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  1. My dad was a supermarket worker before he retired And my mum is a carer
  2. the loudest thing i have slept through is my dog barking at night to go out.
  3. I will start with Primary - I was in a school play which ended the school year High school - remember there was an assembly for the year and me and two mates decided to play football instead College - remember coming in just to fill in paper work then went home.
  4. i remember on the first day of high school , meeting up with the lads from primary school at the local shop and walking with them then before school playing football on the football court then went into an introductry assmembly were i sat with the wrong form - i sat with my mates form instead of my own
  5. you answer the above question with a lie then suggest the next question i will start what is your favourite tv show?
  6. Reecejackox

    Last bus/train ride you took?

    The last bus ride I took home was at 4.35pm today.
  7. can be anything the one good deed i have done for a stranger was in a supermarket car park , helping her put her christmas tree in the trunk of her car.
  8. and why i think it would have to be my brother , he knows a lot about everything.
  9. the last thing i got out of the wardrobe is the socks i am currently wearing.
  10. The last thing I got out of the freezer was a magnum
  11. The last thing I got out of the fridge was milk for cereal
  12. Can be as trivial as you want The worst thing I did was stole from a shop when I was 13 , that was it.
  13. Like every school had at least one big story from it , what was yours Mine was lad getting knocked out with a boot bag in the playground in year 7
  14. whether it be in the shower or just generally the last thing i was sweet caroline by neil diamond in the shower.
  15. just for fun my two magazines about an hour ago.