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  1. Hey. Late for your birthday, I'm sorry. But I hope you had a good one.

  2. I don't know if they're all hippies, but I certainly have heard a lotta nonsense recently.
  3. Hey sis :p

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    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Aww, I feel ya there. College can be tough, but you're stubbornly strong and I know you'll power through it!:oh_golly:

      How's your relationships going?

    3. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Oh thanks, I needed to hear that. :fluttershy:


      Well, not sure if you noticed or if you even know him but I'm with Sliding Bolt now. And I must say it's been wonderful. :adorkable: He's wonderful. I bet if he's reading this right now he's gonna respond with a no u. :ButtercupLaugh:But yeah we've been doing well. We're gonna get to meet for the first time during Halloween weekend if plans work out. :ticking:

    4. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Awww, that's great! And heartwarming. Good luck with the meetup, I'm sure it'll be fun :squee:

  4. @Summer Breeze, obviously. Also @Jaxsie (Inactive), even though she's inactive, she was a dope friend while I knew her.
  5. Every now and again. I don't take particularly good photos, but I'm comfortable enough in my own skin to show it off sometimes xD
  6. I haven't had a good hot dog in a while. Probably should. I'm just a fan of ketchup and mustard. Nothing fancy.
  7. I'm 22, and I feel a variety of different ages. There's a part of me that still feels 18, but that part of me is slowly fading away and turning into a part that feels 21. And there's a part of me that feels like I'm 45. That part of me is my bad ankle. xD
  8. Easier than in real life, probably. But I'm always a bit skeptical of friends that I make online, especially on this site.
  9. Depends on what I'm doing. On my own I can usually manage to stay awake until about 5 AM if I really don't have anything else going on. If I'm forced to, like if I'm pulling a guard shift, I can usually stay up all night as long as I've had some coffee.
  10. My best friend is my romantic partner. Seriously, we've been friends for a real long while now but haven't been in a relationship terribly long. I'm glad that it's her, however, because she knows me better than anyone else honestly and I'm not afraid to 'lose' her, even if this romantic thing doesn't work out between us.
  11. While stationed in Korea, I worked on a flight line that had been abandoned for years and was pretty much condemned. The runway and office spaces were still serviceable, but the hangars were really old buildings. During a hurricane one of the hangars collapsed, thankfully nobody was hurt. But we did learn that the hangars had lots of Chromium-6 and asbestos in them. The bomb shelters on the flight line had lots of mold in them too, and the drainage ditches were overfilled with vegetation. Overall not the best place I've worked xD
  12. Yes, yes I do. A good glass of wine is the best way for me to unwind after a long day, but when I'm with friends I like to drink pretty heavily. Usually mixed drinks, but I like doing shots of Jack and Jim Beam. And a good beer here and there never hurt anyone, although it's not my first choice.
  13. I love romance. More specifically, I love it when my girl does romantic things, and I love saying romantic stuff to her to make her heart flutter and face go all red and blushy. It's adorable, and it makes me feel all the warm fuzzies inside. We're long distance right now, so it's kinda hard to do physical stuff, but as much as we can we make time for each other, talk to each other, help each other out with stress and stuff like that, it's all really nice and just fun and comfortable stuff.