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  1. Traditional Mes is back. :)

    1. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Cool. I almost forgot what the old one looked like. I personally like this one better. 

  2. Meson Bolt

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Ehhhh...... ;n;
  3. *gives you your 3000th brohoof* :P

    So proud. So horse famous. ;-;

  4. What is with the sudden explosion of gachaverse videos? o.o

  5. Happy New Year's Eve, everybody. My mandatory, highly important safety brief is below for all of you to ignore.

    Uber costs less than a DUI


  6. My dad's sick in the hospital right now. Don't yet know what it is, but it doesn't sound good.

    I know I should, but I just can't bring myself to feel empathy for someone I don't know.

    1. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Hmm, i feel the same way about my own father. Apparently he’s not been himself for the past 5 years and left a few months ago. And yes, he’s sick. Sick in his head like he’s got a screw or five loose in his head. 

  7. It's really hard to appreciate good health until you're bedridden sick. -n-


    1. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Having family memebers die of health complications can also do that to you. 

  8. Sorry I'm late to the Christmas party y'all. Internet has been spotty today. But Merry Christmas anyway, everyone.


    1. Totally Totally

      Totally Totally

      Merry Christmas Meson! I hope you had a great one. :raritysillyhat:

    2. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      It was alright. I was on the road for quite a bit today, but I got to spend the rest of the day with family. -c-

    3. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      Merr Chrismas, dude. :derp:


  9. Cocoa, fire, warm blanket. Only missing one thing. -3-

  10. Still waiting for your glorious return. :c

  11. Meson Bolt

    Top 10 Users!

    @Lucky Bolt Aww what? No way I'm top 10. xD
  12. *insert cheery and cheezy Christmas pun status update here*

    Yeah. Sorry, I'm feeling under the weather right now. v~v

  13. Just curious, how many people have actually rode in a one-horse open sleigh? And if you have, can you confirm whether or not it's fun? :p

    1. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      I rode on a normal horse in Mexico for my 21st birthday. It’s an awkward feel on your knees considering your legs spread to your sides and, after your ride, your lower legs feel further out than your thighs and you walk like a shambling zombie. 

      As for geing on a one-horse open sleigh, it usually depends on where you’re going and how fast you go. If you go too fast, your sleigh is bound to flip over on turns. Too slow and, well, it’s too boring and more often than not you get joggers passing by you. 

  14. I feel like it's a lot harder to shop for Christmas presents for adults than children. Like... with kids, you can give them... I dunno, a football, or the latest video game, and they'll be happy. For adults, it's like... "I have money to buy all the little things that I need or want, so the only things that I don't have are the things that are upwards of $200 or more. Could you get me a camera, or a new car, or a new laptop?"

    Ugh. :okiedokieloki:

    1. BronyNumber2


      But that also means you don't get something expensive. Get something they can't normally get, like food from some local place they haven't been to.

    2. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      That might work, or give them a gag gift, like this hilarious tradition we have with one of my cousins where he got so excited to get a ream of paper for Christmas, no joke, the look on his face was priceless :D Because of his reaction to the paper, my family does this traditional gag with him of giving him a ream of paper on top of his actual gift, which is usually a gift card of some sort. Also, try cash cards to somewhere you know they’ll go to sometime soon. 

  15. Don't you hate it when someone's birthday is so close to Christmas, that they don't get birthday AND Christmas gifts? :c

    I mean, mine's in August, but I have a friend whose birthday is the 24th, and he HATES that.

    1. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      My late grandfather’s birthday was December 26. He was Filipino, though, so he didnt complain much about that.