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  1. KirbyFluttershy

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    If you guys can't find a suitable image for your pokemon avatar, you can probably create your own pokemon avatar (like I created mine) if it's a possibility as long as it features the pokemon that you picked, and not over the size limit (if that is alright with c. discord). If you can't create your own pokemon avatar, you can get someone else to make one for you (as long as you credit them). I know making your own pokemon avatars can be hard to work with due to images that has no transparency background so that's the tough part about making your own pokemon avatars. I know mine was created at around the year 2007, but mine was dedicated to pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time / darkness / sky which it features the pokemon that I picked and my partner pokemon for pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time / darkness / sky so what I meant to say is that piplup is still up for grabs.
  2. KirbyFluttershy

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    Oshawatt seems misspelled for an "A" instead of an "O" on the name which is "Oshawott" just to let you guys know for a name checking. Zoroark huh? Back in SSB wii-u, he's marked as part of legendary pokemon case, but it was suppose to be a normal pokemon instead of a legendary pokemon. I do believe he's useful in pokemon duel (which is i'm not recommending the game to you guys for overpowered pokemon and pay-2-win reasons), but the landing frequency on crosscounter seems fair although it's hard to land to KO a pokemon that lands an attack with 110 atk power or higher in order for crosscounter(s) to activate, but it won't work if it's below 110 attack power. anything within crosscounter's atk power range of 90~100 or below within the range can KO a pokemon.
  3. KirbyFluttershy

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    Pikachu was taken by me if you didn't see the 1st post or one of my previous posts that mentions pikachu.
  4. KirbyFluttershy

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    I'm just gonna use this pokemon avatar that I made for myself if it's alright with you, but not to cause a mix-up, this avatar was dedicated to pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time / darkness / sky so specifically Pikachu as my inner and chosen pokemon and piplup as my partner pokemon from the start. Pikachu is what i'm locking in as my 1st choice. It may be created at 2007, but still I can go with what I have left. quick question: if we picked a pokemon, that pokemon is locked in regardless of shiny or original, and with or without outfits for Pikachu (via hat, and cosplay) right?
  5. KirbyFluttershy

    The MLP Forums Pokemon Avatar Extravaganza!

    I decided that i'll pick Pikachu. Not only it's my favorite pokemon, but also my inner pokemon in pokemon mystery dungeon series. Regardless With the hat or not, but still I like Pikachu. I do have a suitable avatar for Pikachu even though it was created by me although it was part of my facebook avatar.
  6. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    How much was the plush and what brand is it? I haven't seen much of a fluttershy plushies going around lately. I know they're hard to find, but usually fluttershy fan made plushies cost a lot due to amount of materials and stuff like that.
  7. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    It seems there's not much picture of fluttershy going around on my end from dA. I'm just looking out for cute and adorable fluttershy regardless if she's sleeping, asking for hugs, and her love and caring for animals.
  8. KirbyFluttershy

    Gaming Have you played Animal Crossing on GameCube?

    I have the physical copy of the game. I've been playing the game for a long time and then the fun and enjoyment has been dying out on me. The other animal crossing games that I still have are wild world, city folk, and new leaf, but mostly it's new leaf since I've been updating my turnip prices. At first I heard of the characters from super smash bros melee as trophies and I didn't realize that the original version was imported from N64 from the start as a Japanese version which is known as Doubutsu no Mori.
  9. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    Fluttershy may be cute, adorable, kind, and sweet pony, but she's the type of pony that wants to be loved otherwise you don't want to anger her and make her say that you're going to love me.
  10. KirbyFluttershy

    Gaming Thoughts on 100% completion in Video Games

    Well 100% completion is a little hard to do, but it depends on what games though. For me, It's mostly Kirby Games that I can 100% on, but the difficult part about doing a 100% completion on Kirby games is the boss battles. Normal Boss Battles are fine, but True Boss Battles which is True Arena in some Kirby games, and Soul Melter for Kirby Star allies. The True arena in Kirby Triple Deluxe was a lot harder than I imagined because the recovery is minimal and I have to rely on stone as a defense ability. For Kirby Planet robobot's true arena, well that's manageable, Usually mirror works best, but the shield shatters after certain amount of time also I used the amiibo as my emergency ration and discarded my ability by accident. For Kirby Star allies True Arena, well it gave me a slight difficult problems when soloing, but I used the same method as Kirby Planet robobot's true arena except that the health is halved and recovery potency isn't that good from vividria and used amiibos on 2 bosses. The co-op play isn't a problem since you can revive much as you want as long as you revive the 1st player, but recovering at half health after revive. Legend of Zelda games, well that I can 100% complete on, but with the exception of WW, I can't 100% that because of the charts are confusing at a close up and need to money make as much as possible to get all the charts. Oracles is another exception since you can't get all the rings in 1 playthrough without a password Other games, well Metroid, not as much in terms of the gameplay time, item collecting, and the difficulty of the game as well. Castlevania: Symphony of the night, well that can be arranged, but the hardest part is doing Richter's run even though this 100% completion applies from Xbox live arcade from xbox360 system. I do have a lot of games that I can 100% on. It's just that it's a long list of games I have so here's what i have so far. I normally make 100% completion as part of my master run(s) so anything completed is 100% complete. Some games I can complete from my previous performance such as high scoring games like galaga 90 for turbografix-16 which I never completed in a long time, and 1943: battle for midway for the NES.
  11. KirbyFluttershy

    Gaming Best Metal Gear to start with.

    Well if you're really new to the game series, I would suggest MGS1 for PS1, but there's a essential collection for it so it comes with MGS1-3. It comes with the difficulty so for beginners, I would suggest do easy. If you want it challenging, then do normal or hard, but using these difficulties will increase the number of enemies and make things more difficult. for MGS2's difficulty, not just more enemies will appear, but also tags can be obtained based on the difficulty so I suggest do the easiest difficulty to collect the tags and then move on to the next difficulty to collect more. MGS3, I've only watched my brother play the game so you have to keep changing the camouflages to blend in with the environment, scenery, and surroundings. The other I know is MGS peace walker for PSP, but never played the whole game myself and my brother got me into 1 of the missions just for fun so apparently the equipment, outfits, and weapons are based on the situation of the mission. There are 2 additional missions which are referenced to monster hunter and pooyan. Pooyan missions are self-explanatory and monster hunter missions, well if you played monster hunter before, then these missions are self-explanatory. if you haven't played monster hunter before, well all you have to do is either kill the monster or put the monster to sleep although putting it to sleep will get your Rank S (or whatever the highest possible rank) and a outfit based on the monster you're fighting against if you get Rank S.
  12. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    well I do believe the retro-style fluttershy that I mentioned before should be like around 1983 or something like that. I did see fluttershy's retro (or 1983) outfit on MLP gameloft app. the 1st I saw that kind of outfit on fluttershy. it looked cool on her although her mane and tail style is 83s. sort of like cheerilee's retro mane and tail style from call of the cutie. may be leaning torwards to fluffle puff's design though. Come to think of it, MLP gameloft app renamed 1983 fluttershy into retro fluttershy. I did take a screenshot of the retro fluttershy. I'm pretty sure other people or fluttershy fans here know what I mean, but yeah.
  13. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    I don't think there's not much picture of retro fluttershy going around these days, but To ask you guys this, what do you think of retro fluttershy?
  14. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    This picture was featured on EQD's drawfriend stuff also it was on my dA watch. It's really cute and adorable when fluttershy winks. Gotta love the flower bracelet and crown or headdress though.
  15. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    I found this on EQD's drawfriend stuff. flutterhugs anypony?