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  1. Can't wait to get my laptop back. I miss TF2 and Fallout 4. :c


    1. Rikifive


      Oh, that reminds me of being PCless for around 3 months. Well, at least the time was going much slower, so *visually* I had more free time! :derp: 

      Stay strong!

  2. Eerie thing happened tonight. I'm the kind of person who never has dreams. I haven't had a dream so vivid and memorable as tonight, not in like 10 years.

    It was about my older sister. I hope she's okay.

  3. Just found out where I'm (probably) gonna be stationed, and... I'm not thrilled. Somewhere in Washington State, next to Seattle.

    Guess I should buy more hoodies.


  4. Looks like my sleep schedule is being changed again. Gotta wake up tomorrow at 2AM. -.-

    Yey for 'Murica. 

  5. Hey V, you still have discord?

  6. Getting promoted sometime this month. Extra pay. Woo.

  7. Well, made it past Thursday with an A. Thank goodness.

    ... How's everyone else going? :)

    1. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Well, I'm gonna be legal to drink tomorrow and I'm heading off on a cruise, so, yeah, things are going well for me so far. 

    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Awesome. You a beer fella or a whiskey fella? 

  8. Crossed fingers for tomorrow. Thursdays are usually the worst days of the week. :c

  9. I love the night. Why does the sun have to show up to ruin it?

    1. Trottermare Galamane

      Trottermare Galamane

      sshhhh!!!!!! Luna said that once but they sent her far away for a really long time because of it ¦S
      I need a moon to howl at by Noctilucent-Arts
      "by Noctilucent-Arts"

  10. *lonely* >_>

    1. Stormfury
    2. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      I'm right here, buddy. 

  11. My first set of RPG dice came today. Hopefully I can rub off some good mojo onto them. :3


    1. BronyNumber42licious


      I like dice. I have some strangely numbered ones, like 14, 16, 24, 30, 34, 50.

    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Cool. What's a 50-sided dice look like? :o

    3. BronyNumber42licious


      Lile a d10 with 25 sides to each half.

  12. Picked up on some TF2 today. It feels good playing again, but I'm so terribly rusty right now. Haven't played since like December. :x

    1. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Have fun trying to do the new contracts for new pyro weapons. 

  13. Anyone remember @Jaxsie (Inactive)? I tried to message her on discord today. Thought we could reconnect or something. Turns out I've been blocked.

    It stings a little, knowing that she wasn't even open to the option of being friends again, but at the same time... >_>

  14. It snowed today, 3 inches. In Arizona. :o

    1. Kyoshi


      Lucky. :sealed:

    2. Frostgage


      And it was 60 degrees fahrenheit here in Massachusetts xD what even

    3. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      It hailed a couple of days ago here in California O_O

  15. Does RWBY count as an anime?