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  1. AVGN has an Earthbound review on Amazon Prime. I just watched it, 40 minutes long, and it is one of his best, for my absolute favorite game of all time. What a treat.

    1. Recherche


      Is it specifically AVGN, or is it just James as himself? :ooh:

    2. PiratePony


      A new AVGN episode!  the whole series is now on Prime Video, and he released it there before releasing it on YouTube.

  2. The WPCC Lounge

    Here's my mug at home; I got it as Disney World last summer. His name is Figment and is from a ride at Epcot called Journey Into Imagination. This has some original throwbacks to the original Imagination pavilion and even is labeled as"EPCOT Center" love it
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  4. Ran a Spartan Race today and completed it! Aroo!


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    2. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      thinking about it alone makes me exhausted. :scoots:

    3. PiratePony


      @VG_Addictyep. My quads feel like rocks. I just climbed the stairs in my house and it took some effort lol

    4. Sparklefan1234



      Congratulations, My Friend!



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    I just put that pic
  6. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for your Pride
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  8. The recent purchases thread

    I bought groceries...boneless skinless chicken breast was under $2 a pound so that's worth a brag.
  9. Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for pointing it out and causing me to break the chain
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  11. Spoiler Stygian / Pony of Shadows Fan Club

    All Hail Evil Pony Lord: May A Shadowy Darkness Reign Over Equestria
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    Ain't no party like a
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    Neither this
  14. The WPCC Lounge

    Howdy folks. It's 7:16 pm here. So here's my move lately at work: After a 3 mile walk/jog around 1, I've switched to hot tea (either black tea or chai w milk). I'm digging it. By then the coffee pot has obliterated what remains.
  15. The Avatar Above You Is Out To Kill You - How Screwed Are You?

    Rarity is just a talking horse. I'm not skerred.