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  1. HereComesTom

    Planet Zebes Super Smash Bros. Organ Cover

    About the only appearance of Samus on the N64...! I remember this one, and liking how quiet and yet formidable the theme was! This arrangement allows me to hear a lot of little parts of the song that I couldn't hear when I was playing it on the N64...
  2. HereComesTom

    How shall I really name my Ponysona OC?

    I liked Silver Whistle, but to be honest, something a little more badass might be appropriate; you've come up with some deeply badass tunes. "Major Key" comes to mind. "Harmonic Fugue" is another one.
  3. HereComesTom

    Hmm That HUD Could Be Improved... | MLP:SH Devlog #9

    Are there some prototypes of the game that we can try out with the different display setups, so we can try them out and see how they compare in practice?
  4. HereComesTom

    Critique Wanted Celestia walking base

    It's been a while since I worked on this, but...well, I'm going to need to revisit it at some point! Thanks for the feedback; it's a bit late to add a frame to Celestia's walking animation, but I might be able to change the curves on her leg so she doesn't look like she's popped a joint. You might be able to cheat if you use my animations and set up Celestia so that, in your game, she only looks left and right? ...Or would that not work with the camera angles? Either way, I started this project so others would be able to use the pixelart if they needed it, as well as to have her in my fangame in the long run.
  5. Happy new year!  I'd not planned on being awake at midnight, but...that's how it happened; I'd wanted to get some work done since I was inadvertently and unexpectedly behind, and then I saw that midnight was close, so...I just stayed up!

  6. HereComesTom

    Count to 2019 before 2019

    Two hundred and sixty-two!
  7. HereComesTom

    Count to 2019 before 2019

  8. Merry Christmas to all!

  9. Ironic that the Can-Can is the part of the Orpheus Overture that takes place in hell, isn't it?
  10. Say, did you once have an Artificial Thunder account on deviantart?  Because I just noticed that user seems to be gone.

    1. Wind Chaser

      Wind Chaser

      Yes, I shut it down months ago. I rarely use this site anymore either. This site and Derpibooru are my only remaining connections to the fandom.

    2. HereComesTom


      I can't remember whether I asked your permission in the past to use your Wind Chaser OC in my fangame before today, but would you be okay with it?

      I've been working on that fangame for a few years now, and it'll probably still be a few before I release the final version that includes an explorable Ponyville with NPCs, but when that day comes, would you be okay with Wind Chaser being in it?

    3. Wind Chaser

      Wind Chaser

      I don't think I would allow it by now since I'm not really engaged in the fandom anymore. Thanks for asking and I hope the project goes well. 

  11. HereComesTom

    Create a stupider MLP episode title than the one above

    The Ponies Realize They're All Technically Miniature Horses, Not Ponies
  12. It's depressing...I'm a conservative, and I had some questions about transgenderism, feels like there's just no safe place for a conservative to discuss that subject!  It's like I can't even bring up what conservative media has led me to believe about it so far, not even to give someone a chance to give me evidence that it just isn't true...

    I've got friends who're on the other side of the fence, and some part of me would like to join them,'s not enough that I have friends who hold a belief; I need some proof of it to make that leap!

  13. HereComesTom

    Create a stupider MLP episode title than the one above

    Twilight invents the internet for the sole purpose of hacking it later.
  14. HereComesTom

    My Little Pony: The Game

    I'm balancing my own long-term project against other coding projects, like learning Android or Ionic. What I do is I work one week on my long-term MLP project, and the next week on another project, then back to MLP after another week, back to the secondary project after that, etc. It seems to be working okay for me so far.