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  1. my body doesnt seem to like the idea of me dying
  2. I like the banner; very nice!


  3. im glad this is on spotify cos imma add it to my playlist 9/10
  4. i've never seen snow before, having lived in sydney my entire life
  5. the age of this thread really showing here lol nowadays i spend 90% of my time on tiktok if i'm bored
  6. what kinda american dish is that u telling me u eat chicken and waffles together?
  7. 1. complete stuff way before its due / do practice papers 2. get feedback off teachers 3. apply feedback 4. ???? 5. get good marks
  8. o my banner got used cool :squee:

    1. EpicEnergy


      You made a very amazing banner! ^_^

  9. not really, as long as you can understand what the person is saying then there's no reason to be annoyed
  10. When I was in primary school I wanted to be an astronaut, when I started high school I wanted to be a graphic designer, then I wanted to be a lawyer, and then an environmental scientist. Now I want to be an English high school teacher. My aspirations change. I just want to live happily.
  11. "luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."
  12. winfield sky blues i dont smoke often tho, i've just always had winnie sky blues whenever
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