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  1. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Probably I don't have my collection of fluttershy wallpapers anymore. I know I still have a few on my dA favs which I need to re-download, but some of them are in storage. Speaking of Fluttershy as a princess I think I happened to have a wallpaper of fluttershy as a princess, but I couldn't find it. If I remember correctly, I did happen to get it from EQD's wallpaper compilation.
  2. Fluttershy Fan Club

    I've been thinking about a fluttershy theme lately. For PC (or windows), probably a nice fluttershy wallpaper although if you have a collection of fluttershy wallpapers and use them as a slideshow, that would work and probably her cutie mark as a decor for the folders. if 2/3DS theme, then probably it has to fit both top and touch screens, a music in the treetops as a song, and a cutie mark shown on folders (probably the same as the PC folders)
  3. How did you discover MLP

    Well I'll have to tell my story. I discovered MLP FiM from another forums I came from (which it died) and there was a fan club thread about it so When I take a look at the show through youtube, I took a peek by watching the 1st season of a 2 part episode and then I went deeper into the show so I said to myself that the show wasn't that bad and then when I wanted to watch more, I checked out my TV cable and find the show which was the hub, I decided to record the show and started from the season 2 which is secret of my excess episode so after watching the episode re-runs, I loved the show so I kept watching it the show and the episode re-runs on weekdays over and over and I couldn't get enough of it.
  4. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Well not only those are things I would do to spend time with fluttershy, but also to help her conquer her fear of dragons.
  5. Fluttershy Fan Club

    I was thinking about the same thing except for the pets of course. Video games, Definitely animal crossing she'll like and possibly hug, cuddle, and sleep together. I would just enjoy most of her time on what she wants to do as well.
  6. Gaming Characters You Dislike Playing As

    Character That I dislike playing as? Well That's an easy question for me. Apparently I don't like these following characters to play as (if that's what the thread is about) Super Smash Bros. - I would say that sonic is the character that I dislike playing as. Speed is hard to control the character even with final smash. Borderlands 2 - Probably I would say zer0. Mario Kart - I would say heavy-type characters for me since I don't even play as the ones that are heavy in terms of vehicle choices since Mario Kart wii. Hyrule Warriors - Probably Tingle. His mobbing isn't that good.
  7. Fluttershy Fan Club

    I would imagine what's it like if fluttershy ever came to your house (or place) and how to spend time with her company.
  8. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Ice Cream Fluttershy anypony? although It was posted on EQD's drawfriend stuff. I did happen to recall that there was another ice cream fluttershy picture which it was animated and it was fluttershy licking ice cream.
  9. Fluttershy Fan Club

    Did anypony order a pizzashy?
  10. Fluttershy Fan Club

    It doesn't matter to me if fluttershy is emotional or crying. Fluttershy will always be cute, adorable, loveable, and kind pony (or Pegasus) to me no matter if she gets emotional or angry or scared. If she ever gets emotional or crying, I would just give her a hug for supporting and comforts. I just love everything about fluttershy nothing else. I do believe that the 1st, 2nd, and 4th seasons that fluttershy was being emotional or started crying. The most emotional episodes were filli vanilli, it ain't easy being breezies, and hurricane fluttershy.
  11. Fluttershy Fan Club

    I was wondering how fluttershy should be developed further while keeping her cute and adorable looks other than being emotional because i'm starting to find that fluttershy is being less emotional throughout the seasons and episodes and being beautiful, stylish, and graceful with her outfits.
  12. Fluttershy Fan Club

    A game about fluttershy? We'd like to see how's that gonna happen. Looking at the touch screen, it must've been pokemon and MLP crossover (or ponymon in other words). Here's a fluttershy sitting on a cushion vector that I found on dA
  13. Fluttershy Fan Club

    What's it like to be Fluttershy? Well you gotta be like her other than being cute and adorable, love for animals, being kind, sweet, and loveable pony, also a great singer too. That's what we know about fluttershy although she has a knowledge of sewing.
  14. Fluttershy Fan Club

    I know it's slow around here, but we still need more love for fluttershy or flutterlove around here. I was wondering what you guys like best about fluttershy other than being her cute, adorable, loveable, kind, and sweet pony, and love and care for animals. For me, It's her energy, the smiles, and a great singer.
  15. Fluttershy Fan Club

    I found this picture from EQD although it looks cute and adorable. If I ever did this to fluttershy, I would've done what I normally do, summon a chirping chick on her head or in pony fantasy way, summon a chirping chocobo chick on her head. You can't go wrong with a happy fluttershy.