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  1. Just bought myself a sword. Happy belated birthday gift to me. image.thumb.jpg.66c3aef2a157bfa7e197135d6743e445.jpg

  2. Just got my first COVID vaccine dose

  3. @Samurai Equine @Dynamo Pad Kronos didnt notice that Dynamo already started pummeling the leopard into submission. He proceeded to follow up by unleashing his arsenal into Snow Leopard. The spirits chipped in with entanglement spells and holy smites.
  4. @Samurai Equine Kronos was fighting for his life when suddenly he finds himself in front of a cybernetic leopard and....Samurai!? He also notices his flamethrowers are refueled and his weaponry is reloaded, including his rocket launcher now filled with micro-warheads. He then heard the cyborg leopard speak. “Answer you?” Kronos asked, “ANSWER YOU!?!?” His suit opened up to reveal an armory of weaponry ready to obliterate the robotic cat and he quickly retracted Samurai with a zero-point energy beam and pulled him safely behind him and his friends. His spirits also manifeste
  5. @Ragland Tiger Kronos barely heard what Bluebell asked over all the commotion occurring around him. When he found a small amount of respite, he turned to her and replied “All the townsfolk are being evacuated. Follow where they’re going and you’ll be safe. Umm, here take this.” He gave Bluebell a lightweight but durable plate of Eternium to place on her back. “GO GO GO!!!” he shouted as he continued to fight more of the paper army.
  6. @Ragland Tiger Amongst his fighting, Kronos hears Bluebell calling out to him. He pulls out his whip blade and wraps Bluebell with it, retracting her onto his beck before proceeding to fire an explosive fire blast towards the oncoming assailants. “Watch your back!!” Kronos told Bluebell as he dropped his arsenal box and pulled out his enormous Nest of Bees he remodified to hold bigger payloads and unleashed a massive salvo of explosives into the stampede.
  7. @Samurai Equine Kronos’ eyes widened with disbelief. His own employer, one of the two leaders responsible for this town, dares to retreat!? The nerve of this coward!!! his voices interject, Lost cause!? Our kingdom was built out of ruins and rubble!! How could this possibly be a lost cause!? As he stood there, Kronos looked at the Dark Stone Buster sword. Then at Mayor Black. He went up to him and swiped his amulet away from him. He presses it a few times and then gives it back. It injected syringes into Mayor Black’s chest, extracting some blood and minerals from
  8. @Samurai Equine “Only this, sir.” He produced a holographic projection of the map of Friendshire with the surrounding area littered with the paper ninjas he saw. “Apparently, according to Samurai, there was some paper ninja thing that was going to cause problems. Someone had a premonition that this town was going to be attacked in a full-scale invasion. My scouting drones confirmed this suspicion. I predict, without proper preparations, casualties and deaths could number in the hundreds if not thousands from both sides and this town would be reduced to ruins.” He then hears Mayor Bla
  9. @Samurai Equine Kronos made it back to Mayor Black’s office. He gave him his report. ”Sir, there’s trouble brewing in the outskirts. And it’s not pretty. There’s an army of ninja that intend to destroy this city, and I doubt they’ll take prisoners. Im not asking to mobilize a militia, that’s too impractical. Im asking you to evacuate the citizens to a secure location while i hold off this imminent threat looming over the horizon. Please, sir, I’ve never asked for anything from you until now. Evacuate your citizens to ensure the future of your town lives on.”
  10. @Dynamo Pad @C. Thunder Dash @Samurai Equine @Ragland Tiger @ExplosionMare Kronos was on his way to Mayor Black’s office when he encountered the others. He notices panicked looks on their faces. He then sees one of them has a glowing mystical box. Samurai’s Laronde Box. “I suppose you already know what’s approaching.” He told them “And we all know what this could possibly mean, right?”
  11. @Samurai Equine Krux was sniffing at Kronos’ arsenal box, which was a virtually bottomless box that held a whole bunch of weaponry, yet still remained light as air. Bewildered, Kronos looked back at the box and selected “Recent” on it. There, he saw a weapon he forgot was there, Samurai’s sword. The Dark Stone blade. “Hmm,” Kronos lamented, “The combination of magic nullification from both my Eternium armor and Samurai’s Dark Stone Sword, we may just have a chance at something here.” He gave the buster sword a few swings. While it was a buster sword that was almost unwieldy for
  12. Kronos awakens as the first exposure of the morning sun makes contact with his armor. The heat emanating through minute gaps in his armor permeated and went onto his skin, giving him a calming emergence from his stasis. As soon as his eyes open, however, his spirits immediately manifested. Danger is imminent. They told Kronos. “I know,” he replied, “That damn paper gazelle thing or whatever the hell it was warned us. Samurai entrusted me as the new guardian of this town. I will due my damnest to keep these civilians safe. We may have to break a few self-imposed rules to do
  13. @Samurai Equine @SolidFire7 ”I could be asking you the same thing, stranger,” Kronos replied to the changeling, “I’m only gonna ask one more time: who are you and what’s your business here?” His suit visibly hissed out some air as he went from tense to relaxed at regular intervals, seemingly ready to strike at a moment’s notice. This one looks skilled, a voice told Kronos, We best exercise caution.
  14. @SolidFire7 As he patrolled the city, Kronos’ sensors detected an anomaly. Unknown presence detected. Kronos immediately went to investigate. Upon reaching where his sensors told him, he saw what looked to be a changeling performing some sort of swordplay. A performance of some sort? his voices asked. Perhaps, Kronos replied. He then turned his attention to the changeling. “You there,” he called out to the changeling, “How did you get in? Identify yourself.” He kept his sword at the ready, cautious about his approach.
  15. @SolidFire7 @Samurai Equine I might be able to keep post around the city and mayhaps try to halt him as an introduction to the new guy. Then @GeneralDirection’s character could intervene at some point.
  16. @Samurai Equine ”Hmm,” Kronos said out loud to Finn, “I dont know, depends on what they think. Guys?” His four spirits manifested themselves to Finn. “Alright alright,” Kaiser said, “I’ll behave myself.” ”Good,” Gabriel told him, “We dont want to put this child’s life in danger again.” ”So kid,” Ajax said, “We all have our own fields of expertise. So, to narrow it down, lemme tell you who specializes in what: Kaiser is the most ancient of us all. Any information you want to learn about you inquire him. I am rather knowledgeable in defensive magic. Gabriel is adept
  17. @Samurai Equine There, i did...something. I kinda did somewhat of a recap of events so far from Kronos’ point of view.
  18. @Samurai Equine With Finn on his shoulder, Kronos went on to the town and said “Welp, alright, kid, let’s see what there is to do.” He first takes Finn over to the Town Square, where he explains some things that he did there. “A while ago, the folks here were having a festival and there was a stage right over there. I actually performed music there one time. Also, and dont tell anyone this but,” he proceeded to whisper this into his ear, “I may or may not have caused a little bit of chaos around here by unleashing a bunch of flash bees around here. But you didnt hear thi
  19. @Samurai Equine Funny thing about that, Kronos has only been in the Town Square, the race track, the Arcade and Mayor Black’s Office. Oh, and that one restaurant. But that’s it, so..... @ExplosionMare But.....what you propose does seem like a good idea
  20. @Samurai Equine About that.......what’s there for me and Finn to do?
  21. @Samurai Equine Kronos’ eyes were nearly dozing off as he seemed to be the quiet and distant type amongst the group; that is until the little pony asked him a question and he snorted himself awake. “Huh, what?” he asked in sudden confusion, “Oh, yeah, sure.” He noticed that the little colt wanted to ride on his back. He picked up the little colt and placed him on one of his suit’s pauldrons. “So, what do you want to check out first, kid?”
  22. Mucking about the Max Lair catching legendaries. What do you think of my collection so far?image.thumb.jpg.4157b4c591b6f62d9ff27a67d65d1577.jpg

  23. @Samurai Equine Yeah, still am, just not sure exactly where else i could respond to anyone. I get mentioned, but then i dont see any indication anyone is actually interacting with me. I see more umbrella coverage of interaction rather than specific interaction, if that makes sense.
  24. Kronos the Revenant

    Guess That Reference!

  25. @ExplosionMare ”My people fought for conquest,” Kronos answered, “Although, according to the stories of my ancestors, we used to be a massive jumble of disorganized cities. We still had our clans, Argent, Stromhelm, Urvex, and Reaver, clans named after the four original generals of Ragnarok. I hailed from the Reaver clan. We all sought expansion of our lands, initially for honor but it soon turned to a battle royale for power. Eventually, the Reaver clan came out on top. We went back to our tradition of conquest until we suddenly stopped. That was until my sister and I were born and were
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