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  1. @Samurai Equine ”Hmm,” Kronos said out loud to Finn, “I dont know, depends on what they think. Guys?” His four spirits manifested themselves to Finn. “Alright alright,” Kaiser said, “I’ll behave myself.” ”Good,” Gabriel told him, “We dont want to put this child’s life in danger again.” ”So kid,” Ajax said, “We all have our own fields of expertise. So, to narrow it down, lemme tell you who specializes in what: Kaiser is the most ancient of us all. Any information you want to learn about you inquire him. I am rather knowledgeable in defensive magic. Gabriel is adept
  2. @Samurai Equine There, i did...something. I kinda did somewhat of a recap of events so far from Kronos’ point of view.
  3. @Samurai Equine With Finn on his shoulder, Kronos went on to the town and said “Welp, alright, kid, let’s see what there is to do.” He first takes Finn over to the Town Square, where he explains some things that he did there. “A while ago, the folks here were having a festival and there was a stage right over there. I actually performed music there one time. Also, and dont tell anyone this but,” he proceeded to whisper this into his ear, “I may or may not have caused a little bit of chaos around here by unleashing a bunch of flash bees around here. But you didnt hear thi
  4. @Samurai Equine Funny thing about that, Kronos has only been in the Town Square, the race track, the Arcade and Mayor Black’s Office. Oh, and that one restaurant. But that’s it, so..... @ExplosionMare But.....what you propose does seem like a good idea
  5. @Samurai Equine About that.......what’s there for me and Finn to do?
  6. @Samurai Equine Kronos’ eyes were nearly dozing off as he seemed to be the quiet and distant type amongst the group; that is until the little pony asked him a question and he snorted himself awake. “Huh, what?” he asked in sudden confusion, “Oh, yeah, sure.” He noticed that the little colt wanted to ride on his back. He picked up the little colt and placed him on one of his suit’s pauldrons. “So, what do you want to check out first, kid?”
  7. Mucking about the Max Lair catching legendaries. What do you think of my collection so far?image.thumb.jpg.4157b4c591b6f62d9ff27a67d65d1577.jpg

  8. @Samurai Equine Yeah, still am, just not sure exactly where else i could respond to anyone. I get mentioned, but then i dont see any indication anyone is actually interacting with me. I see more umbrella coverage of interaction rather than specific interaction, if that makes sense.
  9. Kronos the Revenant

    Guess That Reference!

  10. @ExplosionMare ”My people fought for conquest,” Kronos answered, “Although, according to the stories of my ancestors, we used to be a massive jumble of disorganized cities. We still had our clans, Argent, Stromhelm, Urvex, and Reaver, clans named after the four original generals of Ragnarok. I hailed from the Reaver clan. We all sought expansion of our lands, initially for honor but it soon turned to a battle royale for power. Eventually, the Reaver clan came out on top. We went back to our tradition of conquest until we suddenly stopped. That was until my sister and I were born and were
  11. @ExplosionMare ”Yes, your assertion would be correct,” Kronos replied, “Rokians are a race of warriors from Ragnarok. We live for battle. Whatever inquiries you have, feel free to ask, because the history of my people is rather extensive.”
  12. @C. Thunder Dash Well, i sorta did for my plot devices, so i guess it’s only fair.
  13. @Samurai Equine @ExplosionMare @Dynamo Pad In the aftermath of the chaos, everyone was clearly mixed with relief and confusion. After regaining Kaiser, Kronos went to answer some questions. “Yes,” he first answered Dynamo, “That was the same Kaiser from the game world. That old soul couldnt stand losing, even if it’s just a game. The other spirits usually keep him in check, but i guess something about the video game world prevented that from happening. Dont worry, it’s all good now.” He then answered Pencil, “How did i acquired this soul? Well, in my culture, once
  14. @Samurai Equine @C. Thunder Dash Kronos stared straight ahead with eyed widened with revelation. He has shown himself, his voices declared. “Yes, he has,” Kronos replied, “Time for action.” Kronos got back into his suit and leapt from building to building until he saw the whole commotion happening. “KAISER!!!” He shouted at the ethereal form. “YOU!!” Kaiser growled as he turned towards Kronos, “YOU WERE WEAK. UNWORTHY OF MY ASSISTANCE ANY LONGER. I GRANTED YOU MY WILLPOWER AND YOU SURRENDER TO A RAGTAG GROUP OF LOWLIVES!!” Being around C
  15. @Samurai Equine Hmm, i guess now would be a good time for Kronos to intervene.
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