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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. It's going to come back to storyline drama unlike Season 6 which took the sandbox way.
  4. So you think they live once? False. Press F to respawn.
  5. Oh okay, mainly because your rp had Sci-Fi setting and the soldiers are from a sci-fi game. And sorry, I can't come up with an OC :/
  6. Ok, here they are: Be sure to read all about them.
  7. Oh it's ok. Sorry that it didn't match you rp. I guess most of the threads won't accept these soldiers :/
  8. They all are pretty much alike in personality, and their names are actually classified except from their leader whose name is Admiral Salen Kotch. Game is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. More info about them:
  9. Well they are actually three-dimensional and from a game.
  10. here's a brief explanation: SetDef is composed of off-world insurgents who seek to control the solar system. They see themselves as the true inheritors of the solar system, and believe their way of life to be "stronger, more pure," than the people of Earth. In SetDef's mind, living off-world has made them more worthy of ruling the solar system, while those who reside on Earth are weak "fat cats," living off the bounty of the off-world colonies. They value functionality over style, an attitude reflected in everything from their ships to their weapons and armor, which is modular, with everything designed to protect them from the harshness of space. They have re-purposed service robots into military roles, adding to their legions of troops. For SetDef, a true victory would mean the utter cessation of all planetary resources reaching Earth. They are willing to kill civilians, soldiers, and anyone who gets in their way.