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  1. @Pastel Heart When the weird dragon shouted “BULLETS” and pulled out a machine gun, Kronos immediately went on the defensive and smashed a huge chunk of earth in front of himself, bracing for whatever the dragon had in mind. Suddenly, the pile of gold dropped on top of him, and Kronos was definitely not prepared for that. The gold then suddenly disappeared and went automatically into his inventory. When he saw the camera was trying to take him along, he took a screwdriver and unscrewed himself from the fixed camera angle, as if playing along with the dragon’s antics. “Okay,” Kronos said to himself, “30000 bits. What the hell would I do with this all the way out here?”
  2. @Pastel Heart Kronos looked in disappointment as, of course, the obviously rigged wheel dicks him over with a pop quiz over free money. I mean, what else would anyone expect? Now, the question...ponies eating caviar? In all the time he’s spent around the ponies of Equestria, he’s never seen any of them, not even the snooty high-class ones, eating fish eggs. However, that seemed like the obvious answer. Then again, it was true, he never heard of ponies eating meat, let alone eggs, barring of course baked goods. With a shrug, Kronos answered “No.”
  3. Jimmy Neutron ”Catastrophe Cannon. OMEGAAAAAAA!!!!”
  4. Here I Go Again. “Same old song”
  5. @Pastel Heart Kronos stared at the dragon with a suspicious squint. He then took a look at the wheel before him. Well, it was at least something to keep him preoccupied while he awaits the heroes trodding through the levels. “Meh, what have I got to lose?” Kronos gave the wheel a spin......
  6. Is that supposed to be part of a nursery rhyme? I can see every equation. TIMMY!? WHERE ARE YOU!? Excuse me, ma’am, have you seen my son? He’s about this tall, clearly gay but we haven’t talked about it yet.
  7. Spongebob? “And what can you do, my effeminate fellow?” ^^Hint hint ^^
  8. @Pastel Heart Kronos’ facial hologram projector gave that angry anime vein effect that was made clearly visible to the strange dragon. “Then WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE!?” Kronos asked with an annoyed tone, “Look, if you’re looking for heroes, they’re in the Jungle level, Level 2. Otherwise, if you have no other business here, get out or I’ll launch you out of my ejection cannon reserved for unwanted NPCs in my territory, aka, YOU.”
  9. I know this comes out of the blue, but am I the only one who developed a huge crush on Nowacking both before and after his transformation? Like, for some reason, I have a bigger crush on him as a guy than as a girl. Is that weird?

  10. @Samurai Equine After Kronos sent his transmission to the heroes, he looked at his minions’ POV on his command center. “Oh, for crying out loud,” he told himself as he sees this strange dragon wandering around his domain, “What the hell is this?” He exited his castle and approached the dragon, but not before recalling his herd back to the fortress with a signaling whistle. ”Alright,” Kronos went on to the dragon, “What the hell is going on here? What’s this about?”
  11. @C. Thunder Dash @Samurai Equine @Dynamo Pad *INCOMING TRANSMISSION* ”Ahh, now that that’s settled,” a familiar voiced called out, “Howdy, heroes. Welcome to the Jungle. Hey, I heard that this place has a curse placed on it, causing the creatures here to reanimate from the dead. I took it upon myself to collect a few samples whilst perusing the levels preemptively and managed to make quite the impressive units for my castle. They are....actually, you know what, lemme get them real quick. Hello? *whistle whistle* C’mere, fellas. Say hello to the heroes.” They can hear an audible, robotic screech in the background. “My cyber animals say hello. Oh, if I were you, I’d watch my step. You never know what’s just a puddle and what’s a sinkhole. Try not to die before reaching me. Sayonara.” *END OF TRANSMISSION*
  12. @Samurai Equine Kronos’ ears perked up in bewilderment as the alarms were tripped. They can’t possibly be that close yet, he thought as he pulled up a character status screen. Sure enough, his suspicions were correct, the heroes were still in level two. So, what the hell tripped the alarm? ”All units,” Kronos announced, “We have a perimeter breach. Commence with an area sweep. Search the land, waters and the air, search every crack and crevice. Whoever is in our perimeter should NOT be here.” As soon as his orders were placed, an army of cybernetic animals stampeded out of the castle to search for the intruder. This intruder does not appear to be part of the hero team, Kronos thought to himself, So who or what the hell is it? Is it a hacker? A speed runner? An exploiter? A modder? Kronos kept a close eye on all of the animals’ POVs. “Whoever or whatever you are,” Kronos said, “I’m gonna find you and I will deal with you.”
  13. Meanwhile, in Kronos’ chambers, after finally setting up the deterrence field and generators, he went underground through a secret passageway which lead to a dimly lit catacomb. Here, Kronos proceeded to begin excavating the final part of his fight with the heroes, the Shadow Labyrinth, a maze cloaked in darkness with naught but a few torches to light up the edges of the room. “Perfect,” Kronos chuckled to himself, “They’ll never get past this.” After resurfacing, he replaced the flooring, which was sturdy enough to support his weight and more, but weak enough for him to easily break. He then went on to work on the obstacles leading towards his chamber. Hmm, he thought to himself, If I recall correctly, they have a Druid on their team. So, what better way to piss of a Druid than with bastards of nature? He chuckled evilly as he began to turn various creatures captured from other levels into cybernetic monsters, minions for his level.