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  1. I've got yet another meteor shower! The dodo code is HPWX5 Timings are in USA Eastern time: 10:10pm, 10:21pm, 10:25pm 11:54pm 12:39am 1:19am, 1:30am 2:04am, 2:06am I don't know if Celeste is here or not; I'll check for her and edit this post according to what I find. EDIT: Celeste is on my island! Last I saw her, she was on the northernmost hill, at the highest point. (She's always there; not sure why...)
  2. I missed @A French Derpy full of Salt 's meteor shower, but I have one of my own Timings are (in USA Eastern time): 8:58pm 10:11pm, 10:22pm, 10:26pm 11:55pm 12:01am, 12:42am 1:22am, 1:33am 2:07am, 2:09am No sign of Celeste tonight, though. Dodo code is: DLY11
  3. @A French Derpy full of Salt On my island, Daisy Mae is selling turnips for 90 bells per turnip today; that's the lowest possible sell price. (Not sure if that's what you meant by "turnip price", but if it is, you're welcome to come buy turnips!) I'm opening my island up now so anyone who wants to buy low can do so. The dodo code is 6Q2CH. I'll probably be AFK for the most part. Anyone who needs the Cutting Board DIY recipe card that I've left just outside my airport can go ahead and take it, but the Saggitarius star fragment next to it is reserved for @KirbyFluttershy
  4. Nice! Just like I remembered know, SMS is a bit like SMW: almost all the music is variations on a single melody, with different tempo, different instrumentation, different harmonies, different rhythms...
  5. @KirbyFluttershy ugh...the fact that it's Turkey Day overrides the weather/meteor randomizer, unfortunately: there are no meteors in the sky tonight, even at the times when MeteoNook says there should be. Still, I have the one Saggitarius fragment to spare; it's still by the airport, and you can pick it up any time.
  6. Shoot...hopefully you scored plenty of star fragments from my island's meteor shower! EDIT: I should've said this sooner, but there'll be another meteor shower after 7pm on my island; I'll open it up again this evening so you can collect more fragments! EDIT: @Envy @Will Guide @KirbyFluttershy @ExplosionMare @A French Derpy full of Salt It's not yet 7pm on my island, but I'm opening it anyway---I'm going to my parents' place for Thanksgiving, and I don't know if I'll be home by 7pm to open my island then, so I'm opening it early. There'll be a heavy meteor shower starting at 7pm, but I don't think Celeste will be here tonight since she was here last night, and she doesn't appear more than once per week. The dodo code is MD8DF. I'll leave the Cutting Board recipe and a spare Saggitarius star fragment just outside the airport.
  7. It's a good rendition, with all the speed and energy of the original---but the fact that it's an organ lends it a bit of an ominous edge to it, too!
  8. @KirbyFluttershy It's your lucky day if you're reading this and only a few hours have gone by since I posted it: Celeste is on my island, and so is a heavy meteor shower! Usually I post a detailed list of meteor timings, but there are so many of them that it wouldn't actually help---you'd only have to wait a few minute at most for meteors to start appearing! Dodo code: CJRNW Celeste, as usual, is on the northern-central hills---or at least she was last I saw her! And as usual, I'm keeping my gate open all night!
  9. No high spike today :/ It's 151 bells per turnip! And it's the highest it's ever going to get this week for me, too.
  10. I just got my hands on a new laptop!  It's an HP Pavilion 15, and I upgraded the ram from 8GB to 16GB before switching it on for the first time!

    Now to see how long it takes to install World of Warcraft and League of Legends on this rig...

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    2. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      Um, no. Your laptop doesn't have two different GPUs. Ever since 2016 or 2017, AMD released the Ryzen line of CPUs, which are competing really well against Intel's current CPUs. They've been killing it recently. Thus, you're gonna get really darn good performance out of that laptop you got. ;) 

    3. HereComesTom


      That's odd; my Task Manager seems to think I have more than 1 GPU:


    4. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      That's odd indeed. Never have I ever seen a laptop with two discrete GPUs in them. :confused:

  11. I'm keeping an eye on my turnip prices; I may or may not have a high spike tomorrow in the afternoon. (I'm in the USA Eastern timezone, for context.)
  12. Will this mean youtube will have zero incentive to give ad revenue to content creators who want to switch from making-no-money-from-ads to making-money-from-ads?
  13. I just got a DIY recipe card for a Cutting Board in a bottle. In my experience, those are pretty rare, and I already have that DIY recipe. Does anyone here have a use for a Cutting Board DIY card?