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  1. Snow Frostflame

    How Physically Strong Are You?

    Man I remember when my cardio was amazing, ever since I got my car I've not needed my bike, and thus I've been slacking. Though I'm far from out of shape, just not as fast as I was. Though unlike myself four years ago... Jesus this was four years ago?!?.... I've actually gotten a lot stronger since.
  2. Snow Frostflame

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    "Fighting us in the wilderness won't change much, regardless of outcome it solves nothing. Lotus will just replace us with the next fools who willingly step up to risk their lives for gold... as will your team" Frostflame saw his opening, the fool dared to strike first. He quickly swatted Frozen's hoof away, while simultaneously thrusting the paralysis knife into the Pegasus.
  3. Snow Frostflame

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    I haven't been posting at all. Usual work, and trying to get an apartment. But my work finally gave me a weekend, so I should be posting more often... maybe.
  4. An old MMORPG called Wizard 101 helped me with my typing speed, and spelling. Because that game had no mic chat, there was no Discord at the time, and the game censored misspelled words for anyone under 18 for their own safety. That's as much as video games have helped me in that regard... they mostly taught me how to solve puzzles, and problem solve. Come to think about it, there are only two traditional RPGs I've played as a kid. Paper Mario 2, and Tactics Ogre 2... I was more into platformers and racing games.
  5. Snow Frostflame

    General Favorite Things to do in the Fall/Winter

    As someone who lives in the desert, the only difference between seasons is how bright or dark it is, along with colder or warmer temperatures. So I do the same thing all year long, work, and relax at home, while wondering what fall or winter feels like where seasons exist.
  6. Snow Frostflame

    Do you find facial hair unattractive?

    It depends, some guys look better with it, and some look better without it. Me, I look stupid without my beard (despite everyone I've ever met disagreeing), so I only cut it when it gets too long, or starts to annoy me when I eat.
  7. Snow Frostflame

    What's your favorite fruit?

    Kinda hard to pick a favorite, but I'd have to say either golden delicious apples, white grapes, European pears, or Cavendish bananas.
  8. Snow Frostflame

    General What headphones do you have?

    I use the HyperX Cloud I, probably the best headset I've ever owned. I've had this for a couple years now, and it still works perfectly. Though thinking in the future of buy a HyperX Cloud II to replace it.
  9. Snow Frostflame

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    "Do you want me to put that on your tombstones?" Frostflame rhetorically says. "Sure I have no idea who Draco O'mally is, and he probably only knows me from urban legends, but that doesn't mean we aren't incapable of dragging your souls to the underworld. Your fancy magic doesn't impress me, you'll soon realize you've bitten off way more than you can chew." Frostflame realizes he's standing by his dud flash bomb, and pulls his enchanted throwing knife out of it. "One more time, I suppose" he says quietly to himself. He keeps it hidden to his side, and charges straight at the duo... waiting for his opening.
  10. Probably World of Warcraft... the game where you'd have to be completely insane to 100%. Not to mention there is a new expansion every two or so years, so plenty of content, plus with WoW Classic on the horizon. If not that, then I could mess with the Zelda randomizers, since its infinitely replayable, plus its a lot more challenging than the vanilla games.
  11. Oh jeez its December already? Never really been a fan of the cold, I much prefer warmer weather... I know, ironic.

    1. EpicEnergy


      Same here, I prefer the warmth over the cold as well. It's annoying, having to put layers of clothes to simply go outside, when in the summer you can just walk outside with only your shorts on.

  12. Snow Frostflame

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    Frostflame took the hit and rolled into the dirt, and back onto his hooves. He decided to focus on the next threat, that flying nuisance, Frozen. He ran from his position into the treeline once more, climbed through the branches, and returned to the opening once he was high enough off the ground. He eyed Frozen's position, waiting for him to get closer, and closer... until he was close enough and leapt out at him.
  13. So I took the HDMI cable from my capture card, and did some fiddling around with my second monitor. So not only did I get the second monitor working for my PC, I also arranged them in such a way it doesn't look like its falling off my desk

  14. My new monitors finally arrived... now I have two screens... well sorta, I need to buy a new HDMI cable, then I can have two screens. One screen is going to be used for PC stuff, and the other will be used for PC gaming, and console gaming.

    1. Silver Snow

      Silver Snow

      nice, that sounds amazing, wish l still had a 2nd screen.

  15. Snow Frostflame

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    @dragon4111 "Why don't you tell me something more useful" Frostflame goes on, keeping his defensive stance. "Everyone knows that when the conjurer is down, those that were summoned will be banished back from once they came." Frostflame stares at the constellations. "You can keep them transparent all you want, but they won't be a lot of use to you that way. Just have them reappear so I can send them back to the ethereal planes where the belong!" Frostflame moves around, trying to keep his distance from where he thinks Draco is "Come on O'mally, I've got the bull by the horns, now do something already!" he thought to himself.