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  1. You need Nintendo switch online service membership to play online in AC NH, but to continue playing online in AC NH, you want to make sure the parental controls are off (or disabled). apparently we can't play online together if some of us here don't have online service membership and the timer on the parental controls are on due to time limit. I hope AC PC will do a event to celebrate the release of AC NH, but hopefully we'll have some of their stuff from AC NH in AC PC.
  2. I found this CupidShy from EQD, but how cute and adorable is this?
  3. I was thinking about getting a digital copy. not after what happened to my physical copy of my new leaf. What happened to my physical copy of new leaf was that It wasn't loading so I decided to turn in the physical copy and started over from the digital copy so all that effort I got on physical copy was gone so compared to the digital copy I replaced with, I just did better than last time except for the flag pattern that I need to represent my town which I don't have or lost a QR code to it and remaking that pattern isn't possible due to colors and new pattern mechanics. Not only the game will be coming out, but there's also a switch system that goes with it that has animal crossing new horizons design as well. Probably a bundle if i'm right.
  4. There has been a rumor going around that new horizons data can't be transferred to another switch system. here's a related article Anyway I do have some patterns to share, but they're not MLP related although some may not work in terms of the color so best result is used on GCN and wild world. City folk, not sure. If you're playing New leaf, you have to unlock the AR code for it in order to get the patterns by talking to sable everyday till you unlock it.. As of town tunes, well you can be creative on your own tune, but usually I just like to use a town tune that's created by other people. The exception was pocket camp since you can't change the tune.
  5. Well probably you have to name the island / town as you start the game. It’s like all other animal crossing games, but for the island, it’s the same deal as GCN animal crossing island when you connect your gba to gcn for the first time you go to the island.
  6. There are some gameplay videos on pocket camp if you wish to take a look at them.
  7. Currently Pocket camp takes up to 844.4 MBs due to updates and patches so it'll take a long time to patch up the game by the time you start the game or to anyone here that are new to pocket camp. Well here's the thing about Animal crossing pocket camp. if you have a Nintendo account, your save data will be stored in that account however if you're playing on different devices such as android devices, the leaf tickets you have will not be carried over so you have to spend all of your leaf tickets before you switch devices. You don't have to worry about starting over as long as you're playing the game on iOS devices. Right now, i'm looking for active people to add in animal crossing pocket camp in terms of helping out with the quarry and events so those are my preferences. I can't have inactive people that are not willing to help me out with the quarry and events and I tend to delete them off from my friend list if they're inactive for 1 month and a day or more. Another thing about pocket camp is that your campsite has limited space so apparently change what you can and see fit, but as you get a special request from your villager which is at friendship level 10 and 15, you can craft what your villager wants and place it in your campsite however these requests are optional although if you're doing a HHA class, it's highly recommended for these furnitures to be crafted for better score. The in-game tune can't be changed unlike other animal crossing games so apparently you're stuck with it. if you place the furniture that the villager requested in the cabin, it will not count as completed. both the villager and the furniture have to be in campsite only I've played GCN animal crossing at the longest time. I've only finished most of the catalogs except the furnitures since it has been tough to get them all including the winter season and campsite furnitures. The only thing I had fun playing the most in GCN animal crossing was playing the NES games. I never played those actual games before (except pinball, excitebike, and DK. jr math) The other games I've played in animal crossing series was in new leaf which it contained 3DS and wii-u when welcome amiibo update came in so those 2 following games were Animal Crossing Puzzle League which is similar to Tetris attack / Panel de pon for SNES, but of course, you can use animal crossing character amiibos to have different and/or supporting effects, but what I do recommend is having celeste amiibo if you're doing endless run which It allows you to increase your score. As you play animal crossing puzzle league, you'll get rewards based on the game modes you play and your high score even you will get lip's outfit as well which is known as flower fairy set (even though you can make yourself look like lip). The other was desert island escape although it's not that bad, but you have to think strategically with your moves and find all the raft parts however using the villagers you have will cost play coins and amiibos will not cost you play coins although you will use those characters. To get the 3DS and wii-u furnitures in new leaf, you have to buy fortune cookies and hope for one of them.
  8. Timmy and tommy duo was first introduced in GCN animal crossing when you get nookingtons and then they run the shop in new leaf in case if you haven't noticed. Anyway if you guys are new to animal crossing or a returning player, well I know you guys are waiting for new horizons and/or haven't played the game series since whatever animal crossing game you started, I could recommend animal crossing pocket camp to you guys which is for smart phones and tablets (via iOS & android). The thing is that if you're new to the game, your friendship level will cap at 5 or 7 or whatever is the lowest and then you'll have to increase the friendship level cap by crafting amenities and any event amenities you craft will not increase the friendship level cap, but they will give you friendship exp regardless of the villager's type which it has generic tag on them. As you craft amenities, you need enough materials to craft them and the wait time is like about 12hrs or more (and possibly less if you're subscribing to pocket camp club) and of course some of your favorite villagers or characters will not be in the game, but any special characters requires their perspective furnitures to be crafted with materials or leaf tickets or obtained from a log-in reward. As you level higher, some of the villagers will be available to you, but to invite them your campsite or cabin, their friendship level has to be at least level 5-7. Some villagers require their maps to be cleared which it doesn't require any friendship level, but the map to be cleared and to obtain the maps, you'll have to use gulliver's ship to load up the cargo with some items by recommended items or some materials and other items that you don't want. you can send the ships to 2-3 islands at a time, but there's a wait time so you'll have to wait for the ship to come back with the rewards at that designated time.
  9. Serena is one of the unpredictable characters in animal crossing. the thing is that it's hard to be honest with her and try to get a golden axe from her regardless of how much you want it. Just to ask everybody around here in this thread, who's your favorite animal villagers and/or characters? it can be anyone from GCN, wild world, city folk, new leaf, and pocket camp. Another one of my favorite animal villager or character that I forgot to mention was celeste. She seems cute to me.
  10. Money making in animal crossing wasn't that easy. in GCN, you have to fish up many red snappers, barred knifejaws, and coelacanth (rain and certain time only) to make a lot of money and of course, there's also turnips to sell once you buy every 100 turnips before sunday so you have to check back the turnip prices everyday. in Wild World, it wasn't that easy to make money even though there's no connection for that service anymore and of course, you're living in and sharing the same house with other ppl. City folk, well it's pretty much the same way as wild world's money making, but of course there's the silver shovel that gives you a chance to make a lot of money when hitting the rock with the silver shovel and turnip price(s) change every morning and 12PM (all time zones). New leaf wasn't that bad since the gemstones are pretty much valuable and thanks to bell-boom ordinance, you can make more money than usual and of course the turnip rules apply the same as city folk, but the downside is that you need to find someone with the highest turnip price to sell your turnips and yeah, you can store your turnips inside the storage also those are not the only way to make money, but you can also deposit your money in ABD to get money per month by interest. The way I made money in new leaf was that I bought turnips and started storing them inside the storage and in the house when the storage is full and then started seeking out the highest turnip price before the price change. of course if you can do the time travel method, but using this method will affect your other games so use at your own risk.
  11. I feel your pain there. It's mostly that bugs and fishes appears at certain month and time, but the only bug i'm missing is petaltail which is hard to find and catch and most of the fish I have aren't done and fully collected. The fossils should be easy since you just get one missing fossil off from a friend or someone who's selling it or giving it away cuz some fossils may tend to be rare to find after identifying the fossil. If you have a smart device like iPhone and/or tablet, you can get animal crossing pocket camp which is free to download. You may wanna get a Nintendo account to go with it so that way your data will be stored into your account whenever you need to play the game again by the time you need to decide on what you want to play the game or not. It's free 2 play if you asked me, but the pocket camp club is subscription only to receive benefits to your needs. Anyway just to let you guys know that if there's a problem with my pocket camp ID, just lemme know. if you're planning on adding me, please let me know who you are or how I can find you with a outfit you're currently wearing.
  12. I've been a animal crossing player since GCN days. I'm hoping to get Animal crossing new horizons for my bday if it's possible. For now, I've been playing animal crossing pocket camp on my iPhone and of course this game is heavily focused on seasonal events. My favorite animal crossing characters would be rosie since she's really cute even though she's still cute in the actual animal crossing movie which was in japan. Isabelle from new leaf of course, and Chelsea who represents my melody although she seems cute. Anyway I thought about using this thread to expand my friend search for animal crossing pocket camp here so if anyone here wants to add me, my ID is 7676-8236-369 so for now i'm looking for active people and willing to help out with the quarry as needed, but during gyrodite scavenger hunt events, I may need help with the quarry immediately if requested. You' guys will find me as "KirbyShy" (as in KirbyFluttershy since the full name doesn't fit) If you guys haven't noticed, Animal crossing was first introduced in the N64 version which was known as doubutsu no mori, but of course that was for he japan release until we had a US release for the gamecube. I've only been animal crossing new leaf to get the turnip prices and update those selling prices on my list so that way it's easier for me analyze what I get. The spikes on the price is very rare so it's not guaranteed to get a high selling price on the turnips.
  13. At first, I don't know how to do stylish moves myself so When I got the stylish tutor badge, I understand how to do stylish moves even without the badge. Some of the stylish moves are hard to time.
  14. Well that all depends on the difficulty of the game, but for me R/B/FR/LG - Bulbasaur G/S/C/HG/SS - Chikorita R/S/E/ORAS - Mudkip. It was the 1st that I started out with. D/P/Pl - Piplup. Didn't evolve it so I made the game challenging by not evolving it B/W1 & 2 - Oshawott. Same as piplup for black 1 X/Y - Fennekin (Ultra) Sun / moon - Rowlet. Same as piplup and oshawott in original version. Sword / Shield - Scorbunny. Same as the others that I didn't evolve (If spin-offs count) well pokemon Mystery dungeon goes, I always choose Pikachu as my starter, and for my Partner picks, I chose chikorita in Red / Blue rescue team, Piplup for explorers, Oshawott for gates to infinity, and Fennekin for pokemon super mystery dungeon. Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, Well I know everyone knows that you start with eevee, but when it comes to choosing to evolve eevee, I chose espeon.
  15. I've played the game before when my brother rented the game and then I borrowed the game off from a friend. Pit of 100 trials isn't that bad unless you're fully prepared with the items and have necessary badges to get you through the whole pit, but of course you have to rely on luck with the slots. If you're using BP and power rush build, it can make the pit of 100 trials more easy to do. For me, I Did pit of 100 trials officially, but it wasn't that easy. Of course you'll be lucky enough to encounter amazee dayzee in there. Vivian is ok to use if you have flower saver P, flower finder, and happy flower to compensate the loss FPs. My favorite party member is goombella, but when it comes to glitz pitz, I use Yoshi just for the fun of it or laughs. Of course my favorite part of the game is bowser which it happened to be a funny story after that super bowser side-scrolling game.