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  1. It gives me an idea or thought for fluttershy and pokemon crossover which is Fluttershy and angel bunny meets scorbunny.
  2. If you started from your iPhone, try to back up the data to your cloud storage and then see if you can try to do that on your iPad. if not, then load the game and see if it has given you the option to load your data from the previous date you played at as you load the game up. I did have that problem before when I re-installed the game on my iPad due to my brother's password so I was given the option to load the data from the previous day or date that I played the game at.
  3. It has to be the same iOS devices as I recall however if any new devices like playing this app on windows 10 and/or android devices, you'll have to start things over from the beginning Well you get to make your own ponyville, canterlot, crystal empire, and klugetown. Others available to you are group quests which it requires a lot of creatures all over the equestria, the mine cart mini-game which is similar to DKC's mine cart carnage stage, and of course there's the equestria girls dance mini-game, but not very rewarding after you gel all the rewards available and will repeat per rewards.
  4. If I may ask you guys or fluttershy fans, what are your thoughts on current graphics for fluttershy on MLP pony life?
  5. Well It is kindness day which it celebrates fluttershy who wields the Element of Kindness.
  6. Well I don't find fluttershy's mane to be messy on that last episode unless it's from twilight's story and flashback. Her future version has that nice, cute, and adorable mane style. Usually fluttershy's mane can be messy if things don't go well in her way like the best night ever episode.
  7. Well That's a good question, but easy to answer for me. Kirby (or Kaabii in Japanese) - The Cute and adorable pink puff ball. I've been a huge fan of this Nintendo Character. I always use this name to come with another name of my favorite character or whatever I come up with in some games. Fluttershy - The cute and adorable pony that I like (or love) the most. Self-Explanatory Really. Usually in some cases when my name doesn't fit, I just shorten it to "KirbyShy" to make the same name as I have.
  8. I found This from EQD. It's really cute and adorable though. You know, I'm starting to think that fluttershy is not only stylish with that kind of mane style, but also flowers that goes with it which makes her more cute and adorable that way.
  9. Every time i see fluttershy sleeping, It makes me want to sleep with her.
  10. It's kind of hard to tell if we like the present and normal fluttershy as we all love the most as always or the future fluttershy in terms of beauty and looks. I know some of us like fluttershy regardless of what she is (including the future fluttershy if it counts). It's just that her normal and present, and her future versions are cute and adorable, but hard to debate over future fluttershy over normal and present fluttrershy.
  11. Now that you mention it, I did take a close look at her eyes and noticed it, but Fluttershy aging may be bad enough to see. It's probably the beauty and looks that count.
  12. I dunno about that. When we saw future fluttershy in that finale, she was still cute and adorable that way even with her new mane style including her song verse. I love fluttershy regardless of her present and future pony. When I saw the future fluttershy's mane style, it looked like a ribbon style to me so I thought that mane style looked nice and/or cute and adorable on her.
  13. I hope us fluttershy fans are still staying and standing strong or trying to hang(ing) in there for fluttershy. She May be our cute and loveable pony, but she may be our (well as you guys may say it or find her as) "waifu" and best (kind) pony.
  14. Nothing is cuter and adorable when fluttershy blushes
  15. Here's one from EQD's drawfriend stuff, but how cute is this?