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  1. I'm an August baby, so apparently I'm an angry little slice of pie.
  2. Personally not really. I'd much rather make a meme that people find funny and have it go viral, focusing the attention on my work instead of myself ^^;
  3. I see you are also fan of dancing singing rocks.

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    2. Treeglow Flicker

      Treeglow Flicker

      I pretty much like all the gems. But Spinel and Peridot are awesome. I originally started watching the show because a friend said that when he saw Spinel, it reminded him of me. So I ended up watching the whole show to catch up with the movie just to see what he was talking about. :P

      This was way before the time I told him how I was abandoned in a park by an older friend when I was really little. Told to stand still and wait. Only for them to never come back. :ButtercupLaugh:

    3. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      That is surprising... >.>;

      I've never had to deal with that in real life, thankfully, but I did have this one friendship end that way. Probably why I like Spinel so much, I relate to her a lot.

      I don't really care for the show at all though, I'm mostly here for Spinel.

    4. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Also Spinel meme




  4. Realistically I have no idea. It does suck for those people working hourly, they're paying their price of living out of pocket and not making any income. I really hope MBI programs that companies are setting up will help keep people afloat, but I'm sure that there are going to be several people suffering financially through this work drought. Hopefully we get a handle on this virus and squash it before June, but personally I can't tell how long it'll be before we can all go back to normal.
  5. Did you play games without me? What did you plaaaay~
  6. What did she say about me, what did she saaaay~
  7. Um... I dunno? Probably go for a walk. Enjoy the new perspective. Study my body as much as possible so I can... er, perform adequately when I go back to being male.
  8. I am feeling complex. A mixed bag, if you will. I didn't sleep at all, which is fine I suppose, I've got coffee. I'm listening to lofi hip hop and talking to the most special person in the world right now, which helps me feel content. I'm reminiscing about stuff that happened last year. A bit sad, a lot nostalgic, and quite content overall. ^^
  9. Well obviously some people don't choose to have kids. I wasn't supposed to happen, but I did. And I'm pretty sure I'm a disappointment to my parents. xD But aside from that, I'm sure some people have good reasons. Perhaps it makes them happy, and that's really the only reasoning they need. You can't really judge what makes people happy, and while it's certainly challenging (at least, when I look at it), I guess the prospect of raising a child is an exciting thing for some folks. For me though, I'm not sure. I might want to have some kids one day, maybe not too many, but probably at least one. Why you ask? Because I want someone to teach, someone to raise right (unlike how my parents did for me). I want to watch and see what a mother's love looks like first-hand. And I want to feel what it feels like for a father to love a child. I've never felt that, so I'm guessing that's why I want it.
  10. Haven't been here in a bit. Here's a recent one.
  11. I feel like you and @Emerald Heart are competing with each other to fill my notifications bar :P

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      Oh sorry