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  1. currently - in my pants pockets - nothing.
  2. I would say on record about 6.2 miles from college to my home a few years ago now.
  3. I have been to 4 England Scotland Wales France
  4. Can be any type of brand , clothing food technology etc I will start Burger King - not as good as the other fast food brands IMO.
  5. For whatever reason I would say pink or yellow.
  6. I remember being in school , people laughing at me , I didn't know why until a friend pointed out my boxers were on show.
  7. I once a threw a pen to my mate who was lying on the pen , he didn't catch it properly and it stabbed him and caused a cut on his hand.
  8. How did your parents meet?

    I believe my parents met in a night club around 35 years ago now.
  9. The school I went to banned us from playing pikeman cards at break times , no idea why
  10. For example , a shop , someone's house , a car etc Have you ever been barred from somewhere When I was 7 I got asked to leave the neighbours house for spilling juice on the floor.
  11. So I saw in the daily mirror yesterday 50 signs you are an adult so just wondering when was the first time you felt like an adultI would say when I got my first job and first pay packet.
  12. A woman once called me lovely , that was nice.
  13. I will start I work in a supermarket
  14. I had a detention for not doing homework and sent to the head for talking too much.
  15. Last thing you googled?

    The last thing I googled was your first Christmas for some reason.