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  1. Pick who you would think would win then suggest the next two I will start Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin
  2. The weirder the better I will start Would you rather have 4 ears or 2 noses?
  3. I will begin with I love you You have won £15 million on the lottery
  4. The only I can think off is a shell I took from the beach
  5. You pick between the two options then choose the next two I will start Spend 30 days in jail or get slapped with a fish 30 times?
  6. I think Callux can be annoying at times.
  7. I wanted to be on big brother and dick and Dom in the bungalow.
  8. I played a butler in scoorge , I had no lines
  9. The above user says a question and you give a wrong answer I will start What country is Donald Trump the president of?