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  1. Yesterday morning the CHOP was taken down. Took long enough. Several criminals were arrested there and the police are back in their East Precinct.

    I hope this shows all of the mobs around America that we're done with the bullshit. I do feel sorry, however, for any peaceful protesters who are still out there on the streets; your group and movement have been co-opted and used as cover for these criminals.

    1. Bakugou is my Man

      Bakugou is my Man

      Locking this status update

      Please view this topic: 


  2. People nowadays be like:

    Russian. German. Italian. Spanish. English. French. Dutch. Swiss. Swedish. Norwegian. Finnish. Danish. Polish. Czech. Irish. Scottish. Canadian. Australian. New Zealander. South African. Lithuanian. Turkish. Greek. Latvian. Serbian. American.


  3. The CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) in Seattle is reportedly changing its name to CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest), possibly because trying to start a new country that's hostile to the US government this close to Fort Lewis is a real bad idea.

    I've been to downtown Seattle a couple times. You can hear the attack helicopters on the daily.

    1. Jesse Terrence

      Jesse Terrence

      Honestly, that has to be the most stupid idea the protesters must have had up to this point.

      Not the name change, but making a new country within a country next to a military base using resources of the country they want to become independent from. I just want to see how their anarch system makes a whole burning shithole in a couple months. Literally the government would be in all its right to cut all basic services to the zone since the zone would not be part of the USA.

    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Again, I'm guessing that's why they changed the name. Forfeiting your citizenship makes you an illegal immigrant, and the US doesn't take kindly to secession. 

      A flight of four A-10's could be cleared weapons hot for Seattle in less than an hour. I've seen those things scramble in Korea, they don't fuck around.

    3. Jesse Terrence

      Jesse Terrence

      I know, but tell that to all the dumbasses who are over supportive of the whole thing. There's an inflection point which they should not cross, and they're dangerously flirting with it. And you know, if they were to take care of them, people would outcry the government took overly repressive measures, when they technically didn't do so.

      I wonder what might both the cops and the crowd that didn't help Floyd be thinking as this thing keeps scallating.

  4. For my own sins will I apologize, not for those of my father, nor his father, nor for those of my ancestors.

  5. I'm so glad the Republic of China is doing their part in keeping their people safe during this coronavirus outbreak, and I kinda wish the World Health Organization would look to their procedures as a guideline to help other countries.

  6. ...You know, we aren't actually siblings. (gosh thats horrible)
  7. I DM'd for our d&d party for the first time yesterday, and pretty much destroyed the entire party.

    Not like a TPK or anything, but I managed to turn two of the characters to the "dark side" and split the party clean down the middle. Two on the side of good, two on the side of evil.


    1. Rebel Brony 42

      Rebel Brony 42

      If they went evil, it was their choice, not your fault.

      I'm listening to Victorius, Beyond The Iron Sky, and the lyric was "choose your path, good or evil" exactly when I was writing that. :mlp_blink: We live in a computer similation.

  8. Cmon join the party.

    (lols internally)

  9. Just found the best trick for falling asleep instantly as soon as you hit the bed.

    Work for 13 hours straight before hitting the bed. :P

    1. EpicEnergy


      I work a 12-hour shift, so I guess that would also cause me to be sleepy.

    2. HearthSoul


      Welp it takes me an hour just to fall asleep

  10. *boops the doe* :p

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    2. Deerie


      I manage, you know like being on a rollercoaster— you ?

    3. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Fine. A little stressed atm, but that's good for you, right? :P

    4. Deerie


      @Meson Bolt don’t over-do it. :worry:

  11. You need to stop. This topic needs to be locked. You're spreading misinformation and trolling everybody here.