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  1. I don't think it's weird at all to fantasize about that. I mean, I've daydreamed about pulling a complete deus ex machina by being pulled into Equestria, converting into a pony EQG-style along the way, finding that I'm an alicorn on the other side, calling myself the "prince of technology" in response to that discovery, and using my magic to build a giant mecha that I pretend to pilot by being in the head, omimously playing an organ behind a tough-to-penetrate forcefield, while the real control mechanisms are actually in the mecha's chest, so I'm just serving as a distraction. I don't think you're the weird one, here.
  2. Even if these forums are declining, I, for one, don't intend to leave any time in the foreseeable future
  3. It's true. When tragedies like that are overcome, that's the stuff that good stories are made of. The deeper the tragedy, the more epic the story is for overcoming it---I think that's what drew a lot of us to FiM in the first place!
  4. My brother and I watched the live-action Mulan movie. It wasn't like the animated one at all, but as a standalone movie, I thought it was good---not great, but good. The pacing and acting were well-done, there were buildups and payoffs like any movie should have, the villain had more characterization than Shan Yu had in the animated Mulan---for that matter, most characters had more characterization in general than they did in the original animated movie. That being said, the movie---as a movie---didn't seem to have anything that really stood out to make it great. If you were a fan of the original animated one, this one might not appeal to you: no songs, no Mushu.
  5. I figure Hasbro won't fall into the trap of making the show too political. I also figure Hasbro will add male main characters; it's one of the things they were rumored about doing years ago when the leaks happened, and it's clear from some of the toys they were putting out toward the middle of G-4 that they weren't just marketing them to girls, so I figure they'll branch out by adding male main characters. Given that they'll want the G-5 toys to be visually distinct from the G-4 toys, I figure one of them will have deep cherry red fur, another will have deep forest green fur, and still another will have a dark chocolate brown fur coat.
  6. I'm leaving my gate open all night; I have heavy meteors! 5F14L
  7. Hey, I have that exact arcade1up cabinet in my man-cave! Here's my man-cave's most recent addition: You shoot magic arrows that cause bugs to sprout new heads while dodging herbivorous spiders!
  8. You buy more furniture than can fit in your house, because you can.
  9. The good news: Celeste is on my island (up on the highest hill---the one on the north-northwestern part of my island the last time I saw her) The bad news: I noticed this at 3:45am, so she'll be leaving very soon. (Yeah, I couldn't sleep...) My gate is open, CWWRR. I hope someone sees this in time...!
  10. Well, looks like Twilight got fat in one Pony Life episode.  Reminds me of an item from the Grand List of Things Hasbro Won't Let a Brony Do in a Fangame:

    238) First of all, Twilight is not allowed to get fat, even if she did in the very first episode of the cartoon.  Secondly, even if she did get fat, that would not be a reason to replace the trumpets that announce her arrival with tubas!



  11. It could theoretically be used for perpetual energy, so logically, you have to be right about that. Then again, I'm not sure whether the infinity gauntlet could be used for perpetual energy, but it's definitely got more potential for destruction and wouldn't require as much setup.
  12. I've never seen the show before, but was that called Max Headroom? The show I remember that few others seem to is The Mr. Potato Head Show---it was like the Muppets, only even more off-the-wall!
  13. You can spread it out over a few posts, and you're dead-on right about Shrek's animation: I remember watching some of the DVD extras on it when I was younger, and I remember that the animators said that they made the forest and Fiona so realistic that they had to change them a bit to make them cartoonier to fit the rest of the movie---it was a major leap forward in technology! Before that, I think most movies had been hand-drawn 2-D, but after Shrek, CGI was the norm. Of course...there's a lot more to discuss about it than just the tech, isn't there?