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  1. I'm starting to think that what's concerning are the pokemon fans and players not getting their 3DS systems if they don't own or buy the system before the discontinuation starts when it comes to having extra and/or hard-to-find pokemon unless a person that has a 3DS has to provide them as needed.
  2. I own the original 3DS model. it's just that I exchanged my original DS model for the 3DS model since the top screen of my original DS just came off and stopped functioning and touch screen controls were inaccurate, but due to my decision like this, it got my parents mad about it without telling them after i saved up a lot of money for it. Not much of a favorite games, but i tell you that the games were great esp mario, pokemon, yo-kai watch, animal crossing, legend of zelda including hyrule warriors, and super smash bros 3DS. The positive side is that the control stick can make some DS games much easier to control like super mario 64 DS since you have to use D-Pad move, but the control stick can make it easier to move rather than using the D-Pad.
  3. Any tips on getting a fly to spawn? i've placed a lot of trash on the ground and none had spawned. i would get one off from a spoiled turnip, but that'll take me a week.
  4. You wanna make sure there are no items surrounding the trees otherwise acorn and pinecones will drop in a open space.
  5. aw man. i could've let you guys know that i had royal crown at able's the other day, but this thread wasn't going anywhere and i don't like to be double posting or bump around here. I could just order one whoever wants it, but if you're willing to pay me back for it, it may cost the same price however ordering the royal crown will take me at least a day.
  6. You can add anyone in the game regardless from the device and system. That's how i got my friend and my nephew on to my pokemon cafe mix friend list. Anyway I have the game as well, but some of these orders aren't that easy and i have to use a different pokemon more effectively to these orders regardless of the best fit however if parties and friendship boost, i have to be more serious with these orders so can't afford to make mistakes.
  7. I think you forgotten that some of us here have cherries to provide. The only thing that remains is getting that green airport you wanted. Anyway I do believe that we're gonna get mario themed items although that's expected to be on march 2021. It may be the usual mario items from the previous animal crossing games, but i dunno about the new ones we get from AC PC since AC PC had them too.
  8. I don't wanna go through rare bugs and fishes ever again once i get'em done in AC NH although stringfish is gonna be my last fish to catch since i haven't caught it in spring. Last time back in GCN animal crossing, the last bug i ever caught to complete the collection was giant stag and it was painful to find and the other on the fish collection was arowana if i remember correctly although it's another painful fish to find. If i hadn't caught horned hercules before the end of the season and month, that would've been the last insect i would catch.
  9. you wanna be patient with the special visitors. the appearance rate on the special visitors are increased in this update however if it's C.J you're after, you'll have to look around your island every day to see if he's visiting and the other part about the C.J's commission is that he won't do them during fishing tourneys so you have to do that outside of the fishing tourneys which is within the weeks before the tourney. If it helps any better, well you can try and search for someone who has C.J visiting and see if you can get model.
  10. There are some of the remakes that have been going to the switch like new super mario bros. U deluxe, xenoblade chronicles, and pikmin 3 (which is coming up). I know there hasn't been any new directs or mini directs since the last ones.
  11. Star fox is not just a flying game, but also on land such as landmaster and on foot like star fox 64 and star fox assault. Of course the game focuses on flying only, but usually there's a vehicle verities as well in other star fox games. For Animal Crossing, well you get to name your own town (GCN, WW, CF, and NL only) / Island (NH only). In New leaf, well if you're the 1st player, you get to be a mayor of the town. For new horizons, you'll be the resident rep of the island. You get to make your own town / island tune and your own designs and of course you can share your own designs. You can help out your villagers as you want as long as you complete them before the deadline. The other part is you can make your town perfect (GCN, WW, CF, and NL only) / 5-star island rating (NH only) for rewards. for NH, well you can decorate and terraform the island as much as you want and/or as you see fit. You can craft your own furnitures as long as you have the DIY recipes learned and enough materials to craft them. The tools, well in GCN, WW, CF, and NL, you can use them as much as you want however in NH, they will not last after certain amount of use, but you can repair the durability by using the custom kits except for the golden tools. If the tools break, you'll have to craft (if enough materials) or buy them again. The moneymaking in animal crossing is easy as long as you sell stuff that you don't need, but in new horizons, moneymaking is a lot easier as long as you sell fossils, bugs, fish, and sea creatures that you already donated. Overall moneymaking across the series would be turnips, but of course, you have until sunday to sell all of your turnips at a higher price. if you can't find a high price, you'll have to expand your search for the high turnip price since the turnip prices changes every AM at the opening time and 12PM till closing (all time zones) although this normally applies to WW, CF, NL, and NH only and this change doesn't apply to GCN animal crossing.
  12. Well I started playing nintendo games since 1988-1990s, but i was new to this whole nintendo games and then watched my brothers play nintendo games. Apparently NES was the 1st nintendo system that i have. I believe nintendo games became popular since 1980s. Anyway, well I do believe that i agree with other people about mario kart being a party game, but the other party game was mario party which it started on N64 days. The Most popular games were not just mario, but also Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Super Smash bros, pokemon, star fox, fire emblem, and splatoon. I wouldn't say that Super Smash bros is a mario fighting game so It's more of a nintendo all-star fighting game. As of popular games go, well It's true that super smash bros, mario kart, mario party, and pokemon are popular games, but as for other games go, well For Legend of Zelda, I do believe most people liked Ocarina of time and Breath of the wild, but mostly it's ocarina of time. Animal Crossing, well i did see a lot of ppl play animal crossing, but mostly new horizons, and pocket camp at this time. Pokemon, well it's every pokemon games including spin-offs if interested, but us pokemon fans and players play these games regardless of negative reviews. Metroid, well we haven't heard much since the last metroid game was released so ppl tend to play the latest metroid games or go back to the classics at this time. Star fox, well usually the only games with 2-4 players are star fox 64 (multiplayer if 3DS version) and star fox assault for GCN (local play only), but I don't know much about the current popularity with Star fox series at this time. Kirby games on the other hand, well not much as I know. I just play every kirby games to make it an adventure although Super Kirby Clash has multiplayer, but the server stability for that game can be unstable making it hard to do online play. I do believe splatoon is another popular game, but never played the games myself so I only watched the gameplay videos and it's also online multiplayer game as well. Pikmin, i'm not sure about the popularity with the game. Fire emblem on the other hand, well i never played the game myself so people play fire emblem games as I know about including the mobile version which is Fire Emblem Heroes.
  13. It's still cute though when it comes to mane and tail styles.
  14. My turnip price spiked in NL for those that are seeking high price, but i'm pretty sure some of you guys aren't playing or don't have the game although i normally keep these NL turnip prices updated at the last hr here's my new leaf turnip prices of the day Monday - 80 (AM) 101 (PM) Tuesday - 188 (AM) 466 (PM) Wednesday - (AM) (PM) Thursday - (AM) (PM) Friday - (AM) (PM) Saturday - (AM) (PM) Sunday (Buying) - 94 I couldn't play NH that often when my nephews are around and same with pocket camp as well, but i could use more active ppl in pocket camp for quarry and garden events if you guys are playing pocket camp.
  15. Here's my dream address if anyone wants to do a dream visit.