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  1. soarin or braeburn too. only cause id go for male pones
  2. yes definitely. mostly because ive lost contact over time through inactivity in communities
  3. hmm not sure what i would choose. ive disliked turkey on sandwiches (and at thanksgiving in general) for a long time. it just started to be gross to me
  4. build up my body, i want to get rid of my muffin gut
  5. certain things are pretty gross but other than that its ok
  6. yeah! i did a lot of online grocery pickup. noon was a busy time (right about as i was coming in. oof)
  7. hello. decaf please so today was the first day at my new job. very much on my feet
  8. nice that would be pretty cool, but it would honestly defeat the purpose of the good in equestria. though all worlds probably gotta have some form of evil
  9. what year did you graduate high school? i graduated last year, it was fun. i was in for a little longer than i wanted, but i needed the extra time
  10. a local newscaster in the area (weatherman). it was during a toy drive and i thought it was cool at the time kinda lame now
  11. AAAAAAAA yay! a reason to go to mcdonalds