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  1. Whenever I’m in the bathroom, I try my best to rip a fat one to assert dominance in the establishment, regardless of whether or not it’s public or private. I usually fail, however, and I just end up looking like a lightheaded idiot with a rekt rectum.
  2. House chores, eat and play video games either on my phone or Xbox. My little brother tends to hog the Switch, but there’s not really anything interesting we have on it. At least, not until Christmas when he opens up the Pokémon game I got him.
  3. *Sees weird white horse in house* *heads to garage* *comes back to kitchen with machete* ”I’ve always wondered what Alicorn meat tasted like.”
  4. Give yourself some time to get over it. It varies between people. Me, I’ll bawl for like, two minutes after a break up then get over it. After that, I just go about my life until another partner comes around. Just take as much time as you need, buddy. It’s different for everyone. What’s your period of time between a breakup and a hook up?
  5. Sure. Just keep it casual and i’ll determine whether I’m up for a second date.
  6. I’d rather be by myself. Whenever I’m at a group of people, I’m mostly ignored anyways. At least when I’m by myself, I can talk to people that I want to in my head.
  7. Overrated: Rayquaza, literally made his own tier with his stupid Dragon’s Ascent move. Underrated: Zygarde. Adorable land snake Pokémon. Nuff said.
  8. Why can’t I think of doing things for myself? Why can’t I do something good for myself for once? Why do I always think that me doing something for myself would just lead to trouble?

  9. You know what just dawned on me this morning? With the COPPA regulations fining creators for things like cartoons in their videos, what are they gonna do about channels whose creators are long gone, like Etika and kitty0706? Are they gonna ask for money from some dead men? Or are they gonna attack their families like corporate mobsters? This is a question that I just thought about looking at just one video from kitten0706.

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    2. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      In 2020, it will, but you gotta wonder what is gonna happen to channels whose creators are dead when COPPA is enforced. 

    3. Kyoshi


      I think Youtube is what will be dead if it is as bad as I have heard.

    4. Kronos the Revenant

      Kronos the Revenant

      That’s what everyone is saying. Here’s to hoping we don’t get another platform nuke. 

  10. Just learned about a yokai called a tsuchinoko and it’s one of the most adorable little shits i’ve ever laid eyes on. OwO




  11. I had four. Each representing a repressed emotion of mine. Gabriel was my compassion. Kaid was my wrath. Tulson was my questionable sexuality. And Kraven was my metaphorical hunger for attention and affection. These four eventually became my OC’s seperate personalities in his dissociative identity disorder.