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  1. Fluttershy can't get any more cuter and adorable when she's a seapony (looking at the forum banner of course).
  2. If fluttershy was a seapony in this picture, she wouldn't drown. anyway Here's 2 from my dA watch. Happy-Shy Wallpaper and preening beauty
  3. Seeing that picture wants me to sleep with fluttershy. Here's a question for you fluttershy fans: If you spend time with fluttershy, what would you do? help with her animal friends, have tea with her, or take her somewhere fun?
  4. Specifically yeah that kind of SFM seapony fluttershy I was looking for. I haven't seen any on my dA watch.
  5. I still haven't seen 3D version (or art or graphics) of seapony fluttershy yet. I'm pretty sure these kind of things may take some time.
  6. Gaming

    I have it on steam, but I had to use one of the worlds to recover most of my gear back just as a warning
  7. I wouldn't consider fluttershy as a OP and uber pony. I just find her cute, adorable, loveable, and kind pony that way.
  8. A kimono Fluttershy? I got one here
  9. Gaming

    Well That all depends on the current conditions of the game such as bugs and glitches, the number of complaints, bad, and negative reviews. To start off what I know so far, here's what I'm finding so far Maple Story (PC) - Too much bugs and glitches. The company, Nexon are too slow on fixing these bugs and glitches and people can't abide nexon's time on fixing these bugs and glitches. What My friend told me in game is that every time when new updates are being released, they bring out the potential bugs and it takes too long for nexon to fix them up and the estimate day for the maintenance that I know about is every week on Thursdays. It's pretty much this game needs a lot of patching Pokémon Duel (iOS and android) - Well me and my friend have been hoping for a adjustment on overused and/or overpowered pokemon because we're starting to find these kind of things are making the matches much harder to win. We're hoping for mew, rhyperior, blaziken, combusken, tapu koko, and ghost-types (since there's too much infiltrator effects from the ability). Based on the negative reviews, it's most likely that that overpowered pokemon are ruining the matches and makes it difficult to win so what needs to be patched up in this game was the pokemon I mentioned, restricting the same pokemon regardless of species, forms, and evolution including limiting them to the deck as well to make the matches fair for other people Yo-Kai Watch wibble wobble (iOS and android) - There's too much luck in this game, but it's most likely that lucky / oni crank-a-kai to be fixed because most people that are playing this game are getting sick and tired of getting the same yo-kais over and over from lucky / oni crank-a-kai till we get what we want. Based on what I know the game is lacking the international player base needs and these play condition and no continue stages are becoming quite difficult to handle even if the yo-kai is overpowered, then the chances of getting them are quite slim without getting some helpful yo-kais to would help beat these kind of stages and I hate to get the yo-kai at the last hour at the last day because that won't give me enough time to get the yo-kai I need. The Drop rate for lucky / oni crank-a-kai doesn't even do anything as I know about even when the lucky gauge meter is full, we always end up getting Rank A or lower yo-kais instead of rank S and SS yo-kais which it made us players mad about it. As of scramble battle goes, well it's hard to compete against players that are aiming for top5 because of these pay-2-winners and there are no breaks for them. For Score attack, I have no problems with it. I would say it's pretty much that this game needs patching.
  10. I kind of forgotten that another fluttershy outfit that I liked was being dressed up as celestia or as we say flutterlestia.from testing testing 1, 2, 3 episode.
  11. Well A lot of us can't get enough of her cuteness and being adorable pony so apparently some of the fluttershy pictures and fan arts may look beautiful and graceful, and some are cute and adorable.
  12. Well It doesn't matter to me which outfit is good on fluttershy. It's mostly that I like her peacock perfection (which MLP gameloft app calls it) from season 5, episode 7 make new friends, but keep discord, the other was flutter-fairy (another outfit named by MLP gameloft app), the dress she wore for the model from green isn't your color episode, rarity's taffeta cape from secret of my excess, the wedding outfit which is the butterfly shy (named by MLP gameloft app), and the first gala dress from suited for success episode which is designed by rarity. I love to see more of fluttershy's outfits though. I do believe the cutest was peacock perfection butterfly shy, and rarity's taffeta cape. Most graceful outfit on fluttershy would be the flutter-fairy.
  13. Nice name for a fluttershy t-shirt which is a fluttee-shirt. Anyway here's one from my dA Watch sleeping fluttershy anypony?
  14. More like a bear hug like fluttershy's animal friend, harry the bear. When I sleep with my fluttershy plush, I hug her
  15. Well It was taken by my 3DS camera so that's why. I guess being a fluttershy collector just shows how much I love fluttershy (or flutterlove).