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  1. Well, I couldn't find another thread talking about it. Sorry if someone else made one I guess. Well today, the next Nintendo console was revealed... And I am very impressed. It shows power, mobility, and most importantly, games. Meet the Nintendo Switch (Previously known as the "NX") a console/handheld hybrid that as of right now... Really packs a punch! It showed Skyrim SE, Zelda, Mario, and several other titles. And that really speaks out many words to me, as it should to you. If this tablet can run Skyrim, the enhanced version, it tells me that it is indeed on par with the PS4/XBOne. And that high performance games will run. Then they showed the few second clip of Mario, oddly enough in a western setting. Very exciting. They also showed enhanced ports of MK8 and Splatoon, not much to comment on those... I'm not paying $60 for games I already own. (Assuming that's what it is. An enhanced port) overall, this machine is looking very good right now. I only hope it doesn't go over $350... ABSOLUTE MOST $400! Love to hear what everyone thinks!
  2. Nintenboy195

    Web Worst Internet Memes

  3. Nintenboy195

    Gaming Your Video-Game Ideas

    Mario and sonic adventure game, or a mario or sonic fps
  4. Nintenboy195

    Web Worst Internet Memes

    I'll give a censored version. A celebrity said "Pingas' out for Harambe" Harambe in and of it self is kinda sad, but that one quote blew it up.
  5. Nintenboy195

    Movies/TV Which anime character would you be?

    If I could choose to be any anime character, I'd have to go with either Mario or Sonic.
  6. Nintenboy195

    Web Worst Internet Memes

    I love and embrace all memes... Pingas and spongegar being my favs.
  7. Nintenboy195

    Food how do you like your hot dogs?

    I like my hotdogs really from one place... From the Dog Hauz (<--- probably spelled that wrong) and I get the Little Leaguer, with onions, shredded cheddar, and Fritos. Can't get much better than that.
  8. Nintenboy195

    Reigniting Interest In The Show?

    Never have I lost interest. And I only absoulutely hate one episode (what about discord, I think it's called?) from season 5.
  9. Nintenboy195

    What was the last food you ate?

    A peanut butter cupquake
  10. Nintenboy195

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I'm feeling pretty darn okay, I think. Been looking around the forum, of which I haven't been on for monthes. And its pretty cool. I just want the NX to be revealed...
  11. Nintenboy195

    Hello, everypony!

    Hey! Welcome to mlpforums! Hope you like the board, and that was one damn good introduction... I remember how simple mine was. Lol
  12. Nintenboy195

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    411525 Haven't been on here, on the forums in awhile. Might lurk around for a bit.
  13. Nintenboy195

    Luna Asteroids

    The file size was my fault. I used an obscure way to implement the music. And I regret it. I don't have the source code, so I can't fix it it's running on. Game maker studio
  14. I want the film action oriented. Like the season 5 finale. I got such a Fallout Equestria vibe from seeing that Rainbow Dash design. I want the plot to be something apocolyptic, but in the end, resolvable. Idk, can't say much until we see our first trailer.
  15. Hello everypony, if you have not noticed, I have cancelled these projects. I explain why in this vid!