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  1. No big deal. Go play outside - it's summer after all.
  2. Here's an update for our donations to charity: water. Today I received an email that the money I donated has gone towards a well in Mozambique. You should all receive a similar email soon. I don't know if we'll be pooled together or whatnot, so if any of you get a different location please share! Once the project that your money goes towards is complete you will receive another update Thanks again for all your participation! We're helping out some people in Mozambique and beyond. I also hope this inspires you to find some Christmas spirit throughout the summer months to do a little bit to help those in need. It was an honor guys. -PiratePony -
  3. Pinkie ain't about to throw away that guaranteed bank, son. Cuteceaneras cost like 8 grand, easy. Confetti canons aren't cheap.
  4. It's finally happening!
  5. Mega Thread

    I'm thrilled for a variety of reasons. a) one month into my full time job - forat I had since 2011. Kicking ass more thaneveryone else. b- staging a massive two week vacation late summer at my favorite destination. c) last year I could not do a single pull up or run a full minute without heaving and weezing. Now I can do several a day plus up to five minute running intervals d) so happy with my amazing family.They're the best. E) publishing a book this weekend.
  6. @Jeric: Detective Rarity is the stuff dreams are made of.
  7. lol. Deers don't have souls. I really enjoyed this one. A nice, cute episode with some good character development on Flutters.
  8. Sigh...been missing MLP Forums. 

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Baby Flyer

      Baby Flyer

      Good to see you too. I've been working on exams lately.

    3. Zachary


      Good to See You!

    4. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Hasn't quite been the same without ya Pirate. I'm glad to hear that things are progressing well for you personally though. Hope we can talk soon! :)

  9. Mega Thread

    @Kyoshi: Banned for asking me questions. And the answer is yes
  10. Mega Thread

    Banned for being so fabulous.
  11. Mega Thread

    Banned for awesome signature. Did @Kyoshi make that for you?
  12. how's it been pony people? 

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    2. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Not too bad Pirate. I made it to New York! :D

    3. Jeric


      @Dark Horse By the power invested in me by nopony in particular, and ignored by all, I hereby award you the distinction of honorary New Yorker!

    4. Dark Horse

      Dark Horse

      Thanks @Jeric! I'll shall take and wear it with a sense of exclusiveness until the time I encounter another Irish New Yorker. :proud:

  13. Just ate at Christina Tosi's, no wonder she won the James Beard award twice.

    1. PathfinderCS


      This a name we should be familiar with? :P

  14. Excellent. You came to the Rarity side. 

  15. Carlo Rossi Paesano red table wine. Cheap and comes in large gallon jugs. A staple of my inlaws which is now a staple of mine. Great for a relaxing afternoon.