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  1. Yeah what i said about getting the wet suit is what i know so far Anyway when you guys are looking for pascal, here's the info on him.
  2. I can't even tell which fluttershy is cuter in terms of looks from FiM fluttershy or pony life fluttershy.
  3. An update came live just to let you guys know. you'll have to buy the wet suit in order to start getting the sea creatures. They'll be in the usual section like in NL's museum which is the fish and sea creature section of the museum for those that haven't played NL. if you guys are asking me where to get wet suit, you can get'em from your nook shop although if your nook shop is closed, you can find another person that's 3hrs before closing time to shop there and the other is that you can redeem nook miles for the wet suit if your nook shop is closed as a alternative option.
  4. you don't need to trust the stalk market wizard if it tells you to sell your turnips at that day. i've been using that stalk market wizard since NL and then i tend to search for a high price than i have even though if i get a high price than the previous price, it would've been a waste of my time and made less money and profit out of it. Anyway just so you guys know if you guys are searching for celeste, here's a thing that i know. if you have all the available recipes from celeste except the zodiacs, you'll get star fragments from her. i did hear that she gives you 5 star fragments.
  5. bug-off wasn't that easy since you have to keep walking around and/or shake trees for the insects. Fishing tournament was easy since you can use fish bait to get points faster.
  6. I believe celeste appears when there's some clear skies, but i dunno her appearance rate is and we all know that she normally shows up at 7PM all time zones along with that weather. I did hear that celeste may appear regardless of the meteor shower being present or not and same goes for celeste on the opposite side. The other i know is that meteor showers appear more frequently in the winter season.
  7. aw man. i must've missed the meteor shower. I ended up going to my friend's island for celeste, but he doesn't have the meteor shower. The thing is that i need the cancer table recipe, but i have until july 22 to get one although it was a mistake for me to travel to southern hemisphere island to get the leo sculpture instead of the cancer table. I might as well catch another if you guys have celeste visiting and meteor showers, but please notify me through discord or PM me here. i may catch myself off time on my activities. I really think that celeste, gulliver, and redd have been eluding us lately. It's hard to get the DIY recipes from celeste when it comes to the weather including the meteor showers regardless of being present or not, gulliver haven't been washed up which is hard to grab some nook miles off from him, and of course redd haven't been visiting frequently, making it hard to complete the art section of the museum.
  8. I think i get the idea how getting a DIY recipe off from celeste really works although for the players that are in northern hemisphere island including myself, we get the cancer constellation while the players in southern hemisphere island gets the leo constellation at this time. Looks like i have to find another celeste visit, but this time in northern hemisphere.
  9. finally! i got my island to 5 star rating. it took me a while, but i did manage to get what i want from celeste last night which is crescent-moon chair. it looks like cancer table is gonna be next by monday so apparently that day or within the day's range that random recipes from celeste will be off till i get cancer table recipe. I did make 3-4 crescent-moon chairs since i was on the last 4 large star fragments. Now i'm currently low on both normal and large star fragments. I may be looking for meteor showers or any frequent shooting stars atm. Anyway I did hear that audie is the most popular villager. That's why most people are after her although I do have her in my pocket camp data and placed her in the cabin.
  10. You can also use the animal crossing series amiibo too. That's how i got my celeste in. You can hold up to 8 characters and can be resident and/or amiibo characters also isabelle amiibo works too.
  11. You may wanna grab the extra furnitures and rugs if you need them to decorate the island and/or your house.
  12. Good luck trying to find a royal crown unless one of us here have it in able's though, but it's slightly expensive as the crown. i'd say about 200k bells margin Anyway here's my screenshots Dressed as Female villager from SSB Took this wedding group photo
  13. Well It is shark season so you have until october to get all the sharks, donate, and sell what you need, but if you want to make more money, then you wanna store many sharks as you can and sell'em to C.J on his visits, but not in a fishing tournament days. If you haven't donated the sharks yet, it's best to do that first and then store and sell'em. Sharks are worth a lot of money like about 8-15k bells and possibly more if you're selling them to C.J which he buys more than what the nooklings buy. If you want to do stalk market, well you need to have a shop first and then daisy mae shows up every sunday mornings till 12PM all time zones and you wanna keep your turnip prices posted and updated since the prices change in the morning at the opening time till 12PM and then after 12PM, you have until closing time to update your turnip prices. If you have the lowest turnip price throughout the week, one of us with the highest price can help you sell your turnips, but of course we have the option to time travel back depending on if we're willing to time travel back or not. Keep in mind that the buying price is important so you will know how much money you made in difference how much you bought the turnips for and how much you sold them for. Anyway here's my turnip prices so far. Monday - 95 (AM) 91 (PM) Tuesday - 87 (AM) 82 (PM) Wednesday - 77 (AM) 73 (PM) Thursday - (AM) (PM) Friday - (AM) (PM) Saturday - (AM) (PM) Sunday (Buying) - 106
  14. Just to let you guys know about doing the wedding day event, you can change clothes and outfits while doing the photo although the clothes and outfits will be reverted back to what you were wearing before when you're done with the photo shoot. What you can't change is the hair style, and color while doing the photo shoot so if you need to change hair style and color, do it before you go to harv's island if you're not confident with what you picked.
  15. Feng shui has been tough to work around with in terms of the size and space of the room. I barely put any of it in the main room.