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  1. Reecejackox

    Been There or Not been there?

    simple , you name a place then the below member says whether they have been there or not been there i will start San Diego
  2. Probably for me , a few cracked ribs , nothing major.
  3. Three weeks ago , I forgot to put the bins out , only realised in the morning of the day.
  4. and to answer it they have to explain why it is impossible i will start Which English City is Madison square garden in?
  5. Reecejackox

    Answer the above question with a lie?

    by answering it Do you hate Mlp?
  6. Reecejackox

    A to Z of this or that?

    Very simple both options start with the same letter I will start with A Apricot or Apple?
  7. or strange off the top of my head cut head after hitting my head on a large road sign brother tripped me which caused a scar got stabbed with a pen which caused bleeding got hit with a cricket ball fell off the middle of a slide.
  8. Reecejackox

    Higher or Lower>

    you say something about yourself number related and the below user says whether it is higher or lower for them self then say something else i will start my highest bowling score is 102.
  9. off the top of my head Wigan Bolton Blackburn Leyland Chorley Blackpool and more that i cant think off
  10. Reecejackox

    What are you bad at?

    I would say Cooking Ironing Geography
  11. of the top of my head i have been to London Manchester Liverpool Preston Glasgow Edinburgh
  12. at the back or the front or somewhere in between in form , i used to sit at a table with 3 other boys at the front of the classroom.
  13. Reecejackox

    In common or not in common?

    Simple thread , you give a fact/opinion about yourself and the below user has to say whether they have it in common with you or not? I will start I have watched Friends today.
  14. to see how well we all know each other i will start What is my favourite TV show?
  15. i have a three seat sofa and i normally sit on the one nearest to the door.