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  1. One thing I was worried about in regards to emulating Animal Crossing is that the internal clock wouldn't work. Though surprisingly the emulator reads my PC's clock and gets the date and time from it, something I didn't know was possible since emulators can be wonky at times.

  2. Well Battle For Azeroth is live, time to mount some Alliance heads to a spike.

  3. Snow Frostflame

    Name 1 thing about the above user

    It would be their birthday today.
  4. Snow Frostflame

    How often do you view your own profile?

    Not often, the index is where I usually hang out. I only really visit my profile when I need to edit something, make a status update, or read a message.
  5. Damn, Nintendo shut down Emuparadise... such a damn shame.

  6. One of my managers left a bunch of crates and empty boxes in our walk in cooler, creating a tripping hazard. Then I come in carrying roughly 20 portions of beef, and trip over that shit, nearly dropping the food. Didn't hurt then, but now I'm starting to feel it in my arm. Gonna chew his ass out for that next I see him.

  7. Snow Frostflame

    Gaming Oldest Video Game that you own / have owned.

    I'm gonna assume emulators are disqualified... I lost a lot of my childhood games when I moved away from my mom. Though among the ones I kept I have a copy of Battle for Bikini Bottom, in "working" condition that I've had since I was 6. That is probably the oldest game I still have. As for the oldest game I've owned, I'd say it would be my GameCube port of 18 Wheeler: American Pro Trucker. I got that when I was barely 5, and was my first video game.
  8. Snow Frostflame

    Gaming Favorite 'hubs' in video games

    Hmm, I'd have to go with the floating city of Dalaran. It was the main hub in World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King, and was brought back, and polished up in Legion. It also has its own room in VR chat, so when I get my hands on a Vive, I'm exploring that in VR.
  9. Snow Frostflame

    Gaming your favorite video game

    You can't walk up to a gamer and expect an easy answer from this... that's like asking a parent who's their favorite child, though I will oblige. My favorite childhood game has to go to Paper Mario 2. My favorite single player game has to go to A Hat In Time My favorite multiplayer game has to go to White Noise 2 and my all time favorite game has to go to World of Warcraft
  10. Snow Frostflame

    Gaming Have you played Animal Crossing on GameCube?

    No actually, despite loving the GameCube to hell and back the original Animal Crossing slipped under the radar for me. I first heard of it in Melee, with the trophy of K.K. Slider, but never knew about the game itself until I believe Wild World released. I thought it was stupid, but you know being a kid, you think anything you don't understand is stupid. I never sat down and played an Animal Crossing game until a year after New leaf released, and I was addicted for a good while. I just wish I discovered it on the GameCube all those years ago and gave it a chance, I'd probably be 1000x more invested into the series than I'am now. Probably gonna add this to my emulator, and see what child me missed out on. Though I'm hoping the internal clock thing doesn't become a problem.
  11. Snow Frostflame

    News 40000 Members

    Now the real question.... how many of those users are actually active?
  12. Snow Frostflame

    General What word do you want to say right NOW.

    ..... umm. I'am very tired, and my legs and back are kinda sore.
  13. One 12 hour shift later... Part of me wanted to switch with another coworker to have a chance at beating my record. The other part of me said "shut your face, and drive us home".

  14. Snow Frostflame

    Another MLP Con is about to Shut Down!

    The fandom is on an obvious decline, and may not be big enough to have cons around the world anymore... but we "should" stay relevant for another decade or so before fading into obscurity. Unless Gen 5 revives us, which I'm doubting. Though the future is not set in stone, only time can tell, so enjoy it while you can. Though its a shame cons are starting to go under, I had always wanted to visit one, but never could afford to go out of state.
  15. Snow Frostflame

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "I don't care if I'm suppose to be the holy Highlord of the Light, I'll kill Alliance citizens if I so please."