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  1. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Aw! you're so lucky to get a fluttershy figure. I couldn't get one. I was hoping to get a fluttershy pony and seapony figure.
  2. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Why do I get the feeling that fluttershy is even more cute and adorable in MLP pocket ponies app?
  3. KirbyFluttershy

    Gaming Favorite Kirby copy ability?

    As a Huge fan of Kirby, well my favorites were Smash Bros (and no not the actual moves from SSB except Vulcan Jab, smash kick, final cutter, stone hammer, and twinkle star), Mirror, Sword (including Elemental Swords), UFO, Plasma, Beam (including Beam Mage Role), and Tornado. As for final abilities, well it's Master / Galaxia, Star Rod, and Ribbon's Crystal Gun. For Super Abilities, Ultra Sword and Beam Flare.
  4. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Fluttershy crossovers huh? When I saw that picture of fluttershy and eevees, it's more like fluttershy plays pokemon let's go eevee (if only there was a video on it). Speaking of fluttershy crossovers, it got me thinking about fluttershy and Kirby. Thinking about that crossover idea has popped up on my head and said why not use the boss introduction from Kirby star allies and fluttershy together and make it say, Pony of Kindness, Fluttershy (or something like that).
  5. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    I don't even remember when I started to love Fluttershy in the 1st place, but All I know is that I started loving her around 2011 and don't remember the exact date that I love fluttershy. I loved fluttershy in some or many ways like being a great singer, her care for animals, and being cute and adorable including with that smile which is more cuter.
  6. Hi friend! Please vote for Manehattan Team this time! If that is OK with you! Thanks!



  7. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    I heard that flutterbat is coming to MLP gameloft app for those of you flutterbats fans are looking forward to it. Well It was posted on the FB page, but not on EQD.
  8. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    That's some cuteness overload there. those ears on the 1st picture, aren't those bat ears?
  9. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Fluttershy isn't much of a screamer. Back in green isn't your color episode, she didn't even scream out loud when she's frustrated.
  10. KirbyFluttershy

    Gaming What gaming systems do you have?

    These are the systems that I normally own right now NES SNES GCN Sega Dreamcast - Broken. Don't ask why or what happened Sega Genesis N64 Wii and Wii-U GBA and GBA SP Regular Gameboy PS2 (broken) PS3 PS4 - my brother's Nintendo Switch which is my older brother's, not mine's. i'm hoping to get one of my own someday PC PSP Nintendo 3DS in a replacement of my old and original DS model. have 3, but one is mine in a original model and the other 2 in XL models and 1 XL model is in Japanese. and XBox360
  11. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    So the month of october is coming up so probably for you flutterbat fans, expect a lot of flutterbat pictures on that month.
  12. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Speaking of cute and adorable fluttershy, I found this on my dA watch although she's a sweet little angel, but it's so graceful.
  13. KirbyFluttershy

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    If you guys can't find a suitable image for your pokemon avatar, you can probably create your own pokemon avatar (like I created mine) if it's a possibility as long as it features the pokemon that you picked, and not over the size limit (if that is alright with c. discord). If you can't create your own pokemon avatar, you can get someone else to make one for you (as long as you credit them). I know making your own pokemon avatars can be hard to work with due to images that has no transparency background so that's the tough part about making your own pokemon avatars. I know mine was created at around the year 2007, but mine was dedicated to pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time / darkness / sky which it features the pokemon that I picked and my partner pokemon for pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time / darkness / sky so what I meant to say is that piplup is still up for grabs.
  14. KirbyFluttershy

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    Oshawatt seems misspelled for an "A" instead of an "O" on the name which is "Oshawott" just to let you guys know for a name checking. Zoroark huh? Back in SSB wii-u, he's marked as part of legendary pokemon case, but it was suppose to be a normal pokemon instead of a legendary pokemon. I do believe he's useful in pokemon duel (which is i'm not recommending the game to you guys for overpowered pokemon and pay-2-win reasons), but the landing frequency on crosscounter seems fair although it's hard to land to KO a pokemon that lands an attack with 110 atk power or higher in order for crosscounter(s) to activate, but it won't work if it's below 110 attack power. anything within crosscounter's atk power range of 90~100 or below within the range can KO a pokemon.
  15. KirbyFluttershy

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    Pikachu was taken by me if you didn't see the 1st post or one of my previous posts that mentions pikachu.