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  1. Vanilla bean cake. Buttercream frosting. Something sweet and sugary.
  2. I'm pessimistic about the past but pretty optimistic about the future, if that makes sense.
  3. You've been okay Nom Nom?

    1. Nila Bean

      Nila Bean

      Yes I'm fine ^^ Thank you for checking though <3


  4. Having kids DX I can't stand most parents these days, they all seemed messed up in the head. So many poor babies being born to idiots and abusive psychopaths it seems.
  5. School. The people at my school People I can't stand (most of my family lulz) peanut butter Cats Yeah, I feel very disgusted when I see the things above ^^^^ hehe : 3
  6. They're more chill to hang around No, but seriously, it doesn't hurt anyone, and it can make you feel good. I remind myself that everyone has different ways of self-medicating...
  7. I wake up around 8-9 sometimes even 7 on the weekends and in summer But when school's in session I'm the last person who wants to get up early.
  8. Yeah... right when I'm in a position to move out, I'm gone. I prefer to be able to do what I want and set my own rules (and decorate things how I want) So when I grow up I definitely would love to live alone. Loneliness doesn't really bother me. If I need to I'll just invite someone over.
  9. Whatever is available but I usually go towards popcorn and cookies. And orange juice I tend to drink a lot of when stressed for some reason.
  10. Hmm, well I was a little intoxicated, wobbly as hell on my feet, and fell about halfway down the stairs...landed on my butt so that hurt. The most painful part was when my drinking glass shattered and I cut myself a few times trying to get up. Other than that I've never injured myself severely like breaking bones or such.
  11. Family. Family isn't everything for a lot of people. People tend to look at me like I'm a monster when I say that. And chocolate. I hate chocolate.
  12. I barely like to even call them "family", let alone friends lol A friend is someone I can trust, someone I tell everything to. Family is just who you were born to. Doesn't mean anything to me
  13. Feeling so numb. Screw it, forget everything I said
  14. Going to the beach/swimming. Bonfires and camping trips can be fun too :3 Oh and parties ^^ summer parties are sooo much fun.
  15. I'm feeling pretty great Sun is finally out after a week's absence so yay! Just gonna see how the rest of the day goes :3