a serious villain, albeit not without her comical moments.