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  1. My Meemaw is nice. She's in her 70s.
  2. Heh. You know, I never thought of them as sisters, but then again, how many sirens have you seen?
  3. Ask me anything, Reddit. I mean, ask me whatever, MLP Forums. Because why not.
  4. Spoiler

    Starswirl will shock the community by sounding exactly like Pinkie Pie.
  5. Don't donate money without your parent's permission
  6. Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  7. Home Invader Twilight
  8. Hams
  9. Watching NFL MNF, and there's a trailer for Blade Runner...and instead of the creepy synthesizer music, they have like a...happy dance beat in the background. Weird.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jeric


      Troblems? No she keeps throwing interceptions everywhere

    3. PiratePony


      She could play for them Eagles though.



      You like football? noice. I love college football, especially clemson tigers football, and patriots football. Tom Brady deflected the Madden curse to his wide receivers

      *college AND NFL

  10. If the multiple universe theory is true, and there is a universe that exists where all of your ships are indeed true, would it kill you inside that you would never be able to see your dreams an (alternate) reality? Or would you be happy knowing that somewhere out there, they were in existence, just as your heart desired? As that universe would not exist without your feedback, would that in fact make you that universe's god? Or is that merely the influence of a greater power in this universe which has lead your hand to create these ships in the first place? Is the joy of creation enough or is it the satisfaction of the creation fully birthing the only true joy? And if the creation was duly influenced by another creator, did you, in fact, ship anything at all?
  11. Can I have five dollars?
  12. Happy Birthday!

    1. Yellow Diamond

      Yellow Diamond

      Many, many thanks, my friend. :)

  13. A nice chilly glass of Pinot Grigio
  14. Do you know of and/or like the music genre known as pirate metal by chance? :grin:

  15. Mega Thread

    Banned for robbing the cradle