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  1. Judging by those times, it's another light one for sure. me and my friend didn't get much because it was a long wait.
  2. well as i told you before (over discord of course) that i'm from animal crossing community so they had a FB page and they posted about the late janurary update that i mentioned.
  3. Just to let you guys know that there will be a update on late january. probably there's valentine's day and festivale event involved here, but we'll just have to see what's gonna come.
  4. It doesn't seem like that we're not gonna get the next zodiac furniture till January 20 and then the last one on February 19. I could've given you something on the last meteor shower, but i think i can take this opportunity to give them to you.
  5. KirbyFluttershy

    Fluttershy Fan Club

    She's always cute and adorable with when she's happy and that smile too. That dream of yours, well i agree with the others here. It must've been a best dream for you.. I suppose there are no hugs in that dream then.
  6. Fly is a rare insect to grab so you only need the trash. Ants are spoiled turnips, but if you got candy, then that'll work too although if it helps catch both ant and fly, then you need the spoiled turnip.
  7. No. what i mean is that like in NL, we get our own ABD for depositing a lot of money, but in NH, we just need our own nook stop in our own house by depositing a lot of money like in NL so we don't have to walk to resident services or wait another day if it closes for events and/or remodels. when it comes to ABD, we just need an app to go with it.
  8. Yeah some of the ppl in this thread are in southern hemisphere so times are different than us. In addition to new year's eve, the resident services are closed so therefore we can't check in with nook stop nor use ABD. it would be nice to have a nook stop and/or ABD of our own so we don't have to keep walking to the resident services regardless of being closed for events. ABD on the other hand, well it could be both nook stop and the app.
  9. yeah that's true though since you can't celebrate special characters' bdays. you can only celebrate villager's bday though.
  10. I believe we forgotten all about isabelle's birthday on sunday which is on december 20, but too bad we can't celebrate her birthday on NH.
  11. I'm just gonna let everyone know and those that are looking for zarude around here is that zarude is trade locked for those that are asking for them. I dunno what the deal is, but a lot of ppl have been frustrated with zarude lately.
  12. Sorry to ask around here, but does anyone here have zarude for trade? it can be an extra one although if it's code, then i'm willing to accept that through PM. well at least 2, but to explain my situation is that the support was no help at all and had no replacement codes available so i'm willing to expand my search for one here if there's any help and assistance here.
  13. You only need to plant a few as needed. plant more if there's not enough color variants also you should keep your villagers close in case if you need to go looking for them.
  14. I'm gonna need celeste fast if i don't find her before my online subcription expires on me for capricorn DIY recipe and not to mention the heavy meteor showers if anyone here has one announced by isabelle. Anyway as for the balloon goes, well my idea works. it's just that i keep up and down on the beach area after xx:02 and xx:07 comes in, but i wouldn't highly recommend going inside your villager's house if they're not inside. Shops, your own house, and museum works.
  15. Here's more information on toy day here if anyone needs to know more. As for the seasonal DIY goes, well the thing is i just keep going in and out of the nearest building at every xx:02 and 07 to respawn the balloons, but sometimes it may take 10mins as well.
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