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  1. @Samurai Equine Following up on his friend’s instructions, Kronos stood at the entrance of the town, remaining vigilant like a sentry. As the day went on, he balanced himself on one leg with the other crosses over, placed his zither on his lap, and began to play manipulating the wind around him, picking up random leaves and litter around the entrance to swirl around him.
  2. @Samurai Equine Kronos turned slightly to the back, but not looking directly at Samurai. He gave a light grunt. He wouldn’t understand, his voices said, besides, we’re supposed to keep our client anonymous from anyone, including him. So what do you suggest I do? Kronos asked his voices. Uhhh, the Origami Shinobi? What would he have to do with this!? Uhh, I don’t know. Gee, thanks for nothing. You’re welcome for nothing. Kronos finally turned towards Samurai and told him, “I have no concurrent explanation for what occurred here, nor am I in any position to tell you who told me to do this nor why, because I don’t know why he wanted me to do this either; however, given that there were no casualties, there’s no need for hostility, Samurai.”
  3. When the tourney event happens, I’m looking forward to fighting you. Be ready for one persistent opponent.
  4. Hmmm.......I suppose given how chaotic it is already to make fireworks go off in a public space, and considering the given setting, I guess having some fireproof bees emerging from the rockets isn’t out of the question and it does fit in with the mission at hand. Yeah, I’m good with the whole bees thing, but at least mention that there were some explosions from the aforementioned fireworks.
  5. @Samurai Equine Umm, Samurai, the Nest of Bees is not literally filled with bees, it’s filled with fireworks, so, explosions happened, not swarms of bees.
  6. With the new day dawning on him, Kronos went to work in solitude. He replaced his explosives with mild fireworks in his Nest of Bees. He then went around jumping from rooftop to rooftop with his stealth systems engaged. He changed the look of his armor to make it difficult for others to recognize him. He finally found a good perch near the town square and set his rocket launcher on his shoulder. Time to wreck some HAVOC!!!! his voices said to him. He scanned the area to find places that’ll cause minimum casualties but maximum collateral damage. He found a few spots that looked public and promising, making for a very awesome display. He decided to target the wide town square, very large with ponies widely spread out to meet his criteria. He snapped his claw to make some sparks that ignited the fireworks. One by one, in rapid succession, they flew out of the pod and landed randomly on the town square, even coming into contact with a few buildings. Kronos wildly swung around the pod to ensure maximum chaos gets spread across the town. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! his voices rejoiced, RUN COWARDS, RUN!!!!!!!
  7. @GeneralDirection ”Well,” Kronos answered, “Like I said before, I’m the most level-headed and reasonable Rokian you’ll ever encounter for the time being. So, the purpose of me being here in Equestria is to possibly revive diplomatic bonds between Ragnarok and Equestria. My journey has taken me to lots of interesting locales and places. Of course, I do occasionally report back to the kingdom, mostly to check up on my family but they also do get info about where I go. Speaking of which.....” He pulled out his emblem on his chest and pressed it. A hologram projected three figures. His family. “Hey Mom, hey Dad,” Kronos greeted them, “Hey sis.....”
  8. “Well, Ragnarok is a ways away from the actual jurisdiction of Equestria itself,” Kronos explained, “You see, Ragnarok and Equestria used to be one a few millennia ago, however differences in opinions on how to keep peace and order soon split the land into two separate kingdoms as the ponies now known as Rokians receded from Equestria. Despite wanting to reunite the two lands, the ponies of Ragnarok focused most of their time and energy to industrial development and wartime armament while Equestria focused on trying to unite its own tribes together to survive a harsh winter. Over time, the two lands began to become so disjointed and unrecognizable by the other that generations later the denizens of the two countries saw each other as foreigners. Again, like I explained earlier, we’re a stratocratic society led by military leadership. My nuclear family consists of my older sister, Rhea, Ragnarok’s Wrath of the Ancient Warriors, my Mother, Athena, the Grand Valkyrie of the Angels of War, and Uros, the Grand General of Ragnarok and the Conqueror of the Hellscapes. At the moment, my sister and my parents are all back at home managing Ragnarok and most likely expanding its influence by occupying neighboring cities and lands to add to the kingdom.”