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  1. What is the longest you have walked in one go?

    6 miles, in Arizona heat, without any water. My school had a system where bus drivers will refuse to let you on without a school ID with the bus number. I should of called my parents, and didn't think of that till I was already 5 miles in.
  2. What would you give to go to Equestria(or their earth)

    Despite all that I've worked for in life, I'd give up... huh, I was going to put a gif of Gul'dan saying "everything" but now that I think about it, why do I want to leave? I'm essentially traveling to a world with no other humans. I will have nothing to indulge my internet addiction. I'd have no problem being outdoors working most of the time though I feel I wouldn't be on par with most of the males. And possibly worst of all (depending on how I see the future) I won't be able to reproduce since I'm the only one of my kind. So really I'd flip a coin on this one, just depends on how life is going for me. If well then nothing, if not then I'd give up my most expensive possession... my car.
  3. Gaming Sea of Thieves not off to a Good Start

    Last I remember Overwatch, and Fornite aren't free world MMOs... can't say the same about Monster Hunter though since I never played it.
  4. Gaming Sea of Thieves not off to a Good Start

    If you expect a highly anticipated online game to run smoothly on the day of launch then you are fooling yourself. I tried to launch the game the minute it released in America.... it took me and my friend two hours later before we could actually play the game. Is that annoying? Yes very much. Does that make Sea of Thieves a bad game? Absolutely not! The lack of customization I found kinda odd, but I'd say I'm satisfied with how my pirate looks. I'am an alpha and beta tester and I can tell you for sure the game has come a long way since, but has become exactly what I imagined it being when I saw it at E3. A game that doesn't hold your hand, or tell you what to do... just sailing around with friends, finding treasure, killing other players, etc. If the game is not your cup of tea, then so be it. But because you don't like the way they made their open world pirate simulator doesn't mean the rest of the internet agrees with you.
  5. The polygraph is finished, and it didn't go the way I thought it would. I thought I'd fail because of inconsistencies, but no I failed because my body betrays me. I told the truth for everything, but it came across as doubt. So now I might have to abandon my dream, and search for a new career path.

    1. CrystalBloodMoon


      Wait... wut? You took a lie detector test? Why?

    2. Snow Frostflame

      Snow Frostflame

      For a job, I wanted to be a detention officer then move up to a deputy sheriff. But if I can't do this then I'm going to have to think of a different career path.

    3. CrystalBloodMoon


      Ooh... that's alot o' pressure. I hope things go well

  6. Sea of Thieves finally released, all these years later, alphas and betas and now the game is finally here... and its a damn fine game.

  7. Anyone still play?

    For the most part kinda... There are usually from 5-15 people online, but I have never seen this server back when it was very popular. One thing I've noticed is that a lot of structures litter the lands near the spawn, and even thousands of yards away. They range from basic cottages, to massive structures... but they share one thing in common, they're all empty. Me and my buddy @Catsle when we would explore these areas tried to wonder what it was like for the individual(s) who made these. Though time has pass and now our structure joins that of the abandoned ones.
  8. OOC Redemption

    If he wishes not to continue then I can take the roll of both characters. I helped make Alamo so I could try to get into the character, it just wouldn't be as good as Cat.
  9. OOC Redemption

    He replied fairly quickly, his exact words. *pulls out a piece of paper and taps it, Ace Attorney style* "TBH I forgot about it. Work has been a foot up my ass so I barely been home enough to do anything". Though I'm pretty sure he isn't done with this RP, just busy. I will hound on him a bit to make replies, in his spare time.
  10. OOC Redemption

    I'd much rather not control Alamo, because one thing I love about Catsle is how he role plays, and I'd not be doing it justice taking control of him. I will get in contact with him and we will see how far in he is. I've seen him a few times on Xbox Live so perhaps he has internet or is still waiting at his house.
  11. Gaming Did you believe that Herobrine exist

    Heh, yeah back when I was 13. I realized he's more than likely a hoax when I was 15, and I stopped trying to hunt him. Though I do have a funny story back when I was a kid. Me and @Catsle were playing a public game (back when console had public games). We were inside an abandoned mine shaft and we split off for a bit. Catsle was nearby getting ore, while I was exploring the cave. I turn a corner and see Herobrine standing at the end of the hallway staring my down before turning away into another hallway. So I start screaming to Cat that we need to get the hell out of here. Though Cat didn't listen and decided to confront him. Turns out it was one our old friends in a Herobrine skin and his name tag turned off. I was pissed, but looking back at it, I think it was funny and probably one of my best Minecraft stories.
  12. My polygraph test is coming up in a few days. I'm pretty nervous because if I fuck this up I blow my best chance at getting my dream job.

  13. My sleep schedule is hell'a messed up. Yesterday I was tired at 10 PM, now its 2 AM and I'm still wide awake.

  14. You did well paying your respects to the dead like that. The staff really shouldn't of locked your thread like that, I see that as huge disrespect to you, and Tempest. May your friend, Tempest find eternal peace.

    1. Lucid_Nightlight


      I'm usually one to respect the authority of the staff, but locking that thread was just wrong.

      If there's one thing that ticks me off, it's disrespecting the dead

  15. After nearly 2 years of waiting, its hard to believe Sea of Thieves is coming out in 5 days.