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  1. Me, personally, im just trying to collect as many bugs and fish as possible to make a personal zoo. I try to find duplicate creatures so that i can donate them to the museum, but some of them are hard to come by. My latest and most favorite addition so far was an Atlas Moth. It looked so beautiful that it broke my heart when i failed at catching it the first time i saw it. I got lucky seeing it a second time today. Also, i caught a flea off of one of my residents
  2. Just made some cookies with little bro using mother’s recipe. Turned out better than expected for a first try. image.thumb.jpg.035da28ef95d5179070bbc21c68a5019.jpg

  3. @Samurai Equine Kronos sighed and stood up. “I may be a wandering mercenary,” Kronos replied to the owner, “but i still follow my own code of honor through and through. You cant pay me enough to overturn my objective. Besides, you’ve already given me too much information to simply turn a blind eye now. This exchange is over.” Kronos turned to leave the building and was headed over to Jon.
  4. Bet none of you guys have heard of THIS one: Ahh, i remember this weird ass show. It was part hilarious part weird, of course it was a Saturday morning kids show, but it was still weird for the early 2000s
  5. @Samurai Equine Kronos smacked his own face in disbelief. Is this guy for real? he thought to himself. ”Tha-that’s it?” he stammered, “That’s literally all you want from me? I mean, i kinda expected this to end differently. Dont get me wrong, i aint complaining, just thrown for a loop.”
  6. @Samurai Equine Kronos followed the pony to the meeting space. When he got there, he sheathed his weapons and took a quick scan of the room. “Well,” Kronos said to the darkness, “we gonna settle this or what?”
  7. In some ways, yes she is smarter than me. As someone with high functioning autism, i too am highly knowledgeable in other miscellaneous topics. Same.
  8. @Samurai Equine Kronos looked down on his prisoner. ”Well,” he asked, “What’s it gonna be, punk? You gonna take me to your boss or am i gonna add your head to my collection?” Just execute him where he stands. Kill him. Kronos’ eye slightly twitches, resisting the temptations of his voices to simply kill his target at the moment.
  9. Wait, what? This was a contest? Umm, i dont know exactly how banners work, though.
  10. @Samurai Equine ”Well,” Kronos tells Jon, “What do you want me to do with this one?” Kill him, one of his voices said encouragingly. Remove this dishonorable spy’s head from their shoulders, another one egged on. Hey hey hey, he told his voices, we do this right. By the book. Fine, the voices groaned.
  11. I love snakes and spiders here is an adorable jumping spider with a water drop hat And here is a small hognose snake
  12. My special talent is to make a room go silent by simply being there followed by my very presence causing to room to empty out because no one wants to talk to me.