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  1. kingfan

    shows that went downhill

    what shows in your opinion got bad
  2. kingfan

    Dave Polsky Not Writing for Season 7

    and these type of fans are the reason why people are hating us bronies and the show and i think you meant rep
  3. kingfan

    spoiler Season 7 so far?

    its pretty good my favorite episode: forever filly celestial advice and a royal problem my least favorite episode: honest apple the only episode i didn't see yet is not asking for trouble anyways im looking forward to the next one
  4. kingfan

    episode review "A Flurry of Emotions" Quick Review

    in my opinion flurry of emotions is baby cakes done right
  5. gay cringe cancer Mary sue autistic overrated
  6. i like both sorry everyone
  7. kingfan

    Definition of Mary Sue

    a mary sue is a character or oc that has no flaws no personality perfect at eveything they do and never makes mistakes
  8. no because she still has her flaws unlike bella from twilight
  9. kingfan

    Which MLP Shippings do you wish could be in the show?

    twishy twidash appleshy
  10. yup she really more powerful then twi
  11. clopfics and all the mlp jokes
  12. kingfan

    Some good Alicorn OCs

    the backstory can be sad as long as its done correctly and not too sad how about lighting bliss since she has a good backstory but shes not my oc she belongs to Emily
  13. kingfan

    Was Princess Cadence a Mary Sue?

    does this mean princess luna is a mary sue
  14. kingfan

    Some good Alicorn OCs

    the only alicorn ocs i like are lighting bliss fallen wish anna madsen alesha zee white hawk and pristine and heather blossom and a male alicorn the reason why i like these them is because they are not overpowered mary sues/gary stus because they are not perfect