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  1. Snow Frostflame

    Searching Searching for RP players

    Hmm, checking every hour or so a day is a little too much commitment. I can try, but I'm not as free as I once was back then. If you're willing to give a bit more breathing room then I'll be interested, it will be a nice way to scrape off some rust as its been awhile.
  2. Snow Frostflame

    General Where is everypony from?

    Born in California, spent majority of my infancy in Virginia and Georgia, and consider the beautiful copper state of Arizona my home state.
  3. Snow Frostflame

    What do you remember about your last day of school?

    I started my senior year with only 13 credits... and after working my ass off all year long especially on the final week, I managed to barely get enough credits. The principle called me over (it was a much smaller school of like a hundred or so people) and told me I was going to walk. I nearly fell to my knees, after he told me that. I would have never graduated if not for the help of my sister and English teacher. That was technically my final day, but there was an optional final day for seniors. We were allowed to come in, eat pizza with others who would walk, and watch movies till the end of the day. I remember saying goodbye to all my friends... including my crush... then riding my bike off into the sunset. My final day of Junior High was very underwhelming... mostly because I didn't show up due to drama with my mother. I sorta just disappeared without a trace and no one questioned it. Kinda like when I transferred from my other junior high I spent 6th to the beginning of 8th at... disappearing without a trace. And as for Elementary I remember the 5th graders had a special day... I don't quite remember what it was, but I know it wasn't learning. I remember going to each and every one of my teachers throughout the years and say my final goodbyes. My Kindergarten teacher was the last I said it to, and she seemed the most shocked. Probably cause she remembers a small boy coming to the school, and then a slightly bigger one leaving the school. I remember leaving that place was hard for me because I had spent majority of my life at that school, and saying goodbye to everyone was even harder.
  4. Snow Frostflame

    Post random facts about yourself even if they are obvious

    Calling me a pyromancer DESPITE CLEARLY BEING A CRYOMANCER generally annoys me.
  5. My parents got a VR headset for their PS4, and I finally got to try it for the first time. Its just as awesome as I thought it would be. Can't wait till Cyber Monday, gonna buy me an HTC Vive.

  6. I have fallen in love with two of my childhood friends, one of them I actually dated. Not one of the wisest things to do as we're no where nearly as close as we use to be. I can see it being more likely to date someone who isn't close to you, than your best friend but not to the point of it being very rare. I'd say a good few of us has had secret feelings towards a close friend at one point, but didn't want to risk their friendship. But then again research and evidence trumps personal experience.
  7. Snow Frostflame

    Food Is anypony a chocoholic?

    No, in fact I'm very neutral with chocolate compared to my younger self. Only really liking chocolate ice cream, and milk.
  8. Snow Frostflame

    General What are you doing this summer?

    Hopefully moving out of my parents house with my sister and best friend. Other than that... go to work, play some video game, MLPF, YouTube and chill... the usual.
  9. Snow Frostflame

    What's your worst day in your whole life?

    The worst day of my life... Gonna put spoilers around this because this is kinda dark, and I try not to be as grim as I once was.
  10. Snow Frostflame

    Gaming What is your favourite gaming console?

    Despite using this for majority of my gaming purposes I'm excluding the PC. Personally I'd have to give this to the Xbox One, it may not have the same variety of games as PC but still does a damn fine job at what it does. Plus it can crossplatform with PC on some games allowing me to play with my friends while playing on stronger hardware. As for nostalgic purposes I'd have to give it to the Xbox 360 and GameCube. Xbox 360 for being my first online console experience, I met a lot of good friends I'm still close with today. Though despite being rendered completely obsolete by the Xbox One I still keep my Arcade Model Xbox 360 as a memento. And the GameCube was my favorite childhood console next to the N64. I had lots of fond memories hosting Smash 2 (Melee) tournaments when we had our yearly family reunions. I no longer have my GameCube, but I still hold onto my first GameCube controller also as a memento.
  11. Thinking of sometime in the future replacing my desk with a standing desk.

  12. Snow Frostflame

    General Where are you going for your birthday?

    I was going to go to a casino since I'm now of age to gamble, but because my stepmother was sick we held off and instead just stayed at home.
  13. Snow Frostflame

    How many notifications do you get every time you check MLP Forums?

    Yesterday I got several, but that's because it was my birthday. On average I'd say I get at least one a day, this is because I have notify new status updates off, or what ever its called... Like most of the community. I'm just not as active as I once was, I only pop in every now and then to answer random questions.
  14. Snow Frostflame

    Movies/TV What did you think of Star Wars: The Clone Wars?

    I loved it as a kid, because to me that was Star Wars, not some ragtag Rebellion fighting an Empire. I still need to go back and finish watching it now that its over.
  15. Snow Frostflame

    What do you remember about your first day at school?

    Depends... I remember my first year of High School at all four schools I went to. I remember my first year at Junior High, and the one I transferred to. I remember my first year at Elementary School. And I remember my first year at preschool.